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June 30, 2007

My Place, Pennsylvania USA

My neighbor Kevin was amazingly serious about playing the piano today and he wanted to be listened to. I paid some attention to his persistence in order to learn from him. When I was playing he wanted me off the seat so he could get his turn he could barley hold himself back. His mom and grandmom both named Janet stopped by first thing this morning to help me uncover the tables. Thank them, thank them, thank them, I am working very dilegently to not go crazy and to pace myself so I can cope... I want to work it so that this is a joyful experience. Setup, price stuff, organize, play music, socialize, inform... one guy said, "this is a pricey yard sale". It will be a constant learning situation I can tell... "this is a fundraiser, I am hoping people will respond to my generosity with theirs so that I can continue onward with the giving." If someone gets nasty or pushy I will say, "this is a what can I give situation not a what can I get." Think it will work? It will. When I play for people it gives me practice with the length of a musical improve. I have to get into it quick and out of it quick, none of this twenty minute stream of consiousness music. I must work on developing musical soundbites just like verbal soundbites. What I do and what is going on with my life is not an easy soundbite to give. If I could say it all through music alone... hmmmm.....

June 29, 2007

The Front Lawn, Pennsylvania USA

This fundraising project I have created may be the biggest task I have ever undertaken. It is full of need for consistency, stamina, strength, commitment, decision making, choices, problem solving, trial and tribulation, experimentation, flexibility, people skills, consideration, humility, gratitude... I could just go on and on. The newspaper came to take a portrait shot... a portrait shot? I got the photographer Brandon who is an intern from Iowa to dabble some on the piano. We set the truck upon my front lawn. Steve came over to help a bit, and little Pauli from up the street lifted rocks for me as I put the covers on in the dark. A blast from the past walked in the yard, two girls I went to high school with 35 years ago Eddie and Karen. My mind sometimes blows me away... I not only recognized and remembered them I remembered Karen's name. Ten minutes later I could not remember Paulie's name if my life depended on it. They would not have their picture taken with me the bums, because their ego would not allow it. Speaking of my mixed up mind... I was juggling so many things at once, in the rush to get ready for the photographer, I found myself eating a banana in the shower. Nice eh? That describes the music I was creating during different periods of the day on the truck. All in all, it was a good day. To master my abilities with a nice easy pace is my goal. How I am going to do this everyday boggles my mind so I will take I just one day at a time.

June 28, 2007

Freshly Cut Lawn, Pennsylvania USA

I was sitting on my couch at 12pm still revving up my motor to deal with the day when Steve my neighbor came to the door, "hey Dan, why aren't you out here doing they yard sale, need some help?" We went out and cleared a chest and packed the Christmas balls that had filled it. What a great guy! He also gave me an hour of his time the other day. It has rained every single day except for one since I put the stuff out there, two weeks, so I am having a problem in getting it together to spend four hours uncovering everything only to spend another four hours covering it all up in what might be a chaotic rush from a sudden down pour. In case you do not know I am having a house and yard liquidation sale to raise money to pay the bills and continue on with the Flight of Peregrinating Musical Exploration a journey to introduce Boner to the world before he retires from hanging out on top of my piano with me as I create music. We want to find communities and people who do not usually get to hear or see a piano man live, to lift spirits with fun musical friendship and respect and empower and inspire others to create their own music on the piano especially if they never played one before. As the sun became replaced with major rain clouds I opened and released my mind from the cluttered thoughts I washolding onto and expressed them through the music of nature that surrounded me. I got a good thirty minutes in.

June 27, 2007

Hot and Humid, Pennsylvania USA

I had my first media interview with video today... hmmm... wonder how that will turn out... it will be on the website for the local newspaper, the courier times... the first time my improvisation will be in the media... it was fun... I want to do more of it... know of any connections? I took advantage of the time and also recorded some music for my daily samples... god it was hot... I am talking about the weather... the guy who came was Bill and he used the same camera I have... he remembered me from many years ago at the newspaper... Boner looked great all shaved but no matter what it was too humid to be cool... Theresa also came to hear me play some music... she is writing a story for the Sunday edition. I told her to tell the readers to come and buy something... and help... I need a local rain brigade to come a running to cover everything up when a sudden storm happens. I have over fifty tables out there. God help me. I also need people to watch the store when I need to run an errand or poop. Just one or two hours a week. Please? The kitchenware needs to have the dried broccoli scraped off it with someone who has strong fingernails. I was sticking prices on the picture frames and the stickers would not stick. It took me about ten minutes before I realized that nothing sticks to dust. Fun, that is the name of the game... it would be even more fun with other people around.

June 26, 2007

My Living Room, Pennsylvania USA

Today, I am in a," ask and you shall receive" mode for myself. That is what is written in the bible... "Ask and you shall receive. John 16:24 So just where did "ask" get turned into "beg"? Someone referred to the word beg with my fundraising. Why is it when politicians ask for millions of dollars from people to win a campaign it is not called begging? Why is it when charities and kids asking for donations to go on a school trip, no one calls it begging? Hell, I have already proved the worth for what I am asking financial support of. Begging has such a nasty connotation... so I am going to change that. If anyone wants to call my fundraising begging for money so be it. I am BEGGING!!! Give me the money!!!!

I took a break today... I needed a break from needing to do everything. I slept, mowed the lawn, did an interview, did some analysis, shaved Boner (he loves that), cooked, picked raspberries and read some and took a walk... no house liquidation/fundraising stuff. I did go out to create music and it began to rain the moment I stepped out the door so none of that today.

June 25, 2007

The Place, Pennsylvania USA

June 24, 2007

Heaven, Pennsylvania USA

I did not get started until noon today. It is what it is and I am not going to get crazy. I can feel the momentum building with this fundraiser because I am becoming more and more interested in people as they come... still very few at a time... thank God! I am still building the structure, coverings, pricing, signs etc. I am waiting for someone to criticize so I can say, "well, why don't you help?" A group of about five Indian women stopped by in beautiful white flowing dresses. This culture demands bargaining, it does not bother me... it is not even a challenge... I can be a real stick in the mud tho... "this is a fundraiser... for charity... this is a fundraiser... for charity..." They brought a decent amount and pointed out a broken piece along with saying, "free"? I could not resist, I gave it to them.

As I talk to people I get a constant, "Oh my God" when they realize who I am and what I am about and what I have been doing. "This is what occupies the blue house?" The idea of people getting titillated with the experience of Boner, my musical life, the journey, this liquidation, and the piano sitting on the truck in the yard is just the best! Right here in a typical American suburban development... the armpit of Bucks County, Pennsylvania... such a unique happening. Ha! I am glad to gift my home with everything I have to offer. My mom always said, "if your going to be a man playing the piano you better be good." What was THAT supposed to mean? Whatever... it IS a good thing that I am no Joe Shmoe at the piano because I would never be able to pull this thing off without a bit of wow-in' musically speaking. It was providential that I have been keeping this blog with pictures as I can backup everything I say to people with proof.

My neighbor Donnie stopped by with his girlfriend Morrrrrrrrr..... I forget... damm.... she looked real good and the four of us, (Boner included of course) horsed around a bit. Donnie's passion in life is music, he is a guitarist. We talked about bringing some instruments into the yard.

June 23, 2007

Home, Pennsylvania USA

My neighbor Steve stopped by with his mom and sister today; all three were troopers and had their turn on the piano. A neighbor originally from Hong Kong, her sister and friend stopped by. People attending a neighborhood party scoped out the place to find out what was going on for everyone else. My neighbor across the street sent his friend over... he was too chicken to come over himself. What is wrong with being nosey? My old friend Marge who moved away seven years ago and is visiting from North Carolina stopped by... it was wonderful to see her, she is an Italian spit fire in her eighties. Marge used to bring home cooking over for me and I used to sit on her porch and cry over my life difficulties with her. She is the best example of a true Jehovah's Witness I have met and as a senior elder she always respected my boundaries. I gave her some fresh raspberries from the bushes she gave me when she moved. I created music for myself with no one around today, it was such a beautiful day and I felt grateful to be able to express my abilities all around on such an awesome planet.

I was pulling out my music albums to sell and it all created blasts from the past with the many different stages of my life and the different kinds of music I have been into. I started to tap into my Christmas collection, I used to be Mr. Christmas and I thought, "how am I going to let go of this stuff, my mom and dad gave most of it to me to hand down to the family I never had. I will let go with joy and a fair and gifted financial exchange that's how, so I can get Boner, the truck and myself to China for the 2008 World Olympics where the world will meet him".

June 22, 2007

Fenced In, Pennsylvania USA

I must get up earlier for this daily fundraiser. By the time I get myself together and go out to take the covers off everything it is afternoon. Then I am up until 2 AM writing getting the days pictures together, downloading my music sample, publishing this blog etc... That just won't do. So far, the setup and take down and secure everything takes three hours of every day. I wish I were spending that time creating music. A neighbor came over to tell me I could find their organ on the sidewalk if I wanted it. I was reminded about the thieves in the neighborhood. I think it will be a good idea to keep the good stuff in the back of my yard.

I decided on my priority today with this fundraiser event liquidation thing because I have been scattered in the moment when I met with people with what I should be doing. "Gifting" with music and the Traveling Piano venue is what keeps me going and is where the most fun is. I must continue to trust that the money will follow. So first I will tell everyone a bit of what I am about. Then I will ask if they would like to play some piano. Then I will ask if they would like me to play some piano. Then I will suggest they mill around will I create music for them and to tell them to stop if they have a question or want to buy something. When there is a break from people, I will continue to setup, price stuff and reorganize. Somewhere I need to fit all into my other life needs, work and responsibilities. People... help me!!! Help!!! ... (he says in fun). ...but really.

Nettie from Alaska came buy with her friend to buy some ferns from the yard for her place in Mount Airy. I really enjoyed their visit. A few neighbors came by and kvetched about the price of some old wine in a jug... ha. The kids jumped up on the piano to try it out. A guy visiting from Canada stopped with his son and I played a bit for them. Bo is getting his exercise running behind me everywhere I go from the front yard to the back yard to the side yard and then the other side yard, through the house, up the cellar, down the cellar, on the truck, off the truck...on and on... I am thankful to be able to be doing all of this. It ain't easy!

June 21, 2007

Bensalem, Pennsylvania USA

Bo has been having more and more difficulty with loss of hearing and has lost weight even though his appetite is fine. I was thrown off a bit today in fighting the denial of facts while trying to move on with the fundraiser, and pushing myself to get him to the vet. I was a little more than thrown off. I could not find my dishwashing liquid for about four hours, which was driving me crazy because it has been in the same spot for twenty years. Well I eventually found it... in the refrigerator.

Things were moving amazingly slow when Eileen stopped by with Chloe, and Evie and the cutest doggie named Gwenabwy. I had met the trio in a park around this time last year and we stayed in touch. They had come to listen to music, create some for themselves on the piano and to financially donate to the fundraiser. They went home with some toys my never used boogie boards for the ocean and one of my treasured night blooming cereus plants. Knowing it all went go to a good home was very satisfying. All three of these girls are completely full of life. Their coming by for a visit was so very supportive for my day. When I was playing for them I started to escape into the music, I wanted to go deeper and throw away all care but I felt a need to be conscious of my visitors. Those few minutes of playing were the best part of my day. Bo did not want to get into the truck so he hung out under it while the girls took his usual spot on top of the piano.

As I was about to leave for the vet, clouds started to roll in. Whatever, whatever, whatever... I can only do so much... getting used to the rain issue and things getting destroyed, well I better get used to it. I have been dealing with rain and the piano truck for twenty years the only difference is I only had to worry about the piano on the truck, in my yard there are over twenty tables so far that would need to get covered in minutes? I don't think so.

It took me twelve years to find a vet for Boner and thank god, I found the best possible vet available especially considering this phase of Boner's life. It is a distance from my house but that does not bother me because I am so grateful to have found them. I hooked up with Dr. Reinhart but I think I would feel comfortable with whoever saw Boner at this veterinary hospital and that is saying a lot. I came right out and asked if the hospital would donate their services for Boner and the journey. And without a blink of an eye doctor Reinhart said, "sure". I almost cried. First of all, it is MOST difficult for me to put myself out to ask someone one-on-one to contribute and be part of the dream. But what really got me was this overwhelming feeling of gratitude over the act of generosity. On an even deeper level, it is the finding of my true nature in other people. I have searched for generous people my whole life and now I am finding them. It is all just so cool because every act of generosity that I experience feeds my ability to double and triple it all back into the world. The act of being generous is absolutely my most favorite life experience.

The fact that this hospital would receive my request as they did only validates how right I was in choosing them for Boners care. They are... everyone including the receptionists... most professional and business like with a compassion, which exemplifies the ability to genuinely care about animals. As doctor Reinhart said, "that's just the way Jonathan King the owner is he just has a big heart". This hospital is the Steinbach Veterinary Hospital in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania http://www.steinbachvet.com ...the first place ever... out of about seven in the past... where Bo has not been at all apprehensive to enter and has freely allowed the caretakers to handle him. This was our third visit there.

Oh, by the way... Bo had hair in his ear... his shedding hair gets everywhere!!! And his weight... he was meant to lose some poundage and so he did, five pounds, which will help him with his arthritis in the back hips. The doctor said he was looking good. Thank god for that!

June 20, 2007

On the Front Lawn Pennsylvania USA

I pulled into the back yard today and played for my neighbor while he mowed his lawn. He is of Indian decent and I was wondering how he was taking in the sight. We do not talk very much because I have such difficulty understanding accents but we are friendly. He is not so friendly when he has to do his lawn, as he hates to cut his grass he waits until it gets two feet high. All the grass particles blew onto my house liquidation items what was I do? Nothing, I just sat and enjoyed creating music through it all. I enjoyed improvising to the sound of the lawn mower. A local newspaper lady, her name is Joy came by to take a picture so we had some silliness and staged a shot with some of the stuff I am selling. It's all so stupid and fun and ridiculous and fun and outlandish and fun and... and... and... onward we go. The wrapping for rain protection from last night worked for about 90 percent of it all. Bungee chords... the answer for future wrapping to protect form the weather! That and my tarp for the piano. A neighborhood guy name Bill stopped by to chat for a long while... I am looking forward to selling allot and raising the money to pay my bills so I can continue to create music and inspire and motivate musical creativity in others.

June 19, 2007

Under the Umbrella, Pennsylvania USA

First thing I did today was to get the truck outside to play some music because I knew I would be too tired later on once I started working on the yard sale setup that is taking forever. I will need to redo much of the setup tomorrow so I can access everything easier. It will take at least an hour and a half to take the covers off stuff and then put them back on every night so I will just need to accept that fact and keep moving. I am doing a lot of moving around these days you would think I would lose some weight from it? I am waiting... maybe I wreak it with the ice cream I eat at night. It was hot, hot, hot out so I set up an umbrella over the truck, how silly but fun, Bo jumped up, I set my morning coffee on the piano and began to play. My neighbor Kenny came over to take some pictures for me and then Marlene and Len stopped buy with their daughter who just graduated from high school. I got her to tinkle some. They brought several hundred dollars worth of plants and things. That really helped my day in feeling supported. I was telling them the story of my improvisation and Len kept throwing out priceless zingers like when I would talk about the value of one musical note, the simple sound of one note and enjoying the sound of it... he would say something like, "yea... by playing that one note you become part of the lineage of that note... that music".

June 17, 2007

No-Wheres-Ville, Pennsylvania USA

No music today. I just could not get it together. It feels like this blog is becoming the house liquidation fundraiser blog instead of the... where, for whom and what it is like creating music blog. It is ok to have doubt, right? I don't have to be always looking and talking positive right? Right. What the hell am I doing? It started to hit me today when I started to pull things out of yet another packed box. I held my balsa wood airplane in my hand, "how am I going to let go of this"? It's all really going. Either someone will buy it or the stuff will get destroyed from the weather outside. I spent half the day figuring out how to deal with wind, the sun, bird droppings, ants, seedlings and pouring rain for the next two months and how I am going to put the covers on at night and take them all off in the mornings in less than four hours each day! Pauly, the neighborhood kid who played on the piano the other day came over to give me the sale of the day. He had ten dollars to buy his mom and dad something. This is all so scary. Fun... I want to remember, fun.

June 17, 2007

The housing development behind the Kmart, Pennsylvania USA

No one came to buy anything today from my musical fundraiser house liquidation sale. I did not want anybody here I had too much work to do. Keep the plants watered and alive that I dug up, price that $2 keychain and the thousand of other little trinkets... list them on the computer (I need to take pictures yet), constantly survey the area for space and what to do for overnight when it pours rain, the morning dew, when the hurricane winds come to topple the glass goblets and crystal, the issue with the sun fading merchandise with color over time etc... etc... etc... I brought a lot of stuff up from the cellar, my neighbor Kevin helped me. I am finding things I could have used on the first part of the journey like a thermal mat for sleeping on the ground, I forgot I had one. My priceless Christmas decorations, music boxes and all are sitting on my front lawn with my treasure chests. I trust they will stay safe from the elements. I had yarn from hooked rugs in boxes buy the side of the house. In a one-hour period, birds had chewed past the plastic to take strands for their nests. They are no dummies... they found no hassle nesting string cut exactly to the right size.

I am too self absorbed to deal with anyone playing the piano when I am working like this. I need to practice switching tracks to better have fun, motivate and musically inspire and offer and encourage like I want to do. This is a challenge. I am realizing that when I do the Traveling Piano thing with people, just how much I give them my full attention and time. It is necessary.

After it got dark, I played some piano for myself in the night air. I laid out on my living room floor first to stretch my back... oohh my aching back! It felt good I tell you to release some energy and get lost for some moments in total musical self-expression.

June 16, 2007

Home and Woodbury New Jersey, USA

Ok, the bad part first. I just came home from performing. As everyone is beginning to know, I am liquidating m possessions to help fund the Flight of Peregrinating Musical Exploration with a humongous yard sale, Traveling Piano in the backyard event extravaganza. I have been getting about 10 items out per day and am still putting prices on them. So I am in the middle o playing in New Jersey when this guy calls me on my cell phone, "I'm in your backyard and would like to know how much the paperweights and bone china figurines are on the shelves". I said, "I will be back tomorrow, there is a sign that says the store is closed." So, he took about $80 bucks of stuff and justified it by leaving $10 dollars tucked in the back of the shelf. I got robbed already!!! What am I to do? Should I start arranging everything to be theft proof? I am not going to think that way, I am determined to move forward with a mindset of abundance. Sure, it hurts that someone stole from me, period. It hurts. I am NOT going to start arranging my fundraising liquidation around the hurt. I am going to look forward towards abundance and work towards forgetting that SHIT HEAD! Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch....

My day began with three little old Ukrainian ladies tapping on... while looking in... my window. They wanted to get my attention while I was sitting on my sofa in only my tea shirt drinking my morning coffee. "How much are your cactus plants? Christ, was it worth the six bucks to deal with it? Yea...yea... whatever... Once I was outside a couple from Venezuela came with their young son who wasted no time in jumping up on the piano to play some music. Two ladies came buy who wanted to hear me play so I gave them some Maple Leaf Rag and their attention span was so short they started to leave before it was over. I play the Maple Leaf Rag fast so we are talking a very short attention span. Some people came into my yard and did not want me to greet them or look at them or anything. I can tell you that ain't going to be happening! Everyone on my turf is going to get a handshake and a smile whether they like it or not. I could not care less what yard sale etiquette dictates. This is a fundraiser and everyone gets the pitch. The sign across the front of the house says... Fundraiser, liquidation.

At about three o' clock I ran off to the house of a guy named Steve. He was throwing a party for his son Cory's graduation from high school today. Steve is a steady reader of this blog who values what I have to offer. He signed one of the Oprah Wildest Dream support sheets I was circulating in Ocean City two years ago. Steve asked if I would come to his place and help make today's event extra special. He made a generous donation to the journey. Thanks again Steve. He is the kind of guy I would like to get to know better. While at the party improvising, I thought about how my self-image is critical concerning my ability to communicate musically. Sometimes I was afraid to get lost in the music because I want to stay in touch with the energy needs of the environment, which does not make sense because I was to create the energy for the environment. I think my head wanted to be in a relax mode but I was not at the party to relax. I wore casual clothes, shorts even... for the first time because I was trying to approach the situation from a relaxing point of view. Does that all sound confusing? It does to me. Steve did some piano playing as well as according playing for his family and everyone else. Fun.

June 15, 2007

Bucks County, Pennsylvania USA

There was wonderful energy all around today I wonder if it is me, the holiday weekend, or neighbors becoming excited about the Traveling Piano. It was probably a mixture of all three. It felt very good for me. I got the banners up along the fences and they look great. Not too much, not too little. An older couple who I have seen many times riding around the neighborhood over the years got the nerve to stop and we met. They told me how much nerve it took for them to approach and I really appreciated them for pushing forward to meet me. They are life long neighbors and I never met them until today. We go back from 1965 and we just met! I played some Boogie Woogie for the guy as he is a world war two vet and... I am losing my Boogie Woogie left hand! Gotta get that back! Several neighbors stopped by to say hi to me; people drove by looking for me to say hi, not for the liquidation they were interested in what is going on with Boner and me. Nice.

A fun couple came up from fishtown to buy rocks from the yard I offered them a party while driving through fishtown with music from the truck. I hope they take me up on it. Pauly the young guy came around to play again today and he took a few pictures for me. How funny to watch a three footer taking pictures with my camera. I did not have a chance to give him the attention he probably wanted but three more kids came into the yard to do that deed. One was the boy from next door... I have had past issues with the household and this was the first time he was ever in my yard and the first time we looked at each other eye to eye. I thought that was courageous of him, I know how much he has wanted to connect with me over the years. He is about seven years old. He got really courageous and asked if he could play some piano. I said sure with a big smile. It was courageous of me to embrace him knowing I might be opening a can of worms with the whole family. I am accomplishing the goal more and more everyday of embracing and gifting my neighborhood with what I have to offer and I can already feel the acceptance and enjoyment from people. This is an amazing personal achievement for me concerning intimacy and relationship.

June 14, 2007

Brookwood, Pennsylvania USA

Well, it started today. After days of circling around and feeling out the situation, the first of the neighborhood kids, his name is Pauly... came up to me, "can I play the piano"? How great that was. "Sure, come on". Boner jumped up onto his perch. Pauly said, "I can do it only for a few minutes because I need to get home for supper." He was a goner almost immediately, forgot all about supper and would have stayed the night playing on the piano. I had to remind him to go home. He said, "I never played on a piano like this before, only on a little keyboard, maybe this is what I'll want to do when I grow up." No kidding, he really said that. I was thinking when he was playing... the whole neighborhood is going to come over here to hang out... I can feel it, they are going to be asking me, "how much does this cost, that cost"... Pauly told me he wanted to open a penny store. I thought, "am I going to need to get a timer for the kids when they get on the piano?" Then I thought, "just let whatever happens happen, that way has been an over 100% success so far. Joy came buy to interview me for the newspaper she works for. I cajoled her onto the piano and counted down 60 seconds while she tinkled non-stop. She said it was painful but she was glad to have done it. I am realizing the backyard is a bit inhibiting because of the environment, all the neighborhood houses surrounding us.

June 13, 2007

Ocean City, New Jersey USA

Yes! I had a break from the house liquidation rut I have been finding myself in. I went to perform in Ocean City on the boardwalk for the Miss New Jersey Pageant Parade tonight. It was a dreary, overcast day that felt like autumn but as soon as I got to the beach, the sun came out. I am glad I remembered to bring my windbreaker jacket because it was cold and windy. Cold was good because it kept me awake. There were some pretty girls vying to be the winner and it was my first time playing for the parade. It was the same as the Baby Parade I do every year... babies are dressed for theme floats ... today teenage pageant hopefuls were dressed for theme floats, Betty Boob, Judy Garland, Barbie... the female Elvis pageant impersonator had a great ass... I rode behind her.

Before the parade started, I got to improvise on the boardwalk while I watched surfers on the waves next to me. That was new and fun! I have been getting a taste of it all in creating music for skateboarding, surfing, fire hooping, the birds, the bees, the flowers and the trees... or something like that. Molly Lavin came buy and played some piano... she was one of the first to play on the traveling Piano about two years ago when I first started to share the venue on the boardwalk. She was there as the Miss Cape May County Outstanding Teen winner. She played some Ragtime and then Classical music. I forced my friend Mark the city public relations director to jump up and play. He sort of crawled up... he's no young whippersnapper anymore... but not before giving me some trouble about it. I love Mark; he is such a mensch in the deepest sense. He is on one of my 739 DVD's to Oprah, on his knees in the city hall annex parking lot to support my Wildest of Dreams begging her for me. Mark is a funny guy... and a published poet.

When I began to play, I really felt in my element... I have done it for so many years and have been doing it so rarely these days. The sides of the boardwalk were packed wall to wall with people. I started to Wahoo Wee... as I began banging the keys while envisioning that I was wailing my Boogie Woogie onto the Superball Field... through the crowds... for a streak across it. Really... that is what I envisioned. The sound system died right before the viewing stand. I yelled, "drive rev that engine"... and then it worked again. I think I may need new batteries again.

I enjoyed the intimacy of being up close to everyone. I am getting really good at catching almost every eye one on one... connecting with a moment of brightness. I played for all the employees in the stores and restaurants. I made a point to connect with them deep inside the stores as they looked away from their customers and they all appreciated that. There was a time when I was too afraid to look at people when I played. When I started to have enough confidence to look, I used to wear sunglasses always... now I am unafraid to connect. Thank God!!! My favorite moment was with a family of about seven. I happened to catch them in one of the parade pauses' and it was for about 30 seconds... the type of family whose structure is to not show any emotion or joy in anyway whatsoever... God forbid they smile or respond. I was not afraid of them at all and just superseded their defense against whatever and I reached beyond them to where I could find them yearning to connect and I got them! I could see it in there eyes, I could feel it from them, I could actually see them break through in small physical movements, some more than others... they couldn't help themselves, they had to respond to the truth of joy and fun. God, I loved that experience. It happened because I was completely non-affected by them. I stayed completely true to my sprit. True spirit supercedes any facade made of fear.

Speaking of fear, the amount of police and rent a cops riding around on bicycles was disturbing. To me... It is sad to see our society become acclimated to being watched over and controlled by itself more and more in the name of protection and safety, which is really just a cover for fear. The definition, the picture, the experience of freedom is changing. It is what it is, I suppose. Here I am moving away from dealing with fear through control and well... blah, blah, blah. It felt really good to be with people today. On the way down, I had that thought when I stopped to take a pee at the rest area and it came back to me while performing for everyone. Boner had a great time too. Everyone loves him. His ears looked great flying in the wind. Surprisingly enough he faced the ocean most of the time sniffing it. He was more interested in the natural smells of nature then that of the greasy french fries in the stands behind him.

June 12, 2007

My Backyard, Pennsylvania USA

Oh boy what fun. The yard merchandise goes out... the rain comes... the merchandise comes in... the sun comes... the yard merchandise goes out... the rain comes... the merchandise comes in... the sun comes... the yard merchandise goes out... and then... it starts to pour, really pour rain and a I mean big time pour rain... the merchandise is covered? Until the first gust of wind. The truck is outside and covered and I hope dry. I ran out to play some before it got dark. I was starting to get into my thing and it began to rain. This is all a mental, spiritual, emotional, physical thing for me, this life... and my desire to share that with the world through this blog... well I am thinking it is all too much for one daily blog. I have been trying to integrate it all into one writing but I have a lot more to say about my health these days it seems. That is partly why I had three separate blogs a year ago one for the health, Boner, and then the music performance. I am going to go back having a health blog link as of today because I have so much to say and I don't want to confuse people with what and why I am writing. I am going to keep this blog about the music and performance and what that entails.

June 11, 2007

My Backyard, Pennsylvania USA

I just came in from playing in the dark... in my back yard. The lightening bugs are starting to fly. I love to watch the lightening bugs fly. I love creating music. I love to express myself. I love that fact that I have given myself permission to do that. I did not care that the mosquitoes were devouring my ankles and wrists. I needed to release... what I'm not sure. All I know is that it felt like forever to get started today. The last two days I have been a bad boy with my nutrition... a real bad boy. I was about to give in to badness again tonight but first I was able to buy myself some time. "Just give yourself some time Danny". I did and it worked, the craving passed. I had a banana. I am going for a long walk tonight. I am going to buy a carton of strawberries this week seeing as they are in season. Sugar through fruit, sugar through fruit, gotta remember that. I decided on... and put price tags on... about 75 different whicker baskets in my back yard for the Flight of Peregrinating Musical Exploration fundraising effort today. I carted up from my cellar a ton of kids' games to sell and hooked rug materials... then it started to pour rain on everything. "Get used to it, this is going to happen". Better from the start... get all of the adjusting over with at the beginning. If it all gets destroyed it all gets destroyed. It is what it is. I do the best that I can. I stopped doing my Oprah tapes today. I have sent her over 739 DVD requests asking for her participation in my wildest of dreams. I am now going to focus not on the finale of the dream... but the most urgent aspect... which is for the world to meet Boner before he retires. That is the catalyst for this present journey that I am on. I want to take the Traveling Piano and Boner to the 2008 Olympics in China. There the world will meet him. I sent Oprah a long note on her website last night. There is a link... Need a "HARPO HOOK UP" To Pull A Few Strings? I will need some help, I need some strings pulled for me, I need a Hook Up to get to China. I think it would be helpful for people to write Oprah to say the Traveling Piano has worth and Harpo Productions would be doing a service to the world in the spirit of fun to Hook Us Up! Do it for Boner... if you have met him tell Oprah how special he is, lets get his spirit around the world. That would be a wonderful thing, eh? Would you do that for me please? Here is the URL http://www2.oprah.com/tows/intheworks/tows_works_main.jhtml ...look for the link half way down the page and click on it and then ask your friends to do it also. Lets get something started together. I would love everyone to be able to say they had an active part in this Wildest of Dreams. Let Oprah know that Boner is worth the attention! Ha. What fun! Do it!

June 10, 2007

My Backyard, Pennsylvania USA

I want to get up earlier in the morning but I can't get to bed before 2AM! I have started to put my belongings out in the yard to sell and raise funds to continue on my journey. I do not want to get overwhelmed and there is a lot to do. What do I put out, where, how, what about rain, setup every day, signs, pricing, covers for at night, I don' t want it to look like a junk yard etc.. I found a big four foot drum today it will be the, "Tip The Piano Player Drum" so I want people to put money into it. Do I hold an official fundraiser? I can't be working and looking like a dirty sweaty pig with people coming in the yard especially in my underwear with no top on and my hands dirty and tired from pulling weeds and carrying around rocks... how do I play music for them in the mist of it all? Where do I get the energy to invite them onto the piano and do that shtick when I am also selling as I am also setting up, as well as socializing? Drama... bottom line... I am grateful I have been able to give myself the ability and permission to follow my dreams. I am meeting neighbors, a couple from India yesterday brought two plant cuttings, a woman and her mother from the Czech Republic today came buy, neighborhood friends gave me a nice donation for some beautiful goldfish from the pond, a ruff looking guy came buy wearing green shamrocks and we had a talk. I'll guess he was Irish. Yikes, socializing, selling, setting up, performing, encouraging people to create music... what happens when two people come at the same time? I only got about twenty items out today. Drama... oh the drama.

June 09, 2007

My Backyard, Pennsylvania USA


Today is truly a remarkable day for me. For those who do not know, I have struggled throughout my life with a self image of being fat and overweight partnered with the threat that I would never have friends or a life mate and I would always be ridiculed behind my back for being overweight. God it was painful... not in the fact of being fat but in the struggle to not be. The not likening of myself, mirroring my own self-image in others, the drama, beating myself up mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually. Well... THOSE DAYS ARE GONE...FOREVER!!!

I am so grateful I made it to this place in life while I am still alive, I am grateful I have been able to allow myself to have this experience and place in my life. I am grateful there is still more to look forward to because of it. Let me tell you... Today I weigh 199 pounds to be exact as of today. I have not been below 200 in over 20 years. I was 257 when I began my wildest of dreams two years ago. I had a forty-five inch waste and now have a 38-inch waist. I did not have enough energy to walk around the local football field once back two years ago. I am 58 pounds lighter than I was two years ago. I have been moving boulders around in my backyard in ninety-degree heat for the last three days. I have performed music almost every day for two years. Do you know how much strength and energy that takes? With complete gratitude, I can say fully that I am a winner.

Two years ago, I said, "screw it" to the life I was living, I was turning 50 and I said to myself, "what the hell are you waiting for? Your going to be dead soon, how many years do you have left?" I made a decision to make the choices I really wanted for me... FOR ME ALONE. I spent most of my life making choices to suite others or struggling with that. It never did "twat "for anyone. The examples of what I have done for myself have been the only thing that has benefited others in the long run. Learning what ...I... want has been a life long process. Creating the ability to choose what I want came only from working with others who were supporting and accepting of my chooses not matter what. Finding those people has been a never ending trail and error as I have progressed upward in life. I strive to accept that fact; there will be mistakes and regression.

Anyway, two years ago I finally took the leap to pursue my Wildest of Dreams no matter what. I decided to live life in joy and to allow myself to have the abundance I keep hearing about and experiencing from others who kept teaching that life's abundance is also for me if I want it. If you have been following my life through these last two years you will see how I have successfully pursued Oprah Winfrey to have a one of a kind truck and to do a wild Boogie Woogie piano playing streak across the superbowl field for fun entertainment with it. Note the use of the words "successfully pursued". I said nothing about "accomplished" and this is because I have learned that the success comes from the process of life. Of course I want to accomplish the dream in totality but that comes from the pursuit. This I have learned. I have always enjoyed foreplay (the pursuit) more than any actual climax. Actually the longer the foreplay without losing my interest... the bigger the climax has always been. Give me foreplay!!!

I have had so much fun in the last two years... more than in my entire life put together so far. These Wildest of Dreams, this silly, great, fantastic vision of mine, probably the only original vision I have ever had is the foundation for my Wildest of Dreams. Sending Oprah a fresh DVD request with promo daily has been an anchor for my Wildest of Dreams. Some people go to church everyday, some people meditate everyday, some people have sex everyday well ... I have made DVD everyday and mailed it to Harpo Productions. I want everyone reading this to please email Oprah Winfrey on her website and ask her of she has viewed all of my DVD's all 738 of them so far and then tell her if she has not to please check her mailbox and to do so. Hahahaha..... Do It!

Through this period of gaining health, I realized completely, finally and fully that I am not alone in my life. I have about a hundred people many people who I have known for my entire life on my Oprah tapes. The doctor who delivered me is on one! So is my high school music teacher and my mailman of twenty years! Over 32,300 people signed a piece of paper in just 33 days last year while I was performing in support of my dream!!!!!!!!!!!

I began to create my own music as a result of my Wildest of Dreams. That has been more fulfilling that all of the sex I have had in my life put together into one session. Is that enough said on that accomplishment? Also, I have come full circle as a result of that and now am able to inspire and empower others to create music. I started out as a teacher even before I began to perform and now I have been releasing a great desire and passion to continue the encouragement through the example of my life. I share my piano on the truck venue with everyone... and I mean everyone. Who knew that would be so much fun? I got rid of the need to be respected egotistically and financially as a musician. I play or free. That is the key for me is fun, spontaneity, surprise, discovery, no expectation, no obligation. Of course, I am still working that out concerning my paying of the bills.

These websites of mine, Traveling Piano and Raggin' Piano Boogie, what a major accomplishment with all of the publishing, the structure, the writings and pictures. I have always wanted to write even though I have read very few books in my life. I even cut classes for three years of high school! (I was really good at getting around the classes; it was all out of fear) I consider my websites a vehicle to witness my life, to share it all the good and bad, to be of help to the world as in the example of a "life". No denial, no secrets, no bad stuff... just the struggle and the good. Who needs bad stuff? Not me.

Throughout the last two years I have been traveling with my piano, truck and dog for the first time ever!!! Last year down South to the hurricane affected areas. As you may have been reading I just came back from traveling through both rural and urban communities in ten American states and all throughout Mexico all the way down to the central west coast. I lift individual spirits. I have had the opportunity to go and play in communities where I connected neighbors together who rarely talk to each other and who have never even met each other before. I have been able to spread musical fun, joy, friendship and respect through everything I am, do and offer. I received the most amazing amount of validity for my life through the honor of the students at Virginia Tech asking me to come there on the second day of their tragedy. They asked me to help keep joy in their lives and to help them to cope with the ordeal. Wow, talk about beyond my wildest of dreams. I have nothing but pure humility and thankfulness over that experience... one hundred percent. The bottom line for my life has always been the desire to be part of... connected to and with... to share my life and what I have to offer with people and most importantly to have them want what I have to offer. To be wanted, valued and appreciated... I got that!

I donated a piano to a life long 84-year-old piano player who lost her piano in Hurricane Katrina and I recently shipped another piano for the kids in the tribal village where I stayed in Mexico. It was to a community that would never have had the capability to acquire a piano by their own means. I allowed the ability to TRUST my intuitive stream of impulses to let those gifts flow through me. God, was THAT fun! I could have paid off some debt with that money but sometimes "in the moment", joy must come first.

Boner is such an asset to my life more and more everyday. What a sidekick he is. He has changed how people perceive dogs especially in Mexico. His being so clean, (he stays that way himself) respectful, patient, tolerant, obedient, considerate, reciprocal, loving, self disciplined, giving, thoughtful... who knew a dog or any animal would be capable of so much. People now aspire to have that kind of relationship with their own dogs. They tend to look for those qualities in the dogs of friends and those dogs they see on the street.

My accomplishments so far all come down to one... my physical health. Actually there is one core level lower and that will be revealed on July 16th. To be physically healthy for the last two years has been and is my personal anchor. Today I dipped below two hundred pounds. I became lighter not from dieting but from living life to the fullest. I cannot lose one pound of weight from not eating alone, not one pound and believe me I have tried. I can only lose weight with consistent exercise even if only ten minutes a day... and generally healthier food choices, smaller amounts at one time, several meals daily, lots of water and a constant stock of emergency food at my disposal like fruit or nutrition bars. I also give myself permission to binge without guilt, shame or remorse with the agreement that I will be responsible for the consequences.

Hear is what happened. Two years ago today I sent Oprah a DVD basically saying, "Please grant me my Wildest of Dreams, I am going to become physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually fit to accomplish it. I am completely committed to my dreams and to prove it I will lose weight and keep it off for two years or you can have all the rights to Raggin' Piano Boogie". Now... believe me I am not stupid, I am no dummy. I know that Oprah would not give two hoots about the rights to Raggin' Piano Boogie. I said that for me. I set up the time line. I knew I had to prepare myself for my Wildest of Dreams. I knew I had to give myself a decent amount of time to prove to myself that I could commit to my life and its dreams and to show to myself that I am serious. I needed time to develop a relationship with myself that was conducive to success and to show that to the world. I needed to take the biggest action step that I could. To become fit and healthy is without question has been my biggest life challenge. I have been a weight yo-yo dieter for my entire life. The longest time period of health I have ever been able to achieve has been 8 months. I once lost 68 pounds in two and a half months on the Optifast diet. Hence my connection with Oprah. She did that diet also and seemed to have some public humiliation as a result. She has been consistent overall in staying healthy since that time period over twenty years ago and I have not. I watched her from a distance over the years. I learned through her example. She has been a teacher of consistency for me and now I am consistent. For Christ's sake, I wear sleeveless tea shirts now for the first time in my life. Even when I was thin in the past from a diet still did not allow a self-image that would do that. The answer is all in gratitude for the present moment.

I want to welcome you into my life; it is a good one and please enjoy my life with me. This means you!

June 08, 2007

I am moving along with my musical fundraiser/yard sale/house liquidation. I spent the day setting up tables moving rocks, digging out cactus... etc... I am starting to approach the neighborhood kids as they walk by to invite them in to play some piano in the yard. I watch their faces go blank as they try to digest that the guy in the blue house has a piano on his truck that is parked in the backyard and he wants them to jump up on it to jam. Hmmm... I am going to need to try a lot of different angles to pull this neighborhood thing together. My next door neighbors next to the truck told me they like to hear my music which is a great relief as they are very private people but keep their doors open all the time. I have been trying to get them over to play some but they are freaked at the idea that I might sneak a picture of them while they are playing. I will try to assure them over time that I will respect their wishes. My niece, Heather came to play on the truck today. She needs to sit and piano tinkle on the piano for about a week to release some stress from her life. After working all day, I took my turn at the piano to relax while creating music at twilight. Someone sent me an email today with a thought attached... I want to share it... " It is the mark of an educated man to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it!."

June 07, 2007

My Backyard, Pennsylvania USA

I have been a bit frazzled today it might be because I did not do my breathing and stretching when I woke up this morning. Something small like that can put my day at risk. It is days like this when I create accidents for myself so I need to be extra careful. For example, I stabbed my finger with a pair of scissors today, lots of blood. Ok, Mr. Enlightened still has issues. Bottom line, I continued to live life to the fullest today even if it was in slow mo or at times just spinning my wheels but there was not one moment I was not conscious. I played on the piano twice, the second time John and Aubrey walked by just in time to take a pic for me. I really enjoyed playing. I set a speaker and my stereo up outside and listened to some Elder (the piano guy) while I worked. I started to compare myself a bit but when listening and realized that his structure and technique came from a place that I never had a desire to be in. That place was practicing all day every day for many years. My life has been a little of this a little of that. Still, when I began to play I realized that I have my own sound unlike anyone else's. This fact has a lot of value musically. I moved a piece of furniture out into the yard, made more platforms and covered them with dollar store tablecloths. The flyers and a big sign are on the way. I hope people come and spend money at this house liquidation so I can pay the bills to continue with this journey. I love my life. I am siked about my weigh in on the ninth and I am eating less and that may also be why I am out of sorts. I had a banana, cheeseburger and a huge tuna, carrot, celery, sesame oil and white wine vinegar salad with salt and pepper and it was really was good. That was the first time ever that I used anything other than mayo with a tuna salad

June 06, 2007

My Backyard, Pennsylvania USA

I realize that some people are getting confused as to what this daily log is about. It is about my life, my life with Boner, music, my mind, body and spirit. It is about relationship with everything. At least that is what it is about these days. I have been saving these bananas in my kitchen for two weeks waiting to see how ripe I can get them before I use them for a smoothie. I was waiting for them to drip. Today was the day; I just had banana, peach, powdered milk, sweet and low smoothie. God, was that good! My two-year weigh in is on the 9th. I am determined to dip below 200 pounds for the first time in 20 something years without dieting

Today I am a happy piano man. I broke through my neighborhood inhibitions. First, I positioned the truck so that my back was not to the neighborhood. That was better than the last two days. Then... a neighborhood couple started to walk by and they smiled and looked interested so I motioned for them to come over. With the wave of a hand I said, "hi, come on in." It was such a small gesture yet so big. They came in and how great that was. Then I took it to the next stage, "come on up and play some." Their names were John and Aubrey and they did not play piano but I was able to coax them. Aubrey is a singer, I told her to bring her sheet music tomorrow for me to play while she sang. Hehehe.... this all might become very fun. As I was doing my shtick of what is going on, where I just came from, blah, blah, blah... I was conscious that other neighbors might be listening to me do the routine the same old, same old which will be dome over and over hopefully everyday. I hope they don't get sick of it. I should not worry, I have no need to. The music only reaches to the end of the property so hopefully that will be the same for my voice. Then again, sound bounces in and out, off and on the strangest places in this neighborhood. Someone three blocks over might be thinking... "what the hell is that and where is it coming from"? When I banged on the keys like I always do to show its ok to just make random musical noise... I cringed. Funny how the closer to home everything is in every way, the tendency abounds to experience, feel or anticipate judgment, rejection and fear. It should not be that way... I should feel safest at home and I am changing that for myself. It's my life and I'll smile if I want to. That came across a bit corny to me but I am going to let it stand.

June 05, 2007

My Backyard, Pennsylvania USA

I am no longer going to be surprised when resources to create my Wildest of Dreams come naturally into my life. I will not need to figure out why or how they come through whether it be god's higher power, a friend or neighbor, the laws of attraction, my own will or my best buddy Boner. My goal presently in life is to be an active participant in achieving my goals. To know and accept and feel good that I have been the responsible party, I did my success to me. I have been heading in this direction for some time. It was not always like this. In the beginning as a child, I knew it should have been like this but those thoughts and feelings were then repressed. As a young adult and in the world as an individual there was "nothing" to grasp onto with thoughts and feelings except chaos and fear. Then as I grew up I started to trust "a... way" and as long as I looked forward, things began to happen, miraculous things. I acknowledged them with gratitude, accepted them and shared it all with others. Now I am finished giving the credit over to everything else. I am now responsible for all the good, all the joy I create and I accept the residual negativity too. Most importantly, because I am not afraid to share it all if it is desired by the world. I saw my neighbor Don today; he is an older guy and has always been a runner. A met with him before I left on my journey, he was withered away with cancer and chemo. Today I looked across the street as he waved with a big smile, looked at his watch and screamed... Woo Weee... as he took off down the street running faster than I ever saw him run before. I always admired his aditude and then thought, "you are now a peer of his".

I played music in the backyard until it got dark. The ice cream truck rode by as I played. I am paranoid with people going by behind my back on the street. I need to figure out a way to position the truck so I can see everything and it is also inviting and not intimidating to come into the backyard. I spent eight hours today writing and making the flyer to sell my stuff.

June 04, 2007

My Backyard, Pennsylvania USA

My goal is to minimize regression in life. What does that mean? Hmmm... not sure. I am getting clearer in associating feelings with my thoughts and to create them for my thoughts if I need to. It all has to do with the laws of attraction. Create feelings? How do I create a foreign feeling? My feeling system was very messed up for years, they were conflicted, I couldn't identify them, they just were not there, they were negative, positive, numb... next topic...

I pulled the truck into the backyard to play. I am to liquidate everything I own everyday from now on in my yard to raise funding to pay for the last few months of travel and to continue forward with the Traveling Piano and... I am going to have fun doing it. Hostas are the only things in the yard for sale so far. I am still getting used to the idea. The kids in the neighborhood, I have always kept them at a safe distance I now want to bring them into my life but will need to do it with some limits and boundaries, I don't want to become the cool neighborhood babysitter and for my property to become their playground or for them to be playing with the merchandise. One step at a time, no projection, no expectations. Having people driving around the block to check me out in my own backyard is a lot different than driving around the square in a public space. I feel somewhat like I am in a zoo looking out at them being in my own space. Hahahaha. Say goodbye to privacy Danny, you are exposed! And those neighbors whom you have always kept at arms length? Get used to the idea of embracing them. That is what you want right? Right.

June 03, 2007

In My House, Pennsylvania USA

I used to be a slob. Everything and anything would lie around on the floor everywhere until it got so bad I could not take it anymore. I would then clean it up only for the mess to start again the next day. Now, I am pretty good with having a clean house it gets out of hand maybe once or twice a year. I have not become anal about having everything in its place I just want to have order in the house. I woke up this morning and first thing before even having my coffee, I had to vacuum the dog hair and mud on the floor. I was working in the yard yesterday and I had also just vacuumed yesterday but Boner is shedding and it is almost unbearable to deal with. I had to clean it because the filth would have seeped into my psyche for the whole day. I thought, " while on the road you didn't have to think about the floor, the dishes etc." but that was not true.

The truth is while at home I do not have as much impetus to keep order in my own house everyday. While on the road I had to keep all my belongings organized or I would not be able to find anything. Every morning at a guest's house, I made my bed. Everything stayed in order out of respect for my host and their property. I even vacuumed the floor before I left if a vacuum cleaner was nearby. I should certainly give that same respect to myself in my own home. I'm pretty good at it. Everything I do, every action I take, is a sign; it validates what I want and who I am. It empowers me to keep moving on progressively. I need to stay conscious of what I want and who I am to take the action steps.

It is raining all day and that is good. I am cataloguing all my pictures and video from the journey so far and it is a lot! Also, my first rock buyer Brian stopped by as it started to rain hard. He wanted to purchase some more rocks from my garden, it was his third purchase. He and his wife Michelle have treated the trips to my house as outings with sons Evan and Scott, rock-finding expeditions. They appreciate every rock they have brought. I gave each of the kids an autographed Raggin' Piano Boogie poster. A neighbor's brother came over to check out the house to see if they wanted to buy it. Should I sell my house for this journey???!!! Scary.

June 02, 2007

My Backyard, Pennsylvania USA

I moved another step forward with my journey today. I cut out an area in my fence so I can drive the Traveling Piano into my backyard. Ahh... empowerment. It took days to get the oomph... to do it. The old crap in my head, "you can't do that, your not allowed to do that, people don't do that, etc..." Well, I did it. It's my house I can do what I want with it. Ha. Still, it is always a challenge to step up to the plate for myself, eh? I took out all the tiger lilies and the climbing rose bushes by the fence. I want someone to buy them, $25 by the bulk, bunch. I drove the piano into the back yard and even though my hands were covered with dirt and I was tired and my hands hurt from digging and carrying rocks, I played. It was so cool to play the piano on my truck in my own back yard. God it was cool. It was sooo... cool. I wonder if it will still be cool after two months of doing it everyday in my back yard. My camera memory card became corrupted when I tried to download my images to the computer today...damm I hate when that happens. No pictures of my first day in the backyard!

I think it will be fun to have a house and yard liquidation, fundraising sale with a piano for everyone to play on along with the shopping. When a sale is made I'll play some piano to celebrate. This process MUST be fun I will not have it any other way. It is moving ever so slowly but step by step... I am making the way. Some neighbors came over to tell me the music was not loud at all. That was a relief and at the same time, I made it louder. I like it LOUD but I don't want to freak anybody out. Another neighbor who I am mad at walked by and we avoided eyes. She was dying to come over and comment. Ha... the balls in her court. If she gets the nerve to approach me, I will accept what she has to offer. It better be some money! Ha. I played as adolescent kids walked by pretending not to notice a truck in the yard with a piano man playing piano on the back of it and a dog sitting on top of the piano. Kids rode by on their motorized scooters. One neighbor said to his wife, "leave him alone he's practicing." I hope people will not be shy and afraid to approach this unconventional yard and house sale.

June 01, 2007

Field, Pennsylvania USA

Today is the two-year anniversary of the pursuit of my wildest of dreams. Whoo Whee.... I have been consistent in living life to the fullest for two years!!! Wow... My favorite part of it all is not the joy I have been able to create for myself but what I have been able to share with other people. What good... is a good thing if it is not shared? For me the fun of life is in sharing it.

I weighed myself today, 204.5 so I know I get under 200 before the ninth... I'm going to do it... exercise my ass off and drink lots of liquid, I woke up and made some spaghetti with TVP so my food is ready for the day, Do you know what TVP is? I ate small meals throughout the day with an apple, a few oranges and made some sun tea with lemon and sweetener. I need to shave Boner, he will want it.

I drove to a nearby volleyball field before a rainstorm, the guys who play there everyday were hanging out and yelled, "you can play here", so I did. I have met these guys once before and today they came over to the truck to join in on the truck and then invited me to their fourth of July picnic. I said, "you gonna have some good Indian food"? Of course they would have good Indian food, they asked me, "can you read Indian music?" I said, "there is Indian sheet music"? Of course, there is Indian sheet music and I said, "I'm game."

I played for a short while over a big sky and watched the storm come in as I improvised. The lighting strikes crackling across the sky were red. I had my tarp to throw over the piano with a quick sweep. I got out of there just in time. I missed the last night of the full moon.