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August 31, 2009

Morgan County, West Virginia

Wow, it was nippy this morning. It may go into the forties tonight. The leaves are falling off the trees! We headed to the local lake for some music. It was a big open area with a large lake and huge wrap around mountains for a backdrop. Boner and I are Living Now... in the mountains. Bo was climbing a hill repeatedly to roll down it while I played piano in the hot sun with a cool breeze. I thought about how I have brought my dream of making the most of my time with Boner and enjoying our relationship to the fullest into reality. A guy came out of the trees from hiking. He was beside himself. He said, "I could not believe what I was hearing, the music lulled me through the trees, if gave me a feeling of everything being perfect," and then he started bawling tears. He said, "look at me, I am a sixty two year old man crying, it was so beautiful, it felt like a dream." He got onto the piano to play. He cried the entire time. My camera was missing its cartridge. All was, as was meant to be.

August 30, 2009

Ridge, West Virginia

Sherpherdstown, West Virginia was on my agenda for today but I was just too tired. I am not too keen on agendas anyway. I feel off kilter a bit but am aware... so I know I am safe. There is disruptive energy floating around in my world! Boner and I decided to go and meet this guy Mike who owns a pulled rib sandwich place named the Timberidge Grocery on Route 522 next to the local fish hatchery. He carries a gun in a holster on his hip, I thought that was interesting. His barbecue sauce won the Best of Memphis last year. I was treated to a sandwich and I shared a piece with Boner.

Later at night I was again treated to dinner with two neighbors Dave and Christine. Fresh tomatoes, basil, mozzarella cheese in oil with warm oven bread, hamburgers, bratwurst, fruit cobbler... I told them I like to eat allot and they took me on my word and boy was I happy about that! Christine is a neuro science research specialist at John Hopkins university in Baltimore Maryland and Dave works with music, film and creates non-profit organizations. He belongs to the Brain Arts Society and Trish deals with brain defects in children. They both jumped into the truck to create music with piano and recorder while Boner licked my head and it was all heaven to my ears... in the woods.

August 29, 2009

Berkeley Springs, West Virginia

I was thrilled to take the Traveling Piano to the Creekside Cafe today in Berkeley Springs. I've been wanting to create music here being as I use the wireless internet service they provide for free. That fact that Barry and Joe the owners are really nice guys also provided incentive. I arrived in the afternoon and was completely exhausted by nightime. I did not realize until I saw the pictures that there was good reason. I interacted with about thirty people musically on the truck and thats not counting those who did not get on to play. I was not aware of the energy I was putting out because I was having so much fun! I got back to the cabin and Cindy my neighbor had given me about five gallons of tomatoes from her garden. I spent the night making spaghetti sauce to freeze so that I have some food for when I visit the area and use the cabin I am staying in. Anyone who has a place we can use or knows of anyone who has a place anywhere in the country, let us know! The more home bases the better.

August 28, 2009

On the Mountain Ridge, West Virginia

It is critical for me to keep an awareness of... and to interact with... and contribute... to my world. Even if it is only on the most basic level, something like the act of taking a breath of air. I want to keep an awareness. Today is full of rain and clouds. There was a short hour period of dryness and that is when Rick showed up. He is a neighbor that I had not yet met. Cindy from across the street came over. I wanted to see how wet it was under the Traveling Piano tarp so I used the opportunity to show them what Boner and I are all about. They jumped up to bang a few notes and take a picture. I've talked about Cindy before here in the blogs. Rick is a retired navy vet having had a three tours of Korea during that war. He is based out of Baltimore and has a cabin get away on the other side of the trees in back of where I am staying and is in his seventies. I appreciate friendly neighbors!

August 27, 2009

Cacapone Park, West Virginia

Today went this way, and then it went that way, and then it just kept went-ing. The park ranger Doug who I had met yesterday, we tried to create some synchronisity for one of his fellow co-workers so the Traveling Piano heading upward to the mountain overlook to become a surprise. The guy never showed up. The first few people I came across were more interested in Boner than the truck, music or anything else. One couple said from a distance that they were intrigued so I invited them over. As I began to talk the woman said out of the blue, "why do you have to talk why don't you just play the music." She was not being humorous, I was not getting any respect so I replied, "ok, I'll just play music while you guys go and do your thing" ...and thats what I did!

Boner and I went for a walk and upon returning there was a group of friends with two younglings from Lessburg, Virginia. We had a great time. I headed back to the lodge to write this blog and I had just got everything set up to work when Boner started "doing his thing." He attracted a family from Virginia... two parents with their son and two daughters who take piano lessons. Well, you know where that scenario led to... it led to the parking lot where we played music into the dark. I must remember not to "try." It always leads to resistance. When I can go with the flow I always achieve whatever it is that I am aiming for. I achieved the goals for today that of fun, friendship, respect, musical empowerment and inspiration. Everyone today got a Raggin' Piano Boogie poster and cassettes. Giving those away... that was fun. The dad, his name is Rich... came back to me later with $30 bucks to thank me. I thanked him and accepted his gift! I'll be off now to get some celery, cheese and fruit for the cabin. Hahaha... did that sound desperate? I'm not :)

August 26, 2009

Cacapone Park, West Virginia

I'm in the moment, wow it feels great!!! I have slips throughout the day when crap comes into my space but for the most part, I am in the moment. I just finished talking to Rich and CJ who I met yesterday. They saw my truck out in the parking lot of the lodge where I am right now as I write this. I have found a wireless internet connection here. They are like spirits and they get what I am about. Rich even said that I am like a collage. I am, totally a collage. They were telling me about how I affected them yesterday on the mountain overlook in just the few minutes we spent together. Talking to me was just so awesome, what a gift. Rich also turned me onto a guy in the area that I must visit because he is also living his dream. Earlier, I was in the parks picnic area nestled in the trees. The park ranger Doug found me and being the trooper he is jumped up to play some music for a second. I am so happy to have the piano here. I can't wait to musically try out all the spots I know in the park. Boner is so loving and gentle and we are having a great time together. He is without question the greatest joy my life has known to date.

August 25, 2009

Cacapone Park, West Virginia

This day was spent getting myself organized, cleaning my environment... God it takes a long time for me to clean! At five in the afternoon I stopped everything and headed out and create some music!!! I After spending a month in West Virginia without the Traveling Piano, man I was going crazy last time I was here... now I am free to progress with the journey musically! First stop, the overlook at the top of the mountain, a five mile ride up. They shut the gates at sunset so I knew few people would be there. I met a fun family on vacation, Richard, Linda and 14 year old CJ, a self taught piano man who was great and played some Journey and Cold Play for Boner, his parents, me and nature! After I left a few other people showed up but there was no push to stop playing, they all said hi with a wave. I talked with one guy briefly he was a Methodist minister on vacation. I wailed away with musical improvisation mostly for just Boner and I for a good hour... as loud as I could take it... and with all the passion I could muster. Damm, I needed that!

August 24, 2009

On the Road

I'm traveling today, back to the Cacapone park area of West Virginia... with my new West Virginia back woods, camouflage hunting mountain cap!

August 23, 2009

New Jersey

I was going to go out today and it began to rain big time. I am beginning to realize that it has rained allot this year! Good thing I am not trying to make a living today... like I did for twenty years on the Raggin' Piano Boogie truck. Between the actual rain and the present culture of hysterical weather drama... how that has effected outdoor events... finding bookings would be more work than its worth! I did pull the truck out of the garage for just a few minutes to create some music and that gave me the decision to leave tomorrow with the Traveling Piano truck for West Virginia. I just need to play more music outdoors. Also, I need to get away because when I am alone I better focus on work. I'll be alone in West Virginia. If the truck breaks down so be it. I went to check the oil and the stick is missing. It is lost. My friend Charlie created a makeshift one for me. This journey is all one day at a time, one moment at a time.

August 22, 2009

New Jersey

It stop raining for about an hour so I had to get outside with the Traveling Piano. I got my friend Charlie up and off his couch (his needing to go to the auto store helped) and we drove to a river access area along the Delaware river. This is the first time I can remember Charlie coming with me and it was good because I want him to take this truck out on his own after I get the new one going. I left him on his own and took Boner for a short walk. This was also my first time in getting a feel of what others experience. I was walking along the canal, heard music, identified it as a piano, was curious because it sounded live, turned the corner and there he was. The experience was unique, strange, a little stupid, super cool and fun. That works for me!

August 20, 2009

Baptistown, New Jersey

Surprise, surprise... I ended up leaving Connecticut because it is supposed to rain for the next few days and I did not want to leave the Traveling Piano sitting outside. Boner and I drove back to Pennsylvania and into my friend Charlie's garage to beat the storms. The piano tarp is not holding the water as much as it used to. On the way home I passed a small grill that I had seen in the past. I have been drawn to it every time I see it. Today, I even turned the truck around after I passed to finally go and get a sandwich there and then everything happened very fast. A girl named Jen asked what the Traveling Piano was about and... that led to her sister and a customer outside to hear some music... and then storm clouds came very fast... and then we rushed a picture... and then rain, sideways... and then a wet truck inside and out and then... a friendly really fast lunch at no cost and... thats the way it went. It was fun, spontaneous, short and synchronistic. Wish I had had more time with everyone, maybe at a later date.

August 20, 2009

Norwalk, Connecticut

Hot and humid, Danny dripping wet, clothes wet, Boner wet, Traveling Piano truck soggy so... I waited until early evening to go out and explore musically. Just got in the truck, focused on my purpose and began driving. We ended up in Norwalk, Connecticut and I would have been perfectly happy to have spent the entire time creating music for just the environment because it looked like no way people would appear. In front of us was the Lockwood Mathews Mansion Museum, behind was route 95 and to the side a hundred year old historic cemetery.

A huge brown tailed hawk perched on a gravestone to listen to the music for a good five minutes and I thought that would be the total audience for the night. The truck was parked deep to the back of Mathews Park and we were the only ones there until Carl the cop stopped by. Ha, he was great. I gave him an improve lesson and a Raggin' Piano Boogie poster to help inspire his son. After that a young guy came jogging by with his dad. They were from China so of course I had to make a big deal of that in trying to connect for support to get over there. Before heading back to my friends house for the night I spent time with some "miscellaneous types" of people in downtown Stamford. They were a lot of fun and I may try and connect again with them on Saturday.

August 20, 2009

Scalzi Park, Connecticut

Stamford, Connecticut is interesting in the fact that you drive off the highway, into the city, turn the corner and you are in suburbia. It is like a city has been built in the suburbs verses the suburbs growing out of the city. Today I took a mindless drive and found myself at Scalzi Park in the center of the town. Luckily, I was not expected to pay the $20 to park as is the case with any waterfront areas. It was very sunny and hot so I found an open area under a tree, situated the truck and began to create music for myself. There were few people around and I was not setup in a very approachable manor. I turned around at one point and found people and a couple sitting, leaning against tree trunks and smooching as they listened. Later in the day Marion had some friends over and we did the "Traveling Piano Thing" back in here driveway. Jerry, her son-in-law came back from smoking a cigarette by the sidewalk saying, "you know, your music sounds real romantic, like a chick flick soundtrack, and I really like it!"

August 18, 2009

Stamford, Connecticut

I rationalized that if I had gone out on the street to play with music to today, people would think that I am crazy because it was so bright and hot. Also, they would accuse me of dog abuse with Boner in the sun, so... I told myself it would be better to spend some time in the backyard pool. This is what I did with Marion and her friend John with his dog and Boner. It was pretty neat to be with two other grownups in their 50's with our dogs playing like kids in the pool. Later on I attended Marion's physic development circle and created some music for a short while beforehand. I'm not sure people knew how to handle the situation so they mostly stayed on the porch which was ok.

August 17, 2009

Glenbrook, Connecticut

Man oh man it gets difficult with so many interactions and great pictures. I want to post them all for you but then again many more to be found on the Boner The Dog link. Today was a beastly hot day! We created music anyway. Marion my host, we have really been learning about each others lives in depth. She was a nun who left here order and married, now with three grown children. She was from the same group of nuns that taught me in grade school. The nuns from my grade school were a tuff bunch. Marion said to me what I often say when people state, "you have so much courage, what you have done." Ha, I always say, "I do what I have to do... and its usually born not out of courage but out of necessity, desperation." In effect that is what Marion said about her life changes.

I had to take a picture of the pear tree in the backyard of where I am staying. I did not know that pear trees can grow to be three stories high! So many pears and they drop to the ground continuously all day long. Bees cover them and the ground smells like vinegar from the rotting fruit. It is quite amazing. Marion's grandson's Kyle and Dylan came over and we all had a great time in the backyard pool. After we were water logged we ran to the driveway to mess around on the piano. I had a lot of fun with these younglings. They were so easy to be with. We farted and laughed and splashed each other with water and played chicken and... and... and...

Later in the day there was a trip to the local Dairy Queen for ice cream where I found the only shady spot around. It was under the store's stairwell in the back. I've been having intimate interactions like never before with people. One guy sang two songs for me. He wrote them and I had no problem looking him in the eyes throughout the entire songs as he sang. The Traveling Piano lasted in this spot for about an hour. I had to slip away because the heat was just too much. The number of people began to grow and I wanted to get away before it all became too much to handle. I had about six hours of sleep last night so I was tired! Later at night back in the driveway Roberta from next door stopped buy to have some fun.

August 16, 2009

Stamford, Connecticut

Ok, packed everything up and drove back to the computer store to take care of bad business. The manager hand wrote a letter of apology, they gave me a new hard drive with my data transfered onto it and two compatible fire wires free of charge. Then I headed up to Stamford, Connecticut to meet and stay with Marion a physic/medium, her son-in-law Jerry and I met her friend John who is also a physic/medium. Wow, more great people! I met Miriam on Facebook.

We had a great dinner and then headed on out to the nearest parking lot with the Traveling Piano. A young guy drove by, stopped and joined us. I think his name was Chris. There was no coaxing needed with this crew. We sat and created music for and with each other. We played and improvised for about an hour and did some good talking also. I feel passionate when I am on track with the journey. I told them it might take about twenty minutes to get into my zone, musically. Marion said I was into it instantly. She said, "I could tell you were instantly connected to the divine."

August 15, 2009

Bridgewater, New Jersey

My computer is about dead and its warranty will be dead in two weeks. This fact has been traumatic for me. Today was the day to deal with it. I drove an hour to the nearest mall computer store. They told me the computer had to be sent away and I told them I would purchase another as a backup if they would transfer the data so I could continue use without interruption. I waited six hours while they did this. I thanked them and told them how I was relieved because I had been feeling like service has been becoming less and less conscientious. When I got home no data had been transfered... my new computer was blank. There was no back up. Any data I had was on hard drives that used ports not supported by this new computer. I sent the store an email telling them to not empty my old computer. I literally cried. In the middle of the night I woke up feeling so insecure I made Boner sleep with me in my bed. He is not into sleeping with me but knew I was in a troubled state. Along with other issues as in finding a new home base, what remains of my belongings and new truck insurance, registration and other stuff I must deal with, this was the biggest muddle I can remember having felt since I started the journey. I did have a good moment in the mall early in the day when I met Emma a girl from Israel selling Seacret products from a booth in the middle of the mall. I used to be a "talk to the hand" kind of guy, "don't bother me" etc... when people try to pull me into their sell. This girl had me instantly, I was completely seduced buy her spirit. She sold me a buffing block to shine my finger nails. What??? Hahaha... This experience was a lot of fun, and a first. Emma was a master sales woman who loves her job and relating to people. I even bargained with her.

August 14, 2009

We are getting ready for a ride to Connecticut with the Traveling Piano. I renewed two trademarks online today. It was very simple and I am glad I did not pay a lawyer $600 twice to sign my name, upload a picture and give my visa number... two times. I just put my mind to the fact that I was going to do it and I did. Simple, now anyone playing the piano on the back of a red truck with a dog on top will have to answer to the authorities! ...or anyone using the Raggin' Piano Boogie name... for the next ten years. So there. Ha!

August 13, 2009

A seagull pooped on the piano today. Good thing it missed Boner and me :) We performed for the 100th Annual Ocean City New Jersey Baby Parade on the Boardwalk. It was a super huge parade and it was two hours after the start time before we began because... we were the last entry! I hope this was because they saved the best for the last? I was very happy to be part of the parade. The organizers of this parade have always been respectful of what we have had to offer through the years so I wanted to participate. Everyone especially loves Boner. This makes three favorite events we did this year. I thought the Raggin' Piano Boogie performing was over for good? I am glad I can still have fun with it once in awhile.

I improvised some during the parade route and when I did people responded more than when I played the old Boogie Woogie stuff. That made me very happy. Since we had a lot of time waiting I was able to offer the Traveling Piano to many people. What fun and... it was not too sunny, hot or humid. Seeing as I have once again gained weight and am older this matters alot. :( . Lets see... today on the piano there was the girl who is going to win the Miss New Jersey pageant, three, thirteen year old teenage friends, a couple of families, some brothers and sisters, a Philadelphia mummer, my friend Charley who drove... on and on people took their turns!

August 12, 2009

I posted a picture of the Traveling Piano's equalizer... I want to stay equalized, balanced. I took the Traveling Piano out of the garage where it is being stored and found it covered in mold, inside and out, everything... and that is not an exaggeration. Can we talk skeeved out? Not only that, it was so humid today I was dripping wet while trying to clean it all, in the rain, in the darkness... ugh, ugh, ugh. My friend Charlie picked up a new starter for the truck and put it in, so that was a good thing. I came home a day early to get everything ready for tomorrow and that was really a good idea. I must get all of my stuff out of my friend Charlie's place because he wants all his space back... his life has been going through changes and wants that word "home" taken out of the present "home base" that we agreed upon. That does not seem like such a good thing in the present moment but I'm flowing with it all even if it slows down or changes my plans somewhat. My priority right now is to focus on the fact that I want to have fun in Ocean City, New Jersey tomorrow. This is my priority.

August 11, 2009

We drove back to Pennsylvania today to get ready for Ocean City on Thursday for the 100th annual Baby Parade. I'm looking forward to it because I know it will be fun!!! Need to get a new starter put in for the Traveling Piano truck, take a shower, find something to wear etc... I gave Boner a shave because it has been so hot and humid. He loves this, I do it about twice a year. I love it because it makes him happy and gives me a break from his constant shedding. I just passed the 10,000 th Traveling Piano picture post on the Boner The Dog website. I am so amazed at this body of work in such a short amount of time. Check out the transition link. It has over 600 pictures to date.

August 10, 2009

I am archiving pictures of Furries! For the fundraising event last year, a bunch of Furries came to support us. Rapid T Rabbit, Fuzzle Ferret and Renegade the Skunk came from as far away as New York city to give of their time and friendship.These are characters who take on the personality of animals that have human qualities. They are friendly and easy to hang with type folk and I love em' and really appreciated their presence.

Ocean City, New Jersey emailed me today to ask if I can make the 100th Baby Parade on Thursday and I'll be glad to do it! Everyone will love to see Boner for sure. This has always been a favorite event of ours. The contribution being made for the journey for certainly help us along our way.

August 9, 2009

... continued from yesterday... Of course I realize that I am on a journey, the goals are secondary yet still important. They are being achieved... not necessarily in my time frame or anyone else's, or in any specific way that I or other people may expect. The bottom line is to ask myself if I am having fun and sharing that with the world. The answer is yes. After about an hour and a half of archiving pictures from last years transitional time period... while complaining with resentments to myself about people... I started to fill with emotions of gratitude, appreciation, love for everyone who did participate in the transition. My face turned into a constant smile with every new picture I would come across. My thoughts and feelings as I discovered pictures of people with my possessions... "damm, there's my friend Gerturde's Irish limoge pitcher, that was meant for someone special", or "I wanted to keep that," my thoughts and feelings became... (with a conscious decision)... "I'm glad they have that pitcher... wanted it... will appreciate it." Everything began to feel really good and right.

August 8, 2009

As I am reviewing and posting pictures from the transition period last year to the Boner The Dog website... I've been experiencing lots of emotions. I started out with sadness and disappointment about not having achieving the surface goals... I had wanted to have lots of people involved with celebration and fundraising for the journey while letting go of my home and possessions... As I looked over the pictures I felt embarrassment over failures or not having followed through with the goals for China, the Superbowl, etc..., embarrassment over not generating the support hoped for from people I had expected support from, not enough support from those who did support, on and on etc... let me continue this tomorrow...

August 7, 2009

My family of friends Cindy her mom Pat and son Tyler with surrogate adopted son Chad have arrived. They own the cabin where I am staying and have come to visit for a few days. I'm appreciative that we can have this time together. It is clear that nothing is more important in my life than my relationships, even more... the intimacy I can establish through relationships. Funny thing, it just happens by coincidence that where I am in process of archiving the journey's pictures... is with pictures of this family and the Traveling Piano. They all came to support me when I gave away my stuff last year at my last hurrah party, fundraiser or whatever... it did not raise very much funding :)

August 6, 2009

Boiled my first big whole chicken in a pot today. It was fun! Total soup. Also, getting ready for five people and two more dogs to visit for the next few days; its going to get crowded in the cabin. I miss having the Traveling Piano truck but look forward to getting on the road again. Packing up the cabin is a pain in the ass. Not having a home is a challenge! While posting pictures from last year's transition period on Boner's website... it is a constant decision to keep the right frame of mind... the way I want to be and feel about all... what I left behind, how it all happened and what happened. When I see some of my old belongings I am reminded of how much I have appreciated everything that I have had stewardship of over the years. When I'm doing the Traveling Piano nothing else matters but the mission. Found out that the local park lake is free from 5pm to 6pm so I went for a five minute dip today after a walk with Boner. How great that was. It was the first time in years that I got down to my skivvies and into a public swimming hole with other people. Yikes!

August 5, 2009

Sometimes I don't know whether I'm coming or going... but I do know it doesn't matter, gotta remember that. Getting ready for the road again. To Pennsylvania and then Connecticut and then back to Pennsylvania onward to West Virginia. My friend Cindy has been growing some might fine cabbage on the hill here in West Virginia.

August 4, 2009

I took Boner to the river today to fetch tree limbs. He will only go in for the fetch if he can see the stick in the water and the bigger the better. His eye sight is not what it used to be and he does not take chances so much anymore. We were in Hancock, West Virginia a town that needs some help economically but it has a really nice canal and park area on the river. I will definitely bring the Traveling Piano to this park. Last night I was creating music on the porch of where I am staying. A few days ago I remember thinking, "oh, I hear a locust, love that sound." Then a couple days later thinking that it must be locust season because there are more sounds. Last night I thought, "There are so many fucking locusts I can hear them across the mountains and I can't hear myself play music!" Hahaha... I was glad I have earplugs to sleep with.

August 3, 2009

I have an unconsious fear of having whatever it is I desire. Am I allowed to have whatever? Throughout my developmental years, any exploration of desire was shut down immediately. Any parental request for something desired was always without thought an impulsive "no." And then sometimes, only after I felt or expressed what could be interpreted as sincere desire... consideration was given. This "no" expressed itself first thing every morning for eighty percent of my life as I woke up almost always full of shaking fear. I could not allow myself to feel safe, happy, secure. Each day the fear would transform into a sort of confusion, a feeling of being lost, bewilderment. All that crap ended when I began living my Wildest of Dreams three years ago. I am still working to allow myself to wake up feeling good, happy, safe and secure. I now have tools I use, anchors to set the first impulse of my day on a positive spin the moment I awaken because I deserve the good life! Ha.

August 2, 2009

I am taking time to feel good on this warm, sunny, moist and breezy summer day. I have been creating music at night on the porch of the cabin where I am staying because I do not have the Traveling Piano truck with me. I don't know wether it is an age thing or the fact that I have not been in energetic environments creating music but the fact is my music is becoming more and more chilled out. I also get very tired after playing. Hmmm... just an observation. I will soon be on the road again because I can feel the need to do that. It helps to keep my momentum up. I have just finished upoading the 9,450th picture to the Boner The Dog website. This represents two years of documented Traveling Piano interactions. This feels very fullfilling!

August 1, 2009

People often say how courageous it is what I have done and continue to do with this journey, The Journey of Peregrinating Musical Exploration. The comment has never felt right to me and also... I have not wanted to discount the thoughts of others concerning it so... I decided to study the idea for a bit. What I have come up with is this. I have been given the grace... to have enough courage to embrace a sense of selfishness... that has given me a measure of trust... to know my true intent... which has validated and reassured me. I have become empowered with an ability to pursue my Wildest of Dreams... which is to intimately and without fear or repression, depending on the moment... I can now interact, participate and create for this world I am living in and have fun at the same time!