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March 31, 2009


I am still amazed at how great I feel when I am talking the Traveling Piano out for a run. This was a beautiful day and I was not going to miss it. Bo and I drove to Lake Nockamixon about twenty minutes away from the farm. From the start... the energy was majorly calm. The water shimmered, I could feel the sun warm on my face for the first time this year, the fisherman nearby were fine with our being there. I had parked on a fishing pier jetty. As I created music everything became so still. I was thinking, "how can I create still energy." I became so still, quiet and calm that I began to fall asleep creating music. Really, I had to get off the truck, lay on the grass and nod out for about ten minutes.

People were very cautious to approach at first because I was so into what I was doing. I opened my eyes at one point and there were four people at a distance not taking pictures as usual with their cell phones... they were holding their cell phones up in the air so the people they had phoned could hear the music. I laughed and told them to come closer. After about two hours people began to approach. Those who happened by or friends had phoned them and told them to stop by to see us, people on the other side of the lake had heard the music and searched until they found us. I stayed until I was so hungry I thought I might pass out if I didn't eat right away. Had I brought food I would have stayed until dark.

March 30, 2009


Took the new Traveling Piano truck in for a service checkup today minus the new piano which has yet to be created for it. There has been a tragedy at HoneyLake farm where I am staying. Two chickens were taken down last night in the chicken coop. One of them was Henretta, Charlie's favorite and the chicken I used to chase away from the house. The other a rooster. The chickens need their cock! Yesterday a truck hit a chicken that was crossing the road. No one including the dogs heard any sounds last night. I sure didn't. Boner's a bit deaf. I sleep with ear plugs. We do not yet know what is doing it... a fox, a raccoon, a bobcat or what. No one knows where the chickens are tonight; they wouldn't go back to the crime scene to sleep. (their coop) They were too chicken. At sunset they were running all over the yard looking for a place to hide. They were jumping up 10 feet to the window sill trying to get into the house. I'm not kidding. These animals are not dumb! My friend Charlie set some traps outside, a flood light and guns at the windows for the night. Many people do not realize the time and effort and money in feed it takes to raise chickens. And those eggs... a few weeks ago were three bucks a dozen!

March 29, 2009

Charlie's Driveway, Pennsylvania

It looked like rain all day so I did not want to drive the truck anywhere. I pulled it out of the garage and played in the driveway. Sometimes the music just flows and feels real natural. Today was one of those days. I had gone for a 45 minute walk beforehand, I wonder if that had anything to do with it. I am very immersed with the picture archive that I am doing, so much work. It is a challenge to hold onto the whole Traveling Piano picture, the big plan... as I am focused on one thing so strongly. (www.bonerthedog.com) I finished all the pictures from Mexico and there are over 500 pictures posted so far of just Boner and myself.

March 28, 2009

Tinicum Valley, Pennsylvania

The forecast was for rain today. It did not rain. This messed up my plans. I had to take the piano out for my sanity. I felt my way to the local park. For the first time I saw a small group under the picnic area. Before I parked I left the truck running, ran up to them, told them I was going to play some music to come and visit, they offered a hot dog I suggested they bring one up for me once they were cooked, no roll. I went and parked the truck in my usual spot and thought, "you fool it never works when you approach people, they need to discover you." I was wrong, they came over to spend some time with three hotdogs, no rolls. I gave some to Bo.

We created the first Traveling Piano prize game and had to do it fast because there were a few asshole frisbee players complaining that we were on their field which was ridiculous. A park guard who drove by and with the frisbee players this scared the kids. The game... I wrote the piano key letter F on a piece of paper. Each kid had to guess and play the correct piano key and the first person to guess the musical piano key F won a Raggin' Piano Boogie poster. The beginning of new Traveling Piano fun.

Another frisbee player stopped by but this was a good guy. Someone told him when he was young that he had no musical ability so of course I had to lead him to musical freedom and got him onto the piano to create music. Soon after his wife and fifteen year old son pulled op on their bikes and the piano lesson became a family affair. That was even better than the Traveling Piano prize game.

March 27, 2009

Newtown, Pennsylvania

When I have a Traveling Piano experience to share, I just love it! I was heading for my old stomping grounds on the Delaware river in Bristol, Pennsylvania but the truck was choking as I drove so I decided on another old favorite place a lot closer to where I am staying, Tyler Park. Staying conscious of my intent is always necessary. A part of my head says, "go to where the crowds are" and when I think like that, I must be clear whether it is for fun or a part of me wants to perform or promote. These days it must be for fun without expectation for anything in return. To share fun, friendship, respect, musical empowerment and inspiration, music for people to discover.

My usual spot in the park had a college film crew with about twenty kids working... so I waited until they were finished. Boner and I went for a walk. Surprisingly, as they left not one of them was curious enough to come up and say hi and I was not out to pull anyone in. I was out to record some music today and have people discover music. After about five minutes of creating music Patrick and Alexandra happened by. I made two new friends and we had the usual musical fun with picture taking. I was aware to be attentive in relating with them because it is easy to be distracted these days. I joked with them about that. We were clear that we had met more than coincidentally. It was because we think alike and are equally drawn to good karma. After some time passed, Alexandra noticed a deer tick near Boner eye and then the fun digressed as we all kept discovering ticks everywhere. Pulling hoods over head and covering up was not working. We became tick paranoid, packed up and ran!

March 26, 2009

Pipersville, Pennsylvania

A friend sent me one of those forwarded emails that people send... you know, one of those warning emails, fear based about danger and how strangers may want to hurt you, scam you under the guise of being helpful. It pushed a button for me concerning the Traveling Piano's agenda which is in a large part to to exemplify the idea of strangers becoming less afraid of each other. Here is a portion of the reply...

"Although the world is full of perceived and real dangerous people there are in my experience... thank god... and with gratitude... more good and samaritan like people both male and female. Any trend of strangers becoming more and more afraid of strangers... this creates more of the same so let us not begin to overreact to all of the amazing negative media drama that is created everyday. Think trouble and your going to get trouble. This is a simple fact of life.

Informational warnings and awareness about misfortune and danger is smart and good. To inundated ourselves in it creates more death and sadness. We are here on earth to create, look for, and experience joy first and foremost. My life is full of example... strangers becoming less afraid of strangers. In the last three years I have been in the worse of dangerous places and no trouble of any sort has been created. How can this be? I think goodness. So here I am in an attempt to bring some objectivity to the idea of "sorry-ness."

March 25, 2009

Pipersville, Pennsylvania

I am not feeling very much to say. I woke up late today and spent the day beating myself up instead of embracing the fact with gratitude that I can do such a thing or may have needed to do it... hide a bit because I'm afraid of life. Ha!!! I am trying to stay open to the fact that I want to become more healthy and energetic instead of saying I am a failure for not being in tip top shape or that I should be eating or doing... this or that. I am moving farther and farther away from judgement for or in my life and more towards faith and gratitude. I had a web account that tracked how many visitors and hits that my site gets everyday. I let it lapse because at first it was fun to see my viewer ship grow but now that I have not been so active with my travels the hits have dropped. My aim with everything I am doing I want to keep very clear is without personal expectations for myself. I want to stay objective with my life. Did I say that right?

March 24, 2009

Pipersville, Pennsylvania

Wow, I swear I am not making this up! I am having constant experience with time. The past, present and future are happening all at the same time and I have been seeing it in many different ways. I just happen to be creating and posting archived pictures from a Mexican village that Bo and I had visited on March 23rd and 24th exactly two years ago today... to the Boner the Dog website. I did not link the date, pictures and my present activity together until a few minutes after I finished up. How did it happen that I came to choose those pictures today? The pictures were picked randomly from my file folders.

I had gifted the piano that I had been using from Traveling Piano truck to the kids in this village. I shipped it down to Mexico a few weeks later after I had returned to America. When it had arrived in Mexico it ended up sitting in the guys office who was going to deliver it for me. There is no postal delivery to the village. Then the second year I found out he had given it to a church to use. Ugh. I just kept my patience about it and today... my friend Cory who is down there now sent me an email to tell me that he was picking the piano up for me to deliver to the village today!!! I think that is pretty cool and... about time.

March 23, 2009

Pipersville, Pennsylvania

I intensely love Boner. It is a mutual attraction. We truly mirror each other. This is not my imagination because he shows unsolicited appreciation for me and always has. We were walking in the local woods today. I am amazed to constantly find new walking paths where I am staying... each equally as beautiful. We were walking along the top of a high mountain ridge in the woods. You would never know we were less than a half hour's drive from urbanization. No cars, houses, people, planes, poles, wires etc... just pure nature with white tail deer running towards the dark pines as we walked. They jumped in front, behind, along side of us... Bo with his age is no longer interested in running after them. He is more focused on smelling what has been on the path. We took a short rest break and I laid on the ground against a tree with my eyes closed. He came up to my face, gave a short light lick on my cheek and laid down next to me pressing his body next to mine. Wow, he has done this on occasion since he was a young. Experience like today are true manifestations of music in perfection. The relationships with music, nature, attraction (which is love) I see as all the same energy.

March 22, 2009

Milford, New Jersey

Today was a successful Traveling Piano day. I sat in the driveway, truck running, feeling where to go... somewhere friendly... remembered friendly people I had come across in Milford, New Jersey a small town on the Delaware River and there I drove. It was not very crowded and a perfect day. A young guy came along to play some music before I even got going for myself. A woman working in a local shop went and brought Boner a huge dog biscuit. He was a happy pup. Locals came up to thank me for being there.

I was able to achieve my goal of spending more one on one time with individuals and giving a bit of musicology and insight. I stayed with people while they explored musically instead of leaving them alone while being distracted by other activities and people... and I remembered to ask people their names, not that I remembered two minutes later :) I need more practice with that. While improvising I could tell people were interested and listening for more then ten seconds. I know I am a bit afraid to draw people into the music, I know this is crazy, but I can feel it happening more and more.

I played outside an antique store whose owner and girl friend's friendliness pulled me to the town. They pull many people I found out and one of them was a guy with his daughter who live near my old house. Turns out he is a fabricator and may be able to help me with the new piano for the new truck. This guy lost his three right hand middle fingers in a work accident last year but that did not stop him from getting onto the truck and showing how music can still be made. What a great example that was for his daughter!

The view was great on the street of this old town and I watched the goings on right down into the metal bridge that disappeared across the river. It took a few walks by the truck and from across the street for the local kids to feel comfortable to reach out and they all jumped onto the truck for a spell. Two of them had been to Newfoundland last year. (where Bo and I just came back from) Coincidentally the waitress Pat, from the restaurant down the street had come to my going away fundraiser. That was a first, to run into one of the few people I did not know who came! I knew there was a good feel about visiting this town. There was an old Ragtime piano in the bar so i went and played a few songs on it. Then the whole crew of waitresses left everyone in the resturant by themselves... came outside and down the street to jump on the truck.

March 21, 2009

Pipersville, Pennsylvania

The pictures being posted on the Boner the Dog website, there are now over 3,500. I am working as fast and as hard as I possibly can. I want to take a break but my priorities will not let me. There is a sense of urgency about it all that I would like to let go of. I am having fun but I would like a different kind of fun. I worked around the farm today and posted pictures. There was also an hour walk with Boner in the most beautiful of parks five minutes from where I am staying. No music... ugh. No travel, no socialization. (except my friend Charlie which is minimal) I have not had a break from the Traveling Piano since I started three years ago. Hmmm.... Hmmmm... I am almost am afraid to take break and I am telling myself I don't know how. What am I trying to prove and to whom, these are questions to review. I know what I am doing...

March 20, 2009

Pipersville, Pennsylvania

I was thinking... when someone complains I always just try to use one of these suggestions... brush it off, forget about it, pretend it did not happen, want to kill them, make them more angry, ignore them, appease them at the expense of myself and everyone else or just plain old tolerate. I have never been successful with any of those choices. The nag of just one negative implus just beats in my head until it dissipates into a repressed or suppressed state and that can take days and cross over into the next time I perform or whatever. Problem is that the rest of my life also becomes affected. I tend to shut down on every level and that can end up for a very long time... if I do not stay on top of the game with survival skills.

Then I thought... "this has all been egotistical" It might help to get around my ego if I think in these terms... Do I want to listen to negativity and react to it at the expense of others? Here I am creating fun, friendship and respect... musically empowering with inspiration... there are positive people wanting and enjoying me, sending me positive energy... do I want to deprive others who share goodness towards me from what I have to offer just to save myself from feeling uncomfortable, stupid, dis-empowered, inappropriate etc...? No.

From now on I want to first consider these thoughts and not "react". I'll respond. if there is anything that I can do "other than" at the expense of myself, the work, or others to relieve the situation I will do that. I want to remember that none of the old tactics have worked. The answer... I'll need to just let the complaint and the person "be" not try to deal with it or them at all but truly co-exsist with the feelings both positive and negative while continuing with the goals at hand. Bottom line... not tolorate, but accept and embrace, live with it. This will take practice.

March 19, 2009

Pipersville, Pennsylvania

It was raining today, good thing because I did not get to bed until about 4am from writing the blog yesterday and I am numb from being out of practice with yesterdays fun. I do have something I want to write about because even thought the issue is trivial on one hand... it is also significant for me and I have gained some understanding about dealing with it.

An issue is created when someone complains about my music, me, or the Traveling Piano, they feel it is intrusive in some way or they assign false motives to what I am doing or just cannot tolerate change or something different in their environmental experience. Sometimes I am bombarded with a persons control issues. No matter what, not everyone will always be pleased. I have a fantastic record of pleasing verses complaints but still... if one person complains in a given moment, the other 100 praises in that moment tend to get thrown out the window. I can honestly say that my experiences are about ninety six percent positive. By the way, I pride myself most on not being intrusive with what I have to offer. The skill I must admit developed mostly from fear of getting yelled at or reprimanded. Ha, something good came from fear? I'm going to continue this tomorrow...

March 18, 2009

Clinton Hill Brooklyn, New York

Random thoughts no particular order. I had to get out and take advantage of the sunshine today. It took until 2pm for me to get the nerve up. It took an hour to get the clarity and wherewithal to get out of the driveway, nothing new... the usual. Ha, got in and out of the truck about eight times... forgot this, remember that, need this, opps dropped that, fix this, made a mess, don't forget the water container for Bo, etc... I took the Traveling Piano to Brooklyn, New York and used the anchor of having dinner with my god-daughter as a destination. The drivers on the road both ways were arrogant. People can get really pissed when I am in their speeding path.

While driving through the Holland tunnel I could feel myself entering the "zone" like going into a foggy work mode. Where was I going to go to play? I figured that I would just go to the subway stop where Alisha and I were to meet and I would play until she arrived. When I got to the area I spotted a very active community park and a passerby said everyone would love what I had to offer. I pulled up to the curb, setup and began to create music. I had an impulse to put on my sunglasses to hide... but resisted the temptation. The entire time I fought off feelings of being slow, overweight and tired. I was afraid to take pictures, crazy. I began with some Boogie Woogie and Ragtime as bait. I was too insecure to start with my own music. When I got home someone living on the block sent me an anonymous email complaining that the sound was too loud and disturbing. "There's always one" ...always.

OK, now the good stuff. This is the third time I took the Traveling Piano to a Brooklyn neighborhood. Today I found Clinton Hill. I do not think the general world knows how wonderful Brooklyn is. I love everything about this place, the sensibility of the community in general, the buildings, feeling of growth, the pace of movement, energy level, diversity, the way I see adults relating with younger people, the way people relate with business and vice versa, the cleanliness, sense of unity, harmony, intent... what a perfect place to create and share music. (even with the one dim light... thick skin danny, keep a thick skin... live strong, its not easy, a hundred beautiful apples and one bad, guess where my head goes)

Doing the Traveling Piano shtick today felt like a huge sigh of relief. It felt good to get back to work. It has been awhile since I played on a city street with lots of interaction. Boner was conscious with his intent and purpose, we truly reflect each others desires and passions. There were times where I was just creating music by myself while looking down that street and that was fine to have my own time. To just be on the street playing music was enough but of course when anyone approached us, that was even better. Todays time took on a life of its own as has happened in the past. There was a steady flow of kids jumping on the truck to play some piano. No crowds, it was like... "there's a piano on the street lets go play it." No coaxing, no inviting or permission, it was just something to explore while coming out of the playground. I loved the variety of expressions, approaches and responses to the Traveling Piano's uniqueness and what it has to offer.

My most enjoyable moment... I was giving a short music lesson to three adolescent kids in rap-like street garb while playing a bit of Ragtime and Boogie... telling its history to help connect etc... and the one guy interrupts saying, "what was the stuff you were playing before, I want to hear more of that, it was sort of classical, I just love to listen to music." It took a few moments to realize he was talking about my improve. This fifteen year old kid was being mesmerized with my musical creativity and went as far as to ask for more of it. Every time this happens I am blown away... especially with gratitude.

March 17, 2009


Bo and I went back to the park today. The weather feels real good. I did not need to wear my hat, the sun gave me any warmth I desired. The park is used as a frisbee course and players were around but everyone ignored us which was fine. I was in the middle of a large open field. Wow. I meditated musically, found a stream of consciousness and stayed there steady and even for a good forty minutes. That was the focus, to keep my energy even and steady. Whatever music was happening was secondary and fine and sounds real good because there can be no wrong when my spirit is steady and even... balanced. I now have over 3000 pictures posted on the Boner the Dog website.

March 16, 2009


Last night was strange I woke up at five in the morning my mind ruminating with non-productive thoughts so I just got up and worked until I was tired enough to go back to sleep. No time to waste these days. That worked out well because I had a good nights (or should I say days) sleep which I allowed for myself and I thanked God I had the option to do that. I am very grateful for my present situation, my friend Charlie allowing me to stay with him. Bo and I went to the park to create music. I would have done this even if it was zero degrees outside. My sanity was at stake. It felt good to be in my element outdoors on the back of the truck playing the piano to express my stream of consciousness and see todays picture. See how my dog keeps me company. He just "be" with me. Imagine my joy, that of my best friend hanging out so close to me, watching me create music, his love, patience, bond, tolerance, loyalty... he just laid there, looking at me and listening with me. How could I not be inspired to experience and express such closeness. Never in a million years could I have dreamed of such a partnership. His paw hangs almost touching the piano keys.

March 15, 2009


I have not been creating music everyday and as a result my mind is not relating very well to my spirit. That is the bottom line. I can see everything turning dark. (thats a metaphor, I think). I am not sure how I want to proceed. I was meditating in the woods on a huge flat rock today... to be more correct, I passed out for a short while on a huge flat rock and thoughts of Oprah and what to do with this process filtered through my consiouness as I thought how I probably should not let go of all my dreams. As I was walking out and back to the truck a typical manifestation began as a syncronisticaly unusal - typical rendezvous began. I met a couple, they met Boner, the story began and one of the first things they said was, "you ought to pursue Oprah. This feels a bit silly after three years but I also feel that I need to keep the faith. Meanwhile, I feel an desire and necessity to keep up with the picture archive on the Boner the Dog website.

March 14, 2009


All of my energy is being put into posting the Traveling Piano visual archive on the Boner the Dog website.

March 13, 2009


I'm reminiscing memories and images from the October, November Newfoundland leg of this journey.

March 12, 2009


Re: I wrote in yesterdays blog about how my life may be confusing people and then I found todays picture, one I never posted. It is perfect to create some more confusion :) I did not create this picture in photoshop or anything it was a live shot of Bo hanging out with me playing some piano while parked along a New York city street this past summer with fresh corn on the cob from Pipersville, Pennsylvania covering the truck. I wonder if anyone will remember the blog entry. A bit strange? Naaa... Fun? Yep.... and It made for a good story!

March 11, 2009


There are cached pages on the internet from the personal items I once owned from the house that I once owned. These items were originally listed on the Boner The Dog website to garner contribution. They were removed in real time but still can be found on search engines as old pages, and now are being found on the internet confusing people. They come to the Boner the Dog site and see the items listed along with archived pictures and... this may happen forever? What a pain in the ass.

Next... A friend from Newfoundland called today to ask me to return up there to give personal support. I could drive there and create the new piano setup? I am interested in going to Kentucky even if I need to take the old truck and even if it breaks down throughout the trip. I gotta get going somewhere. I was driving aimlessly around Easton, Pennsylvania today in the new Traveling Piano truck without a piano. I think you can get the drift of what is going on in my life. I am really frustrated that I cannot clarify this journey in a simple manor or state specifically what is going on. I realize people are very confused. I could just stop it all until the transition stage passes but I am not going to do that because the website postings serve as an anchor for my life's present direction.

March 10, 2009


Today was about getting some exercise, talking with some friends, doing some outdoor work and posting photos to the Boner the Dog site (many hours doing that). I realize I may be losing my readership having nothing new on this blog and so little Traveling Piano happenings but I also realize that I have no obligation to anyone concerning this three year blog! Whohooo... thank god. The first step... I do all this work for myself... the second step is that I share it with the world... and then the third step is trust and faith that it is all good and right so that I can continue with the first two steps :)

March 9, 2009

In the Park, Pennsylvania

While the weather is tolerable Bo and I went to the local park to record and create some music. No one was around and I'm never quite sure how I feel about that (do I go out to create friendship or just let it happen) ...just being out on the truck with the piano felt good in of itself. As I play I am constantly growing in being more and more self assured. I was thinking about how people used to ride me about holding the damper pedal down too much and now I realize that I always held the pedal down because I like it that way. Call it, "my style" if you will. I almost wasn't going to put any pictures of myself from yesterday up on the website because i am embarrassed about my weight gain if there was ever anything in my life that makes me feel lifeless, the issue of weight is it.

March 8, 2009

Bulls Island, New Jersey

The weather was great today; I headed out with a lot of anticipation. it has been over two months since I played on the truck! Wow, makes me want to cry. I headed to one of the areas that I had found in taking walks with Bo. I parked on the river down from a walking suspension bridge. A bunch a kayakers pulled up and one of the guys said, "you just made a fine day, finer." They had been serenaded with my improvisational music while floated down the river for about a half mile. Another couple came buy walking with their dog. It was an out of the way place so not very many people found us which was fine with me. I was completely exhausted by the time I got back to the farm. My stamina ugh but... my expectations were fulfilled. I am giving up my control over life more and more as I create music. Feels good.

March 7, 2009


Today is was warm enough not to wear a coat outside. I could not take it any longer not "doing my thing." After all, I let go of everything I own to continue making music from the truck. I took the new equipment for the new Traveling Piano truck and put it into the old truck so that I can go out tomorrow and create music even if only for a half hour. (the new truck does not yet have a piano case built) If the old truck breaks down while driving so be it I'll deal with that if it happens. It took half the day to do it all you know... "this wire goes here, this wire goes there, easy does it Danny, breath.. breath"... I was exhausted from the anxiety of it all. My new speaker is refreshing as are the keys on the piano. I played outside for about a half an hour in the driveway and cleaned the inside if the truck. As soon as I was done Boner jumped inside full of mud from running around, ugh! I'm really glad I can function again, it does not matter on what level. Now if I can wake up early enough tomorrow while it is still warm as it is supposed to rain in the afternoon and get cold again.

March 6, 2009


Boner and I went to the park for some exercise today because the walk area is paved and I am having an issue with the mud everywhere as the snow melts. The paved road did not work as you can see in the picture. See his underbelly. I may need to buy him mud flaps like I have for my car. Does anybody sell dog flaps for mud? I just uploaded over a hundred more pictures of Boner buy himself on the Boner The Dog website. This is basically what my life is about these days, getting the Traveling Piano pictures posted.

March 5, 2009


I reached a milestone of archived pictures posted to the Boner The Dog website. Over 2000 Traveling Piano high resolution pictures (a fraction of what I have) so far. I am grateful have I have the opportunity to do this now. It is the right time, the only time. I am remembering that I want to succeed with my goals by enjoying myself.

March 4, 2009


I'm not sure how to be honest with this blog concerning my personal inward struggles and how to fit the honesty about all that into the Traveling Piano story in a positive way ... because I want to be positive. Ahh... it is what it is. What cop out that phrase can be. Well, I just uploaded 200 more pictures from Mexico onto the Boner The Dog website and this feels good. I hope people look at them even more than read the blog. They are truly pictures of my personal joy. I practice being in the present moment these days. There is a challenge to keep balance in my life and not get lost in the moment. As I was improvising some music by myself today I reminded myself that music is my "relief'. Sometimes I feel like it is useless unless I am personally sharing it with someone. Time to love myself some extra, extra...

March 3, 2009


Boner has always loved the snow. He loves to burrow deep into it, hop around like a deer or jack rabbit through it, he enjoys having a taste of it, always. These days, for a shorter amount of time, like three minutes will do the trick. Today he did not even want to go for a walk. When he thought we were running to the truck to get in and drive somewhere he was right with me but... when he realized we were going to walk down the driveway to the street in the snow... he turned around and ran back to the front door. As with night time I think his lack of ability to respond quick with instinct, his fading sight, smell and hearing senses all have a play in his decision making as well as just plain old physical oomph! It was cold too. I put on his leash for the second time today and he seemed a lot more safe and secure. He needs some exercise no matter how little. This is strange as he has not used a leash for twelve years. He's reverting back to baby-hood... willingly :)

March 2, 2009


Today's picture is of the new Traveling Piano truck! Yep, it snowed last night. The future will be interesting considering that the original piano truck had a garage for its entire life since 1987 and as long as I had a home. In case you do not know I sold the home in the summer to fund this present journey of mine and then the worlds current financial fiasco depleted a large sum of that funding along with other stuff. I'm not to worry... really as I more concerned about accomplishing the task at hand and that is to get the friggin' setup together and to get my butt (and Boner's) out and back into life on a musically interactive, live... level.

March 1, 2009


March 1, 2009 and people are asking, where am I, what am I doing? Oh, for the love of clarity? I am in Pipersville, PA staying with a friend on his farm in a somewhat rural area. The Traveling Piano truck is in my friends garage sitting old, fragile and beat... it has brought the musical Beat to the Street since 1987. It will not make it up many more hills and mountains so I have retired my "baby". I have purchased a new Traveling Piano truck and also much of the needed equipment and now must engineer and build a new piano, electrical system and also sound system for it. In the meantime I am archiving the visual part of my entire career and posting it onto the Boner The Dog website while keeping joy in my life with fun, friendship respect, musical empowerment and inspiration along with a focus on creating health, abundance and relationship. Sharing my partnership with piano dog Boner now 14 years old is my priority. I want the world to meet him and so while getting my act together to get on out and back onto the road, I spend a lot of time spreading our love throughout the world via the internet.