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June 30, 2008

I'm using all my resources. The ink left in my printer, a bunch of unused paper to print on, scotch tape, paper cuter, my Raggin Piano Boogie Posters and a wonderful neighbor who is taping the cut out pieces of paper to the posters. It reads. "Piano Man" Danny Kean ... "Piano Dog" Boner ... Spontaneous ... Musical Inspiration Fun Empowerment Friendship Respect ... Without Cost ... Without Commercial Organizational Or Political Affiliation ... 21 Years Running ... One Time Fundraising House Liquidation ... Point Pleasant Baptist Church Parking Lot ... July 12th - 13th ... One Time Big Event $15 House Liquidation ... Honey Lake Farm, PA ... 345 Cafferty Road, Pipersville ... July 26th - 27th ... www.ragginpianoboogie.com ... Info: www.TravelingPiano.com ... 215-639-9378

June 29, 2008

Today was Camme's birthday so I headed up to Pipersville to help celebrate the mostly family backyard birthday affair. It felt incredibly good to create and share some music. All the kids immediately jumped out of the pool and onto the truck and then I destroyed all parental training of "the piano is a musical instrument that needs to be respected." I encouraged and gave them the opportunity to let loose and pound the shit out of the piano! The glee on their faces... ahh... a little abandonment is good once in awhile. People have destroyed my training of Boner's behavior all throughout his life so what goes around comes around :) ...all in fun. Camme sang with her beautiful operatic voice as her mother accompanied on the piano and dad joined in. The operatic singing outside under the trees was so beautiful to listen to it made me stop what I was doing as I thought, "this is too important to miss, i must sit and enjoy this." Camme will be singing at the Traveling Piano fundraiser an July 26th and 27th and I will be very much looking forward to hearing her again. She is very enjoyable to watch as well as listen to. We are going to try and set it up so she can sing on the roof of Charlie's house. Yea! On the way home I listened to some Linkin Park one of my all time favorite musical bands and then ended the night listening to Deva Premel's wondrous mantra singing.

June 28, 2008

I'm moving, drove two loads of my rock collection to Pipersville, PA, loaded and unloaded them, crushed a finger tip in the process, hate when stuff like that happens. My hands are so muscle bound and stiff from moving everyday, whats a little more pain? ...piano man.

I became more honest about what is going on today. I believe that everything I do... I do because I am getting something I want . There is and has always been a method to my madness. I could hire people to help me through this process of moving, I could push for more volunteer help but the fact is I am making this a personal process. Each time I come and go from my house with more belongings I am "letting go" of all that I have known. I am choosing the pacing of my process for better or worse. With all the driving that I am doing everyday, I am building my stamina for the journey's drive. Driving will be constant once I leave the area. The lifting of rocks, all the physical activity is helping me to get in shape which I must do to accomplish my goals. (I've gained a little weight over the last year) Time spent while driving is used for structure. During the first hour of driving while my mind is fresh I listen to and practice speaking Chinese with my Ipod. On the way home I listen to something motivational to help keep the focus of where my life is in the present.

I got my first Chinese Spam in my Email today. I don't know what it says but I can tell its spam. While driving home tonight at first it felt like heaven in the warm country air. That feeling dissipated and was completely replaced by the feeling of suburbia by the time I got home. I finished off the night in Pipersville with a pond swim along with Boner, my friend Charlie and his dog Tilly. It was Tilly's first swim, she is a bundle of wonderful energy. I got Bo into the water by throwing a stick. He loves to fetch. We were like young kids all hanging out and playing together.

I have been moving my belongings to Honey Lake farm for safe keeping and I hope to also garner contribution from them. For the weekend of July 12th and 13th I will move a bunch of stuff to the Point Pleasant Baptist Church, which is right in the center of town and hopefully everyone who drives by will stop by and pick something up. The last weekend in July... the 26th and 27th will be the Traveling Piano Fundraiser, Liquidation Event to be held at 345 Cafferty Road in Pipersville, Honey Lake Farm. I talked to Charlie's friend Ethan tonight who will hopefully create music with a bunch of his buddies from the local Bandito country rock band. The guys had performed together for 26 years. He said, "if I think of anyone else good to create music I'll give you a call." I instinctively said, "they don't have to be good, it will all be about fun and having a good time." I patted myself on the back after that knowing that my thinking is on the right track with music, fun, friendship, respect etc...

I stopped by Greg Marra's place the sculptor who is creating the "American Patriots in Bronze" series of life-size monuments up and down the Delaware river. He plans to attend and bring some of his art to work on while offering classes to those who are interested. Cool... and then his new next door neighbor's Camme and Bill Watkins jumped on board. Camme is a nationally known light opera vocalist and Bill is a guitar virtuoso who also writes music.

Add that to the fire spinners, furries, Traveling Piano, chicken gumbo, brownies, rainbow trout, catfish and big mouth bass fishing, tubing on the pond, swimming, picnicking, fireworks, thousands of household and gift items, furniture to take home with you, raffles, fifty-fifty's, door prizes... its shaping up very well from the decision to hold this event only a few days ago. Oh... lets not forget the honey bee's and exotic Pekin ducks (for sale) and Kaki Cambell ducks running around. (the Kaki's each lay an average 370 eggs a year ...not for sale) Camping is also available with no amenities although there is an out-house to use ...no commode in it :)

June 27, 2008

Well, I am thinking music even though I have not been playing much of it. My hands hurt, oh my... complain, complain, complain. I am very conscious to keep urgency out of my life's picture. I just won't have it, there is no reason for it, urgency does not help anything for me. I delivered the usual today, rocks and plants to Money Lake Farm (part of Honey Lake) to sell. Boy, someday I'll get to the furntiure and then someday again after that people will contribute for it all? ... at the fundraiser?

I was treated to a honeybee hive experience today. Wow! A hundred thousand live bee's so gorged with honey that they couldn't move their tails to sting. Honeycombs dripping with honey onto the palm of my hands (about a half cup) and into my mouth. I never realized that bee's make bee's wax (as in candles) and are the actual honeycombs from a hive. duh... I chewed bee's wax honeycombs like honey flavored chewing gum! Fresh honey right from the hive... a wondeerful experience.

Next came the chickens. Pictured today is the Chicken ingredient for the special chicken gumbo that will available to purchase and eat during the Traveling Piano fundraiser on July 26 and 27th at Honey Lake Farm in Pipersville. (345 Cafferty Road) Fresh, farm raised chicken... yum. One of em' had a heart attack and died a natural death today. They are so big and fat they have heart attacks from laying eggs. No kidding! Right into the freezer they go.

June 26, 2008

A George Carlin line came to mind today. (you may know that he passed this week) "The nicest thing about anything is not knowing what it is."

I found this amazing picture of the massive Drum Tower in Xi'an, China ...the capital of Shaanxi province. This I would like to see much more than the great wall although sight seeing will not be on my mind. Fun, friendship, respect, musical empowerment and inspiration... that's what will always be on my mind.

My hands hurt from moving rocks and plants. God, I will be happy when I am done this. I potted about 50 cactus plants today to sell to raise funding for this journey. Stickers are in my hands like you would not believe. I hope this all works out for the best, that I am not wasting time or should I be doing something else? You know, deep down inside I know everything will be ok, just wish I was creating music more and on a real piano always. (thats not gonna be for awhile I'll bet) ...real piano that is.

June 25, 2008

Did I have fun today, I'm not sure. The bigger question is, was I conscious? I spent the day filing data on my computer and stacking rocks from my now sold house yard to transport to Honeylake farm and give up for adoption or contribution. I have a major rock collection. I wanted to give my hands a break from playing music. Why would I use them to lift heavy rock all day? They are presently as tight as it gets. Anyway, a bunch of furries will be coming to the Traveling Piano .... personal - possession - liquidation - sendoff - fundraiser which you are invited to attend on both July 26th and 27th in Pipersville, PA, 345 Cafferty Road. We'll have everything I own, fire spinning, furries and now I'm looking into live music. This event will be an enormous amount of fun.

June 20, 2008

To market we went today. Rices Market an hour north from where I am presently staying (my old home) I was up at 6AM to get there by seven. Right off the bat I ran into two people who happily said, "wow, I've read about you and never thought I'd get to meet you!" Thats my newest most said statement. I guess everyone thinks I'll never come back from China? I met several women full of life, so easy to be with and hug, friendly, free spirited. They were a joy. My friend Charlie stopped by with his new red lab pup Tilly. Todays pictures of them say it all. A Chihuahua stepped in for Boner on his break. You can see Boner's tail in the picture, he hung out under the truck

There was a woman from Korea who wanted very much to play music but it was very painful for her to try. I gave her intimate attention. Her spirit was full of pressure mixed with remorse and sadness. After playing a note she stopped and almost cried. I urged her on and she stopped again after a few seconds. After more time she began to play beautiful music and I left her to experience it for herself. It was a major step forward for her. I did not need to connect with any of it, I just enjoyed observing her experience of release. Judi and Gary Hannigan came up to say hello. I played the piano and organ for their wedding almost twenty-five years ago. I had not seen them since that day!

Bob and Hanna Epps stopped by. Wow!!! I taught Bobby and Susie their children piano when I was about 19 years old, something like 34 years ago? These ongoing synchronistic meetings with people from the past are amazing. They told me they still think about me. I said I hope I didn't permanently traumatize the kids as a teacher with the insanity of my life at the time. They said absolutely not. My individualizing as a person as I moved into adulthood and out of my families "inner circle of trust" was not easy. Their were two families of students and one church congregation in particular where I was the organist who embraced me during that difficult transition period. I was so messed up I could not feel at the time how much they were the "wind beneath my wings." They were completely non-judgmental. I would forget to come to the church services, I would forget piano lesson appointments week after week and I was tolerated through it all. The period was a blur almost completely. As I talked with the Epps today I first began to first remember feelings and then visuals came back one by one. "I remember you reaching out to me in friendship." And then a few minutes later I would remember something like, "You invited me to dinner at your house and cooked something German." (Hanna is from Germany) At the time, I was petrified of these people because they were so kind to me, especially Bob. I could not understand why Hanna liked me. I had no experience with strangers being kind and open minded towards my life without conditions or ulterior motives although I never forgot their treatment because these were the kind of people I subconsciously sought for my life. The Epps are my kind of people. I became the way of the Epps. Aside from my first music teachers, they were one of my first role models for the person that I am today and I did not know it at the time. Now I know why they liked me. Way back earlier in my life they treated me with the fun and goodness that I could not see and accept in myself. Thank god I finally found myself so I can now live out that fun and goodness for others.

June 23, 2008

Sometimes I think the less I know the better when it comes to the China leg of this Journey. People rarely bring up the brighter sides of life in conversation. I think to myself it is good to know everything that I may run up against so I can prepare. But then again why not just prepare for goodness on every level? I know there will be challenges. Ahh... the art of balance.

This guy Tim Lund that I met at a Burning Man festival event has jumped on the band wagon with his Barrel of Fun crew to come and camp for both nights at the Traveling Piano .... personal - possession - liquidation - sendoff - fundraiser which you are invited to attend. It will be held on July 26th and 27th in Pipersville, PA. Tim is an awesome firedancer and I had a unique connection with him through my music with his art of improvisational fire spinning. His fire dancing and my music together will without question move your soul with awe. This will be an experience that you will not see anywhere else. Tim is interested in setting up workshops as well as perfoming for both kids and adults at the event. Very cool.

June 22, 2008

As I regroup today, I'm conscious to not be overwhelmed, I am thinking about the two day send off event in its beginning stage of planning, as I wrote yesterday for July 26th and 27th ...full of fun, friendship, respect with musical empowerment and inspiration along with some financing for the Journey of Peregrinating Musical Exploration. The main purpose... to liquidate my possessions with entertainment, food, woods to walk and ponds to explore, pasture for picnicking, fishing, raffles, door prizes, fireworks. Today's picture shows the location... Honeylake farm in Pipersville, PA.

June 21, 2008

Yesterday I wrote and pictured enough for several days. I'm exhausted... from yesterday and today I spent still emptying out my yard. The weekend of July 26th and 27th... the Traveling Piano sendoff to raise the finances needed to sustain the Tour of Peregrinating Musical Exploration in China as well as here back home in America and to say goodbye. Please come and say goodbye to us! The event will be held at Honeylake Farm, 345 Cafferty Road in Pipersville, Pennsylvania and will be produced by Moneylake a non-profit philanthropic endevor. (thats not me by the way) If you would like to help out and volunteer, please contact us via this website!

June 20, 2008

"Tongue in Cheek" I drove the Traveling Piano with three "Will Play For Gas" signs to a Lukoil gas station on City Line avenue and Belmont Road in Philadelphia. I parked the truck in one of the busiest Philadelphia intersections on a major city artery. I left the house at 7:15 AM with much trepidation but thats usually the case eh? (pat myself on my back for getting up at 6AM) I was not out playing for tips although a significant amount of people went out of their way to come over and acknowledge me with dollar bills. Someone did give me a twenty, a ten and two fives the rest one dollar bills equalling one tank of gas for TEN hours of playing the piano. Each contribution came to about a quarter of a gallon of gas. (yuk,yuk) I reminded myself I was there to have fun and gift with friendship and respect as well as to musically empower and inspire... at no cost for anyone. I was successful on all accounts and that fills me with gratitude, always. As far as support with this journey I am fairly certain it will come but from only a few, so be it. My job is to keep putting myself out there to find those few. it is happening. I would not be continuing if support was not coming in. Ok, so now I got enough money for a tank of gas that will last one day. Next comes lodging for the night, some food, clothes and enough money for a popsicle on a warm day like today would be great! Just one days worth of contribution please?

The first thing that happened was this woman came up to me and started telling me jokes. For some reason she thought I was going to give her free gas for a few good jokes. I said, "whadda yu kidding"? She wasn't. Then my neighbor from across the street (from my now sold house) came up and said hi. Being on City Line Ave is like being on the other side of the planet from home. "What the hell are you doing here"? ...we both said. This area has a great cross section of Philadelphians and they all began to stop by to give either a thumbs up or to play some music. One young guy walking to his bus thought, " I wonder if he will let me play" and then missed his bus on purpose so he could come back to ask me. He played a great Charlie Brown song and then a piece he wrote himself. A "fat cat" stopped and jumped out of his car to play and sing some while his wife waited with the sleeping baby in the back seat. He was so cool and colorful and fun too! At one point the heavens opened up with activity. It was at a point when I was very tired. This period of the day is a blur. A scary blur, fun but scary because I don't know what the hell was going on. God, I don't know what I said or what happened. All I remember was that a television camera and sound boom was on top of me. I said, "Where where you when I had energy?" It was a crew from the A&E television show Parking Wars which I know nothing about so I was clueless as to what they were looking to do. I don't have cable. I couldn't tell them that I hate the parking authority because I was in a mister nice mode. Like an idiot... I did tell them that I got the boot on my other vehicle a few weeks ago and getting the boot every ten years or so is still less expensive in the long run than dropping all those quarters in parking meters. Yikes, thats going to be on national television??? I told them I'd sign the release papers as long as they put Boner in the footage. As I signed my sensibilities away i thought, "its all about Boner, I want for the world to meet Boner" :)

I was zonked from the sun and non-stop improvising. Bo did not seem to mind the sun at all. When I let him down for a break, at first he went to lay under the truck in the shade but then he came out and laid in the sun on the hot asphalt. Mr Rooter the plumber stopped by with his working partner. A guy named Mike who had connected with me through the website some months ago stopped by after his weekly piano lesson to meet us and play some piano. He tried to get his teacher to come and give him his piano lesson from the truck for today. The teacher gave excuses and I say, "wussy teacher'! How great for this guy Mike in his fifties, a union man, a Philly's fan studying piano now for like three years, just great! Several groups of office workers stopped to jam. I could tell these were unified working teams. They all seemed happy to be hanging out with each other at lunchtime. WPVI television Channel 6 Action News a local ABC affiliate pulled in. This was all happening at once. i didn't know if I was talking to the camera or the camera man or what I was saying. They worked wonders, check it out. Hahaha... I really messed that one up. Immediately after the cameras left someone coming to a stop for the red light became too distracted with the sights and sounds. Right in front of the Traveling Piano only a few feet away they rear ended the car in front of them big time. Opps! Bo and I and the guy Mike who was present... we all sort of slithered off and away from the Traveling Piano truck to hide far away from the action until it all had passed. No one seemed hurt, one car was very dented.

Oh my God, this woman and her three girls showed up. Mom had a huge thick tattoo of a keyboard and musical notes around her waist from her belly button on down. What are the chances of running into that? Can we talk fun? No, I did not ask her if I could play her keyboard! You can see the tattoo in the picture I took. Bo stayed awake all day with interest from the charcoal grill smell wafting over from the Chillies restaurant across the street. For hours I improvised today. I stopped only to see if the gas pumps were empty from the flyers I stacked on top. There was a long period of time where I was nothing but music today. What an amazing experience. When I played a Ragtime or Boogie piece it took effort. When I created my own music it was like breathing, The music was life itself happening through me and people experienced that as such. Amazing grace it is I tell you. A one point I thought, "you must really like listening to yourself talk (create stream of consciousness, improvisational music) because you have been going on and on for hours now with a high level intensity and your still not bored." As I was about to leave for the day a dad walked up with his two children in hand. Would you play some piano for us? I was so tired but there was no way I could pass up on the opportunity. What a great dad who would spot the Traveling Piano on his way home from work and his first thought is to get his kids and share the experience with them. After I played some they all jumped into the truck to create some music for themselves.

June 19, 2008

I've heard thousands of times through the years, "you need to be very clear about what you want." This has been a very difficult process for me. I want it all, everything... give me the kitchen sink too. Ha. It has taken years to understand what "being clear" means, what it entails, what is honest, what the truth is "for myself" and what is not. Mememe... On the surface it means nothing to understand what "being clear" means. To internalize this understanding is a complete different story. For example I would think, "well I guess I must give this up to have that, I can't have both, there are limits, it is one or the other, if your going to be doing this you can't be doing that." Wrong thinking!" My world is not about sacrificing, doing without, feeling needy anymore. I focus on what I want... not what I don't want. If I am doing something impulsively, habitually or unconsciously, something that even seems pathalogical that I do not want to be doing... so be it! I consciously decide to enjoy it if I can while thinking about it as little as possible. I do what I can do to focus on the big picture, what I really want and be honest about that, holding onto the vision of what I really want is my challenge... always. When I can get really, really, really honest, clear and internalize my honesty and truth with any issue... I find it very easy to choose and have whatever I want. The trick for me is in staying honest and clear. I must constantly stimulate myself with anything physical and the feelings and thoughts surrounding what I really want, what I have found to be really honest in order to stay clear. Life is absolute fun when I do that. The second I lose any clarity is when it life becomes work. I am often a work in progress. I think that is the way life is supposed to be.

June 18, 2008

I want to change my sleep pattern to become an early riser. I accomplish allot more when I get up early and I have allot to accomplish. I did not finish my work until 2AM last night and needed to get up at 7AM this morning. A charlie horse in my left leg at exactly 6:59AM got me out of bed real quick. When I do not get enough sleep I cannot think. When that used to happen I beat myself up as I tried to function, "what's the matter with you, this is real bad, your an idiot, your going to die, why can't you be like everyone else, see what happens when you are you, etc..." Now I play with the fact that I'm kinda lost in the head. I walk around the house and I laugh at myself and whatever predicament I am in. Today I found myself looking for my deodorant in the kitchen! I finally gave up trying to find it. I had an extra container and opened it. As I went to put the new container away, there I found the one I was looking for right in front of me.

New baby Brennan played the piano for the first time today. He is the youngest person to have created music on the Traveling Piano. Being only a few weeks old I helped him play a bit. Brennan's mom said he was excited. It was a beautiful experience for me and to make the moment even more special... Brennan is a grand nephew of mine!

June 17, 2008

The day started out with a miracle. A bunch of Russians came and began tearing off the siding of the old landmark blue danny kean house. The new owners are working fast on fixing the place up while I am still liquidating my possessions in it. www.bonerthedog.com They arrived two hours later then I expected and I really needed the sleep. It was a gift from God I tell you. Of course I had to play some music for them before I left for the day. They were like, wow! I ran and got my hot blond, blue eyed neighbor Ashley to take a few pictures and then they were like, wow...wow as in bow...wow.

I went to meet this guy named name Vivek who was originally from Siri Lanka. Vivek and is all about international peace volunteering. He has been a UN volunteer and has worked his life as a volunteer for about 50 years. Vivek donated is home for the use of international volunteers. His organization is the Volunteers for International Solidarity. Vivek had a few strong and unusual brown marks on his face. I found out he has Vitelego, a pigment dysfunction that began twenty five years ago. He told me there are five skin colors in the world... black, brown, red, white and yellow. He used to be 100% a brown man and now he is 99% a white man. It was amazing to me that no one would ever know that this man used to be a brown man.

As I drove down the street I saw refrigerator cardboard boxes on the side walk. I stopped to ask if I could have one. The guy said sure and handed me a razor blade to cut it. Then I went searching for a hardware store that sold black spray paint. I found something better, Mike's Airbrush establishment, a bunch of airbrush artist's at 5th and Girard avenues in Philly who agreed to paint a sign for me "Will Play For Gas" because they are good guys! I spent some time with a few neighbors at the piano. A guy was telling me how he thinks everyone can connect with music no matter who you are or where you come from because all music comes from the same place we all come from... the same source.

I drove off to Belmont and City Line avenue and asked the gas station owner on the corner if it would be OK to create some music. No problem! I threw up my new sign "Will Play For Gas" for awareness and fun!!! Not to mention that I AM pissed about the gas prices. Wow, talk about energy. To make an impact on this busy intersection I had to really perform, throw the sound, animate my body and keep it all solid and strong like in a parade. The difference between a parade and this busy thoroughfare was that instead of my constantly passing by new people, they were all passing by me. It was so much fun I'm going back to spend the entire day on Friday... with two speakers!

On the way home and driving on the expressway, James a sanitation worker from Roxborough, PA on his way to shoot some pool with friends pulled me over to tell me my flyers were flying out of the back of my truck. He said, "I wanted to get to you before the cops did and no one else passing by seemed to care." Those flyers cost me a chunk of money, what a great guy who cares about his city being trashed not to mention a mindful sanitation worker and... it is a good thing he got to me before the cops did because I forgot my wallet when I left the house this morning. I had no identification or license on me so I was very appreciative.

I had a special awareness today. it was only for a few moments. When things started to get really intense with a lot of activity I set back and began to watch it all. It was like I was witnessing the process of my dream life from the inside out. I was watching glimpses of it happen from my inner soul. This was very interesting to me. It was a phenomenal experience to watch my life from the inside out . I could feel the experience of energy in every cell of my body from the tips of my toes, to my finger tips, to the tippity top of my head. I was aware of a need to direct a constant flow of energy out and into the physical world.

June 16, 2008

This piano man has blisters on his hands and not from playing the piano.They are from the dirt and roots and stickered greenery that I have been transplanting. I kinda take pride in the fact that I can adapt to having a pristine piano playing hand mentality... yet also get down and dirty with them... in all ways.

As it stands today... anyone can contribute to help keep the Traveling Piano on the road by coming to what will be called "Moneylake" Farm. Ha, true, Moneylake Farm 345 Cafferty Road, Pipersville Pennsylvania where you can also fish for golden trout, pick your own fresh corn, pull a chicken out of an egg (hmmm...) and much more! Boy, I'll bet this Journey of Peregrinating Musical Exploration becomes confusing for many people at times. My life is complex and full of many working ideas and magic these days. It is what it is. I have never before experieinced the wonderous beauty of golden trout before today. Wow!

I went to my dentist today to check my teeth before I head for China. I have had dentist paranoia for half of my life. My childhood dentist was a monster. As an adult and in a down and out period I went to a really cheap dentist who cared so little he cracked my tooth and said, "damm it now I have to rip it out." He did, without novocain or warning. Also, I was once in the chair of a dental student who was doing a root canal on me. He said, "please tell me when it hurts." Enough said on that one. And then... and then... I found Doctor Robert Sattler of Sattler Family & Cosmetic Dentistry. It was nothing short of a miracle to find someone I could trust would not hurt me. I've been going to him for something like 20 years. (even though I have skipped several years at a time) His care and sensitivity towards me has been amazing but what has impressed me more, as I told him today, "you have a life key to fun." The guy's manor has always been downright joyful, playful. What a gift! He gifted me today with a going away present. He gave me free ex-rays, an exam and clean bill of health for my teeth. "Stop grinding your teeth in your sleep, Danny." I am a tooth grinder.

I came home and a local guy named Eric stopped by with his four year old son Duke to contribute to the journey in return for a truck load of day and tiger lilies! I feel grateful.

June 15, 2008

Will wonders ever cease? I went to church this morning. My buddy Charlie suggested that since it is Father's Day I should bring some Traveling Piano music to the Point Pleasant Pennsylvania Baptist church service where he has been an organist for many years. Charlie has been a church organist for 45 years. I was also a church organist, choir director etc.. back in the day. I began playing the organ in churches when I was twelve years old. I was looking for God through about 13 different denominations over a period of ten years until I finally found him but not where or in a way that I had expected. I took a rough path! Anyway, Charlie lead the congregation with 'Oh What A Friend We Have In Jesus' and it brought a smile to my face as I was reminded what a challenge it can be to keep everyone from dragging a hymn out to a slow death.

I arrived early to improvised my music while everyone entered and then when we all came outside there was some wild Boogie Woogie and Ragtime. A woman who used to be on American Bandstand had a great time showing her dancing abilities. A father and son duo experimented on the piano with some music and so did a young girl who was absolutely full of life. Charlie's dog Tilly hung out in the shade of the truck. Bo worked his experience on top of the piano as usual. I was happy to be there. The rest of the day was spent as almost every day this week... transplanting, driving etc... I am beginning to wonder how much more I have in me with this move out of my home, keeping the music alive, this blog, myself... and it has barley begun. Ha, lets not forget the whole purpose... the Journey of Peregrinating Musical Exploration. I'm going to need some extra help and to also work on my attitude.

June 14, 2008

I transplanted peppermint, spearmint, raspberries, wild day lilies, well bred lilies, wild aster, mountain fern, blue spider wort, cornflower, peonies, a 60 year old climbing rose bush, sedum, button something or other and this white dew drop perennial that I don't know the name of... I took a huge FULL truck load up to Honeylake farm in Pipersville PA so you can contribute to the Traveling Piano and have them even when I am gone from the area. Talk about work! Twenty five years worth of garden. My friend Charlie helped me once I got it all to the farm. He is ten years older than me, stronger with more stamina but then again he does work like this everyday on the farm. Thats no excuse; I want to be stronger. God, no music today! I have big time poison ivy on one ass cheek. How I got it I have no idea. I was going to take a picture of it to post to this website and then I thought, "I'm not showing any ass unless I get paid big time!" Charlie went to the field and pulled out some "jewelweed." He said, "squish it and rub it all over the poison ivy, its a natural remedy." I'm home now and took a look. It's working. I have had it four days now, today was the worse and now all of a sudden it is half gone!!!

June 13, 2008

Talk about fun, friendship and respect, that is what today was all about! I am experiencing a Glenside, PA energy floating around me these days. A few weeks ago someone called me from Glenside to perform for their club function next year. I was sorry to say I would not be in the area. The conversation made me think about the Glenside 4th of July parade. I will be here for that. I had been with the community for almost fifteen years in the parade. I thought, "I should call them and let them know I am still around for this year. I would like this last opportunity once again to be with them and hopefully they can contribute as other excellent relationships have." That was over a week ago so yesterday I thought, "I guess they are not having me," and then the phone rang, "we are putting you in the parade Danny." That was great news. Right after that an email came through with contribution interest for my corner hutch from www.bonerthedog.com. The email was a blast from the bast; it was Okim, a woman I had known and have always enjoyed from downtown Philly several years ago . "My husband and I just brought a house in Glenside and moved in on Monday. I was online looking for a corner hutch and surprisingly your website came up. I would like to have it." How random was that and wow, another significant contribution! Okim stopped by my now sold house on her way home from work. We reunited, loaded the Traveling Piano truck with her new furniture and drove off to the new home in Glenside. Okim's house happened to be a few blocks from a field in Glenside where I created music two years ago so that is where I created some music once again tonight. Okim played the only song she remembered from childhood and she played real good! What synchronicity with four Glenside connections in such a short period of time and... there is nothing better than fun friendship and respect!

June 12, 2008

Bo and I drove to one of our favorite spots overlooking the Delaware river. it was 5PM so I did not think the sun would be too strong. I was wrong. As my head gets balder it also becomes less tolerant of the sun. My head now hurts in the sun! I put my cap on and played away. Bo did not seem to mind the sun. When I first pulled up to the grassy plot I pulled right into two bicycle police. I thought, "Your already in here Danny, smile and say hi." The first guy was not looking happy so I approached the other. They didn't know what to think. I mean really, out of know where in this empty area some guy with a truck comes driving in from the parking lot to the edge of the river's cliff with a piano and dog? I pulled out a flyer and smiled, smiled, smiled. The police guy was really great. His partner drove off which was probably a good thing.

I watched tug boats, water skiers, row boaters, power and motor boats, floating ducks, sail boats... everything was out today. I could not believe it when I found out three hours had passed and it was after 8PM. I was thinking..."should I be doing something else?" The answer was a trusting and full of faith, "Do what you are doing. Feel and experience as much love and joy as possible. The world benefits from this." I believe this to be the truth. I know this because my intent is clear. A guy named Randy came up from the path with his dog, Tucker. "Wow, I can't believe I get to meet you, I've been reading about you." I played some music for them and he said, "man, this is really a treat." That comment was the terminology I use when I hear a special musician. I can't tell you how good that made me feel. He said, "When I read about you in the paper it really got my heart reeling because I love music so much." I got Randy onto the piano to tinkle a bit, left Boner with him and laid on the ground with Tucker while we all just enjoyed together some time with music.

June 11, 2008

I just came back from playing a little piano music in the dark. I shot a picture of the Traveling Piano, Boner and Myself, our shadow. I'm worn out today. My hand muscles are worn from the last few days work, my whole body in fact. I think that is a good thing. It is always good to be able to feel that I have muscles. I made room in the garage today to store my friend Brads car for a few weeks. Ha, I'm still storing things in the process of moving out! I have made a decision to turn over control, the process of my wildest of dreams. I have had the habit of trying to second guess the who, how, what, where of what happens in my life and that slows my process down. I just want to record the process not second guess it. From the start, I am learning to let go of my house, my home. The new house owners remodeling guy left clutter all over the front lawn, he has begun to use the street to store his large material truck. His large advertisement sign is front and center on the lawn. It all will probably be here until after I leave. They will be in my house leaving their materials all over. I have a choice to how I will think. I have no control or business about the matter so I choose to focus on the tasks at hand. I have many. I gotta get out now, fast, as soon as possible!!! This house I am living in is no longer my property. I am a guest via the purchase agreement to get my act together... outta here and onward with the Journey of Peregrinating Musical Exploration.

June 10, 2008

What a day! I was woken up at exactly 7AM by a bunch of Honduran roofers trouncing on my old roof. The new house owners are wasting no time in fixing the place up. My ex-roof was being replaced. Well, thats one way to get me up early to work! I had less than twelve hours notice so I was right away outside ripping my perennials out of the yard to try and save them from the tar and shingles flying to the ground as I pleading with everyone to be careful. It was almost a hundred degrees outside. For like a week now everyday I have been transplanting my yard plants to Honeylake Farm in Pipersville, PA where I can continue to sell them to help fund the journey while away in China.

After trying to get a grip from the heat I was sitting in my house and thought, "hey, you have an opportunity to create some music for people who rarely get to see a piano man! I went outside and introduced myself to the guys. They spoke little English. I tried to describe what I do and then I just pulled the Traveling Piano truck out of the garage and drove it onto the lawn. I did not even feel the sun and heat because I was so happy to be playing the piano and creating music. It had been two days without my playing. They loved it and I thought how I wished I had waited an hour later for the concert because they had just started to drink... not water. I had to leave to get the plants to new territory knowing the guys would have been really loose by the end of the day. I gave everyone a flyer, business card and Raggin' Piano Boogie posters for their kids. Then they began to get chummy and one asked if he could use my bathroom. I suggest he just use the backyard like I have in the past.

My neighbors all began to come outside and I started to feel going away forever pangs. I threw two wet blankets over my hot plants and drove onward to my destination. I had passed a sign on the road saying, "free piano" and Charlie (my new home base man) has three pianos in his house but they are all in disrepair. His last wife got his good piano as part of a divorce settlement. Gail was a gal moving into a new house did not have room for her "baby" of twenty-five years, an upright Chickering piano. She wanted for it to have a good home. I went to pickup Charlie to help him adopt the piano. He was helped by Gail's son to move it into the truck. I was too pooped to be of much help! We all said our goodbyes and now Gail's piano has found a wonderful new home and will be cared for not only by a fine piano player but a piano tuner as well!

June 9, 2008

I was listening to some of Brad Mehldau's piano jazz this morning. It helped me to remember that in every area of my life as well as musically, i want to be clean, givingly sophisticated, smart, intelligent, meaningful and gifted. Thinking in the future, past China, and the Traveling Piano... I see myself performing worldwide on stage with improvisational music... on a GOOD piano! Will it happen? It will if I enjoy the hell out of the process towards it. A friend said today, "I thought you sold your house months ago." I am learning a lot about how people think differently with the information I put out into the the world. Basically, I have little control over how the information is interpreted and their will be many different thoughts and slants of response no matter what the facts are. It is what it is. I sold my house June 4th and now I need to... and have two months to liquidate everything. I want to get to China as soon as possible. I am not presently in China, I did not go to China yet ever... and I am looking for support to accomplish the mission. Today was spent completely digging up and transplanting tiger lilies to sell and I did it in 100 degree heat and sun, whew! My friend Charlie helped.

June 8, 2008

It is not going to be easy to keep the fun going with music during this life transition. I spent the better part of today digging up plants, transporting them and then re-planting them in 102 degree heat. I thought, "I worked full eight hour days playing the piano in the full sun and heat like this... so did Boner! Those days are over for sure. The grunt work of digging dirt is easier than performing in full sun on a day like today. Boner's long sun days are also over. He likes the hot sun for a short while, even to lay on the hot cement and then that is it. "Show me the shade," he communicates.

So now I am moving my stuff out of my house and traveling two hours a day along with everything else. My priority? Fun... and I must keep music and other people in the mix. All my yard plants and rocks will still be available for contribution. They will be in Pipersville, PA up with the chickens and roosters (ever see a chicken poop... not pretty) instead of Bensalem PA. Someone said it looks like all my items are almost gone on www.bonerthedog.com. Huh???? I have almost 2000 items and about six people have contributed! Hahahaha... help! Anything you have seen before is still most likely on the site. The order of the items randomly change each time you access a page but everything is still there.

June 7, 2008

I'm sorting things out, learning my limits always. Trying to multitask with creating musical spontaneity, promoting awareness, moving, liquidating my stuff, doing errands, taking care of legalities for the journey and performing has proven too difficult of a juggling act. What am I to do? The answer... what I can and enjoy that. Let God, the universe take care of the rest. Maybe down the road if I build it all up slowly, become more mentally, physically and emotionally fit I might be able to multi task. This is where it is at for me today. 1. The Traveling Piano is first and foremost about spontaneity. 2. Paid performance, which is Raggin' Piano Boogie's agenda takes in expectation and obligation with responsibility to accomplish the job or task at hand. 3. Promotional performance is a bit tricker because I must clearly present specifically the what and the purpose of promotion. Liquidating my possessions to raise funding through promotion is just too much. I am either selling my stuff or presenting music. I can not hop back and forth between the two. Maybe in my younger days or even now if I had someone to help me but not by myself, no way! Its all work... its just a matter of working "it" whatever it is that I am working. I'm so tired right now I don't even know what I am saying. I finally took the time to go out and buy a $20 pair of sneakers today. I hope they last more than a week at that price! Next comes sunglasses. It's not only ridiculous frugalness that I am dealing with in my head its the decision process that bogs me down. I can be such an idiot over the most simple stuff.

June 6, 2008

Can we talk overwhelmed? To not shut down emotionally is a task! I better get used to it because days like today... its just the beginning. I need to get real about the reality of letting go of everything... my house, my possessions, live in the "now" ...adjust immediately to newness, etc... it is much more difficult than I want to let on to myself. My ego wants to constantly take over saying so few people have supported this journey by contributing thus far. People have contributed and I am very grateful for those who have and especially for my new friend Charlie who is allowing me to transfer items to his home. At this point he is deserving of anything I own because he has been so actively sticking his neck out for me and this musical journey. I love to give randomly, with spontaneity and it feels God like to give whether I want to or not but there is no stronger a human bonding feeling for me than to give to another giver. Giving to a giver is natural, right and correct.

The Traveling Piano truck got filled with dirt and mud today from transplanting tiger lilies and my mom's 65 year old candy tuff plants from my "old" yard. As I carried buckets of rain water in both hands for the transplanting Charlie said, "pretend your working in China's rice patties" and then he snapped a picture! Side thought... Every time I go in or out of... or think about my "old" home I say, "I no longer have or own a house, this is not my house." YIKES!!! (I have an agreement with the new owner to stay a little longer to liquidate everything) Back to the farm... I followed Charlie down the road from his neighbors horse stables and across his lawn and into his potato patch as he flew his antique one hundred year old "manure spreader" across the field, horse shit flying everywhere... with Boner so turned on by the smell he was whining constantly in the truck cab... Charlie on the tractor in front failing his arms in the air with glee yelling, "where's the camera" as I am jaw dropped thinking... "am I on planet earth'? I am definitely in a new life experience. I like the challenge in being present.

On the way home I stopped at my favorite park to create some stability for myself with music. At 7PM the sun was so hot and strong I could not handle it so I drove for the first time into a shaded park woods. It sounded like a jungle in there with so much life in the heat of summer, it was very cool. The piano keys were covered with dirt from earlier in the day. Every muscle in my hands were strained. My piano playing hands looked and felt like wrinkled old and swollen farmers hands especially since I spent yesterday transplanting cactus with no gloves on. I just gave up on trying not to get stickers on me and today I am paying the price. Ouch, ouch, ouch.

June 5, 2008

I am feeling numb. Yesterday was surreal. By nightfall I ended up eating my way through my feelings rather than experiencing them. "It is what it is!" Today, rather than feel I just want to shut down and just sleep. Ahhh... such a transition. I must consciously stay alive with my intent and desires. This is a challenge. I know everything is good. As the day moved on so did I. It is a decision to accept and embrace this reality and nothing more. Dealing with banking delays, utilities shut offs, my internet service sent me a $700 bill today and now I will need to deal with their mistake. Going out to create music today was more important than eating. Wait... that kind of thinking is not the answer... what is most important is balance. I can do this! I am a free spirit and I'm a gonna be more free whether I like it or not... hehehe.... My music was everything for me today.

June 4, 2008

With tons of emotional energy and a good, hearty spirit... I voice a huge...


My house, my life long home... I gave up the stewardship for my house today. The purchase of, the responsibility for this house was empowered to me through the spirit of my mother and the presence of my father fourteen years ago. I completely paid off this house and all the ensuing bills without one late payment. I am very proud of that fact. I have shown good strong character with a complete, successful followthrough. The accomplishment of this feat was also made through mistrust and doubt, zero sibling support which I so desired. Hmm... did I desire the mistrust and doubts or the sibling support... or a little of both? Anyway, hahaha... It's DONE! This was the house I grew up in as a child, a homestead built in 1964. I now have two months to liquidate the contents respectfully through contribution. HELP!!!

Every penny from my house and possessions will be spent to responsibly pay for the Traveling Piano's bills incurred over the last three years. The rest will be spent to follow through with the creation of Traveling Piano's China, Alaska and Rural America touring... create a functional Traveling Piano truck along with the Music and the Communication equipment needed... and to also pay for basic ongoing travel, food and accommodation expenses. The continuation of the Journey of Peregrinating Musical Exploration! ...depends your support to continue! The sale of my house did not as they say, "cut the mustard" financially. Every single day as of June 1, 2006... yes 2006, has been documented with writing and pictures on the Raggin' Piano Boogie website, three years worth! You will not find me sitting around picking my nose, or having even one vacation... check out how many changes of clothing there are in the pictures. My accountability gives a very clear picture of what is going on.

The Traveling Piano is one example of life's creative process. It operates through synchronistic spontaneity with trust and faith. The performances are not scheduled or structured. There are usually no fees connected and this entertainment property, is not affiliated with any commercial, political or organizational interests. The Traveling Piano functions with fun, friendship and respect in order to musically empower and inspire everyone's spirit!

I always knew deep down in my gut that in this life I would end up completely investing one hundred percent of myself and what I own to become the creation of my destiny. It took time to accept and embrace that fact. "It is what it is". I am grateful... happy... thrilled... joyful... excited... empowered... musical... full of humility... and free! I want to share all of this with the world... and also to have everyone meet Boner the piano dog before he retires. Will you please help us?

Next... besides the liquidation of my possessions... www.bonerthedog.com. I am going to create a very large raw brown cardboard sign with words painted on it saying "Will Play For Gas!" I'm going to set it up at gas stations for when the Traveling Piano needs some re-fueling. This will be so much ridiculous fun while making a statement about what has happened to us as a result of the gas prices and to create awareness for support of the Traveling Piano's journey. Any ideas for good spots to fill up the gas tank? I'd like to hear from ya. .

June 3, 2008

Today started out with an uneasy uncertainty... ha, unfortunately I began to follow that energy. While traveling to the famous Rice's Market in Lahaska, PA to scope out the area for possible gifting of music and fundraising awareness, I noticed police cars in the middle of the road for no reason? Oh, they had a reason. They were fundraising for their township with a confrontive approach to life that has been increasing in several small towns to keep the law. It is the "lets look for trouble, there is found money in trouble" approach to life. Well they found trouble in me today. The inspection on my vehicle had run out and the police were out to collect on my mistake to the tune of over a hundred dollars! Even Boner could not "woo" them away from their agenda.

When I arrived at Rice's market I found the manager Chuck very respectful and welcoming. He offered us free rein to experiment and I will return on Saturday to continue my personal possession liquidation process via this open market venue. Chuck even put my website link to theirs and in return, check this out... Rice's Market. As I drove the truck through a tight spot to find a location someone yelled, "you can't do that". There is always someone. I tamed her once I began to play some music. Some guy made $15 bucks right off the bat from me as my truck tire jarred a piece of wood from his antique bait box. The second I heard his loud sigh I jumped in yelling, "sold". I knew I was done for, win some lose some. Out of nowhere, one of my nieces who I have not seen in like two years showed up with her mother. A strange coincidence? As they said they needed to get back to their shopping I reminded them to please shop some at www.bonerthedog.com....I wish...

Pipersville, a new hangout for me these days is where Charlie a musician/farmer who has been very supportive lives and it is not far from Lahaska so I stopped to see if he needed help with anything. He ended up helping ME ...big time. First, he took me straight away to his neighbor Dean who has a truck inspection garage. Dean dropped what he was doing to give me service on the spot. One of his customers played some piano while using Boner's tail as a metronome. After Dean was done, he set us up with Jim down the road for the emissions inspection. He also took care of us immediately while Charlie played some piano. I also played... for my truck service! Everyone gave me service at cost. Charlie, Bo and I stopped at the post office on the way back, I gave Charlie $20 for stamps that he needed and Charlie filled up my gas tank back at his farm, no cost. Pretty good deal huh? I had an appointment in center city Philadelphia two hours away that I had to drive in rush hour traffic to get to ugh, on route 611. To make the trip a little easier Charlie set me up with some freshly prepared chicken from his front yard stock and a trout from his pond both marinated and smoked over sweet cherry wood from his wood-burning kitchen stove. Is this support or what???!!! It is VERY important for me to stress support when I receive it. The world is full of supportive people; I must be open to that.

June 2, 2008

Expectations can really mess up my head... if I let them. Today I had expectations that did not manifest. I think about the many successful people I've known throughout life and how I have witnessed their success manifesting from how they handle... not the times things are happening but the times that involve waiting, or nothings going on, or when something unexpected arises or changes the plan etc... With the intensity surrounding my life in the moment I thought, "I wonder what this experience would feel like musically" so out of the grarage and off I drove with the Traveling Piano. While on the road I began looking for some ruff neighborhoods to play in. Nothing was ruff enough for my intentions so I ended up peacefully on one of my favorite river embankments in Bristol, PA. I began to play and when I stopped I turned around to see a most beautiful young red headed girl sitting on a nearby stoop enjoying the music. Then slowly and steadily people began to appear. I guy walked up from the beach, "wow, is that live music?" Then a young guy named Josh who is presently living on the beach came over to thank me. He tells me, "I was just having my first date with a girl from online and your music was a perfect hookup, thanks man"! How do people living in the woods hookup online? Ahh... the wonder of cell phones these days. No house, home, car... but if you have a cell phone the wonders one can perform. He asked, "I'm meeting the girl again later tonight, can you come back later? Josh recently came back from a tour of duty in Iraq. He has some issues as a result. I was glad to give him a healthy shot of musical joy to accompany his romantic adventures. "No cops ever bother me, all I need to do is flash them this", he says as he shows me his Army identification.

A couple walked by, "We havn't seen you since the Penn State Alumni picnic many years ago, you were great." (1998) Another couple came walking up, the guy tells me, "I said to my girlfriend... what is that music... i've never heard anything like that before... where is that music coming from... that's the best music I've ever heard. I've been going through a messy divorce and was taking a walk with my friend... this is just so wonderful, please come back here." That was the second time in a month someone on that very spot of ground told me how my music was helping to heal their "messy divorce." I find that interesting... Every single comment made about my music fills me with complete gratitude. This journey is a "no brainer." Every morning as I become conscious and as soon as I can think thoughts I begin with... today I want to create fun, friendship, respect, musical inspiration and empowerment and sometimes I remember and sometimes I don't to add... "money, bring me the money". Then I take a moment or two and try to feel all that, and then I go through the necessary process of climbing out from under the covers. I look forward to a time where climbing out from under the covers becomes desirable and not necessary. I've had periods of that desire...

June 1, 2008

Yea, I know I write alot... it helps me. My biggest challenge is to move forward not with a sense of urgency, fear or duty but with desire strictly from my spirit, my heart... motivated with the deepest sense of inspiration, empowerment, goodness, musical fun, friendship and respect for myself and for the sake of participation in the world. I have many decisions and choices to make in the "now". As a child feeling empowered and capable to make choices has always translated into pressure to do the right thing. The "right thing" was never right in my mother's eyes (i loved my mother to death) or good enough, there was always something wrong. (my mom's goodness way, way outweighted her defects and I'm not just saying that to cover my ass). These days I practice with myself as well as with everyone else to think, accept and embrace only positive energy when it comes to empowerment and choices. I practice to look at ONLY positive things. I am not blind to mistakes, bad choices and none productive thought or actions but when they happen I work to learn accept and embrace the experience from them. I want to approach everything as an experiment, with playfulness.

I was going to go into Chinatown Philly today to promote awareness for the journey. Sunday is the busiest day in Chinatown. I had some trepidation about going to Chinatown but too lazy to decipher wether it was because of fear or consciously I really did not want to do it. I didn't want to decide. Decisions of where and when to spend my time can create a lot of chaos in my head. That usually results in my doing nothing. My head says, "which one will be the good decision, which will be a bad move." Well I took the direction of dumping the decision. I called my new friend Charlie who had called me last night to ask if I wanted to come up to his place today. The fear in making choices is sometimes so strong It comes down to a matter of mental, physical and spiritual survival... like death verses life. This is not my drama but the drama I was taught to feel all throughout my growing up. No kidding. So by nature my tendency is to turn all decisions over to someone else out of fear. This is what I was taught to do. Ugh! Triple ugh!!!

I remind myself as often as possible to stay conscious and in the moment. Chaos can not exist with the total awareness, consciousness. Being conscious takes practice like with any skill such as learning to play the piano, working at a new job, dating, etc... I do not want to have other people dictate my decision making. Doing that is what created my neutering Boner when he was young. This was the biggest mistake of my life. I listened not to my heart but to the pressure fear and authoritarian societal babble about the irresponsibility of people who do not neuter their dogs. I would have loved to have experienced for myself with others, offspring from Boner; to have sons and daughters of his to love. That was hopefully the last mistake I will ever make in listening to societal advice in general. Boner should never have been neutered.

I made the decision to go to Charlie's house verses Chinatown today. I moved a truck load of music cassettes and Christmas decorations from my house to Charlie's attic. One more fundraiser on Charlie's farm before we leave? I filled up my truck with gas for no charge (he has a large reserve tank on his property) and then drove to a family gathering of his. Boner shared the top of the piano today with a real live toad. I thought I'd miss the Chinatown crowds today but naaa... Anyway, here is an amazing Danny Kean experience. About a month ago I put up my mother's raspberry plants for sale on Craiglsist; a very large online networking community. There are 10's of thousands of people on Craigslist. I had only one person call me for the raspberries. They did not follow through because it was too far a drive to my house. So here I am today at this gathering today and when I introduce myself this guy says, "Danny Kean"? It was the raspberry guy from Craigslist. He is Charlie's son-in-law!!! I told him to go over to Charlie's house if he wanted to purchase some raspberries because I transplanted them all on Charlie's farm. Small world.

Afterwards, we went to the farmers market to load up with food and chicken feed to take back to the farm. It took a couple hours to get back to the farm because we stopped at several neighbors to say hello and three or four (I was bonkers from the high energy) of Charlie's ex-piano students houses where I played piano after just nonchalantly walking into houses (forget the door bell) unannounced as they were eating dinner. As I left for home around 11PM at night, while riding down a dark country road I noticed a light off the road shining on a work area where a guy was creating a sculpture. I could not resist stopping to say hi and seeing what was up. Here this guy is creating the first proper statue of George Washington ever to be placed at Washington's Crossing National Park in Washington's Crossing, Pennsylvania. It is to be a huge bronze statue a very cool and excellent work of art. I met his next door neighbors an ex rock and roll musician and gospel opera singer wife and also there was a folk singer from Australia. As I continued to drive home I thought about how much I love my life.