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September 30, 2008

The end of September, wow! I was feeling overwhelmed today and then realized that I am just excited as I am leaving tomorrow wether I am ready or not. I could keep getting ready forever. I am actually really looking forward to continuing this journey. I sold my home to help pay my mission's bills but also to get on the road which helps give me incentive to live life in the "present" always.

I have been keeping my immediate agenda a surprise... which along with China is a trip to Nova Scotia. I could no longer do the surprise about why I'm going to Nova Scotia. Part of my ongoing anxiety has been about going through a lot of effort for naught. I have a friend Cor who lives in New Brunswick Canada and I had a surprise for him. I called him today in order to feel out the situation to make sure he really wanted my gift. Screw the surprise. Knowing that he wants what I have to offer is more important because it is taking a large amount of emotional effort, time and money to carry the mission through. The investment over the last few years with the gift I have to offer... it has been a major undertaking. I needed reassurance that he will be siked to receive. He will. My gestures are grand. I like it that way.

Cor has started a project named Stitch Uganda Together and I have decided to create another Traveling Piano "Give" for his project. Thousands of children in Uganda are orphans due to the AIDS crisis and 20 years of war. The ratio of children to adults is approximately ten to one. The whole social fabric has broken down,. Many children are trained with tailoring skills after coming out of the bush, but have no work. Stitch Uganda Together is a project selling travel hammocks to purchase sewing machines for people in Uganda that will offer employment, freely provide hammocks to homeless children, and create healing play spaces.

I have a heaping truck load of expensive, quality fun material to donate to Cory's cause. He can sell it it all or use the material to create hammocks and sell them. I am leaving tomorrow to deliver it all to him. This is all clothing that I had stored in my old house. I was saving many things to fund my retirement and this was part of it all. When I moved I refused to sell anything for practically nothing so I choose to let as much as possible go by giving it all away with a spirit of fun and respect. It has been a process that continues. One of the many pieces of clothing, a black designer gown I saw for $2400 on ebay! I could not find someone interested in helping me to sell it all and help fund the journey. My time is now better spent creating fun, friendship, respect with musical empowerment and inspiration. I tried for a year to raise funding in every way possible. I'm done fundraising for this journey. I am now going to play this journey for whatever it is worth until the money runs out and then who knows and... I'm going to have a hell of a lot of fun doing it!!!

September 29, 2008

As I spend my days completely frazzled and moving VERY slowly I keep telling myself there is no rush and that I have plenty of time. My favorite phrase, I say it out loud often, "easy does it danny". I talk myself through life out loud. I say all the negative stuff out loud... inside my head. "your old, you got fat again thats why your slow and tired all the time, your not exercising, what are you doing, you can't do this, your too scattered to continue, you can't think, hurry up, hurry up" etc... The fact is I am doing fine. There is no rush. My job is to have fun. I love Bo. My friend Charlie is the best friend, he has such a talent in being able to give me space yet be close. I don't even know if he is consciously aware of it. I tell myself the world is going to end soon so I better enjoy everyday to the fullest. (that is not a bad thought in my mind) Funny thing with Boner. His favorite place these days to hangout is in the cab of the truck. The only place he would rather hang out more is on his green bed blanket unless we are both out on a sunny day in a large field and then we would both hang out together in the grass. I want the world to meet him and to have as much fun together as partners before he retires that is my goal.

September 28, 2008

It has been raining for three days. I have had a new Blackberry in my possession for three days. I have yet to touch it. It can take me a while to muster courage. I purchased this new phone and expensive plan to help me communicate while traveling on the road. I have owned a cell phone for a year and a half now and creating a phone connection is still a guess with what button to push. I get results such as add a contact, voice mail, sometimes I turn it off or it goes to game applications and sometimes the button I push actually sends a call. Now I must learn all that and more so I can also access the internet. Lets just hope I can find my reading glasses when I need to use this thing. I am leaving with the Traveling Piano for Nova Scotia on Wednesday. I am going into the garage now with the Traveling Piano to practice. Nix that last sentence. I never practice, never liked the idea of it. I'm just going to go play.

September 27, 2008

My friend and Traveling Piano supporter, French actress Virginie Paluskiewicz had a farewell soiree in New York City before returning home and I was not going to miss it. This was a major task for me to achieve! I finally decided to take the trip around 2pm and got going around 6pm. My head has been so twisted and unable to think for the last few days I decided it might be easier to leave Boner with my friend Charlie. It was no easier, what was I thinking? Everyone at the party was looking forward to meeting him. Boner ended up driving Charlie crazy until 1AM pacing from door to door calling for me with whimpers and barking while scratching on the floor to get out and find me. Sometimes Bo is ok without me, these days it is getting more difficult for him. I suppose it might be his age. He does not see, hear, or smell as well as in the past and his instinct responses are slower, he is not as sure of himself. The young pup days are gone.

In New York I was happy to be hanging out with musicians, artists, actors and misc types from France, Israel, Japan as well as America. There was a baby grand piano and we took turns just messing around. One girl saw the Traveling Piano on one of the two occasions that it was in Chinatown a few weeks ago. How random is that? Eight million people walking around in New York City and our musical paths cross twice like this? I loved listening to the different languages fly around the room. Most everyone was in their twenties and I remember using in conversation for the first time in my life, "in the old days". Ugh!

I also realized that I must lean to structure the description of how I go about doing my work. Trying to be humorous with statements like "I am presently homeless" and "I just wonder aimlessly around to find places where I can stay and park and play music" ...this is not the imagery that will create respectable fun. I must project the same consciousness as I did for the last twenty years when I performed for strict fees! The Traveling Piano is my work. Musical inspiration and empowerment is my work. I demand that my work be fun... with friendship and respect all around. This work of mine is a new concept for most people because they have no mind association for it other than that of a street musician a tip the piano man or as a humanitarian. (not that there's anything wrong with all that) I have found that people think in terms of a career or life's work or whatever pays the bills as being associated with something commercial, organizational or political. The only word that comes to mind here in the moment to associate with the Traveling Piano is "relational" Also for some reason I am thinking about how it took ten years of saying the words Raggin' Piano Boogie repeatedly out loud before I was completely comfortable enough to say it to others so that... they in turn could repeat the entertainment properties name comfortably back to me.

September 26, 2008

I'm flundering a bit. (fumbling and floundering) Remember, I'm the originator of that word. I have been thinking reasons like... lack of exercise, not working enough, gaining weight, not enough socialization other priorities like packing, laziness (which I do not believe there is such a thing) . With thinking like that no wonder I'm flundering. Shit, look at todays photo's of my trucks contents along with the other days blog pic packed so far. Is this necessary? For my process, yes. It will be easier to find things with pictures as well as written down. I'll be living out of a small toyota pickup truck! I want to embrace it all. Fear has been milling around in my head even fear of the picture I have painted over the last three years of writing on this website. Did I ever write this kind of attitude before? Whatever, one thing is for sure. I have a GREAT friend in Charlie the guy I am staying with. I am very grateful for his friendship. He has given me the experience of, a first time feeling of what a brother a sibling is in my mind. This is a life experience I had never expected to receive. His openness, his caring, his sharing, the space he gives to me in mind, body and spirit is 100% empowering. Charlie's most significant quality is patience. I watched people my whole life suppress their ability to be this way consciously and unconsciously and I followed with that way of behaving all the while wanting something better. Little by little I began to find that "something better" in strangers throughout life (who became friends) and now my experience is full. The goal is to now take and spread this experience as much as possible out into the world. I could not have a better vehicle for myself then with my music, boner helps, so does the truck :)

September 25, 2008

I realized a bit about what has been overwhelming my head so that my functioning has not been focused. I have not been interacting with people musically or otherwise... enough. I've been wrapped up in "tasks." Much of my self image now identifies with the Traveling Piano's mission and if I am not doing it on a continual basis I tend to lose a sense of self and then there is "nothing." Life becomes difficult because I cannot create true desired thoughts in my brain. I went into the garage tonight and improvised for a looong time. I learned a new trick. I played pictures on my computer to keep stimulated with enough energy to improvise music. I am a very visual person. It worked. Immediately I realized it would be best to not get caught in needing physical visuals to stimulate myself. Like exercising an muscle I want to exercise my mind with my own visuals to create the music of my imagination. Any visual that I create with my mind wether realized from the physical world or truly original... they are mine and belong to everyone.

September 24, 2008

September 23, 2008

It seems to me that I am having a "ruff time" of it in letting go and just getting on with my journey as I understand it to be. I know that I am on the journey (Flight of Peregrinating Musical Exploration) just not in the way most people are looking to see and read on this blog? I am meandering in my transitional home base. Everyday that I miss creating music without conscious reason I slip back from my path and away into other tiny paths of distraction. It is such a pain in the ass to adjust again and again. Staying conscious takes practice! Let there be no misunderstanding I have had and presently have in my life gratitude and joy everyday and that has been for almost three years now... everyday even with all the hassles. With that said, I want to embrace the fact that (this is a metaphor) my nature is... that when I go to jump off a bridge as others do in life (as in move forward with something)... I have a habit of hesitating a little longer than I would like. There has been good reason behind this behavior from the past but now in my present life the behavior is unnecessary, inappropriate and a hinderance to my progressiveness. There, I said it. It is done. "Danny, go jump off a bridge." and... "don't go jumping into deep thought" ... or should I say "any deeper thought."

September 22, 2008

September 21, 2008

Bedminster, PA

This last day of summer I was not going to miss. I almost uncontrollably drove to Lake Nockamixon's edge. What a beautiful place and day. The way the truck was parked; my back was to everyone. This was not conducive to meeting people so I choose the opportunity to record some music for the website. Being on a peninsula type area kayaks, canoes and sailboats curiously swarmed around in front of me. I did not feel interested enough to try and get pictures of this. I've been bored with the tasks I've been doing with my packing and organizing and that is seeping into the Traveling Piano fun! When I was improvising I allowed and embraced feelings of disinterest and boredom. I stayed conscious to acknowledge anything creative that came out of my head musically. I was able to experience sparks of creativity from the conscious awareness of natures beauty surrounding me. I also played a little of my old Ragtime and Boogie Woogie music. As I played Scott Joplin's Entertainer for the first time in over a half year I became aware of how I only forget things when I think "forget". I played it almost perfect by just listening to the music and enjoying it. One really cool biker guy came up to investigate the situation and ended up playing some piano for the first time which... of course was the highlight of my day, Boner's also. On television tonight, Tommy Smothers made such a great statement tonight at the Emmy's; I just love this... "truth is what you get other people to believe." Ha!

September 20, 2008

Ya know, I gotta do what I gotta do. I am preparing to leave the area for a while, my longest time on the road yet while still heading into my Wildest of Dreams with China, Hollywood, Alaska, the Superbowl... to have the world meet Boner, to share our partnership and enjoy life together, to create for our world as much life experience as possible with the Traveling Piano in a spirit of fun, friendship respect.. musical empowerment and inspiration. I am thinking about posting the complete checklist of equipment and supplies, a very scary LARGE job. I have pictures of it all and where I am putting it because there is alot! I must be able to find what I need and have it available. There are probably a thousand things to pack into this little truck of mine. Todays picture is of a few cables and connecters stuffed into one small 9" cosmetic bag. You think this is all easy??? :)

September 19, 2008

Frenchtown, New Jersey

On the way to Frenchtown New Jersey while dogging chickens crossing the road I saw a farming couple and friend sitting on a hill with dogs playing and thought, "that looks comfortable". I turned around, back and up the driveway as I yelled, "can I drive over their?" I'm glad I asked because they said, "no, why?" I told them I wanted to say hi. They came over; I told them my thoughts and that I wanted to play some music for them. They were standing a distance under a nearby tree and I told them I wasn't going to play unless they came closer to the truck. They did and we had a short good time meeting each other and playing some music. I left with the gift of a dozen fresh farm eggs. Springing myself onto people like this takes practice and I need to do it consistently to feel comfortable with the approach. They were very friendly and as it turns out the one guy went to grade school with my friend Charlie!

In Frenchtown I made a right turn off the Delaware River Bridge and drove down a road along the river until I found a grassy plot on the water. I pulled up and went across the street to ask permission from whomever might own the land and everything was ok'd. I caught the sun right before it set behind the trees and within a minute a couple, Riley and Anna came with lounge chairs to sit and listen. Their cat soon followed across the street to join them. I don't usually post more than one picture of the same interaction but there was some very good karma going on with each specific picture that I took. They were on the way out to celebrate Riley's birthday. After they left Alex happened by with his case of harmonicas and a speaker that I was able to plug into the truck. He had seen me perform in the past and set up to do some musical jamming. This guy played some really good harp.

September 18, 2008

Someone from Richmond Virginia who had seen me perform many years ago phoned today asking for a Raggin' Piano Boogie music cd for both he and his friend. He told me his friend has been jonsin' for many years to have one and she had finally found me on the internet. First, I always feel gratitude, validated, reassured, still always amazed that I am in people's thoughts and then my own thoughts begin to fly in many directions... what does it mean, is it a sign of something, what is happening, am I being set up for a surprise, what might come of it, were they for real and then I also attach expectations, desires, hopes. It's crazy I know but this all comes from the way I was raised. This kind of thinking will always exist for me and is not a problem as long as I stay conscious. I want to be careful not to analyze too much and take events for what they are in the moment... and then just let them go.

I spent the day (and yesterday, tomorrow too) stashing the truck with necessary equipment and supplies, listing everything, taking pictures of it all, organizing, finding places for it all so I can find what I need when I need it. This is a very tedious task. If I leave the process for too long a length of time when I come back to it I must start all over and when I do God forbid I miss one little thing I was doing because then I end up going off in a complete different direction from where I was which creates backtracking etc... I said to my friend Charlie the most difficult thing about today was putting one foot in front of the other and he said, "yea I understand, especially when your feet are always sashaying sideways."! What a smart ass.

September 17, 2008

Was having a tedious day sorting equipment wires an stuff, packing everything in such a way that I can access it all with ease *cough* God forbid I get crazy and put something in the wrong place or forget where I put something! Everything spins out of control and becomes a mess. I have very little room in he Traveling Piano truck, it is a small Toyota. I was not going to play music and then I ended up viewing a view music video's on Youtube. That inspired me and at 1:00 AM I went out into the garage to play. The pictures posted on the blog today are from last month.

September 16, 2008

Fort Washington State Park, Pennsylvania

Ha! A guy named John just emailed me. The subject... UPO SIghting!!! The picture.... Traveling Piano captured while driving down the Blue Route 476 in Pennsylvania this morning. I was either half asleep, eating a bagel with cream cheese or drinking coffee when he snapped the shot. It was rush hour and I am usually still in bed during rush hour. The day was full of errands and appointments. Boners veterinarian gave him a bill of amazing health and then contributed the services to help with the journey. My optometrist checked my eyes said they were great for a 53 year old and then contributed his services to the journey. I did not bother to ask my analyst because I know his reply would have been, "lets talk about it next time." To my vet and eye guy, thank you, thank you. I want them to know how good their support feels for me. I made less than eleven thousand from the sale of all my belongings so every hundred bucks helps! :) I had a good hundred and twenty worth of belongings. I ended up giving most of it away because I did not want to let go of things I value for a quarter and to "bottomless pit" takers. Did that, done that for too long in the past. I'll bet there are a million Traveling Piano cell phone camera snapshots floating around the universe. I hope nobody has caught any of me picking my nose.

Between appointments I stopped in Fort Washington State Park, Pennsylvania to play some music. I'd wager a bet that most of the people in around this area of Pennsylvania do not know there is a state park in Fort Washington. I was surprised. It was a small park and full of bird watchers, serious bird watchers. Have you ever watched serious bird watchers watch birds? As soon as I pulled into a parking spot to create some music a van pulled up with about ten older day care people who had arrived for lunch. It was like I was meant to be there for them even though they were not allowed to come up to the truck and meet Bo. I was not able to give anyone a flyer and the driver would not even take my picture. I said, "just me the dog and the truck, nobody else. He said, "man, I can't take any chances with lawsuits or anything. Sort of seemed like they did not want anyone to know what the situation looked like. Hmmm... they did say goodbye from a distance and left three peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with juice for Bo and I. As they left, through my mind drifted "this was a fifty dollar per person peanut butter and jelly lunch event". Then a park guard appeared, walked over and said, "you gotta get outta here and your dog needs to be on a leash". I wanted to say that there was no one around except me, not even a car in the parking lot no harm, no problems, no interference, no people and all good stuff but... instead I said, "my dogs in my truck he does not need to be on a leash, would you take a picture of us before we leave? He did. Restrictions, restrictions, restrictions... I am going to continue to focus on the empowerment, the good stuff.

September 15, 2008

Today was spent doing errands and I am still tying up loose business ends in dealing with utility companies from my old house telling them I paid up, don't live there anymore, stop additional billing etc... What is wrong with these people!??? I also stopped in to see my doctor for a checkup before China. I have had the same doctor for fifty-three years. Can you believe that? I was one of the first babies he ever delivered. He still loves his job and is in the same office where he started and as it was in the beginning, cash only. My doctor still does house calls! He has never given me a wrong diagnoses in my entire life. Also today I weeded plant areas and moved rocks around my friend Charlie's place while spending some time bickering with him about not letting everything die from a weed take over once I leave the area. Tonight is a full moon. Once it got dark I started out for the lake I was creating music on yesterday. I wanted to play in the moonlight. As I began to drive down the road I found the moon so beautiful I could not wait to play music to it so I stopped where I was, drove into a field, spent over an hour. Clouds began to cover the clear light after about five minutes so I was really glad I stopped when I did. I was near my friend Charlie's son... Chip's house and as I left in the distance I could hear Chip's wife Sara yelling a thank you for the music.

September 14, 2008

Nockamixon, PA

Today my friend Charlie's car thermometer read 98 degrees! The humidity was more dificult to deal with than the record temperature. I waited until late afternoon to musically feel out Lake Nockamixon. I drove into one of the boat launching areas. This lake has 50 miles of beach! After pulling up to the waters edge I started a conversation with a nearby couple. The conversation turned to religion and our relational intensity began to build. After about ten minutes I noticed everyone in the park beginning to leave. The sun was setting, I wanted to get a picture. Boner saved me. He walked to the waters edge and stood in ankle deep water until I paid attention to him. He wanted to swim so I used the excuse to run away. I found a stick to throw into the water. Our playfulness began. Boner and me playing in water is a most perfect combination, even more perfect than the two of us with the Traveling Piano!

As the sun set two dog walkers came by and we all had a time of it. I love when we find compatible people/dog mates with whom we can relate. Everyone cleared out of the park and once the sun was over the horizon we were by ourselves. The breeze was perfect on this absolutely beautiful open lake. I was creating my world. The world was creating itself. My job was to enjoy it with all of my senses. I am still amazed that my stream of conscious now contains creative music as part of my life's manifestation. The sky, water, trees... their textures, colors, smells, sounds were all a constant kaleidoscope of change along with the music. It was so amazing; I took three pictures. At one point to the right I found water and sky of deep blue and greens with the sun still setting. At the exact same time I looked to the left and the sky and water were a deep pink with the onset of nightime. Straight ahead everything was filled with shades of silver and grey a blend for the present moment. WoW!

On the way home I stopped to get some gas. A guy passed me at the station door. "You going to China?" I said that I was and then he handed me a buck and said, "I hope you have a good time!" He was tickled pink because he has known about the Journey of Peregrinating Musical Exploration after finding us on the internet and here he had found us in person. I was just as tickled pink to know that he found us and also that others from around the world are getting to know us via this amazing medium.

Back on the farm it is potato harvesting time. I had to take a picture of a unique potato family Charlie had found... mom, dad and tiny weeny baby potato. Talk about strange shapes and sizes... very funny looking. Boner had a run in with a groundhog yesterday. This animal was a monster! Bo had it in his mouth and the thing twisted itself out and pounced on the ground ready to fight. Boner went at it again and the groundhog dove right in, no fear. I entered the fray because I did not want to see blood on my dog and I did not know what would be up with any issue of rabies. I was thinking the groundhog would run once I got close but it stood its ground. I could have picked it up... or Boner but I was not going to take a chance with either in their present states of arousal so I ended up dragging Boner away by the tail for about 20 feet until the groundhog made a run for it into the bush. That was a funny visual; wish I had my camera for that one.

I found a truism today that I really like... The optimist thinks this is the best of all possible worlds, and the pessimist fears this is true.

September 13, 2008

I headed... "I" - "I" - "I" ...I want to become more creative with this blog and not start sentences with so much "I". Anyway Boner and I went to the local park today to play in a pine grove. The ground was wet, the air sweet with the smell of pine. There were boy scouts setting up camp and they were from Ambler a town that has supported Raggin' Piano Boogie with repeat Christmas Parade appearances for something like 15 years. This was an interesting coincidence. I stopped to say hi and invited them all to come over to where I would be. None of them knew about the Traveling Piano and were too caught up in what they were doing to care. I set up and hunkered down to play in the trees on the edge of a disc frisbee course. Groups of three and four players would pass while I created music. One waved hello, the others did not even look over. It was like Bo and I were not there. Being only about forty feet away from the course, I could not figure out wether they were self absorbed or too afraid to look in our direction. The Traveling Piano, the music and a dog on the piano in the woods in this rural area I must admit may appear a bit strange. :) I love it. One goofus tried to use me to impress his buddies with bravado. "Do you know you are on a disc course you can't be here." I said, "your in a public park, share it with everyone else like the boy scouts over there. It's is a beautiful day, go have fun." I wanted to call him a dic head but did not want to indulge his instigation. He left in a huff and then the energy of the place turned more positive.

A guy named Josh came riding by on his mountain bike and started to feel out the situation. There happened to be a few BMX racing type hills along side of me so he began to use them back and forth until I asked him to come over to take a few pictures. We both wanted to accept our synchronistic connection as "like" spirits. I was the stronger presence so it was necessary for me to make the first move. Josh is a 26 year old guy from Kingwood New Jersey, a musician and free spirit who presently has a passion in being a soccer mentor with inner city kids as a way to create communication... a connection for his brand of fun, friendship and respect. Josh goes into New York City several times a week to be with kids, several who come from group homes in the Bronx, young children who were rescued from the Libyan war, forced to be child soldiers now living in America. He is into creating an open life style of positive interaction with people.

September 12, 2008

It rained all day so I will say that is the reason why I blew off the entire day. The pictures are from New York City a couple weeks ago. I did this blog tho... In the garage I created music but did not feel like getting a picture of it because I don't have to, Ha. Rebel! The air is humid. I have a problem functioning in heavy air. Waa, waa, waa. Boner has been getting on my nerves as he cannot tolerate young Tilly... Charlie's six month old pup, her energy bounces off the walls. Bo wants to be a king with no subjects. He walks around growling like a bear all the time with Tilly and it has been going on for months! Boy, I am so very glad I got some poison oak medication from my doctor today. I can be self destructive! I'm looking forward always to more Traveling Piano adventures and sharing them with you. It just ain't happening today.

September 11, 2008

I am distracted today, covered my hands with poison oak. I helped my friend Charlie clear some farm brush and I also moved a lot of boulders and rocks. I weeded a long driveway of tiger lilies that used to belong to my mother and planted cactus to try and deter the deer from eating it all in the middle of the night. I got caught up in all of this stuff for the entire day. What is the poison oak about? I know all too well. I must take care, believe, not take my eye off he ball... the Wildest of Dreams to create fun, friendship and respect and to musically empower and inspire and most importantly have fun with Boner and share our partnership with the world while we are still together. I once crushed my fifth metacarpal, put a screw driver through the palm of my hand...really... and also slivered my second right finger to within a fraction of measurement from the nerve. All this sounds so terrible, dramatic, crazy, irresponsible, gross... yep!

September 10, 2008

I saw a chicken crossing the road today! It did... I saw it. I saw my very first really red apple in a tree on the stem about 25 feet in the air! I harvested a peach tree, cut up the peaches and pitted all of them and ate about 20 of them too. I've been working on setting my rocks/boulders decoratively around Charlie's yard. Been working on answering emails. Where's the music?

A bunch of bucks and doe saw Boner hanging on the piano and listened to my creating music in the park today . We watched them walk right out of the woods and onto the grassy lawn where they hung out eating and listening only 500 feet away. Ever see deer scratch their ears? They stayed about 15 minutes, Bo did not deter them. That was weird. I got a camera shot of them right as it was getting dark. They responded to the high musical notes much more than the low ones. They were very interested. After I finished I let Boner down to go chase them and he ran in the wrong direction... eek!

September 9, 2008

Rainy day, wanting to run away, moving head on into emails that I have not dealt with since July. Where am I going? Have fun with Boner, that is the priority, feel good, live in the moment... yea, yea, yea...

September 8, 2008

Tohickon Valley, Pennsylvania

While running an errand to the post office today I encountered a garden group of about 25 woman having a lunch meeting. I did not have the Traveling Piano truck with me but since I was only a few minutes away from it Boner and I stopped with big smiles to ask if they would like some musical entertainment after their meeting. One of the more vocal members asked, "what kind of music." I said, "ahhh the question is not what kind of music but... would you like some"? (big smile on face) After a period of hemming and hawing they said they were just going to have the meeting and then go home. Fear and conditions inhibited them from flowing with any spontaneity. I'm looking for "like" people to gift and for all the others, the Traveling Piano works best as a discovery.

Bo and I drove on a snake like road deep into the Tohickon Valley all the way to the bottom. One side of the road was a straight drop down the entire way. Once at the bottom I was wondering how we would get the Traveling Piano truck back up and then thought, "I'll worry about that later, I'm here now lets enjoy the time that we came for." I created music for about an hour in the thick of the woods and a with a strong bubbling creek only a few feet away. Later on Bo and I walked along the lush green textured canal with baby doe and large blue herrings bumbling their way out of the water throughout the path. I took a rest and as I lay on the ground with eyes closed listening to natures music, Boner walked over, gave three licks on my cheek and laid down to be with me pressing against my side.

September 7, 2008

Tinicum, Pennsylvania

I had the Traveling Piano detailed today. It cost $135.00 and I still need to clean Boner's dog hair out from under and behind the seat. The back of the truck got very wet from the rain the other night. I don't understand how everything was not destroyed and I'd rather not question it. When I pulled the truck up on an incline all this water ran out from under the piano ...weird.

I drove around Tinicum township in Pennsylvania to find a spot to play in and record some music. I ended up in a spot that I had found earlier in the week. A couple who's names were Dave and Sue walked up the path along side the Traveling Piano and stood in bewilderment for several minutes and when I saw they were trying to take a picture with their cell phone from about five hundred feet away I motioned for them to come over. They thought I might had wanted to be alone. They were a fun couple and I think the Traveling Piano really helped make their "date" as well as day. I left them alone for minute to explore some musical improvisation by themselves. Dave told me he is to pursue his Wildest Dream next year when he retires by walking the complete Appalachian Trail from the bottom to the top. Sue has already completed her Wildest of Dreams by owning a horse and earning a masters degree in chemistry. She now wants to spend time she never had in the past with her home, family and animals. They both embraced the opportunity to create music together with childhood playfulness. Of course that made my day.

September 6, 2008

I'm dreaming, visualizing, dream with me!

September 5, 2008

Brooklyn, NY

After a very tossy, turny night I woke up thinking, "how am I supposed to feel energetic and create fun, friendship and respect all day while musically inspiring and empowering without feeling rested or having had enough sleep? A shower did not help. Neither did that fact that I forgot my toothbrush. I had to be on the street by 11:30 in the morning before the parking ticket people did their sweep. The truck was safe. I was still in Manhattan. The sun was hot. I would have to find a shady spot to play in especially for Bo because he made it clear from the start that he was not interested in hanging out on top of the piano. I thought about just driving back to Pipersville.

Then I met up with a new friend named Peng, Yong. (Chinese people are addressed with last name first) I found Yong a kind, intelligent, smooth soft spoken guy. We met a week ago in Verde Square. He has been living in New York city for only five months and is from Beijing, China. I drove to Central Park and we sat and talked for over five hours. New info: I will have a problem driving the Traveling Piano in Hong Kong as the cars have steering wheels on the right side like in Britain. In Beijing the cars are like in America.

After I left Peng, Yong I headed for either Flushing or Brooklyn NY. I just drove East and found myself in Friday rush hour traffic for ugh... way too long. It was awful. I had no idea today was Friday until someone began joking about it with me later in the day. I ended up in Brooklyn to meet with my God daughter Alisha and to have dinner with her. We met where she works and It ended up to be the best of neighborhoods. Everything, everyone was functioning in peaceful, perfect harmony while taking time to do business, experience the day, relax, socialize, wind down the week...

I ended up parking on a street corner outside a coffee shop across from the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music. This is in the Brooklyn Park Slope section of town. I wondered into a nearby dog store. I had been thinking about getting a dog collar with my new contact information stitched into it for Boner. There was an instant connection with a "like" character named Morgan who owns the store, his dog is Malcolm. I was messing around with him saying I had a dog out on the street who sits on the piano in a truck and Bo was waiting for Morgan right now to meet up and then told him to go to the Raggin' Piano Boogie website for proof because he was on the computer. Morgan then started to mess around with me by reading my blog aloud saying something like, "what is this crap" while pointing out phrases like, "I'm so happy I have matured and individualized" and "I'm feeling very spiritual" etc... I was like, "ewww... what? did I say that? ....when did I say that? ...what was I talking about?" Hahaha... I have no memories of exactly what I write down and I am often write as I am now at 3:00 in the morning. I never read this stuff once its written down... It was all very embarrassingly funny to have a stranger read my intimate thoughts out loud in front of me... and it had to be the mushy stuff? Please don't anybody ever take anything I write or say too seriously, I might not know what I'm talking about on any given day. HA!

I brought Morgan outside to the truck and very soon a beautiful blond haired piano player with her opera singing friend visiting from Russia who had just finished performing and taking second place in an opera competition... well, they were both interested in jumping onto the truck to create some music so I looked at Morgan and said, "gotta go to work." He instinctively understood and backed off to watch the shenanigans which I thought was really cool. He immediately grasped my priorities and the importance of the Traveling Piano concept and mission. Then, for the next two hours neighbors began to appear, families, people just wondered up to us to visit and hang out for short while... one woman wondering what was going when she saw a little girl playing the piano. She thought maybe I was her dad who was forcing her to play the piano in a truck and on the street for tips to make money for me. It is amazing what people "bring to the table". The entire time was a great feeling, the best. The day became a five star Traveling Piano day even though I barley got to play any music for myself. Someone said something to the effect of , "I'm wondering if the guy sharing the piano is having more fun than the person who is playing it." That was truly a tough call!

When it was all over Alisha and I walked around the corner to a place called Mango a restaurant that serves Fusion Thai food. I rarely find a restaurant that I would want to return to. This was a restaurant I would return to. Affordable, large servings, and the food presentation actually inspired me to enjoy the meal as well as explore the beauty of it. I had an avocado, crab, pecan salad appetizer with a potato salad, mango glazed beef entree dish. Yum! I drove Alisha home to see her apartment and Boner got to meet her adorable cat. Bo is ok with other animals as long as I maintain alpha male with him. As we went outside to leave, rain began. I headed home right into rains from hurricane Gustav or Hanna or whatever, I've lost track of the hurricane names. All I thought was thank I had put the tarp over the piano and equipment and how especially happy I was... that my friggin' roadmate direction map was working! I cannot see for shit out my windows when it is raining heavy and as I did three years ago driving to the hurricane Katrina affected areas I relied entirely on voice prompts through the rain storms. "bear to the left in two miles... turn right now... ding, ding, ding... when possible make an immediate u-turn".

September 4, 2008

New York City

I am in New York City. I took my time getting going today as I am staying overnight and did not want to feel rushed because that is when I forget things. I've been feeling uneasy about staying in different places. I better get used to it, eh? Also, it was very hot so I left Pennsylvania about 3:30 PM and figured I'd play into the night. The plan was to play uptown but somehow I ended up going through the Holland Tunnel so I played in downtown in Chinatown once more. I had no idea where I was, I just felt my way into a spot in front of another smelly fish store. I forgot to bring the all tape for my signs, the stands for the brochures and a bunch of other stuff. I hate when this happens. Once about 15 years ago I went to a job and did not realize that I forgot the piano until I went to perform! That really happened.

Within sixty seconds of my playing music a woman walked up and began staring at the piano. I asked her if she wanted to play and she said yes. It was like she was there for this purpose. She began playing Chinese music and I could tell she had been jonesin' to play some piano. That felt really good for me to give her that opportunity and her music was a treat for me. People were hanging out their apartment windows watching and listening with thumbs up signs as I played. That was fun. I realized once again I have been picking neighborhoods and streets where something out of the norm like the Traveling Piano never happens. It just turns out that way because sub-consciously I have been thinking that way. I want to become more conscious so I can bring more power to my experiences.

I watched the day go from sun to sundown and played into the dark. The crowds changed from shoppers to people going home from work and finally I watched the nightlife crowd begin. I could tell because the clothing people wear changes. Later on I joined my friend Brad and my new friend Virginia for dinner. Brad said, "Your not down on the farm Danny your in New York City, Use A Fork." I like using my hands to eat. How the hell am I going to use chopsticks when I eat with the president of China?!!! Ha. I got poison ivy the other day picking chicken mushroom from the side of the road in Pipersville, PA. I forgot to bring some jewel weed from my friend Charlie's pond with me to NYC.(a natural miraculous healing ointment) Itch...itch...itch...

September 3, 2008

Magic happened throughout the day today. I drove an hour back to my old house with my friend Charlie to get the last five of my rock boulders from the yard. We lifted three, the last two... there was no way. Charlie was feeling pessimistic and I just stood in my spot emptying my mind for solutions to appear. Sure enough, one of the two owners who purchased the house drifted my in a van with his buddy... "Please help, come on guys, please help". Ha, they lifted the boulders in the truck and we were on our way in a matter of minutes. Talk about timing, what are the chances of that!

I took Boner for some exercise to High Rocks in Ralph Stover park Pennsylvania and when I saw the water way below, I just had to go to it. On the way down I could tell we might be in trouble as Boner could not stand his ground. It was very steep! Once we reached the bottom I became a bit nervous because I could not find a way for us to get back up. We both learned some rock climbing techniques on the way up. I patted Boner on the back for being such a fourteen year old trooper and then myself at fifty-three years old.

I found Tinicum Park in Erwinna, Pa at sunset and drove to the back end of the park looking for open ground. I passed a couple guys hanging out in a pickup truck. As I was turning the truck around to leave they showed interest so I invited them to stop by for some music where I had decided to play. As soon as I began playing in the middle of a large field I saw three cars flying down the side gravel road and within a minute four guys flew onto the field and made themselves comfortable on the grass to listen to some music. I was feeling really out of practice with my people interacting skills (with only two none-people days) but these guys had such good spirit I was able to warm up immediately and then I couldn't shut my mouth with Traveling Piano tales. God, I hope I don't become one of those older types constantly telling tales of the past! Anyway, I asked them to give me a call to return and hang out next time with more music and talk about themselves because I'll have done all my talking from this first time. On the way home, as I reviewed the experiences unfolding connected moments... I could see one of the repeated Traveling Piano patterns of synchronistic discovery. I'll be driving around open minded with thoughts of desire looking, seeking, searching to find an opportunity, a place to create music and then I drive past someone, they acknowledge or show interest in some way, I end up backing the truck up to them to return the interest and the wonder of music begins. It is a very fulfilling experience all around, magic.

September 2, 2008

I decided to create and record some improvisational music tonight for this website. I played the piano right out side of the house where I am staying on the Honey Lake Farm driveway. For about a half an hour Boner and I were in complete darkness with the Traveling Piano, the computer, sounds of crickets almost louder than the music, deer nibbling away on the fruit trees nearby, hens and ducks locked away in their housing about twenty feet away and safe from the fox; Arcadian chickens were roosting on the tree limbs. It was a beautiful manifestation. Earlier Bo and I walked on the Delaware Canal. We are in Pipersville Pennsylvania. The water surface was so smooth and the sun's light set so perfect on the trees, the mirrored reflection of them in the water... I could not decide which was clearer, the actual tree's or their reflection on the water. I received an email today inquiring about paid performance availability. I had better get out of the area before I slip back into the old Raggin' Piano Boogie routine that I said I was leaving. China...china...china...china...china...china...china...china...china...

September 1, 2008

Keep going Danny, put into action synchronistic feelings of fun friendship, respect... musical inspiration and empowerment. Ahh, the agenda... to have as much fun with Boner as possible and to share his joy and our partnership with the world... wether it be directly to China, Alaska, Hollywood, throughout Rural America, Canada or to just meander about or to visit a place with a specific agenda... I want to get on the road! I have been sending out inquiries for overnight stays with friends I have not yet met. If you have not been reading daily for the last three years I would like to tell you that I do not charge any fees for my work. This has really helped with people trusting in my agenda. There are no commercial, organizational or political interests with the Traveling Piano. Ha, I still have bills that need to be paid, for example just the price of gasoline alone. I just sold my house and let go of everything I own to continue. I have faith that angels will continue to enter into the Journey of Peregrinating Musical Exploration to keep it going and growing and supported. Overnight stays are one important way to support. I have been contacting people from organizations such as Servas and Couch Surfing. I stayed with people from these international organizations in the past and I look forward to experiencing more of the incredible energy created by everyone who has opened their homes with a spirit of friendship and support. Hosts, families, friends and their neighborhoods have all had Traveling Piano fun from us!

There are those who think I am crazy to be putting myself into the home of strangers. Hell, I myself was taught to never talk to strangers and then to stay within the "family circle of trust" as I became older. Thank God I have matured individually and as a result spiritually. What about those who open their homes to strangers? Well it all might be a bit dangerous, eh? There are other ways to think. The facts are... yes, todays world is very different from the past. The world is also the same as the past. Some things in the world never change. The future will always contain what can be perceived as bad, but also always contains good and even better than the past. Our collective consciousness never changes. There can never be enough awareness of that fact. Do the right things and the right things happen, that never changes. The trick for me is to know and be honest not about what other people say what is right for me... but what I can find is good and right for myself in spirit. There are those who live in an excess of skepticism, fear, caution, over-protection and they do it under the guise of sensibility. There are also people in this world with open minds who welcome knowledge and cultural exchange... who open there homes, hearts and lives to everyone who is interested in the same with trust. These are the kind of people I choose to focus on, the kind of person I want to be, the kind of people I want to share my experiences with, my strengths and hope so that together we can savor the best of all possible worlds... period. I'm not out to change, help, convert, save, open eyes etc... I am out to live. I desire to express life from my soul, be part of life and share my experience with this world of ours through me, my music and presently with my best buddy in the world my dog named Boner!