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October 31, 2010

West Virginia

So... today was the last day for the Traveling Piano hanging out at the Creamery in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia. They closed the business for good. I have appreciated using their internet access. Mo... he jumped onto the piano today three times without any prompting and on his own. The wind was driving me crazy but kept the energy jumping.

I have a lot of writing to do... this journeys update, an email mailing, revamping of the website for the end of the year, a new picture for the Traveling Piano with Mo in it, a new contact flyer, etc... I would like to bury myself away in the cabin where I am staying for a week or two and get this work done. We shall see if that happens because I usually go crazy if I don't take the truck out for the journey.

October 30, 2010

West Virginia

I really don't feel like I have much to say today. I have just been going with the flow. The sun came out warmly. We drove to Berkeley Springs with the truck... met some fine people with the Traveling Piano, etc...I purchased a new piano for the truck last night, that makes me numb... Instead of worrying about finances I want to enjoy the purchase and that I had the funds to do it. Two of the keys and one more on the way is broken on my present piano.

October 29, 2010

West Virginia

Burrr... 50's and 40's... we drove into Berkeley Springs to stop off at the Creamery which will be closing for good on Sunday. I've used their internet... using it right now... so I want to create music here for the next three days to give them a sendoff. People love the new piano dog. I am keeping a close watch on Mo to see how much cold he can stand. He's been making me laugh with his ways... I've been playing music cd's for him I want my dog to have sophisticated and varied musical tastes. He listens and responds to every new sound that he hears, no kidding. He tilts his head or looks up and will show/communicate attention for up to a minute if he is interesting enough. I'm listening to music more and more which is a good sign for something... I have gone a year without listening to any one elses music but my own.

October 28, 2010

West Virginia

We drove to Hancock, Maryland to get more medicine for Mo and stopped at the canal for awhile to create some music. Two terrific couples met us, one heading for their seventies in age had just finished a twelve mile bike ride on their tandem bike.

I am wakening up more in life. This morning I was thinking about how when I began this journey... I also began pursuing Harpo Productions (Oprah) to be involved with the manifesting of my Wildest of Dreams. During that process I acquired signatures of support and sent them to the company. I wanted to let them know I was not crazy and in fact legitimate and capable. In thirty three days I collected thirty two thousand two hundred signatures from the Traveling Piano truck. A couple of times someone helped me but other than that I did it entirely on my own. How did I do that? I was having an enormous amount of fun! I was free. I had released myself from the bonds of limitation, repression, fear, anxiety and instilled old ideas of what I was allowed to do. How did I do that? I realized and accepted that I was sick and tired of begin sick and tired. Fifty years of fighting a life I had been taught... a life that I had always had a problem with... gone. Of course there were a few real jerk offs I had to deal with during the process of collecting those signatures but I was full of happiness, gratitude and freedom! It was not a feeling of, "I can do anything." It was an empowering feeling of "look what I can do... I don't care anymore about life as I know it and now what I am doing... is what I care about."

October 27, 2010

West Virginia

As often happens I had not planned to create music today and as it turned out... Mo the Traveling Piano catalyst dog got me going. He helps me stay connected to life. After waking up this morning I wrote for hours and then it was time for a walk. The dog needs exercise and also I don't want him getting too bored laying around all day... this really helps me to get off my ass. We walked for almost an hour and a half. The day was amazingly warm for this time of year so I thought... take advantage of the Traveling Piano opportunity... and then I thought... I need to keep getting out on a regular basis so Mo gets used to being on top of the piano. I've been working with him to jump into the truck. He's too young yet but still he tries. Today, he tried to jump up onto the piano from inside the truck bed! Good Boy! Good Boy! Wow!!! Still... he's too young. I realized how I need to get out more often and just create music by myself. Sometimes the journey gets taken over by my interacting with people. The craft of my improvisation has progressed very slowly because I usually play only about five minutes a day... when I get the chance to play. After about forty minutes a girl drove by with her mother. They sat and listened to me create music. I knew Mo wanted to meet them close up and personally so I invited them over. She came over met Mo and then tried out the piano. It was like someone consecrating the spot once again after yesterdays flub. I truly have found a special spot in an amphitheater like setting with trees and water and hills... you can see from the pictures.

October 26, 2010

West Virginia

Mo and I were at the local park taking a walk. I was to do some training with him and then afterwards I figured I would take the tarp off the piano and play some. From a distance I see a woman hiker going by. I thought, "uh oh, she's slowing up,,, now she's stopping, oh crap she's waiting... ok here it goes." I was definitely not in the mood to deal with anyone but the journey comes first. She was loving everything until I suggested she have a try at the piano. Resistance... I was like, "oh come on, I took the cover off, we are having a special time talking with music, just go with the flow." She climbed on (shaking) and then when it came to taking a picture... she almost freaked and then after hearing about a blog she was like, I'm outta here... It became worse. Mo got a major emotional hard on for her... that was when she did in fact, freak... she practically ran away. I felt cheated. Ha, as I said I wasn't in the mood. Need to get a grip, :) So... I created music until my fingers hurt and then I left.

October 25, 2010

West Virginia

I took Mo to the vet today. After that, most of the day I spent numb while thinking about what is ahead for me with my life and this journey. Acclimating myself to a new dog once again is a challenge. The relationship experience is full of progressions and regressions. It will be until the partnership is worked out. Mo does things just because he wants to and... to be mindful of what I want... comes and goes sometimes on a whim. My challenge is to flow with consistency, responsibility and patience... first for myself. I adjust all situations according to my level of sanity... to keep it. His time outs in the cage and on leash are first and foremost... for me. Mo still has ear mites which means another ten days of drops in his ears. We just went though this process last week. He also has a bizarre type of mite that has borrowed beneath his skin. It feeds on the roots of his hair follicles. Lastly, he has another bizarre parasite... a worm in his intestines. I was told he probably had it when I first got him. The weird part. I cannot allow him to shit in the same spots where he has already gone. The worms eggs are in his shit and if he eats his own poop or anything nearby on the ground, or steps in it or anything... the ground stays contaminated with the eggs for up to a year. They can renter his system from the ground. Since he has already shit everywhere on the property where we are staying, this is problem... especially for in the early mornings, at night and when it rains or snows. I'm going to go out and walk him a mile away to do his business? Never the less, we won't be traveling anywhere until these issues are worked out.

October 24, 2010

Berkeley Springs, West Virginia

Wow, what a beautiful day! I just hung around Berkeley Springs, been getting serious with my thoughts as where to travel next. Went to visit my friends at the local creamery and they told me the shop will be closing for good next week so I will stick around to give them a sendoff with the Traveling Piano. Drove to the Panorama At The Peak and created music once again for the sunset. Mo and I took a walk through the hills there... major beauty. This is a spot where I will return for a days hike with Mo. Patti and Leslie the owners of the restaurant at the peak treated me to a wonderful dinner, fully organic in everyway. Friends forever...

October 23, 2010

Cacapon, West Virginia

The full moon has been responsible for chaos I have been experiencing. No question about it... the dog, my work, my head... This has been scaring me because I have aways really enjoyed the moon. I know what to do... nothing. Well but, I did do something. I watched a comedy movie Dave from across the street brought over for me. I've been sleeping as much as possible hiding under the covers telling myself it is ok to do nothing. I was really crazy last night! This morning as I sat with my coffee looking outside... the beauty of nature took control. Thank God. What to do with my life... how to proceed... do what... where to spend what money is left (not much but I have enough for now, take the drama out danny). The clarity I received was that I want to experience nature, that is to be the priority of my life. (even if it means living without material comforts, not that life has to be that way) Nature is what I want to share in all its forms... materially, spiritually and otherwise... that is my work and I am to do that one day at a time, period.

It was freezing last night so I thought that would continue. Going out with the truck today... no way. By the afternoon it was so warm I did not need a coat. I wasn't going to pass up a beautiful day. After driving south to purchase two of what are to be the best fruit pies ever at a famers market, Mo and I ended back at the local park. I took him for a run off leash. He has been doing real well with that. I have the most fun hiking with my dog off leash! After that we went up to the overlook with the truck and met a variety of people until late in the afternoon. A woman with her older mom from Tucker county, West Virginia climbed onto the truck to try out the piano. They were memorable as real down home rural type folk. I really enjoyed their spirit of going with the flow. A family from Korea, mom played real good... and a group originally from China jumped on board. I'm writing this blog to post it at the local lodge and am feeling a little empty about going back to the cabin alone tonight even though I have Mo with me. I'm not sure about thats about,,, my feelings these days.

October 22, 2010

West Virginia

I lost a lot of work yesterday, a lot of time and energy it seems went for nothing... I must make something of it. The situation created the need to re-evaluate how I am spending my time. Life is getting slower for me. I could do something about that if I felt so inclined... like lose some weight! Now with my writing I am going to blah, blah, blah... The ongoing creation of music, interacting with people, travel time, eating, grooming, exercise, social time, keeping order in my life, working with Mo to acclimate both our lives into one, writing the blogs, creating the pictures, dealing with truck upkeep and equipment repairs... and then there is, do I write the dog or Traveling Piano book now, create a music CD, go to another country and create a television show, a movie... what about the Superbowl Dream, Hollywood, Alaska... And then there is all the time I have been spending trying to file my work information on the computer. File... what for? It can become a useless distraction from living in the now but knowing that does not help anything. I think I will take yesterdays loss as a hint to just "let go" of trying to keep track of everything, yea right, ha! I want to get more active with my priorities. They have always been 1. Dog, 2. Nature, 3. Music, 4. People. After Boner passed, number 1 became nature and that is why I went to Glacier Park. Now, with Mo in the picture, back to the original list. It took two years for Bo and I to completely mesh. Please God no, not two more years. I want to keep office work and filing off my priority list. It is something important that needs to be done but does not need to be the focus, the end all, I do not want that to be the main drive of my days.

October 21, 2010

West Virginia

My life is about being in the present moment. It is the only way I can accept the crap that goes on. Today was both good and bad. First the bad; Mo peed for the second day in a row, inside. After a month, what is going on? Stuff like this can really kill an infatuation. I think there is a mouse in the house and he is marking his territory. I set nine traps. He is also becoming an adolecent. Is he beginning to assert dominance? I forgot how much work and responsibility a "new" dog is. The feeling of losing control can creep into my life very easily and then watch out... I was entering data into a file I have been working on for two months. With four thousand entries, all communication with people, two hundred from the end, over a hundred and twenty hours of work... I deleted it all. After all these years (25) of losing data you would think I would have learned my lessons from past experiences and backup my work on a more regular basis... and I'm going to become impatient with the dog after two days of trouble? I best address my own issues. They are worse than the dogs. Tonight there is a full moon. I got really sacred and called a few friends to help shed the drama.

Now for the good part. I invited people who live close by for dinner, Dave and Trish and older couple. I talked about them all in this blog last year. I have not seen them since. I cooked hotdogs, mashed potatoes, string beans, sauerkraut and we had a bunch of other goodies. Afterwards, they left I went outside and created some music on the truck just for myself. That was the good part of the day.

October 20, 2010

Martinsburg, West Virginia

Last night while I was working on the internet in Berkeley Springs I saw two girls outside taking pictures of themselves with the Traveling Piano. The truck had its cover on it. I went outside and asked if they would like to get on and try it out. It was one of the girl's birthday. We had a short and sweet time of it. Today Mo and I visited Emily his original owner, her son and mom to pick up Mo's papers. They also signed an ownership paper I created just in case I ever need one. I began to panic not having any proof of ownership. I found out that Piano Dog Mo was born on February 23, 2010 so he will soon be eight months old. Piano Dog Mo (who I did not name) was born three days after Piano Dog Bo died. (who I had named) Afterwards, I drove around and around the town looking for a spot to create music and could not find one. We ended up on a deserted, dead end back street. THis was fine. In the beginning of the journey I would go out and play only in places like this all the time. While driving out of the area a few people sitting on their outside stoops asked if I would play a song. I did. They were not interested in getting near the truck and got nervous when I invited them onto it. They did enjoy everything from afar. No pictures for this situation. I was in a very run down area and had to watch the environment closely.

October 19, 2010

West Virginia

Been getting my act together, ha! After thirteen hours of straight work yesterday I am still finishing up. Ugh, need to purchase a new piano! No... I will enjoy the fact that I am purchasing a new piano. The first piano lasted ten years and then the company stopped manufacturing them. They were too good and lasted too long! The second piano lasted six years, the third four years... this present one two years. The facts about waste and quality control with business, this really disturbs me but anyway... I do what needs to get done. I used to think as a joke, "what is going to drop first... me, the dog or the truck"... well, the dog (Boner) dropped so then it was, "what is next... me or the truck"... and then the dog (Mo-Mo) came back into the picture... is this a sign to keep going no matter what even at the expense of a new piano?

October 18, 2010

West Virginia

Today was spent uploading pictures, creating music files and cataloging the last months material. On the Boner The Dog website you will now find 25,000 pictures of this journey. I just added two new links with pictures. One of Mo and Me and also a link of solo Mo pictures.

October 17, 2010

Harpers Ferry, West Virginia

Today was a most awesome day! I woke up and did not want to get out of bed. Being Sunday, I knew people would be out and about. The weather was going to be great and then cold, rain, etc... due to arrive tomorrow. I still feel apprehensive working with the Traveling Piano. I had to tell myself, "get up and go to work!" The Traveling Piano is my work even though I do not get paid in conventional ways. I started thinking about "fun, friendship, respect" ... did a little meditating on that making sure not to feel rushed or obligated. I decided to head out to Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. "Get it over with Danny, you have been thinking about going there for several years." Ha. I found an alternate route. Usually I travel route 9... not fun. The road I took felt good. I was wondering how long it will take before I start feeling claustrophobic in the hills of West Virginia. For the last ten months I have been traveling in wide open country which is heaven for me. On the road in Charleston, West Virginia I saw a small farmers market stand with a big huge pumpkin for sale. I'm a sucker for big pumpkins. I used to really be into all the holidays with decorations etc... I wanted to feel a little of my past so I turned around and drove back to check out the price all the while thinking and feeling... "fun, friendship, respect." From the car I yelled, "how much for the pumpkin?" He said it was thirty bucks. I said, "how about twenty and a few songs on the piano?" Ha, for me to have the nerve to say that... if you only knew me from the past. Never in a million years would I have had the courage to mess around like that. Really, it was a test to see if he would be into having some fun. He was and so was his buddy who was selling whicker chairs. I spent over an hour hanging out with them talking and creating music etc... that felt very, very good.

Onward, I made it to Harpers Ferry. The park service wanted six bucks to park at four in the afternoon. I said no way. I decided to drive around and explore. Little by little I found my way to the outskirts of the town, to the graveyard and then to the center of town. Harpers Ferry is a small place but really cool, laid back, quaint... but no place to really park and play music. I decided to take Mo for a walk in the graveyard because there was a spot to park near the gravediggers house. It was a great little really neat looking place on the top of the hill. The old grave digger was milling around by the front door in his wife beater tea shirt like he was looking for trouble. On the walking trail couple from Fredricksburgh ook an interest in Mo and then the Traveling Piano after I told them about it. We went back to the truck and I played a tune for them. The gravediggers wife came outside screaming. I guess she was looking for trouble too. I couldn't hear her (good thing) but the couple I met... as they left told her to shut up or something like that, hahaha. Shortly after, another couple walked by. Their names... Bob and his partner Mo.(that's her nickname) Bob and Mo met Mo-Mo, I coaxed them up onto the piano and a really magical time began. They are both phycologists and I could tell they were my kind of people. They do not consider themselves musicians but managed to write a song and recently had it recorded. I drove them back to their house with Mo on top of the piano! Mo's first time hanging out on top of the piano with the truck moving... and he did it on his own without me in front of him. What a big time first! I love this dog!!! Back at the house I improvised a bit more. My new friends invited me in for dinner. Another first... strangers, savvy progressive adults... :) inviting a stranger off the street into their home for dinner. It happened several times in Canada and Newfoundland but this was a first for here in America. Later in the evening Mo (not my dog) told me this is something they had never done before and would never have considered but... when they heard my talent and the spirit (honesty) of my music it felt safe, good and right to befriend me. Along with a great dinner we had nonstop, energetic, deep and personal intimate conversation until eleven at night. Did I achieve some fun, friendship and respect today? Big time, it could not have been better!

October 16, 2010

Morgan County, West Virginia

A beautiful day, we went to the park to meet up with friends and celebrate a birthday. When people discover the Traveling Piano everything happens in the moment. They are swept up and into the experience. This is what I enjoy, this is what I look for. When we enter a planned or organized situation I keep forgetting that I need to give time... when I plop into a situation, people do not know how to respond. They always do... after I let go of any expectations. I must have sat today for a half hour with a bunch of kids just banging mindlessly on the piano keys... very fun.

A couple of kids took Mo on the leash for some fun. I also let him off to run around loose. While musical improvising the visual I constantly reminded myself that it was not necessary to capture the moment with pictures. It really is amazing that I have been given stewardship of such a wonderful being. Watching my dog romp and play as a puppy with babies and young children, to watch him jump over, knock down, pull around on his leash, butt heads, nip and tug all the while being careful not to hurt... absolutely wonderful and then... to create and express it all with music on the Traveling Piano... in the moment!? Wow...

October 15, 2010

West Virginia

I am just going to start observing this journey more because I don't know what is going on and I'm not sure I want to take charge with decisions. I am just going to keep going with what feels good. Slowing down feels good. How slow can it go? The piano now needs to be replaced, another two thousand bucks. I'm not going to get crazy about it. As the money goes out my options (when I think about money) become fewer and fewer. In reality I know this is not true. There are always options and ways. My life proves that fact. Piano Dog Mo-Mo had problems last night so we are taking it easy today, a good excuse. You can read about it here... Life With Mo. As the weather turns colder we need to get out of this area of the country if the Traveling Piano is to be used. In past years I created music all twelve months a year. Cold weather was not a deterrent. Piano Dog Boner was used to it he had a sweater. Physically the cold did not bother me. Times have changed. The cold affects me much more now. Mo-Mo being just a puppy, he cannot take the cold sitting up on top of the piano without moving around. I don't even have a sweater for him yet and do not know how big he will grow as far a size in order to get one.

October 14, 2010

Berkeley Springs, West Virginia

Oh my God! I went into looking at some of the pictures of this months blog a year ago, the time piano dog Boner began to get sick. After just a few pictures... I began to sink deep into sadness, loss of love... it can get really awful. Boner, I love this dog so much. I was doing so good and then the feelings started again... I'm crying as I write this. It hurts. Forward... on a more uplifting note...

A year ago I met Connor. I met him before he was born while he was still in his mother Michelle's womb. Michelle played music for him on the Traveling Piano on the street in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia. I synchronistically ran into Conner again six days after he was born. His mom brought him onto the Traveling Piano for his first experience with music. How amazing to be in Berkeley Springs again today. It is Connor's fist Birthday! This time Connor was on the Traveling Piano all by himself fully focused with eyes open and hands banging away on the piano keys. Piano dog Mo-Mo and Conner are friends. They were on the ground together. Mo runs around like a crazy puppy and knocks Connor to the floor. The kid giggles himself silly and Mo runs up to give him a kiss and then runs away again. No fear, no danger... all considerate fun, friendship, respect through puppy love. Happy Birthday Connor!

October 13, 2010

Washington County, Maryland

Mo has ear mites and I needed to get some medicine drops for his ears. I went to a local vet. The doctor was not in, out for a week. I needed to make an appointment to get the medicine. The woman asked if I was a client. I told them there would be no chance of my becoming a client if they didn't help my dog. It was all about the money... I dove to the next town and got the medicine. All they needed was a name and address.

Today was beautiful, I needed to create some music. We parked by the river and connected with specific people. One guy, a musician fifty eight years old was with his first son ever and he is fifteen months old! We got right into a deep conversation about living life. People are really enjoying Piano Dog Mo-Mo but no one is enjoying him as much as I. We walked by the water and he put his feet in. I wanted to jump in so he would also jump in after me. Too cold!

October 12, 2010

West Virginia

I did not feel like bloging or playing the piano today and it feels good not to do it... just because I don't want to, ha! Been catching up on correspondence.

October 11, 2010

West Virginia

I am staying conscious to enjoy the process of this journey. After sorting through thousands of correspondences I am getting ready to send out an update to everyone on my email list, write and post the details on the site, change the promo pictures to include Mo in them... I could go on with at least ten more things... and then start creating the future plan all the while keeping up with everyday ongoing Traveling Piano work as in creating music, interacting with people, blogging, posting, having fun with my dog! We went for a walk today in Cacapon park, created some music, interacted with a few people all the while thinking, "keep it easy danny." The leaves on the trees are changing. I remember how beautiful it was at this time last year. Last night Mo and I laid on the cabin deck while we soaked in the milkyway up in the sky. Enjoying and sharing nature is an integral part of this musical journey. While in Montana there was little to distract me from nature. In more developed areas it takes more effort to stay focused with nature. The constant breeze through the trees helps.

October 10, 2010

Panorama Overlook, West Virginia

Today is 10-10-10... I think thats cool. This week I realized on the day... that it was the fifty-fifth day of my fifty-fifth year born in 1955. I don't look for... or think about this kind of information, it just comes my way. :) I woke up this morning and began writing. I'm ready to write something to publish. I have enough material at this point of the journey. In the afternoon I drove into the center of Berkeley Springs for the annual Apple Butter Festival. There was not a chance I was going to use the Traveling Piano for many reasons. I'll spare you dear reader. :) I just wanted to check out the event because I have not been to a festival since I stopped working them... five years ago? Wow! I found out that nothing has changed... same old, same old just like after not listening to radio or television for a couple of years... when I turn it back on it is the same old, same old. That could also almost be said for this journey now, ha but still... I'm interested, very interested... especially when things happen like Piano Dog Mo-Mo entering into my life. When I see the pictures at the end of the day (especially now with Piano Dog Mo) my whole life... it is a dream for sure, a great dream.

At around six in the evening I was doing some internet work while hanging out at my friends spa in town. I thought, "take a quick ride up to the Panorama restaurant overlook to play for a few minutes and say hi to some friends. I got there five minutes before the sunset, jumped on to the piano, threw Mo up on top and began to play. I was not going to stop for anyone. I seized the moment for myself. How blessed I feel to have my truck, piano, musical ability, amazing views with sunsets and my dog Mo with me, people too. There was quite a crowd around and as soon as I stopped playing I quick turned around and said, "nobody clap it will wreak the moment." Ha, I know it was difficult for them but they all complied. The chef from across the street sent over some meat scraps for Mo, I was offered dinner, couples got on to the truck into night time. It was all just perfect... magical for everyone including myself!

October 09, 2010

Cacapon Park, West Virginia I am back on track and it feels so good. It took until 4:30pm to get the truck put back together, a simple half hour job that took five hours of where-with-all finding... to get started :). We drove to the park. I took Mo for a walk. When we returned a couple was there just like they were waiting for us. God, it felt so good. Went to the lodge to get the blog together and met Ray Mark and Jill. We spent, no... I spent... over an hour talking with them. We were meant to meet so I could start releasing the passion of the journey once more :) God, it felt so good. I hope to hook up with them tomorrow, we shall see. I love having Mo with me. He is doing such a great job. I know clearly where in this life I feel most alive. Inside this Journey of Peregrinating Musical Exploration!

October 08, 2010


So... the truck tarp is falling apart, the new one does not fit, I need to find an electrician and parts to help put the sound system back together... this weekend there is a very large festival where I could sell some things to make some money but I cannot get it together, have not been going out to create music since things are not working, I have tons of web work to do... Hahahah, I remind myself, nothing is more important than my sanity. First things first, what do I want to be doing... I don't have to do anything so... its all good. What does not get done, "it is what it is." Pressuring myself... not, there are other better ways to accomplish... if I am out to accomplish. Presently, I just want to get the blogs up to date. I live through the blogs and the truck so... the truck will happen in its own time. Now is the time for me to set some priorities. Waking up with Mo... it is difficult to keep the impulses, my first thoughts on "Fun, Friendship, Respect ... Music Empowerment, Inspiration." I am waking up thinking about taking the dog out to go to the bathroom and how many times he woke me up during the night.

October 07, 2010


The replacement truck tarp came today. Unfortunately, it does not fit. The guys tried the best they could I believe this but they are all the way across the country in Montana so there is little that can be done at this point...

October 06, 2010

On the Road Traveling

Heading West, I have the replacement inverter for the equipment but everything to the core is apart. When I go to put it back together... who knows when... I will breath deep, stay relaxed, give myself as much time as need and have faith I can do the job. A new link has been created for Mo... basically a rough draft of the relationship and how we live with each other, what we do, he does... how it all works. Eventually I'll get pictures to post with it. Must be careful not to create more work for myself that might take me away from my priorities. What are my priorities? Ha, not sure... not sure I even want to know. Most important for me is to enjoy the "present moment" especially my new friendship with new Piano Dog Mo-Mo. Mo, for short. Here is the link... Life With Mo

October 05, 2010


It has been raining for the last three days. The part I need for the Traveling Piano is due to arrive tomorrow morning. After I get it... onward to West Virginia. Putting the equipment back together, "Danny, one thing at a time." I have been very scattered with my brain but there is nothing new about that. I'm having a great time with family, friends and Mo. This dog is more than obedient!

October 04, 2010


Having a problem dealing with any appointments, obligations, expectations... hahaha. All of that hs been almost non-exsistent from my life. I am consciously going with the flow. The Traveling Piano's inverter I purchased a few months ago online is down, broken, gone kaput. Non-servicable and discontinued... I can guess why they did that. The company made a bad unit. I must take the trucks electrical equipment apart to the core, an excruciating process for me. "Danny, stay away from pressure, urgency, fear of doing something wrong, failing etc... Piano Dog Mo has been amazing! I am still in Pennsylvania dealing with the truck problem.

October 03, 2010


Drove back to my old neighborhoods in Bucks County and Philadelphia today to see close friends and introduce new Traveling Piano dog Mo. It was just a wee bit difficult driving by my old house but very exciting to see my friends. Pennsylvania is a beautiful state. There were a lot of stop offs for the day and the timing worked out perfect for it all. Very unexpectedly I also ended up at my parents graves. Very, very strange, I drove by two scruffy looking turkey's walking strong and completely determined, not missing a step. They were walking straight across a busy urban five way road intersection with traffic whizzing by from every direction. The piano is still broke, what to do, what to do? Its a pain in the ass, I just must... "do." .

October 02, 2010

Raritan, New Jersey

I've been visiting my friend John while on a three day whirlwind tour... new Piano Dog Mo's first outing. Tom the DJ from yesterday's wedding drove over two hours to return the Traveling Piano equipment that was borrowed, the amp, speaker and wires. Problem... the equipment is no longer working. Will need to find an electrician. Big fat ugh! No music until the problem is addressed. I think it is the new seven hundred dollar inverter I had recently purchased for the Traveling Piano. .

October 01, 2010

West Virigina

I have had a page on my website for contribution from the start. This is where I had hoped people would maybe send a few bucks every month to help pay the expenses for this journey? In almost five years... one ... consistent contribution has been made through this page. Guess who it has come from? This one and only monthly contribution has come from my friend Katie!!! (she did not have enough money to fix her used car a few months ago) With only one monthly contributer, twenty bucks a month... Katie has kept me going totally in spirit. My gratitude of Katie's support has been channeled through all twenty thousand past Traveling Piano participants. It only takes one and to have one person who has taken consistent action to validate worth for this journey, this has been a huge supporte for me. It certainly has not been about the money. Anyway, enough about that.

Today... Katie and Nates wedding! I was able to be in Mount Bethel, Pennsylvania to witness and celebrate with them! The Traveling Piano was to be loosely involved with no plans while using synchronicity. I first stopped at the bed and breakfast where everyone was getting ready. I met Katie's dad and he was the first to jump on board the truck to mess around. The minister, Lauren with multi colored hair from Reno, Nevada was next. She came running out to the truck, "Oh my God its you, I know you, I've been following you, I went through the whole experience of Bo's passing with you online." Katie and Nate came out for pictures. I got a few but was to preoccupied to focus on pictures with the fact that I had just driven six hours, everything was new for Mo, people getting in and out of the truck with wedding attire on and on and on... It had rained earlier. Back at the wedding site, the ceremony originally was to be held outside. It was moved indoors because of the wetness so... having the Traveling Piano as an introduction for people's arrival became an integral part of the event. After about an hour of improvising... it took energy to stay involved with the music.

After the ceremony the reception had a rough start. The DJ had no sound, he had brought with him a bad amp, speakers and wires. Luckily there was a piano there. I ended up playing the drum rolls on the piano for the introductions. To get the event started while the DJ tried to figure out what was going to happen... I created music. I played my ass off to fill a room full of a hundred and twenty people... with no amplification and all improvisation... on a real heavy handed keyboard. I was sweating like back in the old days when I performed. It was amazing that I could care so much and express so much gratitude through my spirit. I had never done anything like this before. I was playing the shit out of all the music I could muster. Where did all the energy come from, where did all the music come from? I was in awe of what was happening through me. As it turned out, the entire guts of the Traveling Piano, the sound system and wires had to be taken apart and moved upstairs to the reception room and then the DJ's music began. What good fortune... my being able to attend this wedding. It got even better. Piano Dog Boner always had a way about him. He always got invited into situations and places where no dogs have gone before :) Like into wedding receptions? Yes. Well... it took only about a half hour before Piano Dog Mo got himself into Boner's old seat next to me. He was allowed to attend the entire event with me inside. He visited people at tables with food all around and did not bother one person. Mo's the man, never intrusive and at only five months old and under my stewardship for less than two weeks! Before we met Mo lived in a backyard, in the rural country with two other dogs. Already, he has totally embraced society! Love him, I'm in love totally for the second time in my life. Thank God and all that is the Universe. .