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November 30, 2009

West Virginia

...this is continuation from yesterday... Volunteer organizations I contacted flat out ignored me. I put out some postings via the internet, online. One girl looking to do some volunteer work over the Thanksgiving holiday responded. I told her I really needed about four strong Mexicans because the task would entail a lot of heavy grunt work with furniture, many boxes of books, rocks and pond boulders. She said that she had worked in landscaping in the past and had built a pond. After some thought clarity arrived about the fact that someone had responded and I was rejecting that. What did I really want in the present moment? What was I looking for? Even if only a SUV type space was offered I realized that it would be importantly appropriate to honor and accept whatever... no matter how much was accomplished and... whatever I could contribute to my friend Pat 's cabin where I have been staying would be better than nothing and... when I get going on the road it may be for a long while so I really did want to get whatever I could out of Charlie's house rather than take the chance on losing everything... not to mention having personal belongings to think about on a continuing bases... that was weighing heavy on my shoulders. I accepted her offer and began to make arrangements.

***Sandra*** ...a forty year old woman (without a wrinkle on her face) from England, (with a completely non irritating accent, hahaha...) ... presently dealing with past husband and relationship issues (with healthy clarity) ...out of work, (interested in horticulture and pursuing education for it) presently with no access to money and no food in her house (amazingly not freaking out about that) a vegetarian, newly living in Cumberland, Maryland (without knowing anyone there) via owned homes in Washington State, and the Washington DC area, most recently from Vermont... this woman has offered her vehicle and unconditional assistance for as long as it takes to help me. The task was fully accomplished. Without Sandra's "go for it" attitude that would not have happened. I jumped onto her words and spirit. "Let's do it, we can get this done, we might as well rent the truck we need and I'll help you all the way," said Sandra. ...continued on the December link...

November 29, 2009

West Virginia

...this is continuation from yesterday... Often stated... I have major difficulties with choices and decisions concerning what to do with the belongings still in my possession from the home I sold over a year ago to help pay for this journey. Circumstances have necessitated the need to get everything out of my friend Charlie's place. I had already liquidated about ninety percent but the ten percent still left... a sizable amount. So, what to do along with my consideration to get out on the road with the Traveling Piano and also especially for Boner now on medication and eating string beans with his food for congestive heart failure, lymne disease, probable cancer and hemorrhoids that can bleed. Boner does much better physically and is happier on the road interacting with people and living his life verses laying on the floor all day doing nothing. The issue of moving what I still have has been a stress for me since June. How to do it, when, how to work with others concerning help, what to do with all the stuff... emotionally it was as draining as it could be. Bringing up the past all the way back to childhood that I had hoped to be done with... continuing a process that I thought was finished especially after a year and a half of intensive and often failed attempts to bring respect and value from all my possessions... the distraction that I knew I was creating from continuing onward (yep, I am always apprehensive but I work to move forward anyway)... the letting go of what feels like security and all that I have known... material rewards that I have reaped throughout my life's work, the collateral for my retirement funding, life long symbolisms of love, family and friendship, the ideas I have been taught about what "should" be and the "fear" of moving into the unknown. Doing any moving again... emotionally draining because I knew it would bring up everything I just wrote about.

I have been free flowing with the journey, praying about it, opening myself up to possibilities and creative solutions for quite sometime. I decided to actively look for some volunteer help while throwing out of my head inhibiting thoughts that told me not ask strangers to help. (amazingly enough no help has been available from all the people I know). Thinking that I cannot pay anyone had stopped possibilities in my head of finding anyone. I've been reminding myself that I work without pay and there are no fees for the Traveling Piano therefore I have no income. I want to find other people like myself who are willing to explore their worlds without having money behind everything or controlling their life. (not that there's anything wrong with that :) Two people have contributed financially to the journey so far this year and that has amounted to a couple hundred dollars total. While opening myself up to asking for assistance... church communities had too much bureaucracy as I found myself being shifted from parishioner, to pastor, to directors, to offices... damm, I am looking for some intimacy and one on one friendship and respect with all of this and I do not believe that support should exclude everyone except a communities inner circle's of trust or the most desperate or needy strangers. What quantifies "most"? ...continued above...

November 28, 2009

West Virginia

...this is the start point for a blog story of the last few days of November and the first few days of December... The purpose of telling you about my present life experience in my writings is because well, before... my life and how I lived it was completely different and... just about everyone I knew or came across lived the same existence that I did and in the same ways (not that there was anything wrong with that). ...but for myself, I have always wanted to think and live in a different way from what I already knew... not because the other way was so bad (which it was at times) but more because I want to have as much life experience as possible and know personally and to understand different kinds of peoples in the world. Before my journey began I knew about possibilities and lived in potential. Now, possibilities cross my path and I manifest them. I am living potential in the moment and loving this and reaping joys for my life however small or large or even better... surprising, wonderful, amazing etc... I have been finding and receiving whatever it is that I want and... I am out to share that and also how situations and people enter into life... become part of, support, contribute and connect so we can all grow up together in the best of all possible worlds :) ... This journey I have been on has been amazingly good. If I can bring everything good into my life and accomplish what for me, are great things... God knows anyone can do what I do and more. For this I am sure and... I want to show this fact to everyone and give everything I have to offer in spirit to especially those "like" friends, neighbors and acquaintances and yes... Raggin' Piano Boogie fans... :) that I have known all my life (I'm sure there is one or two fans out there :).

Having now spent time here in West Virginia I have experienced uniqueness and many quirks that could be considered both good and bad of a completely new community with many of its neighborhoods. The strongest clarity of how people relate was said by my neighbor. People here are friendly and they want to get to know you but it needs to be on their terms. I understand that. I am fortunate to have had some practice with that over the last few years. I can now appreciate that way of relating. A side note while I am thinking about it... A funny thing happened the other day that I forgot to write about. I had just met new neighbors up the street and was playing music for them on the Traveling Piano outside their cabin. My other neighbor/friend Cindy was down deep in the woods hiding in a hollow across the street hunting for deer. She was just about to take a shot at a huge buck crossing her path and yells... "What the hell here... I am trying to hunt and your freaking out the deer with music!" Hahahaha.... loved that one.

I have been very busy and feeling good about having the ability to let this blog go blank for the first time in years and for so many days. (now it is updated starting with this post) Present priorities took precedence. The Journey of Peregrinating Musical Exploration's main priorities... fun, friendship respect with musical empowerment and inspiration at no cost, without commercial, organizational or political affiliation along with the most important priority... to share Boner and our partnership, what we have to offer together with the world while he is still around... yep all that is still my mission in life. ...continued above...

November 27, 2009

West Virginia

November 26, 2009

West Virginia

As it is Thanksgiving day I think about the tradition of it all. When I was younger the tradition was to have dinner with family. It was for only our inside family circle... parents, siblings and my aunt who sorta had to be there. As I grew away from this basic tradition I began to have dinners with many different families and friends in circles that have been growing more and more outward. Even though there has not been an "inner circle" for many years, there is still an underlying ingrained feeling that I should or need to be only with insiders during Thanksgiving. As I mature I realize I have no desire for that and am happy to be honest about it. What I do have desire for is fun.

Fun is to watch the mountain bluebird sitting on the railing outside the window as I write this, reading my new Deepak Chopra book, going through some musical cd's to take with me on the road, storing some career archive material for safe keeping, taking Boner for a walk, if it gets warm and nice enough... taking a drive up to a mountain overlook to record some music. These things are fun for me. Fun is doing whatever I enjoy doing. Getting clear and being honest about what I want to enjoy doing has been a life long process.

Speaking about fun... I ended up meeting new neighbors for the first time. Iliyana and her husband Stefan both originally from Bulgaria (many years ago). Ya never know who you will meet in the back woods of West Virginia! I was really taken with the genuine goodness of this couple. There was a major difference in age between them and that seemed perfect. I could see that they were in fact perfect for each within five minutes of spending time with them. They are really short people too! Ha, they just made a perfect couple and to top off the uniqueness, Stefan who is retired from the State Department is also a full time Bulgarian Orthodox priest and Iliyana is very active with him in their parish!

November 25, 2009

West Virginia

Today I hooked up with a new soon I hope to be friend named Anne who is a Unity minister in Sherpherdstown, West Virginia. After making her wait for me because the traffic to get into Berkeley Springs was so bad... she got onto the piano to create some music and then... a fun family came along. I threw Anne off (she understood) because I didn't want to lose the opportunity with the family thinking Anne would have been able to spend some time and by the time I was done with the family who's head honcho was a piano tuner, Anne had to leave. (: If I am around on Sunday, I'll try to get to her service in Shepherdstown. It was a mild day so I was glad to be out and about. I drove around the corner to see Dawn outside her Bathouse Health Spa and had a time with two young local high school girls, gave them posters etc... we had a good time. I am now thinking about the chutney I had last night. One year ago today while in St. John's Newfoundland my friend Orinda made it for me to take home. I had saved it for a special time and coincidentally opened the jar on the one year anniversary. My thought... "I am enjoying a taste of Orinda's love." I miss her. She took care of us the entire time we were in Newfoundland. Boner is panting right now, he wants to get back to the cabin so he can give me a tongue bath. Soaking my head and legs every night for about a half hour is becoming a ritual. Good communing and exercise that is full of love.

November 24, 2009

West Virginia

Someone called me a musical priest today. Ha, I'd almost pay to watch in the moment... my family see and hear that. I am sure they do not think of me as very "priestly." Speaking of moments... I was thinking about the Traveling Piano exchanges that happened the other night and how they were so quick. I pulled into a spot, threw Boner up onto the piano, jumped up myself and began to play... in less than thirty seconds people appeared from what seemed like no where... they said hello to Bo, I said hello to them, we had a short exchange of conversation, they jumped up onto the piano and played for a minute, I took their picture, we all said goodbye and it was over... all in five minutes! A major amount of information was exchanged in those five minutes. I often feel like, "did that just happen?" How do people come in and go out of the scenario so quick with mission accomplished and... the mission has never failed once in almost four years!

November 23, 2009

West Virginia

Today marks the beginning of huntin' season... shotgun hunting season that is. Even though it is cold and rainy I can bet that will not stop any hunter from pursing their dream of shooting some fresh kill! In many places schools are closed, its a hunting holiday. Can we talk about excited? Even the dear are excited. They don't know which way to go, which way to turn, which way to move because it is also rut season. (breeding) The bucks want to mate, the females are hot and wild, the doe are out for the ride but they all must be very careful especially the males because every hunter wants a rack. (more of a prize to bag a male verses female). The roadways are filling up with roadkill because the hunters are flushing the animals out of the woods and everyone in general is just moving around more. Me? I was outside behind the cabin yesterday and six doe were wandering around within a stones throw. I'm not exaggerating. They were not afraid of me at all as it is more dangerous in the woods. If I was staying here for the winter I probably would have thrown a stone to get me some meat :) My neighbor Cindy with her man Ron were driving around the neighborhood all day, shotgun in tow... what a change of life style I have been experiencing from my old days in suburban Philadelphia!

November 22, 2009

Martinsburg, West Virginia

Woke up with the recurring dilemma... do I go out and play or get ready to leave... what is the priority. My friend Sherrie helped with the answer. I need dog food for Bo (an hour away) and other stuff; she needed dog food and was willing to go for a ride. Out with the Traveling Piano to muti-task. Thinking fun, friendship and respect with musical empowerment and inspiration Sherrie suggested I create some music at the pet store. We drove by it but I didn't get the right "feel" so we ended up driving randomly for three hours while I tried to find a "feel". Hahaha, what an ass I can be. The truth is, I was scared because I have not been up on the horse (Traveling Piano) in about three weeks. The truck was getting repaired (once again) and I was away saying goodbyes in Philadelphia. There was no getting a comfortable feel I just had to "do it!"

Well, we ended up driving through quite a few towns without my finding the right "feel." We drove all the way to Charlestown, West Virginia and ended back at the pet store where we started in Martinsburg. I ended up playing and sharing the Traveling Piano there. After that we did the same thing at the next store we had to do business in. Once I got back on the horse (Traveling Piano), riding it was as fun as ever and to top off the day of fun friendship and respect... Sherrie treated for dinner and Boner's dog food. That's a REAL good friend!

November 20, 2009

West Virginia

Today the Traveling Piano man spent four hours scraping chicken shit off a two hundred foot yard hose using steel wool. It was a crappy job. I'm sorry I was the one who had to do it ...but it had to be done. If the hose was left out for another winter it would have hardened to the point of being useless. Now it will be stored in the basement of where I am staying with value and respect. I thought my cleaning the mouse and bug pee and turds from the cabin earlier in the year was the worst thing ever. This was just as bad. For anyone reading this as their first blog entry from the Traveling Piano ...it is what it is... thats my motto :)

November 20, 2009

West Virginia

The chaos and dramatic part of my being... would love to say that this "going with the flow" life I am living is a pain in the ass, difficult, scary etc... but the truth is that "going with the flow" ...is fun. I like it. I like keeping pressure, confusion, anxiety and fear as far away from my world as possible. Last night I began to read Deepak Chopra's new book Reinventing the Body, Resurrecting the Soul. It has been awhile since being interested enough to read a book! The Traveling Piano truck is still being repaired... no rush. I took Bo out to visit with friends today. We made four stops. My next host Melanie in Indiana has been amazingly patient with our getting on the road. She has been expecting us weekly for months now. I find it very interesting how the people we have been interacting with are so flexible for us. They "get it" ...they understand the journey and flow. Thank God, this fact has been a major gift and all the work we have done to date would not be possible without this kind of support. I do need to get on the friggin' truck as soon as possible to create some music!!!

November 19, 2009

West Virginia

As I drank my morning coffee I watched Boner thinking about how accepting he has been all his life. My dog has consistently gone with the flow of life better than imaginable. It did not seem that way until after he reached about two years of age and... it was not about him changing anything... it was about my changing my behavior and thinking towards him. It has become clear how animals as well as people are simply in a way... mirrors. It has taken a lot of work throughout life with analysis and hands on practice to learn, accept and understand this fact. As I have mentioned before in my writings... with Bo from the start... I had total love but zero respect. I knew what respect was but did not know how to apply it in life. To know how to apply respect became very easy after I crushed my fifth metacarpal over disciplining him. The only reason it became easy was because I became honest in the moment and grabbed onto the honesty... I knew innately how to apply respect just like I innately knew how to apply love. I needed to start respecting Boner as an animal immediately. Desire and grace enabled me to act. The world has been a better place because of this and I have had a relationship that has grown in love and respect every single day since. He was laying on the floor giving me a look of total contentment and I captured the moment with a picture.

November 18, 2009

West Virginia

Ahh... the beautiful weather everyday when I did not have the Traveling Piano truck with me... now I have the Traveling Piano truck in working order and guess what? Cold, dark, rainy... I thought, "just as well, I have a load of things to do before we leave again." Damm, I could not pull it together to do much of anything. Thats not really true, I'm almost always doing something and working strong and hard at it. For example I worked on the archive pictures, took Bo out for a walk, cooked a healthy meal to enjoy with my neighbor but... I need to backup my info, get organized and secure the cabin for the winter... I find myself saying that often. What is up with that? Two weeks ago this preparation process was going so slow, I had to just pick up... and leave. This time it will be for a long time I think so... so... so what? Planning has not been happening. Ha, I'm a little hesitant about living in the present moment?

November 17, 2009

West Virginia Again!

Back in West Virginia and getting ready for a big trip, frazzeled at times, scared, excited, apprehensive, full of faith, adventure, fun, friendship, respect... It amazes me how different people constantly enter into my life... people full of support. Did I just say that? A friend met me on the way into town last night and followed me... (after I had to deal with a speeding ticket, thirty one miles an hour in a twenty five mile an hour zone equals one hundred forty seven dollars) ...to the cabin where I am staying to help lift some heavy chests off the truck. She brought pizza fixin's and made a huge pizza for us. Today I found that my neighbor Cindy (who's mother's funeral I just left in New Jersey and who's picture is the second entry of this months blog) ...had replaced the Traveling Piano's spark plugs and wires, the rotor, distributor cap, air filter, oil filter, alternator, battery, changed the oil and antifreeze, cleaned the carburetor, tightened the valve covers and checked the motor parts for me. She had just finished all this work right before the news about her mother came through. What a friend! Right now I am at Dawn and Jim's spa in downtown Berkeley Springs using their internet. The place is closed and everyone has left. I am trusted and empowered to use the place for my workspace for tonight.

November 16, 2009


My friend Lisa made this picture for me. I wanted to share it with everyone.

November 15, 2009

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I really love Philadelphia. Some of the people I can live without... ha, ha but isn't that the way everywhere? Having been born and raised in this city I've grown up with it, watched it change for over fifty years. I remember when no building was allowed to be taller than William Penn's hat above city hall. I've watched and lived in neighborhoods that changed from worthless, dirty falling apart trinity houses into three hundred fifty thousand dollar gold mines. Today Boner and I said goodbye while sitting on the top step of the art museum overlooking the cities parkway. I celebrated the Traveling Piano's first anniversary right on the same spot. We drove to the top step and created music at the stroke of midnight. The cops came. They stayed with us for hours to enjoy the music taking turns in leaving and coming back between rounds of the city. It was a glorious night. Today was a glorious day, wish I had the truck with us. Hope its fixed so when I get back to it, we can continue onward to Los Angeles.

November 14, 2009

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

It is time for Traveling Piano player... pictures to show up here on the blog. I had a busy day before leaving West Virginia so I am posting a few more from back when. Without question, I am becoming spoiled playing on a real grand piano. Been doing it everyday verses the Traveling Piano truck keyboard while here in Philadelphia. My ability to experiment and play with musical dynamics on a real acoustic piano... wow! Word has been spreading throughout the condo where I have been staying about the piano guy with his dog. The piano is in an outside lobby hallway. I'm really grateful everyone enjoys the music so I can play anytime I want twenty four hours a day. Thats going to end soon because I'll be leaving. Oh well, its been great!

November 13, 2009

Maple Shade, New Jersey

I guess I am a little more focused on Boner these days than I am on the Traveling Piano even though the Traveling Piano is running just as strong... like it has a life of its own. I play everyday on whatever piano I come across and I always seem to come across a piano, then I end up interacting with at least one person. With over three thousand facebook friends from about sixty seven countries around the world and daily posts, my goal for the world to meet Boner has pretty much been accomplished. Today we went to the funeral of Elaine who is the mother of my friend Cindy from West Virginia. Once again I was privileged to meet another entire family and learn about them all. Elaine was a wonderfully giving and inclusive person to everyone she met. This family is so hardcore yet amazingly tender in every way. I gave my friend Pat a ride home and Boner laid in her arms the entire time just like a baby. She just held him tight. They both completely love each other. While driving I got a lucky candid picture shot. I feel that pictures like this are presents for me to share.

November 12, 2009

Fallsington, Pennsylvania

Well, we are finished saying goodbye to everyone we had planned to see, the last being my niece Heather and family. I enjoyed a major hearty dinner with them, actually two dinner's worth... meatloaf, mashed potatoes, carrots, a great salad, peach cobbler, fresh made pumpkin seeds... oh yea baby! Before I left an inspiration came to play the piano. Many of the notes do not play and it is real out of tune but details like that on an instrument do not affect me as in the past. It feels good to accept what is and make the most of that with full enjoyment. Also today, I checked in on Bill the guy creating the new piano for the new Traveling Piano truck. It is taking quite a while maybe it will take forever but we are both committed to not rushing the work. Tonight, we are staying back with my friend Ed. We both have gained weight once again after almost a life time of going up and down. Ed suggested that I am now fatter than he which instigated our getting on the scale, my first time in over a year and a half. I won, he's fatter hahaha. For me it was not as bad as I thought, 236, I was 257 when I began the journey and 199 at the lowest. Ouch, ouch, ouch... I deal with it. The biggest concern is that all the weight is going to my belly from lack of walking. It will be difficult to leave Boner behind as I go for a walks. His health will no longer allow for that. I guess its time to start going it alone, a major transition starting.

November 11, 2009

Pipersville, Pennsylvania

Not much happening today is that ok? Yep. I began to give Boner pepcid to help with whatever, along with his steroids and antibiotics. The doctor said no preparation-h, give him fiber like string beans for his butt issues... doctors orders... she also ordered me to enjoy him! Funny, back in West Virginia I happen to have two gallons of my neighbor’s string beans frozen. They are so fibrous that I need to chop them up when I cook them. String beans and rice along with regular dog food and his usual multi vitamin and fish oil for arthritis. I do not want this caring for my pup to become ridiculous but I am going to do as much as possible and within reason to help keep him healthy and comfortable. He had a cheeseburger tonight... that probably wasn't a good idea because of the high salt with every other reason under the sun but hey... its all about balance.

November 10, 2009

Pipersville, Pennsylvania

Back in Pipersville, PA to see my friend Charlie and deal, still... ugh, with stuff I need to get outta there. Most of my belongings now gone but there is still stuff to deal with. Need to get Boner to a vet again. He's had some butt bleeding issues and pants heavily at times. My present for today... Charlie’s dog Tilly and Boner have always had issues. Bo has not been able to deal with Tilly's energy. He has done nothing for a year but growl to keep her away because she just could not get the message. Tonight... they played together and Bo instigated it. They played, jumping, running, chasing, making nice face to face... all around the room until they tired out. It was really wonderful to see them get along and play and Boner so full of life. I almost cried. He played with Tilly tonight as much as I have ever see him play with another dog. The Traveling Piano truck is in West Virginia, all is as meant to be... right now.

November 9, 2009

Fairmount Area of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Life has really been flowing through me. I'm just going with the flow. Still in Philadelphia I had planned to leave today but events changed everything. I'm really enjoying my time with my friend Ed who's wife Kathy I had known since my teenage years. Kathy has now passed on. She along with Ed gave me the love of their children Stephen and Alisha (my goddaughter) For me they are family. I have not been fortunate in having good relations with my biological family but amazingly enough (because they are all amazing) I have been fortunate to have found several families in life so far that give to each other as well as myself everything of what I think a family should feel and be like. That experience differs for different people. I have been given the grace to find a sense of family that feels good for my life. I ended up having some time to spend with Stephen and his other half, Shehara. I played some music for them in a condo lobby and they tinkled a bit too :) Looks like I will be in the area a bit longer as my friend Cindy from West Virginia, her mother (who's home is within driving distance from where I am staying) passed on today. Being in the area, I have an opportunity to give her support by staying here through some of her process. Over twenty seven years ago I began a true conscious spiritual journey for my life here in Philadelphia. Tonight I visited the place where it all began and found it alive and thriving well. Talk about joy!

November 8, 2009

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Wow, the weather is so beautiful in Philadelphia and I don't have the Traveling Piano truck! Ugh, ugh, ugh... I'd be playing everywhere all day! Damm, damm, damm! I called my friend Cindy who is repairing it in West Virginia and she said it was a mess. The alternator wire only had two strands left on it, she did not know how it worked all this time. And then she went down a list of other issues. Thank God there is a piano in the lobby of the condo where I am staying and that it is out of the way of the main foot traffic. I've been on that piano several times a day. I need it like a cigarette fix! Creating music on a real piano verses a keyboard is like day and night. Several people have been coming over to greet us and tell us how much they enjoy the music. One lady rolled up in a wheel chair and introduced herself. She introduced herself saying that she makes magnetic buttons and gets arrested all the time for civil disobedience, thats her thing, made me laugh! I've eaten nothing but Philadelphia cheese steaks, french fries and pizza since I've been here... and good for me :)

November 7, 2009

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I have to not be an idiot by not... talking with strangers about what happened to me the other day! Its difficult because I want to share my entire being. Ha. We are now in Philadelphia to see my friend Tyler play at the Trocadero Theatre in center city. He's a sixteen year old musician performing in a battle of the bands, a 100 bands! Ty was also part of my first piano jam several years ago. I wanted to see my friend Cindy (his mom) and Cindy's mom Pat who owns the cabin where I have been staying in West Virginia. Boner love's them all dearly. Don't know how many future opportunities (with his health and age) there will be, eh? My friend Ed has a condo and will be away until tomorrow so it feels real nice to have a quiet space to retreat into. There is a piano tucked away in the tower lobby hall and I have already hit on about four times. I haven't been here twenty four hours yet! The guy at the desk said some woman started to cry in the lobby when I was playing because the music was so beautiful. I don't know how she could have heard it so far away and behind the heavy glass doors! I said to the desk guy, "I know its happening all the time" and then I thought that was a dumb statement to make because it could have been taken as egotistical and I did not mean it that way. Thank God there is a piano here because I am jonsin' without the Traveling Piano truck and its only been a few days. The pictures I'm posting are from Berkeley Springs, West Virginia seven days ago. Even though I don't have the truck to create interaction with people, Boner is still pulling them in. While I played in the lobby both last night as well as today people came over to meet Bo and then we got into some intimate synchronistic thinking and talking about life and the journey.


November 6, 2009

Newburgh, New York

Ah, more wonderful synchronisity. On facebook I saw that my friends Evelina and Derek were in Massachusetts, down from Grand Falls Windsor, Newfoundland to do some Christmas shopping because the Canadian dollar is real good right now. This is a family that hosted Boner and I last year without having ever met, and knowing very little about us. Their kids Chyenne, Matthew, Zach and Samara stayed home. What were the chances that we would be close enough to connect? There was no way I was going to pass up an opportunity to see them again! Newfoundland is far away! We agreed to both drive half way for a rendezvous. For me it was about a two and a half hour drive. They saw Boner, treated me to dinner, we looked into a few places to see if we could find a piano and then walked around aimlessly in the cold because we could not think of anything to do. I was excited to tell them about last night because they are very knowledgeable with "speaking in tongues" having come from a Pentecostal background. I am very fortunate to know this very special family and be able to love them as I do. Afterwards, with five hours sleep from last night, I drove three more hours to Philadelphia to stay at my friend Ed's condo apartment in center city. Boner is pooped. I'm like a live wire!

November 5, 2009

Nescopeck, Pennsylvania

Today, I met several family members of my host Patricia. I feel very blessed when a friend includes me in their family and especially blessed when a family responds with friendship after we meet. Also tonight, Patricia played her crystal bowls for me. Once again as with the gong last night, I listened to wonderful and unique sound vibration. Afterwards I met Trish's husband Jack and sat down at their piano to create some music for them. What I am going to communicate now may be "too much information" for some people but hey, I think it is important to share "what is" concerning my experiences with music. After hearing the vibrations and music from the bowls I stated how unusual it was, that I enjoyed it, would like to hear them again, but I did not experience anything unusual. One of the purposes of the bowls are for the vibrations to open chakras, energy sources in the body which I have never really understood and have not believed in or disbelieved in. Really, I have not had much interest. I feel a little uncomfortable in sharing with the world here on this blog what is to come next... but I remind myself, "who's world is it anyway." :) Ok... here goes...

Something very unusual happened as a result of the vibrations I received through Patricia's spiritual work with her gong and bowls. She really got me vibrating! :) I did not feel it right away but as I played piano afterwards and created music for them and... was conscious of my intent to create fun, friendship and respect ...and the fact that I am getting better and better with my musical focus... as I improvised I began to feel pure joy and then that joy began to take over my body. I felt a huge smile come across my face... I was having enormous fun improvising music on the piano. There was an impulse to restrain myself because I knew Jack and Trish were behind me watching and listening... I was thinking how I had just met Jack but... I tossed that impulse away and just allowed myself to flow into a laugh out loud at what I was doing. My body really began in move around with expressions of fun desire, passion and intent and then... I realized I was not alone in what I was creating and doing and then... I heard voices... I felt my lips moving... talk was coming through my mouth as in "speaking In tongues" which I have heard about throughout life but never cared to understand... they were voices with laughter and joy and then... I tried to understand the words but they were so fast and from many sources and it was such a short moment... they came and went like two or three times during the duration... I just kept flowing with the feeling allowing myself to believe and experience the reality and when I stopped I was aghast, visibly shaking saying, "oh my god, oh my god, I can't believe what just happened, what do I do with this moment, how do I process what just happened".... With total surprise and zero expectation I became an open and conscious conduit... I began to channel through my musical stream of consciousness and express the divine god's universe of pure, complete and total fun, friendship and respect.

I was beside myself with the experience... a true first, what I have always known has now been validated beyond any doubt that I live in two worlds at the same time. Hahahahaha... it is true and I love that fact! I also now have total clarity that I exist purely to share spirit with the world... spirit as in the energy of myself however that may manifest along with everyone else's who will allow that to happen with me here on earth or otherwise. Wowewowewowewow! Hahahahahahahaha... I don't care if anybody thinks i'm crazy, if this is crazy as I have said in the past... give me more craziness please!

November 4, 2009

Nescopeck, Pennsylvania

I'm having a lot of fun! ...without the Traveling Piano truck even. Here in Pennsylvania it is again rural but the land is more rurally cultivated. One of the first things we did was to go with my friend Trish to pick up some turkey feathers from a hunter to use for shams or fans or something... I didn't get it. Patricia is a major explorer with out of the body, spiritual journeying and has a major, sixty inch metal gong and also specialized crystal bowls that she uses for sound vibration and healing. I laid on the floor while she went into a meditation while she created gong vibrations. (Boner enjoyed it totally) There is no way to describe the experience and it can become really loud! It was the sound of the universe, I thought... movie sound tracks have used this kind of music. I thought, I'll bet this is what it sounds like as hurricane winds arrive, maybe a freight train. I want more, more, more of it! The beautiful house I am staying in is next to a freight rail line so close that the house vibrates when a train passes. I kinda like it.

Earlier in the day I met Patricia's son Shane with his partner Jess. They are officially ready for their new son Declan to arrive and we all had a moment on the house piano which is really out of tune but... "it is what it is." Out of tune can be good. I personally can be very out of tune at times :) The first time I improvised for Patricia she cried emotionally while sitting behind me while saying there was a visualization of water cascading down, over and throughout the piano. I just allowed it all to be. She told me there was a need to hold her hand over her heart the entire time because she was afraid it would explode all over the room and then went to the internet to find a picture that would help describe her visualization. Hahaha... sweet, eh?

November 3, 2009

Nescopeck, Pennsylvania

You think this Traveling Life is life is easy. Ha... easily comical. Last night I backed the Traveling Piano into a tree. I didn't think I had hurt anything until I saw it this morning. I had dented the tailgate, cracked the rear, scraped more paint off and bent the bumper more than it was already bent. I was in a dilemma about whether to paint it or not for Hollywood. Presentation is everything you know :) I am on a journey with a mission and not a drifter, vagabond, street musician or starving musician in the conventional sense. I want to look as good as possible, show that I care about myself, my work, my tools and what I do in every way. I want to be clean and presentable. Now... hillbilly truck here it comes!!! Hahaha... The Traveling Piano is officially a clean and respectable 24 year old truck with character... big time character with big time dents, scratches, guttural bumping and grinding sounds, worn and torn, pieces falling off, loved and still going... that is... it will be... after my "neighbor savior" Cindy replaces the alternator and battery that went dead today. I drove back to the cabin last night with practically no headlights. Thank God there was a full moon because there are no street lights on the hills and winding curves and there are thousands of deer running everywhere.

I woke up this morning and said, "your outta here no matter what." After realizing that I was counting my footsteps as I walked around the cabin and had a good laugh about that... I turned on a KC and The Sunshine Band music CD, put on my Boogie Shoes, thought about Donna Summer's "Enough is Enough" song... threw everything I could haphazardly into bags and drove off in the new soon to be Traveling Piano truck minus the piano.

We ended up in Nescopeck, Pennsylvania to meet a new friend Patricia and her Yorkie, T-Bone. What love! Bo's doing good, except part of his ass hangs out every once in a while. I called the vet, they suggested it might be a pituitary inflammation. Nice note to end the blog on, eh? He is laying contently next to me as I write this and sends his love.

November 2, 2009

West Virginia

I think I know why I had nothing to say yesterday. All of my focus... i've been acutely observing Boner. His breathing is becoming labored again. I called the vet to ask a few questions. I am going to "up" the dose of his steroids back to where they were when we first started treatment two weeks ago and continue with his lyme disease antibiotics. We went for an easy mile walk yesterday. The vet suggested that was too much. It is all trial and error. Bottom line, there's nothing like a little fear to motivate me off my ass. I must move forward with the agenda. We are leaving here tomorrow wether I am ready or not, packed or not. I feel really good about this. I hope to also get the truck worked on... again. I hope it makes it to a shop. The electricity is dying and other things. I have almost no headlights!

I have a friend Trish in Pennsylvania who I never met. She has been with us from the beginning of this journey. Trish is the person who suggested the word peregrinating for the journeys name... Tour of Peregrinating Musical Exploration. She has been asking us to visit for over a year and I want her to meet Boner. I have dear old friends from my old neighborhood that I love and who love Bo... I want to say what feels like a final goodbye to that part of my life and my friends there. My friend Pat and her family who has given us the cabin we have been staying in. This is a family that I want to visit before we head out West. They are in New Jersey. A bit of backtracking but hey, whatever. Also, need to check on the new piano being built, that has been since May!

My present neighbor Cindy plucked her first buck with a bow and arrow this morning. It was a four pointer. She calls me up, "Danny I need some pictures of this." Cindy is self sufficient in living off her land so the deer will be food for the winter. It is about a hundred and sixty pounds worth of meat. She feeds the local dear throughout the year and then when it is time they feed her back. Seems a lot healthier than purchasing a piece of processed packaged meat shot up with chemicals, antibiotics, from an animal that spent its entire life eating cheap feed while crammed in a pen with thousands of other animals.

While driving to get wireless access to download the blog just now I kept looking in the rearview mirror to see who was shining their headlights at us. As we rolled and made turns down and around a ridge bend.. It was the full moon! Interesting... as I grow in life I realize my tears come from both gratitude and sadness equally and at all times.

November 1, 2009

West Virginia

For anyone trying to find their way around on this website... if you look to the left of this page and click on "Tour Log October" it will give you everyday in October. When you scroll down and click on a link such as "Traversing Forward 08" it will open a page that will give you the choice for every months daily log in 2008.

Pretty much, I have nothing to say today :) What a way to start off the month off! The pictures are from yesterday in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia.