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February 28, 2008


My life is saturated with creating my photo archives and posting it all, my life is consumed with it but I know it is right to do. Thank god I am in a position to be able to do it. When I am finished a break will be needed. I am going to be real Traveling Piano-ed out! Bo and I took a walk today and sat by the rushing waters of a nearby creek. He fell into the water trying to jump the rocks. As an old guy who cannot see and jump very well anymore, his senses are not as sharp, we both just laughed it off as play and I dried him off once we got to the truck. The pictures I have been posting are from the summer in New York City and around everywhere. They are all never before posted pictures. When I think back to all the work I did last year in trying to raise funds well... I just try not to think back because it can be very discouraging. Everything now is on faith that I must continue to experience joy and think about what I have to offer for the world... and to do that. I am.

February 27, 2009


I want to remember to have fun everyday. Moving forward without the Traveling Piano is a challenge. Creating the new one is a MAJOR challenge. When I think about fun the only thing that comes to mind is eating food! ha. I now have 1,633 pictures posted to the Boner the Dog website, check out the... Traveling Piano Performers link. This has been fun to create, a true labor of love, it is a process of letting go because I will be entering a new era with the new truck. What purpose would it serve to have my archive and not share it. Save it for future financial gain, to protect everything? I hope posting it all will BRING financial gain so I can continue, the protect stuff I will leave up to a hire power. I'm not going to spend my life protecting I want to spend it giving and sharing.

February 26, 2009


Over 100 new pictures were added today in high resolution to the Boner the Dog website on the Music in Mexican Villages link and also the Traveling Piano Art link.

February 25, 2009


While visiting with friends today, I thought about how Boner really needed to get out, interact and connect with his pack, his friends, family, people he has not seen in awhile who he enjoys and who love him and then I got a little more honest. "Danny, your the one who needs to get out and extend yourself to others... your pack, your friends, family, people you have not seen in awhile who you enjoy and who love you." I drove around a bit and explored possibilities for people to help create the new truck. My original source did not work out. As I drove through North Philly and the cities Puerto Rican community for good street "pimp my truck" auto people... I had constant impulses to stop and create music at many great spots that I kept finding but alas, no piano in the truck!!!

February 24, 2009


Pictures from Newfoundland Canada a few months ago... Cape Seal, Ferryland and Bell Island.

February 23, 2009


There is really nothing I want to say so I will just touch base with pictures from the summer. There is presently no Traveling Piano truck. Funding is shocking. Everything is in transition. This is torture. it is what it is.

February 22, 2009


I was wondering if life balance is neccessary even if I'm having fun with none. It was said that "fun IS my balance" and that I should go have some more! I am having fun creating and sharing my archive of pictures. I loaded another hundred to the Mexico and Art gallery on the Boner The Dog website. The link can be found on the left side of this page. I have some amazing pictures. I took the new equipment out of its packaging to check it out today. It works! I think I am realizing that what is important is to stay focused on my intents, desires and joy... not so much on how or what to do or what I am doing to accomplish them.

February 21, 2009


A labor of fun and love to share with the world... galleries and over a thousand pictures downloaded so far... to be viewed in high resolution on Boner the Dog's Website ...you can always get there buy clicking on the link in the menu on this page.

February 20, 2009


For the first time ever I took a bunch of recordings that I made for the web and created a music cd from them, took them out to the new Traveling Piano truck and drove while listening to my music and what I sound like. As I have said before what I have done for the last three years is record, listen once to create the music file and then publish it. I have heard my music off my lab top less than ten times in the last three years. I was amazed at the recording quality and also my musicianship. Wow, I'm a musician! I have a musical voice and it is interesting. I create original improvisational music and I like it!!! Wow, three years ago the ability to do this was not in my realm of imagination let alone reality. I have enough material for a cd, no question about it. Ahh... creating a cd of my music will be a working challenge of choice and decision, but fun, wonderful and beyond my wildest of dreams. I'm talking gratitude, big time.

February 19, 2009


I have now received the basic equipment via shipping for the new Traveling Piano truck. I am running on four hours sleep with no problem for the first time ever, wonder what that is all about. I thought of a fun idea of playing matchmaker between people who have a piano to give away and those who would be musically inspired by having one. I would go and pick it up... take it to the streets, play on it to inspire, get someone up to play as usual and then offer the piano to them. Ha, love this idea. I have already given two pianos away with money from my pocket and played matchmaker with two other pianos over the last three years.

February 18, 2009


This blog has been getting away from me for he first time as in not caring enough? Feeling a bit lost with what has been happening, processing a large loss of money, it is ok, I just must keep all drama out of my head. I have been creating art pictures as I archive them and publish it all to the internet here are a few examples. I have been working very hard to move into finishing off the present Traveling Piano to begin anew with a clean slate.

February 17, 2009


I've been getting back to walking with Bo everyday. This is important to our sanity and health. I have not been creating music everyday and that is next. The issue of money is stifling me a bit. Old nagging, wasteful thoughts of responsibility that serve no purpose, they are keeping me from buying a simple pair of dollar store glasses, a pair of pants... how embarrassing. Corrective measures are in order. Do I need to force myself to "act out" abundance in my life, fake until I make it until I begin to feel good like I should? The be thrifty and save for an emergency approach to life has never worked for me in the past it just keeps me down and saving, this leads to hoarding. Not for me. Thinking of this kind is all about the past and the future. My life is about being in the present. Being sensible with money is trial and error. I will probably continue to make mistakes with it as well as smart moves for the rest of my life. Problem is I don't see enough smart moves, I tend to focus too much on the mistakes.

February 16, 2009


The new Traveling Piano truck has been in my possession for two weeks and today I got the nerve to address the automatic door lock. It did not come attached to the key so I figured I would need to read the manual, set it up and activate it. For two weeks I avoided the issue and manually locked and unlocked the door. What a pain in the ass. I should ask what was more a pain in the ass... working the door the old way or my procrastination in learning something new. Sillyness. All I ended up doing was putting the key on the wire. No work, thought, figuring out, setting up, learning, or reading invovled. Another lesson in... just do it! I went to put the key on my keychain. There were eight other keys on it and I experienced a new reality check. The keys were from my old house and belongings that no longer exsist. Ha... off they came. It only took six months to realize that I have been carrying them around.

February 15, 2009


I have been working my butt off creating as many Traveling Piano photos as possible to publish onto the internet. Once the new truck gets together I will be entering into a new era of the way everything will look and be presented. I revamped the BonerTheDog website to be all about Boner, a place to contribute financially and also it will house the main Traveling Piano photo gallery.

February 14, 2009


There is not much to report on these days. To stay focused and driven to keep moving without distractions or shutting down from disappointments ... I keep an awareness. I have suffered a major financial setback and with faith I am determined to stay rightly centered. I am so grateful for the support I have been given up to this point and it is clear I am in the right place at the right time ...presently.

February 13, 2009


I am feeling a sense of urgency to post all of my archived pictures to the internet so that I can share them with the world before they all become outdated with the new Traveling Piano truck and also, so that Boner and I can just go out and have some musical fun together without worry in tying up loose ends. I picked up the batteries to power my sound today on the new truck.

February 12, 2009


I had a box that I never opened... for years I have seen it here and there. It said Tripp-Light invertor on the packaging and I have often thought, "why did you buy this, when did you buy this, why do you have it, what is it for." I found it today in my friend Charlie's cellar. I opened it to find a brand new 2000 watt inverter which will create the power for the new Traveling Piano equipment, a $700 item. Whew, that saved a lot of cost. I'm already into this truck in the 20's of thousands. My retirement fund :) ...for real. I revamped the Traveling Piano website today. Created new text and added a wonderful photo gallery that I will be adding to every week. It is really great, check it out! The Traveling Piano Website Click on the grey PHOTOS link at the top of the page, on the right.

February 11, 2009


Purchased the new piano, amp and speaker today... The temperature outside was warm and wow... it is driving me crazy to not have the Traveling Piano to take out... all in due time. Little by little, step by step... forward go I.

February 10, 2009


Full moon. It s affecting Boner more than I. He's frisky. My friend Charlie's living room was eighty nine degrees hot when i woke up this morning. It is in the middle of winter and Charley has been gathering sap from the trees on his farm to create maple syrup on his wood burning stove. I ditched my friend from the Traveling Piano producing project, it was not working between us. I love him dearly but there was too much emotional relating crap getting in the way of the work. That will hurt financially, me. Tomorrow I will purchase a new piano for the truck. I found a new way to treat the Traveling Piano photos while archiving and working in photoshop... todays photo is an example.

February 09, 2008


I've been a salad doger... eating too much... but I got it together for today... I fasted... to help get a grip and reassure myself that I would not die if I did not eat for one simple day. I'm not kidding, I go through stuff like this... its not always "Mr. Positive" here but I do my best. Food is at the bottom of all issues for me and in the same breath as my friend Charlie said, "it's not what you eat, its what eats you."

I heard the term Non-denominational Christian for the first time today. What took so long to hear that? This is the correct term to describe the way of many people I have met on this journey of Peregrinating Musical Exploration.

I'm going to uniquely paint or have the new piano painted for the new Traveling Piano truck. It will be awesome. I feel a little rushed to get on the road with Boner as he is not getting enough stimulation and is beginning to vegetate in boredom.

February 08, 2009

Pennsylvania, New Jersey

It feels like I'm going crazy. I don't think I ever said that in this three year journey. It is what it is. I signed over the original Traveling Piano truck to the stewardship of my friend Charlie which means even though I still own it (trust,) the truck title is in his name with financial responsibility (support). In the meantime while I set up the new truck I am not working musically. I'm not even sure that is what I want to be doing. The creation of the new truck well... it is turning out to not be much different than the present one. Ugh. The main difference... the old truck has 200,000 miles on it and the new one is running on 200 miles. It will be what it will be. As I catalogue the past picture archives it was suggested that maybe I am reminiscing too much. This is possible. I know intellectually that living in the past or future is no man's land. I'm lost. I'll most likely find my way back on track, I always do.

February 07, 2009

Pennsylvania, New Jersey

A few warm days... I drove hours to go to appointments and meet with people to deal with creating the new Traveling Piano... unfortunately not in a good mood. So I'm not always feeling positive, damm this is frustrating. I had a few impulses to stop and create some musical experiences but I was just too much in my own head to extend any spirit. I'm out of practice, thats the problem. I was thinking, "tomorrow it will be really warm, I'll take the Traveling Piano out then." Soon after that thought I realized... the sound speaker is broken and so that will not be happening. Good thing I have a lot of photos to post from the last year. I will have plenty of time to live this dream musically after I finish this transition and get on the road again.

February 06, 2009


Getting the new piano setup together... I wish I could embrace the fact that I must be involved in every detail of it. I would think I should be enjoying the excitement of it all but I just become completely, emotionally drained from dealing with decisions and choices and problem solving and telling other people what to do, asking them what they know, redirecting them when they are not on track, etc... I just want to create music and have musical fun with people, not decide how I'm going to jump into the truck because the bed is too high, or how high to make the piano so it fits under a parking garage entry or how much it will cost too much to do this or that, etc... there are literally thousands of details to attend to.Oh, the drama! I would like to say that I am too old o be dealing with this crap, ha. A change of attitude is needed and working to keep a good attitude... I don't want that to be work. Today's pictures are from New York City. You will have to go back into last years blog if you want to find out about the corn on the truck :) THAT... was fun.

February 05, 2009


The entire day was spent going through picture files and creating photo's to publish from my archive. I can't seem to let it sink into my head fully that the present Traveling Piano look will no longer be... in a very short time. I have had the same truck for twenty-two years. The new truck is similar but not the same. All the pictures I have used will soon be outdated. I am getting ready to upload them all to the internet. I have enough for a good picutre book or two but now is not the time for that. Now is the time to share freely. I am feverishly spreading Bo and my relationship throughout the world to the best of my ability. Between the two of us and all the people who have participated in the dream to date... we have some swell visual memories!

February 04, 2009

Tinnicum Township, Pennsylvania

We had about two inches for snow today. I need two feet! Bo loves the snow so we went for a walk. I focused on being in the moment and feeling good. I was placing my head in feelings of fun, friendship, respect... you know all the usual and then I had a magical experience as a result. I turned to walk down a new road and to explore it. There was a small restaurant at the end that said it was open but I did not believe it because there were no cars and who would be in a restaurant in the middle of no where, in the early afternoon, on a snowy weekday? There were two guys, partners running the place and they had a nice grand piano. I was like, wow! The one guy had been a classical opera singer in New York thirty years ago. I began to create some music and then friends of theirs arrived for lunch. I was then treated to a great lunch, Bo also and we all spent time talking. The afternoon ended with singing, this guy had an amazing voice. They were as surprised as I was with the encounter, "where did this guy and his dog come from?" My truck was parked about a half hour down the road. Spontenaiety, I just love it.

February 03, 2009


It is snowing outside of where I am staying. I'm grateful that I have so many pictures to share. These are from a few months ago in Newfoundland, Canada.

February 02, 2009


I want so much to just give the job of building the new truck setup to someone else and say, "just bring it to me when your done". It will not work that way. Decisions, choices, research, working with others, trial and error, the creative process... I could do without the process part of creativity... today, Ha. This process will necessitate my involvement on every level in every way. I want to embrace that fact but ugh... ugh... ugh. Why can't everything just be fun all the time? I will enjoy this process, I will, I will, I will. I took the new truck out with Boner for a walk and the ground is all "black muddy and wet" from the melting snow. The new truck interior is light smooth gray. Need I say more? Well, his shedding hair won't show so much, thats the good side of it. The vehicle is a pleasure to drive. I drove all the sharp rural country road Pipersville curves with one hand.

February 01, 2009


Today, I have decided on a direction to take for the Traveling Piano's Journey of Peregrinating Musical Exploration. I began investing what is left financially from the sale of my home and belongings to develop my dream of taking the Raggin' Piano Boogie truck... these days know as the Traveling Piano... to the next level. I am living the dream with total faith. I purchased a new truck! Also, I have secured an amazing architectural designer and he will develope a team of experts to help out. I have wanted to work with others to create this dream, Oprah... if your reading this, I'm ready for you to come into the picture... but times awastin' so in the meantime I'm moving forward no matter what. I am going to strut my stuff with my friend Brad and the ongoing support from others. The dream is constantly becoming a reality.

My excitement level is not out of control and I see this as a good thing. It feels more like... "ok, lets get down to work." I feel very good about everything. The transition feels smooth and right. I have used the present truck for the last twenty two years and with 200,000 miles, it will not make it on a cross country trek over any huge mountains. I do not want to take Boner overseas without legal security and have not made the time to secure that. My friend Charlie who is also a piano player will keep the original truck in Pipersville, PA while I am on the road and use it for the local community. What fun this will be to develop the new Traveling Piano truck. Once it is ready to go, as soon as possible, within two months, the journey will continue at this point Westward unless someone wants to help ship this new truck across to China, Africa, or Europe and help with legalities concerning Boner. Hollywood has been on the agenda from two years ago. Maybe I will head across Canada to Alaska which is also in the dream. There is a possibility that I could drive to Argentina! Something will need to happen financially once I get on the road and I will stay determined to not charge fees for what we have to offer for the world. It is all good and I am grateful. Bo and I are going to tear up the world with fresh new musical fun, friendship and respect when this new high tech, cool, rebellious truck auto with a piano in the back of it hits the road.