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April 30, 2008

The last day of April!!! Life feels strange today. Step by step, inch by inch I move forward. I am starting to feel the months more than the days. I'm not sure what the significance of that is. I played on a real piano last night for only a few minutes. The piano on the Traveling Piano truck is a keyboard built into a piano facade. Last night I thought, "creating music on a mediocre, out of tune piano it is better than any keyboard I have played on". When I play on a great piano I go to heaven. That has happened only about five times in the almost three years that I have been improvising. After I am done creating music on a real piano I am reminded of a frustration and a feeling of being unleashed in ability to explore and develop musically. Of course I always enjoy being present when I am actually performing music on a real piano. When I play music on a quality instrument that can fully produce my musical impulses... that is when I feel most fulfilled as a human being. Oh well, for now it is about... "work around" as in doing the best that I can with what I have. I'm still thinking about Albert the guy who turned 89 years old yesterday and played on the Traveling Piano. I forgot to mention that when we were in his living room I improvised for him. He began to join with me musically and whistled along like a bird. We were not looking at each other or connected directly in anyway; just the two of us inspiring each other musically, doing our own musical thing together with no other worldly thoughts except that of music.

April 29, 2008

It is cold outside. It feels like fall in the country and that is where I have been today, in the country...sort of. I was in Plumsteadville in Upper Bucks County. New homes have been creeping into this beautiful area of Pennsylvania but the original inhabitants are still around. I had the truck parked on a road beside a barn that I was loading some boxes into for a friend. A few neighbors strolled by so of course I had to stop what I was doing, play a tune and get at least one of them up onto the Traveling Piano to try it out for themselves. Earlier in the day I had not planned to bring the truck with me but as I left my house I thought about not wanting to miss any opportunity for musical spontaneity. I'm glad I had that thought.

Today is my new friend Patsy's... dad's 89th birthday. He is now officially the oldest person to date to create music on the Traveling Piano. You should have seen this guy's determination to get into the truck and onto the piano seat. What a trooper! His neighbor Elsie, a born and bred Plumbsteavilleian who still uses an "outhouse" and acts like she is 70 years old when she is really 91... watched. It was not long before about twenty life long neighbors gathered. This experience was full of an amazing sense of community. The country folk of Bucks County have always had an identifiable style and feel to their relationship with life. It is full of fun, friendship and respect. I was thankful to be invited to partake in it.

April 28, 2008

Rainy day... For one tank of gas today it cost the Traveling Piano $100! I would like to ask every person who voted for Mr. President to please write and ask him to subsidize the Traveling Piano's fuel needs for the Journey of Peregrinating Musical Exploration. I mean really, his buddies... the oil companies are getting millions in subsidies why not the Traveling Piano's Wildest of Dreams? If he doesn't want to do it, with the $123 BILLION in profits last year alone ....because of soaring oil and gasoline prices ...maybe he can pass the buck and get them to subsidize the dreams. Ugh, this growing problem is not good news for someone who uses a truck for work. By the way, I'm really not serious about wanting a government subsidy. I would prefer subsidies from individuals like You! :) Even $10 bucks can work ...have a thank you too, from www.bonerthedog.com!

April 27, 2008

An email was sent to me today with the wonder of how China is displacing North American goods and Wal Mart etc... etc... etc... but those issues are not what I took away with me from the email. The picture for today is what I took away. People ask, "how are you going to get the Traveling Piano truck and Boner to China?" Well here is one possibility... this container ship holds 15,000 containers!!! One Traveling Piano truck can fit into one container! The best part... it only takes Four Days from California! Can you see Boner standing on top in the picture? Also, it is the end of the month, no money to pay the bills, an angel came into my life today and contributed to the journey in exchange for 800 historic Philadelphia, Belgium blocks that I have used to line the gardens and walkways around my house. Bills paid but more important... I know the blocks, which I spent years collecting by hand are valued!

April 26, 2008

We all had a great time today! It was a zany day. It was time for the Annual Doo Dah parade!!! I have officially performed for the Doo Dah parade in Ocean City New Jersey for 20 years as of today! This has been my longest running gig. A fitting gig for Raggin' Piano Boogie. Toby, an under 5' high woman in her 70's drove my stick shift truck like a champ. We had to prop her up with a lot of cushioning so her feet could reach the brakes. Laurel and Hardy held on tight as they sat on the truck bed. I'm sure they were freaked out by all the truck bouncing. I am very animated when I parade about. People were afraid Laurel and Hardy would get bounced off the truck.

The Ocean City high school band got into the act today. Man, oh man, I am sorry it took so long to connect with them. Better late then never. In the old days no one got on "my stage". What a dork I had been. Guys, fun piano men jumped on the truck and played cool songs while we waited for the parade to start. Band members started to jam with their trombones and clarinets. It really was fun! I refrained from wearing sun glasses while performing. It was a challenge to not tighten all my face muscles and scrunch up my face the entire time. I never had to worry about that kind of stuff when I hide behind sungalsses. Toby was a champ driving and Boner was a champ in holding on to the top of the piano for the entire ride even while driving up the boardwalk ramp. No one except myself knows how much effort it is for Bo to deal with high energy and thousands of people at his age let alone the wafting of pizza, french fries and funnel cake the entire length of the boardwalk. It is work to stay balanced on top of the piano, he needs constant focus and awarness and it is a physical job. He was so tired when he was done he was cross eyed. Really!

It felt like there were a ton of Furries in my truck today. Do you know what a Furry is? They are cute humanized animal, sci-fi, pre school foxy-woxy, bunny-wunny sort of characters and really nice, sweet people. There is a major Furry culture around the world. I would call it underground because there is not much organizing about it all. They are just a bunch of individuals that costume up together whenever possible and hang out to play their characters, mostly at events. They come in all ages. Their personality, looks and demeanor as people in real life often resembles the characters they play. Quite harmless, full of goodwill... today I wanted to be a Furry. I called on a young chap to jump on his buddies shoulder at the end of the parade to create a video for Utube with Furries today. Boner has been very uneasy with Furries in the past. I must admit, me too. Today, Bo had no problem... me either. In fact, I felt an unusually strong, good connection to these characters. I guess this has come with the change of my life over the last almost three years. I am a lot more open and accepting of everyone and just about everything life has to offer. I tried to play Dizzy Fingers while Furries jumped all over the place. It was pretty funny. I think Zez Confrey the writer of the piece would enjoy the spirit of the presentation even though I completely butchered the performance. Check it out on Utube... Danny, Boner and Furries. Tomorrow I will upload Dizzy Fingers with the Ocean City High School Band.

April 25, 2008

It was practically dark by the time I got to go outside today. I went to the river. The day was spent taking pictures of belongings and figuring out their worth to list on BonerThe Dog.com. There was a warm reception for me from the people at the park. It is fishing season and the water's edge is a visual fest of fishermen. I parked where people would not be afraid to approach and that worked out great. I wonder if I will ever get used to people coming up to tell me how much they appreciate the music, how much it adds to the environment and their experience. I was really moved by the comments tonight. I am very aware that something special is developing every time I play. My ego is dissolving more and more each time I create music. In the past I was always aware that people thought I was a good piano player but never a great piano player. I am now becoming aware of that "great" feeling coming from people and it is so deep words do not express it. This overwhelms me and I only know to feel gratitude. The only way to express it is to make it grow... the music, the feelings, the communication and relationship with environment on every level, musically. The music is all about being part of.

April 24, 2008

As a child I was taught to stick with my own kind, stick with the immediate family. "Don't play with those kids, they are protestant, don't talk to those kids, they go to public school." From the get-go that never worked for me. I remember being five years old and knowing I had a problem with the concepts i was being taught. Well, I thought about that today when i was relating to everyone... through musical fun, friendship and respect. I loved every moment of it. On a lead... I went to Stinger park in Southwest Philadelphia, 33rd and Reed streets. It felt like another world. I am always amazed when I find a neighborhood in my home area that I have not experienced before. I fell totally in fun with everyone. I really appreciated the neighborhood embracing what I had to offer.

When I got there, the park was empty except for two guys on a bench and a couple with a baby carriage, a lot of tall grass and trash. I thought, "well, here I am". I pulled the truck up on the grass and one of the guys left in a huff, I was definitely intruding on his turf. I reminded myself that the guy who suggested I come here might soon be arriving. In a matter of fifteen minutes, the park was filled with people of all types and ages. There must have been 50 kids all over the truck and the piano at one time. Grown ups jumped on to jam and create music. One guy wanted to hear me play only my improve, my personal music and he danced to it... and no, he was not on drugs! ...I don't think, ha... I created music while a group played horse shoes. That was a new senerio for me.

As I drove away and down the side streets to get to the highway I saw scads of people groups hanging out on stoops and cooking outside their row homes. I wanted to stop several times to crash a couple dinners but thought, "I'll save that for another time." I passed one house where someone in the neighborhood was surely missed. The whole front of the house was a shrine with signs, candles and flowers. It looked as though someone had been taken down there.

I received notice about the passing of Bob Luitweiler today. Bob was the founder of a peace organization named SERVAS founded in 1949, the first worldwide peace-through-hospitality network. I have stayed with many SERVAS people throughout my journey last year and you can read about them in the blogs. I am thankful to be a member of this wonderful organization. You can read Bob's obituary at SERVAS.

April 23, 2008

I'm back on the Philadelphia Schuylkill River today like Pavlov's dog, it was so good yesterday I needed more for today. I brought my computer with me as I need to get used to working while on the road. The cops are here as I am writing this. They are in marked as well as unmarked cars. They want to hear me play I'm sure but I am too tired. I've been at it and with people for four hours.

The whole Traveling Piano concept has been working perfectly today . The experience brings me so much joy. I absolutely love the variety of people I meet. People today so easily jumped up onto the piano and really got into the experience. The Canadian geese were especially attentive. Within a half hour about eight of them swam up to us by the rivers edge and stayed for a while tilting their necks this way and that. They had never heard my sounds before.

I found a spot in the shade under a tree so Boner would not be directly in the sun. We watched rowboat teams of senior citizens preparing for a regatta. The piano speaker got filled up with falling tree buds. I'll deal with that later. I wanted to put out brochures and promote but I couldn't do it. It felt stupid to do and too much like I had an pathetic agenda. I know this is ridiculous but whatever... Something will happen to help this journey, I know it. My job is to enjoy, empower, inspire, have fun... friendship, respect and not push or feel a pressured agenda about any of it.

April 22, 2008

With the late afternoon sun shining, I parked along the Philadelphia Schuylkill River today and created music while watching teams of scullers rowing back and forth in front of me. From behind I heard the constant roar of rush hour traffic and scads of joggers. This made for great inspirational and stimulating musical improvisation. I turned the piano over to everyone I could so they could share in the experience. This was a beautiful day full of very positive responces from a variety of people. It took my mind off the fact that I spent an entire hour beforehand wandering around the city with the truck wondering why I was wondering around. I wonder if it had anything to do with the fact that I signed papers today to signify the start of letting go of all security... (my house and possessions) to continue this wonderful journey I have been on.

April 21, 2008

I slept in today and told myself the entire time, "I am giving this time to myself" to avoid guilt. It pretty much worked. I need more practice. I definitely needed the down time. I want to avoid, worry, limiting thoughts etc... like, "oh my god I am so exhausted from performing yesterday"... its not easy sometimes.

People yesterday told me a little guy was going to jump onto the piano. It was a planned thing and at a scheduled time. I didn't know what was going on but was ready to flow with whatever. Seemed like a big deal. I thought he was going to be a major prodigy or something. When it was time... the parents almost pushed me out of the way to get him up into the truck. I stopped everyone and said, "hold on... let me meet this fellow" we met, I shook his hand and asked if he would like to play on the piano." He said yes and I lifted him up. There was a big announcement, I was like... "I wish someone would let me in on what is going on"... then he played five songs, last two being patriotic. He did an excellent job with his songs. The mother and grandmother where coaching and criticizing him in the background the entire time as he tried to play with stuff like... "slow down, your going to fast". I turned to them and said, "let the guy enjoy himself, he does not want to hear that right now!" cheezzzzzzz....

The situation was bugging me. I thought about this a lot today. Then I realized the problem. I did not see a smile on the boys face the entire time. Presenting the Traveling Piano as a stage to musically impress and show off... that will not work... musical expression, fun, spontaneity, enjoyment, that works.

April 20, 2008

Today is Earth Day! I took the Traveling Piano to Ocean City New Jersey to celebrate. The crazy guy in the picture is Mark Soifer who has been the top Ocean City Public Relation man since at least the year 1890. *grin* Mark is wearing a trash can and the lid for his hat. It has been for 30 years that Mark has been dressing up at almost every city event to remind people to keep the place clean and also to recycle. As well as being the most effective public relations man I have ever known, a published writer and poet, Mark has the distinction for me of being the kindest man I have ever met.

The sun... I'm getting more bald by the year and I was glad I remembered to wear a hat. At events like today people still jump on the truck to create music but it takes more coaxing because the sound is louder and I actually perform. The sound can be intimidating for someone and they tend to feel like they are intruding into a performance. Good thing Boner's around to always break the ice.

April 19, 2008

I was in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania today for a friends photo exhibit gallery opening. I found a perfect parking spot on the main street right outside the place. After about an hour I came outside to check on Bo. He waits for me in the truck with all the windows open. I could leave him alone for hours with no problem but I never do. The truck cab is his den so he feels very safe in it. If he does not want to be bothered with people he just goes down on the floor and no one knows he is there. Once outside I could not resist inviting curious people up onto the piano. I was amazed at how many people knew what they were doing. Miscellaneous types of all ages... we had fun taking turns at playing pop, rock and roll, jazz, theatre, classical, ragtime, and boogie piano as well as the usual improve.

April 18, 2008

Today it was like summer outside and I noticed something about it. People are a lot nicer than they used to be when the weather is wonderful outside! It's true. Maybe its me, I'm becoming nicer when the... nope, its not me because I did not want to feel nice today! Ha. I fed off of other peoples niceness. I got up late and fought the feelings of being rushed all day. Gotta stop fighting with myself. I spent the entire day creating a promotional flyer to raise some money, 14 hours! It takes me a long time because I care and I also was fighting trying not to get lost in what I was doing. If I had just given in and got myself lost i'll bet I would have finished earlier. Naa... I just had trouble focusing today. I made sure I got outside for 2 hours to create and share music with other people, that was most important.

April 17, 2008

Camille McNeill, a wonderful musician made a special trip to my house to contribute to the Journey of Peregrinating Musical Exploration today. She adopted my Christmas cactus and an old mexican tin box from www.bonerthedog.com and donated some extra bucks on top of that. Joe, another musician friend accompanied her and I talked their ears off for hours. We went to the park for a short spell and created some music, took pictures etc... I am beginning to see the aging of my face in the pictures compared to from when I first started this new life of mine. Can we talk acceptance? It is what it is? Hmmm..... I'm uploading the longest musical improvisation ever for tomorrow...29 minutes I wonder if it will even be downloadable. The fact that I can stay in a music energy mode of improvisation for that long a period of time amazes me. It is great music to listen to while your working on the computer!

I was very aware today of a musical layer below the surface of what we often experience. I am so clear that music is much more than the notes played on a piano. It is more than the intensity, speed, sensitivity of how notes are played. At the core of eveyone's expression is the communication of spirit. Some people communicate their spirit and are not conscious of it. Some people can not help them selves, it just happens uncontrollably and naturally. Other's are conscious with strong intent and then there are those who do everything they can to cover their true spirit... afraid of negative judgment, never being good enough, always a need to do better, afraid of abuse as a result of any attempt whatsoever to try anything that comes from a sense of self. That last one I was an expert at. Do you know how I now rise above any potential of trying to cover up my spirit? I practice at just "being" with whatever it is I am doing.

April 16, 2008

I was in Lawrenceville New Jersey today. No more thoughts on that. Now, this morning when I got up I thought... I have one or more angels with me. I always have. Here is what happened. Stuff like this happens often in my life. I wake up in the morning, can't deal, fall back into mid-sleep and a dream starts. In the dream I'm having a conversation with someone, I start talking about what is going on in my life. Fear comes into the conversation and I begin to break down into tears about it. All of a sudden I hear a sharp, "knock, knock, knock" on my front door. I wake up from the dream to respond to it. There was no real knocking at my door. The knocks... that was conscious reality entering my life, a distraction to take me away from illusional fear. The knocks were saying, "get a grip". Where did they come from... I call it grace from an angel, god, the universe... Boy, I don't want to turn people off talking this way but then again as I always say... "it is what it is."

As I was doing the morning dishes the clarity of my goal came into focus. I observe people showing success all around me. And then I see them mess up with it. I want to show the mess ups on the way to success as well as afterwards. Ha. The climb... with all the warts so that others will not be so afraid to fail and fall on the way up like I was afraid for 50 years! And then I was reminded of what success really is. I am living it. For me success is doing, trying and the results are truly secondary. My job... the difficult part... is to be honest as to weather I am really having fun and enjoying the process. It must be enjoyable.

April 15, 2008

I sat the truck in the back of the parks parking lot and played music to my hearts content without interruption today. I recorded. Once I came home I mowed my lawn thinking, "this is the last blooming I will see from my Magnolia tree, this life as I know it is all coming to an end." It was an exciting feeling unfortunately it did not inspire me in any productive way. My work for the day ended and off to Mc Donald's dollar menu I went. Four double cheeseburgers later and an episode of Wheel of Fortune on television was not enough. I had to reject any idea of my daily walk. Still not done, I needed three Krispy Cream vanilla glazed donuts and Dancing with the Stars to finish off the night. I laughed with my ridiculous rebellion and made sure I enjoyed it. I know I will pay for this episode, Ha. So I will pay... its like like it is the first time!

April 14, 2008

Boner got in some good face lickin' at the park today. I had an enjoyable music and life mentoring session with two bicyclists that happened by. It is so critical that I get outside everyday to play and interact with people during this transition I am going through. The listing of my personal possessions to raise funding to continue the Journey of Peregrinating Musical Exploration on www.bonerthedog.com is excruciatingly tedious to say the least. My stamina also needs to become stronger because I use a lot of energy when I create music and interact with people. It can be a days worth of energy in a matter of an hour. I saw a turkey crossing the road today. In Bensalem PA? It's not like I live in the country. It was the craziest thing. A full size turkey, a good 35 pounder stopped in the middle of the road in front of us. I had to stop the truck as it opened its wings to full size and gobbled at us, no kidding!

April 13, 2008

Back to the cold weather! I often think about how I musically affect peoples lives one at a time. That's a good thing right? I can still get somewhere with what I have to offer in this world doing it one person at a time, right? I've heard that in reference to something or other throughout life. I've always been into one on one intimacy with relating anyway. What is most important is that I enjoy... and I do. I created music on a cliff overlooking the Delaware river today, the wind was strong and cold against my back. I looked down to the beaches ground and saw a couple hand to hand dancing in circles to my music. I wanted to stop and take a picture of it but did not want to wreck the moment. I met Chris and Gina, two more film makers today. That's three pro film makers in two days! Hmmm...

April 12, 2008

There was a great connection with life today. Still conscious of my writing yesterday... with my realization that the feeling of fear is really in truth the feeling of life's presence... as I was driving to the park to create some music... I was thinking about the last major life changing "words" realization that I had about 10 years ago. Someone affectionally referred to me as compulsive and obsessive. I knew something was wrong with that label. Through time I realized and accepted that I am highly spirited and motivated. The energy of being compulsive and obsessive is exactly the same as being highly spirited and motivated. Guess what terminology I choose to accept. Enough of this. What was interesting was that within the first one hundred and twenty seconds of discussion with these guys I met in the park today, the terminology of compulsive and obsessive surfaced in conversation. Enough, enough.

I met these two great guys Rich and John hanging out in the park. Rich is a film maker and John a map creator. Rich had just brought a new Mercedes Smart Fortwo, I want one. We had to get a picture of him in it. He is holding one of my brochures in the picture. This young guy got a kick out of playing the piano with his fists and his pappy joined with music also. There were actually a lot of people creating music in the park today. I made sure I had my turn too. I came home and dealt with Capitol One Visa. Don't sign up, ever! I will look forward to never having another credit card.

April 11, 2008

I want to be always conscious to the fact that to feel needy is not necessary. I can choose to focus on abundance! Ha. I have an abundance of "things" in my house that I want to turn into financial funding for my musical mission in life until something wonderful and beyond my Wildest of Dreams happens so I can shift my focus more to music... I feel abundance! Anyway, I picked up the papers to sell my house today. I can't look at them yet.

I became very aware of something the other day. I want to put the thoughts into words. I recognized an intense feeling that I was having. I identified the feeling as fear. I was definitely having the feeling that I identify with fear. Then I realized it was exactly the same feeling I had everyday I was on the journey last year. The interesting thing about this is that during that time last year I was totally and completely aware of a different reality and experience with the same exact feeling. Last year I was identifying the feeling as that of being completely present with life. I was in the moment. I was in the space where miracles happen and they truly did!!! I was full of life. I was alive.

The other day I had that feeling and interpreted it as... I do not know what is going to happen, there is no certainty, my expectations may not come about, and I could really mess up my life. And of course, I added drama to it all. Last year I could not have cared less about any of that. I was completely involved in the present moments of life. So much life was happening. I realize now that when I am having this learned past feeling that I was taught since birth to identify as fear... this is really the space where all opportunity exists. This is where all the choices in the world are made! Choices are either made by me or by fear as in... if I identify with fear I shut down my world, my life and then... every choice is made by circumstance, the environment or other people. Now that is scary.

This feeling I am talking about can have two completely different interpretations... the feeling of fear or the feeling of life... that of being present in the moment. Why would I want to identify with fear? Some people would say that fear is healthy and that at times fear is necessary, good for survival. I say that is wrong and the word "necessary" does not even exist in a positive fearless state of being alive. You cannot know what good and healthy really feels like unless you have had the experience of... or specifically the feeling of... no fear what so ever. I know this. This is my experience.

When I begin to have feelings... and as a result identify with fear... I now know this is a false identification. Fear is an illusion. The truth is that I am entering the state of choice, of possibilities beyond my imagination, beyond anything I can be conscious of. "It is what it is." In this feeling state I must accept that I am becoming more alive. I am coming into the miracle realm of life. This is what I want for my life. This is what I have always wanted for my life. The stronger the feeling the more full of life! I say, "bring it on" lets explore, lets experiment, lets play, lets see what happens, trust, have faith, my mind body and spirit has the ability to erase. I can try again and again in wonder, with fun... joy and excitement. When I am in the moment and present with life... you can say I am in the presence of God. I am completely aligned with the universe. I live in the natural state of faith and trust. There is no fear, it is all good. This has been my experience, totally.

April 10, 2008

I wore my shorts today for the first time since winter... Yahoo! A fellow piano man Marc wanted to support the Journey of Peregrinating Musical Exploration so he contributed buy choosing a glass bunny paperweight for his sister from the fundraising part of the website... Double Yahoo!! I went to deliver it do him at a local park in Southampton PA and he had his first outdoor piano experience. By coincidence a local singer we both know named Kristin walked by with her dogs and stopped to sing some beautiful Gershwin... outdoors in the park from the truck. A bunch of kids stopped buy to play. I had time for myself to play with no one around. What a day.

A friend told me today that a local school choir just came back from China telling everyone how the songs they sang had to be ok'd first, they were censored. They were wondering if I was worried and concerned over possible censorship. I told her that my own country censors me. If I can handle it from my own country... I can certainly handle it as a guest in someone else's country. The issue reminded me of Katrina. The first place I stopped to play in was for a food supply area. I asked them if they wanted some music. They said, "you can play only Christian music here." I asked what Christian music sounded like... they stopped moving about, looked at me confused and fumbled... "christian words." I told them that my music does not use words, my music is of my spirit... a good spirit. I got buy the censors that time. Another time I did not. I was going to open an account with ing-direct an online bank. They asked me to pick a private... private password just in case I forgot my regular private password... One of the choices was the name of my first dog so of course I choose Boner. They censored it by rejecting it. So much for privacy! No one is supposed to know my password let alone my password for my password. Boner is a name that is a playful dogs name. Some people can only think of his name with dirty minds... even companies! Needless to say that ridiculous company did not get my business.

April 09, 2008

Craving, I was craving to get outside to create some music. I met two girls in the park. Hey, what were your names again? Wish I could remember names better. Maybe as I become less self-absorbed? Anyway, they happened by when I was improvising... I was very present with music, in the moment. I practiced staying in the moment with the music knowing someone was listening. It takes practice for me to not want to turn into a piano man... playing to please or impress or for acceptance. I enjoyed their company as they laid in the grass and listened but I really enjoyed when they got "simple in being" enough to enjoy a few of their own musical notes on the truck. "It feels good," she said after playing and listening to just one note with the air and the birds. Hearing someone say that... is more than music for my ears.

April 08, 2008

The weather is changing. I was able to go out today without a coat to create some music . I want to enjoy as much musical life as possible while still in the area where I grew up. I'm leaving... in case you didn't know. With the warm weather I am beginning to hear the birds with my improvisations. What a feeling that creates for me. It is wonderful. The sun, wind, all of nature's manifestations and improvisational piano music, Wow. I noticed from todays pictures that wrinkle's are setting in on ma' face! Yikes... Life better start spewing all my Wildest of Dreams out fast so I can enjoy the fruits of them before I get old!

April 07, 2008

I'm hiding from life today ...and feeling guilty and fearful about it. Like I'm running out of time. "It is what it is". Time will not get me ...completly ...the worry about it.

April 06, 2008

The damp cold has kept me inside today. I have been having strange and amazing insights to life over the last two weeks. Einstein I think said... there is no such thing as "Time". The past, present and future are all happening at the same time. The theories of quantum physics I believe say the same thing. I have been having insights, in the moment... a reality, an experience of no past, present or future in my life... for just a moment at a time. I see the past, present and future at the same time! I don't seem to be able to utilize the specific insights, they make me a little crazy in the head, if nothing else they are amazing and create interest for my soul which translates into wanting to express that energy of interest... through music. Listen to today's music link. Click on April 6. A Gift Of Music Daily . It is a manifestation of my present experience.

April 05, 2008

Today was so beautiful. Bo and I visited friends Cindy, mother Pat and son Tyler in Laurel Springs, NJ. The local volunteer fire department was having a ham dinner. I arrived a Cindy's house early and so I parked at the curb and to the delight of the neighbors prepping their yards for Spring, I created music while I waited. I am so happy and still amazed that I have the nerve to do something like this in public. Ha. The idea of making a fool of myself melts away more and more and confidence in having something to offer musically in every space I occupy builds everytime that I just... "do it!"

April 04, 2008

In Friendship,

This is a request for support.

For those of you I have not yet met, I am Danny Kean the Traveling Piano man. I "Bring the Beat to the Street" working as an individual with no commercial, organizational or political affiliation. The Traveling Piano brings music to people. It's about inspiring. It's about encouraging and empowering people to express themselves freely through music. The Traveling Piano delivers the gift of creativity, a lift of spirits, friendship and respect for communities and people from all walks of life.

For over 20 years I have had the fortune of being able to work with a full time career performing piano from the back of a pickup truck. I have called my entertainment property Raggin' Piano Boogie. I have had repeat bookings yearly throughout the Pennsylvania, New Jersey and the New York states of America. Engagements have been mostly for community special events and business promotion. Whether for a huge audience in the hundreds of thousands or for small intimate groups... one thing has never changed. I am constantly thrilled by the relationship that is created when people get together and share music. A sense of community ensues and to feel the vibration, the energy, to see the smiles... these experiences validate for me time and time again how truly music is the language of the soul.

What is the most significant difference between RagginŐ Piano Boogie and the Traveling Piano? Raggin' Piano Boogie paid the bills with performance and fees. There are no costs or fees for the operation, talent and expertise of Traveling Piano. How has life's ongoing bills been paid? On a wing and a prayer. I could use a little more security in this area... :) I am determined to continue sharing spontaneous musical performances. This is what I do best and what I have most to offer for the world. It is wonderful to experience thousands of strangers coming together as one... in friendship... though music.

A large part of what I now offer is to share the piano on the truck for others to play... especially for those who have never before tried to create music on a piano. Personally, while sharing and creating connections with people through musical listening experiences, these are the most blessed moments for me. Most of all I am blessed to share the love and joy that piano dog Boner has to offer. He is the best buddy ever! Bo hangs out on top of the piano with me and is coming on 14 years of age. I would like for the world to meet him before he retires.

From the past almost three years throughout America and Mexico there is a daily musical log with extensive writings and pictures to explore from the Traveling Piano see... http://www.ragginpianoboogie.com ... The month of March 2008 is dedicated specifically to the most memorable experiences to date. More information can also be found at... http://www.travelingpiano.com ... http://www.bonerthedog.com is a fundraising site where you will find thousands of personal items I am presenting to share with you in the hope that you'll participate in, be part of with contribution to the Journey of Peregrinating Music Exploration. Please contribute financially and also help empty out my house! On the websites you can also find 2 recent television interview links... one from the Associated Press... the other from NBC10 News. These will help you to know us better.


Danny Kean

April 03, 2008

If this is your first visit to the Raggin' Piano Boogie website, please read the Tour Log March link as it highlights the major events of the last two years. Last week I sent out an email that I am publishing here to the website tomorrow.

April 02, 2008

I took the time to go out today with the Traveling Piano. I was by the water and a first... by myself. No one was in the park. I found myself immediately able to go into a meditative state while looking at the ripples in the river water. Improvising music still feels like a new experience for me. In a short while people began to show up. They would park their cars behind be and listen. People would walk up before they left to tell me I was a gift for them. It was more about the music today, even more than about meeting Boner. People who are usually in the park and who have seen me before made a point to initiate an interaction. That felt really good as this must mean I am putting out better vibes of approachability. It has always been interesting to me that I find more than eighty percent of the people who frequent parks on a regular basis rarely use a computer and most do not own one.

April 01, 2008

I had a ruff day yesterday and felt worn today. I am still recovering from Sundays performing. I need to fine tune my health and physical capabilities. My finger muscles have weakened; I even sprained something in my hand from playing so hard. My voice is raw from playing the piano? It seems as soon as I slack off in any area of my life, a downhill spiral in every area of my life begins. Anyway, I decided to take it easy today. It was warm outside and I could not resist taking the piano out. How wonderful this is for me that I now seek productive outlets for my mind spiritually, mentally and physically. I still choose negative stuff but it used to be that I would choose ALL negative. Boner and I went to the river, an old favorite spot, the first spot we ever went to in a park. I was conscious of being musically alive with nature, the water, the birds and the air as never before. It just keeps getting better and better. It was very satisfying to have some private time with Boner and nature, in-between people coming over to say hi.