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May 31, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

I am feeling very thankful that physically I am ok after the weekend of work. Through the years, there has been many miraculous events in this journey and sometimes I think what happened, as they do not seem to "be" so often now. But in fact, they are happening all the time. This past week I think and feel has been an example. The ability. There is still a truck load of popcorn to do. My helper became ill and so tomorrow I will go pick it all up and continue onward into June. One day at a time with each day full of gratitude and also fear that I need to catch when it comes on and deal with it before it takes hold. As always, Mo is my consistency, my comfort, my object of affection and reassurance, my ever close companion, the best... he is my everything.

May 30, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

I sort of chuckle to myself with the blog entries over the last few days. All the detail, too much detail, on and on but that is the way it is, it is what it is. After I woke up I was almost ready to keep going again today like on a treadmill but knew better than to push it into a fourth day in a row. My mind did not know what to do with itself as I have been totally focused on work for the last few days. Time to move into other thoughts. It was a smart move to stop and just lay in bed and relax. The energy output from the last three days was tremendous. I treated myself to a binge watch of the first season plus one of Succession the television show that just finished out. That was eleven hours of tv with a nap, lol! I loved it. I enjoy getting lost in a good show. Also, I started a twelve hour slow cook chicken with potatoes, mushroom and onion. All day I felt like I should be sick but wasn't. There is more to do. This past Memorial Weekend with the Traveling Piano was a major success!

May 29, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

Did I mention yesterday that the inverter for the piano is not working again? I want to create music while I am giving out the water and popcorn, it is frustrating but my focus is in giving out the popcorn right now while it is still fresh. I cannot deal with the piano. The inverter was super hot. Everything used to play in the heat... Today I tried it when it was not so hot and it did still not work. I need time to trouble shoot but must empty out the the truck bed first with all the cups, box containers, coolers, etc... A few friends posed for a Popcorn, Gatorade Traveling Piano and Pup photo. They wanted to show how much they appreciate me so I could show my appreciation for friends online who help us through financial contribution be able to create ongoing Music, Fun, Friendship, Respect and to share Needed Resources, Validation and Reassurance of Human Worth on the Streets for those without a home. It has been three days so far and I have been able to distribute just by myself for others... $300 bucks worth of popcorn, 30 gallons of water and 160 pounds of ice. YIKES!!! It has been awesome fun and so needed on the streets with the temperatures near 100 every day. No organization, church, commercial entity.... just all one on one relationship, people caring about other people.

May 28, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

Wow, I wrote a lot yesterday. The need to document what happened, I just want to remember the details for myself. It is totally validating and who I am, what I am about, how my life works. What I wrote I do not remember already and do not have it in me to read in order to not repeat today. So, I may be repeating things I've already said today I don't know. A girl I know Katie has filled many bags for me and it has been a big help like, the wind beneath my wings. Getting going in the morning was excruciating but once going, my energy just took off again. I still cannot get over the fact that I found water for .35 cents a gallon and ice cubes .50 cents for 5 lbs! It makes me very happy so I can do this all summer if needed, never go out without water and ice for others. People are remembering me, "you have been here seven years now, I remember you at Christmas, I remember when you made the soup, the chili, the music" on and on, it just feels very good!

May 27, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

First I had to take everything, the popcorn and casings out of the truck to assess the space, needs and how it would all work with placement. Everything had been visualized beforehand but now I had to work specifically with how much and where. Plus, I had to prop up the coolers to the right levels. Then, after starting to fill a few bags I realized it was too messy and also way too hot to do what was needed on the street. The butter on the popcorn was melting into the paper bags. Everything had to be dragged up to my room and it all filled the bathroom tub up to the ceiling where it was cool and dry. Thank God I did not have the room to purchase the ice, koolaide and cups! They would have had to sit in the heat under the canvas truck tarp until tomorrow and the ice would have melted and hot juice and water would not have been good at all. I laid large, clean trash bags on my bed and spilled the popcorn onto them. The plastic made it easy to scope and shovel the popcorn into the paper bags. I would leave enough space at the top of the bags to staple them closed then fill the original plastic bags with the paper bags, 20 fit into each one. This a process to be repeated over and over with each large bag. This way the popcorn stays fresh. It is wrapped three times, in paper, in the original plastic bag and then several original bags into a large plastic trash bag. I rested between each large bag finished and drank 32oz water in between each session. After a couple hours, I realized I was going to die, lol and with all the small bags I had to open... just ugh!

The tradeoff from simply purchasing popcorn in small pre-wrapped bags is the feel of everything being organic. Also for everyone, there are memories of popcorn in a popcorn bag, fresh and filled with love and care. People feel subconsciously or not the difference with the time and effort put into a gift verses a few kernels of popcorn in a plastic bag that means practically nothing and is in fact practically nothing. It is like someone giving out a can of soup verses homemade soup in a nice bowl. Of course people will be happy with both but I do not roll that way. I give what I would enjoy someone giving to me and in the way I would like to receive. The idea of "special" is important to those living without most all of the comforts in life. And as well, presentation... for me even though it is just a bag of popcorn and a drink of water it is giving from a fountain of abundance with an entire truck with popcorn overflowing. Fun, care, respect, relationship, enjoyment and an over abundance of love.

So I am sitting in my room wondering how this is all going to happen with my lack of strength and then a miracle happened. Among a group of people I hang around with, there is a saying."God never gives us more than we can handle." Well, I had reached the end of my rope. I had texted a girl yesterday who had always said she would help if needed. She replied back as I sat in my chair and everything began to fall into place. She and her friend would be up to doing the rest of the wrapping for me so I could focus on the actual work. She agreed to drive to where I live today and pick it all up to take home to do and I had enough from what I had already packed for the day. She also took photos for me, so important. I want to show the concept photo (down below on this website page) actualized into the real world. Thank God! Believe it or not there was only one place in all of downtown that had shade. The sun was too bright on every street and alley. We parked in the back of the only store that had an overhang and there also, I found a discarded milk crate that turned out to be the exact size I needed to sit the water cooler on.

This morning, I felt really weak, my body hurting from yesterdays work and my mind very fuzzy. My heart felt stressed. I told Jesus, "your going to have to help me get through this day for sure, its you and me Jesus!" And then I drove back to the supermarket to get ice, water, cups and juice. The general manager there (different from the guy I dealt with yesterday) was a total asshole and unwilling to help me get it all gathered, paid for and into the truck. I told him he was a wank and walked off. No matter how convenient and low cost, no way was I going to give the place any more business especially after yesterday. I drove to the .99 cent store and purchased 15-5lb bags of ice at $1.49 per bag. Yesterday, I was looking for one of those free standing water dispensers found in shopping centers as the water is less expensive at those spots. I don't know who I asked but someone said there is a place just a few blocks away! Upon arrival, I found that it distributes ice as well as water!!! 5 gallons of water for $1.25 and 20lbs of ice for $1.25. I had just paid $22.50 and here it was under $5!!! It is an understatement to say I was thrilled. Now, I can take water and ice to the streets and plenty of it all week long at that price. I had my ten gallon water cooler and a huge cloth insulation chest for the ice. As I see it, God/Universe pushed my away from that other place to find the best solution. It really did feel miraculous.

As I took to the streets, giving everything out was a breeze, it was so easy. Mo stayed in the cab hot but ok, such a good partner! This is how crazy it is. I told one person yesterday that I would have fresh popcorn and water for everyone today. Everyone and I am not exaggerating, knew I was coming out today and they we're looking for me. Others about a few miles north who I have not seen in a long while were simply elated to see me. You gotta figure, they only see each other all the time, and where they can go is restricted so they are stuck. Mo and I and the Traveling Piano is major good stimulation for people. There we're several new people most women as sweet as can be but a bit mental. Obviously they we're tossed out into the streets by the "system." We had some good relationship with fun, friendship and respect with about a hundred homeless people today one-on-one. Ahh... the validation and reassurance, it was wonderful all around.

Towards the end of the day I was giving out what was left on Las Vegas Boulevard and a tourist couple on a first date walked by curious and thinking they were going to get something. I said, ten bucks for a bag of popcorn and every penny goes to those living on the street. Lol, the guy gave me twenty and so of course in knowing he was a giver, I had to share the Traveling Piano experience with them. Where was the energy coming from? I ended up creating some music and boy did that feel good. Mo, I could clearly see was wanting to get onto the piano. He even tried to jump into the truck on his own. He was very happy and I could see was missing his old routine of just hanging out up there. So, flying with energy I drove onto Main street downtown to setup and give him more time on the piano. That ended up with more interactions and my favorite Traveling Piano mission agenda happening. That would be, "strangers becoming less afraid of each other." Five strangers got onto the Traveling Piano together to have some fun! Who knows how I am going to feel physically tomorrow but for todays success in every way... it will have been worth it. I'll take whatever comes.

May 26, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

I went to purchase the popcorn and everything else today. The store manger did not place the order as he said he would. This, after four visits to make sure everything was in order. After dealing with this guy enough times I think he did not have the confidence that I was going to make the bulk purchase. I told him that he let me down. It is the only place I know of in Las Vegas that sells popcorn in such large bags. There was another store in the chain about fifteen minutes away that I asked him to call to see what they had. He faked the call in front of me saying they did not have any, which was ridiculous. Probably, he didn't want them to know he screwed up. He suggested I purchase the small pre-wrapped bags and he would give them to me for the same price. After looking at the receipts later, he had not. I brought the store out of popcorn both small and large bags and was charged the regular price.

There are about fifty small bags in a big bag. I decided not to purchase the ice, water, juice or cups there. Why would I give him more business? That was providential as I could not get it together to give anything out today. The preparation and haul was totally exhausting in of itself. More on the preparation tomorrow. Any ice would have melted and that cost would have been wasted. The juice sitting in the truck until tomorrow would have turned hot and sour. As it was there was not an inch of space left under the tarp which was needed to be used in order to keep everything secure until I got home. Having purchased the juice, ice and cups would have necessitated a second trip which would have been a total pain in the ass. The exact use of every square inch for the popcorn alone felt providential. Hitting every light both going to the supermarket and on returning also felt providential as it made the experience smoother and easier for me in a large way.

May 25, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

God, the popcorn venture is such a big deal in my head. That is not good. "What if, can I, how, so much, can't, have to, will, attention, who, where, when"... It is like a drama of years past and drains me emotionally and physically. I remember that once upon a time I thrived on drama (like forty years ago) and I am catching myself in that old drama for some reason. Nothing ever leaves me. I live through experiences and feelings and they all exist in present time. I can choose to move through them, not acknowledge them at all and also pick and choose to use them however I deem. Well, the drama in my head I can do without. Be gone!

Thank God I no longer transfer my drama onto others as I also once did. I've matured, grown up and away from that dysfunctional behavior. My process is to create as I move along. So with getting this popcorn, gatorade project together it is difficult to have someone help me as they need to anticipate my needs in the process and that is almost impossible to do as what I am doing changes constantly in every way, it shifts in order to make it all work. I had a helper that fell through but that was probably a blessing. Like I said, I cannot be telling someone else what to do when I do not know what I am doing until the moment it happens. Thinking about someone else in the process of trying to focus just adds more chaos for my brain.

May 24, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

One year ago today the Robb Elementary School gun massacre happened in Uvalde, Texas. Mo and I drove down to Uvalde with the Traveling Piano to create support and found ourselves in the center of it all. The time was divinely inspired without question. Our purpose was realized instantly. I bring the tragedy up in conversation all the time with people we meet. Over ninety percent have forgotten about it. It takes for me to create three or four associations for people to go, "oh yea, I remember that." The God Damm republicans have used the tragedy to blatantly not... do anything about gun safety.

As far as I am concerned, every republican voter has the blood of these children and teachers on their hands. Guns are the leading cause of death among children in this country. Look it up. On facebook I have become friends with several family members of children slaughtered. When we correspond it takes discipline to not absorbed the devastating despair they experience daily and will for the rest of their lives and of course the children who survived. Also, I must not attached my own importance or need of inclusion into any of it. To simple allow life to flow through me while asking God with gratitude to direct my thoughts, this is a daily practice.

May 23, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

Today was about preparing for the popcorn and Gatorade on the streets for the homeless weekend. Decisions on what to purchase, how much, making sure the store has everything in stock, where to store it and finding out there will be no discount happened. I need a non-profit number and to fill out forms and wait for a review and go through all the bureaucracy to get a frigin' discount? That is not going to happen. 25 large bags of popcorn, 2-10 gallon barrels for Gatorade powder and water, ice, popcorn bags, cups... it will cost many hundreds of dollars and I have it from my friends contributing. I almost had the help of female two volunteers. I could use help filling the bags but they wanted to give it out on the streets with me. That would not be a good idea as I will be giving it out on the run in dirty alleys and on what can be dangerous streets and in sketchy areas. I have more of an affect giving as an individual one-on-one anyway. Although... so difficult. This is one of the things that I love to do in life. If only it was not so hot, about a hundred degrees downtown everyday.

May 22, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

Went to the supermarket to see if I can get a discount for everything I need for the homeless community outreach this coming Memorial Day weekend with the Traveling Piano. A discount is not going to happen. They need to be able to write it all off with a non-profit number, it has to go through a corporate process, they need proof of my legitimacy with proposals, etc... which can take forever and I need it for this week. Water, Gatorade, ice, containers, cups, popcorn, popcorn bags... I have the money contributed and just need to not be super frugal as I am and just get the stuff, and just do it, and just have fun. Afterwards, Mo and I spent some time at our friends Mary and Eric's place in their back yard pool. For so many years I dreamed of having a friend with a nice backyard pool to use! I have that now and need to enjoy it with the most realization, awareness, gratitude, satisfaction and ability as possible. Sending to people with Google address, their Traveling Piano photos has become a problem. The internet is becoming more difficult to navigate with all the security features being embedded into our experiences. We all are becoming more and more manipulated, controlled, censored for the sake of commercialism and profit for a few, and we all just keep going and going and going.

May 21, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

After sleeping thirteen hours I was feeling some strength and felt like I wanted to keep going and get another days work in. Something said do not push it after yesterday and after a few hours... wow, the energy just dropped. Good thing I did not push it. What I did was create a slow cook pot roast. Always, it is just luck for me. I got REAL lucky. Into a slow cooker I threw two different slaps of beef, (do not know what cut they were but one had some fat on it), cubed potatoes, baby bella mushroom, carrot, onion, a few sweet jalapeƱo peppers from a jar and for seasoning... clover honey, red wine vinegar, crushed garlic, crushed peppercorn, a little salt, rosemary, olive oil and worcester sauce. It all cooked on low heat for 12 hours. Vegetables turned out with a perfect consistency, meat perfect and the juicy flavor, yum, yum, yum.

May 20, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

Fear of going out in the heat is ridiculous. Fear of everything anymore like returning to my apartment complex to find no parking places when it would be too dangerous to park on the street. It has never happened, why the fear? There are always options in dealing with heat. I've been dealing with it for thirty six years with the Traveling Piano. The pain and suffering of a dry ninety five degree heat in Las Vegas can not hold a match to a humid, ninety five degree heat from back in Philadelphia for example. Philly is so much worse! We drove a half hour west to Redrock Canyon overlook where it is ten degrees cooler and was able to park in the shade of a tree at the overlook. It was perfect.

The day was fulfilling until all the weddings and group picture taking people came for sunset. I forgot it is the weekend when all that happens. We met a couple there for baby bump photos and also some high school graduates and their families... total Traveling Piano photo opportunities along with the usual visitors and locals. For some alone time Mo and I drove to the exit parking lot area of Redrock Canyon and created music as a rain storm moved across the mountains. Mo met two new girlfriends while we we're there and so... another photo op. It always feels good to put in a full days work with the Traveling Piano.

May 19, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

I'm trying, scratch that word "try"... I am searching for clarity and energy, the oomph needed to continue onward. It is now a hundred degrees everyday downtown where I am and it will be probably be that and upwards to a hundred and twenty on some days until October. Lol... seriously. My friends Eric and Mary have a backyard pool that I've been going to, nothing gets done when I am there. I would like to take my computer and do some work but the computer is too old now and cannot take the heat. At their place the temperature is only ninety five, so much cooler (he says sarcastically) This will all get figured out, it always does. Tomorrow I will need to take the Traveling Piano out somewhere as I am jonsin'' to play some music and also share the truck with people. It is an absolute must to continue extending myself to others in positive ways. Next weekend the popcorn and gatorade will go out with the Traveling Piano. It will be Memorial Day weekend and perfect. The heat will not stop us. Mo may just hang in the truck tho... Like I said we will figure it all out.

May 18, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

What an amazing life I have been able to make for myself. As it winds down, I need to remind myself of that fact constantly. Even though there are major goals of this journey not achieved, the pursuit of those goals has led me to the achievement of my ultimate true desires in life. And lessons, many life lessons that I have written in this blog. For example, the journey to goals are what it is all about not the goals in of themselves. Some may think what I am going to say is setting the bar low but... I have always known there can be no higher bar in life than to affect just one life in a positive way. I have been about to do that many times over through humility and gratitude. What I never felt for myself growing up, I have found and created a thousand times over as an adult... trust in relationship with others, especially strangers. I was so taught not to trust strangers in life as a child which never felt good for me. Through the Traveling Piano I have found a way to trust and beyond my wildest of dreams... feel the trust of others.

May 17, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

I often meet people now more than ever before who create random acts of kindness for themselves and others. It is amazing. I say to them... you do what I do! They know the purpose it serves and so many people want to be of service in and for life. They know the joy of validation and the reassurance it creates all around. I cannot be angry and of service to human kind at the same time. That is not compatible. How great that I can decide for my self the attitude I want to have about everything. Nothing can take away my choice of that in life. I met a restaurant server the other day who makes a few peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to take to work everyday with a few bottles of water. He walks to work and gives out the sandwiches and water to people he passes who are living on the streets. Tonight, I was talking with a homeless guy addicted to meth and a woman passes and asks him, "do you need any socks? She keeps pairs of socks in the truck of her car for whenever she comes across someone homeless. She wants to be of service for and in the world because she is conscious and aware of the joy it brings for her.

May 16, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

The answer to feeling joy in life comes from being of service. The Traveling Piano has served incredibly in service for so many years... twenty years in service commercially and seventeen now in service with community outreach through pure joy without any other agenda. Music is such a healing force on so many levels, in so many ways. I do not appreciate it enough, never have, could never appreciate it enough. I wonder how long it has been since I said this... a musician for my entire life and I found my own personal music at age fifty. never before. When I think about what has been more gratifying, it comes down to a draw whether music in of itself, for myself is better or music is better for me in relationship with others. Music stands on its own in life, separate from all other life experiences. My creating music has been drifting away in my life ever so insidiously. Remember to remember Danny.

May 15, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

I stopped at the supermarket to see the lowest price I can get for the popcorn project with the drinks, containers, cups, ice, etc... After speaking with the manager, he said he would speak to the person who handles charities and talk with his buyer. It all sounds promising but no promises. In the old days I would just be doing all the homeless outreach continually but now I have to plan it all out in my mind for weeks beforehand just like when packing to go on the road. There was a time when I would manifest everything hands on in the present moment. No more. Now I need to actually be able to visualize everything in my mind beforehand. Now... it is like when going to the bathroom I have to think first... I'm going to get up from this chair, now I am going to walk into the bathroom, turn on the light... etc... in the past, there were times I had to do all that, but now it is all the time. There is little jump to it quick, natural thinking and acting in my life these days.

May 14, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

The temperatures are now near a hundred every day. Mo and I take short trips out with cold water to give out on the streets. We never have to walk more than a block in all directions to had out twenty bottles. There are a lot of people living on the streets. When I first moved here they we're all in my neighborhood. As the neighborhood gentrified they we're pushed into the gutter of the city about a mile north. Now they are both a mile north and right here where I live also. And... it can get disgusting to find people behind smelly garbage bins, in the alleys with cardboard on top of them, just dragging along the cement trying to stay upward.

I will tell you what is more disgusting than all that. Republican voters who want to just keep taking away all possible help until these people are dead so they do not have to see them anymore. Democrats do not do that, they never have, it is not their way. That... is a fact. And now the game is to say both political parties are bad. That is a propaganda lie. When did the idea of perfection take control with no flexibility to improve. When did "intent" leave the scene. Intent is everything when it comes to compassion and empathy.

May 13, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

I am still zonked three days in from about four days in a row of strong activity. It is what it is. Every day I live in gratitude for being able to work my life in my own ways, in my own time and, it has been awhile since I have lived in the fear of financial insecurity. That is such a huge thing!!! I mean, I have no money what-so-ever to do anything other than pay rent, gas money and food, there is not enough security to even buy new clothes but... I have a roof over my head, all basic bills are paid, Mo and I are still loving each other and simply "being" with each other in 100% joy. The truck... is totally fragile and I am somewhat afraid everytime I use it but... I am still using it. The piano is dying again but it is still working. My health... just ugh, but thank God for the ability to adjust. I have no obligations or expectations and do not have to do anything. I can rest, go to sleep and wake up on my own time clock... I have a few really good friends and many people who care about and respect me. Validation and reassurance of worth comes into my life daily even though it sometimes does not feel like enough, lol. I take none of all that for granted!

May 12, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

Today physically was a zero. Spiritually I took care of myself with some meditation. Mentally, I've been watching some videos on how to turn photos into coloring book pages. Always, I am filing and organizing something whether it be photos, music, thoughts, belongings, mindless stuff. I mean, take a look at this website alone. What is it now... seventeen years of daily blogs and photos? How did I ever have the time to also record music daily with all that for so many years???!!! That is something I must get back to, listening to the music to see what is acceptable to keep or not. There is still about ten years everyday a piece of improvised music on this website to go through. And then dinner... it takes forever, hours even to cook a dinner for myself, taking a shower is a planned activity, cleaning my place... forget it. Blah, blah, blah. I am just trying to fill space here now, lol.

May 11, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

What tops the agenda for today is acknowledgement and gratitude for reaching the goal of raising money to fill the Traveling Piano truck overflowing with popcorn, ice and gatoraid for people living on the streets. The goal of $500 has been met and then some with 11 contributors creating a total of $695. You can still contribute as you know the Traveling Piano's outreach is ongoing. This was a lot less painful then anticipated (ugh, the repeated posts online) and I appreciate that it only took a week. I want to thank those that contributed in doing this with me. I can no longer do it alone, nor do I want to. This will fill many bellies, quench many people's thirst but most importantly for me bring a smile to every face for sure! Also, Mo and I drove out again today to the Redrock overlook and had fun for hours with the music even with my mind in a fog. When driving, I have been racing for the last two days to get to wherever I am going, why? It is dangerous, I just need to become more aware of what I am doing... with everything!

May 10, 2023

Valley of Fire, Nevada

We headed out to the Valley of Fire via Lake Mead and unlike yesterday in Redrock, the spring flowers have seen their day. There is only one doable shade spot to settle into and get some work done in the valley, it is a picnic area. The parks are full of people these days but at the end of this spot, behind a gargantuan rock, there is a broken picnic table that is unusable. The shade cover is still there for perfect usage. With my lounge chair, computer, battery recharger, Mo's rug from the piano, water, a sandwich, camera and glasses we settled in for about four hours. The heat takes a toll on my computer so this will not work when it gets in the nineties, shade or not. Mo and I sat around millions of baby crickets or maybe they we're dessert locusts walking on the ground the entire time doing a pilgrimage to somewhere. The queens bugs would fly above (not many) observing the march and once in a while one would hover in front of us to access any possible threat. They all avoided us.

Once the sun began to set I started to drive out to an overlook to create a little music before leaving and at the other end of the picnic area a desert wedding was taking place with food, chairs, some decorations, etc... In the old days I would have stopped to insert the Traveling Piano and thought, just do it! Give some music and fun, add to the celebration as a spontaneous and synchronistic gift. I turned the truck around and drove in right before the ceremony. They all jumped for it. I created a moment of music while the bride approached the officiator and then played once the ceremony ended. They all came over to jump on the piano for photos, I played some music as they began to eat and then Mo and I were outta there. It all felt really good, my mind was in a blur, my energy kicked in and wow, I am so controlling when I need to get a photo anymore. Any practice at not being sharp and directive was out the window. But I needed to be that way in order to get the job done. You cannot just jump into a situation not of your making and take control... Danny!

May 09, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

The next two days are going to be good temperature wise, so I wanted to get out into nature today. It has been a couple of weeks? I woke too late to go to the Valley of Fire, nothing new with that. So, Mo and I drove to Redrock Canyon with my lounge chair, computer, spare battery and some snacks with plenty of water to just hang out in some quiet with nature. There is a trail parking lot near the exit of the park that usually is not busy. The wild flowers I thought would be done but that is not the case. They were awesome, you can see no desert dirt as everything is carpeted with green and orange flowers. The cacti have not bloomed yet! My camera fell out of the car onto the cement a few days ago and once again the lens cover jammed. Just did not want to deal with it and definitely did not want to go to the camera shop. So, after trying all the old ways from online I just decided to crack the lens cover and get it off that way.

Problem was my thinking was not clear and it looked like the actual lens was much deep away from the cover so I hit it too hard and gouged the actual lens.... that be six hundred bucks. Pain. Thank God I have the other camera. Now I'll need to learn that one more to use when taking photos in the sun and with people. For nature, no problem. Otherwise... ugh. While in a lounge chair working on the computer Mo found a bush out of the wind and in the shade a distance from the truck. He burrowed himself into total dog nirvana and took a nap for a half hour. This was the most enjoyment he has ever had with dirt and creating a burrow for himself because I just let him alone to be with himself to do whatever he wanted to do... away from me while knowing I was there. Nothing gives me more joy then watching and allowing him to be a dog at the core.

May 08, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

The ongoing gun massacres happening nationwide, my anger for republican politicians, anarchists and worse, those that support and vote for republican type fascists... is beyond reproach. It takes constant awareness not to get sucked into it all and create balance concerning responsibility in how and when to address it. For those who have read this blog for years, do you remember when gun tragedy would happen and I would drive the Traveling Piano to the spot to give support? Now, it is happening so often I do not know which way to turn. Mo and I we're in Colorado in November after the Club Q massacre. I've known for many years that humanity is in a downward spiral and that it will be necessary in order to rebound better than ever before into higher realms of consciousness and joy. In the meantime also, I have always known that the majority will go to the dark side so to speak and it will be up to the few to hold the core of our beauty and goodness and... that will take a tremendous about of faith, knowing when to let go, and remembering to remember... joy.

May 07, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

It feels like my relevance is slipping away. Getting older with limits and capability in every way is front and center daily. With the Traveling Piano, what comes to mind is something that someone said to me many years ago. The Traveling Piano is what I do and not who I am. Well, it is everything I do. Who I am in spirit will never go away, true. My manifesting here on earth still, is relevant no matter how little. As I manifest less and less I want to let go of the reality of it all with grace and dignity. Relevance in the minds of others, that means nothing and I need to remember that. When I go into caring about what others think I go into self-centered ego, it is nothing more than that. Thinking about what is possible with the limits of reality for myself and the world as it is today has been creating unnecessary delay in moving forward with life. Sometimes I need to think less and simply do. Good luck with that for me!

May 06, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

Of course after a day like yesterday, today is a zero as far as getting anything done. I am complexity physically exhausted. Yet I must say, something always gets done everyday just not anything that is physical for today. The popcorn and gatorade fundraising, I must keep aware in every moment not to push and try to manipulate and control people into contribution. It does not work, never has for me. That is not my style, thank God! I accomplish much more with a "this is fun" attitude and if you are not contributing I have no idea what is going on with you so I need to just not think and stay un-opinionated about it. Still, I do want to push because God forbid this takes a long time to raise $500. There are too many more important things on the fire.

May 05, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

It was weird and surprising today. My friend Eric picked us up to to get the Traveling Piano truck from the shop... again. It is working better now. The entire experience was emotionally draining on many levels especially since the last time talking was so terse. My repair guy and I have a quasi friend relationship like two brothers who argue. I took the truck to a pot luck dinner not knowing how it would be received and whether it was a good idea. In the old days I would not have hesitated so I decided to do it. What I could bring/give to the situation with the Traveling Piano had to be front and center in my mind. In conversation I became aware of how slow I was talking and needed to speed up my words with focus to keep anyone's attention. That is just a wow! Thank God for the awareness. As I get older, there are many things to stay aware of that we're once natural. Breathing deep, posture when walking, sucking in my gut (lol) more conscious thinking and now, talking with strong intent and speed. It all takes more inertia.

Then... tonight was First Friday in town a monthly gathering of locals and also Cinco de mayo and with a full moon. I was really tired but it all was happening one block away and Mo needed his walk. I stopped at a friends shop to see if I could get some contribution from her for the popcorn and gatorade homeless project I am creating (no luck) and then was going to walk the event but... how could I not bring out the Traveling Piano especially when my friend was hoping I would. It was a hard push but I did it while throwing caution to the wind concerning how exhausted I was. That lasted about an hour and a half and it went really well! Where did the energy come from? Other people. Especially from those for example, who ran across the street towards us excited to see the Traveling Piano after having seen us online and hearing about us so many times. Where as I usually create validation and reassurance for others, tonight it was the other way around.

May 04, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

What did I do today? Well, I am writing this two days from now so I have not a clue what I did two days ago. It is good reason to write every night or else forget. To be honest with myself I need to say that sometimes when writing about my feelings or physical issues I do not know what is real or not, if I am whining about something whether it is necessary or legitimate, when having problems just how serious they are, will they pass in a day, a few moments, do they necessitate active concern? People have told me how I analyze too much. I've learned that I am simply more conscious and aware of my thoughts and bring them into manifestation much more than the average person does. And... all my analyzing is a survival skill. Of course it needs to be managed but it in fact needs to be, or else... and, it has made me who I am in every way. Those that have benefited from my "being" in life, in any way should appreciate that or just let me be.

May 03, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

Along with the Traveling Piano's ongoing Musical Fun, Friendship and Respect with no Fee's, Tip's or Commercial Affiliation... the Traveling Piano works with Community Outreach specifically for those who have come on severe hard times, are drug addicted and mentally ill living on the streets. Now with the heats arrival, I'd like to fill the Traveling Piano truck with Gatorade and bags of Popcorn! A nearby store sells popcorn in large bags I can purchased to fill smaller ones. The purchase of the popcorn and bags with ties, two coolers, ice, cups and Gatorade powder which is less expensive than individual containers is the way to go. The truck needs gas as upkeep as well. Would you like to help out? It will all cost about $500. Contribution can be sent via Paypal and venmo, personal checks, cash and money orders. Lets do this! Click on the contribution link here on the menu to the left of this page.

May 02, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

Remember to remember... the theme of my life. At the start of this journey, I said when I ran out money I would simply walk into the woods with the moose in Main and disappear or do something else with all the material collected over the years like create a television show, merchandise, etc... but the journey took a turn and moved into community outreach. Now I've blown through my energy with that on a large scale, and in being much older I did not anticipate what aging would be like. It is a constant quandary of adjustment concerning capability as I get older and life's expenses increase. I've been online researching how to make coloring books to sell using the 100,000 images I've created on this website. Ninety percent of all the options I see are using AI generation. I will refrain from supporting AI. Now is the time to not get started... once sucked into it, I either join in with the control of my life through AI or continue onward in the truth of spirit without it. I choose the later. There will always be alternative solutions for life through creativity of the mind verses a computer creating my thoughts, feelings, choices and decisions.

May 01, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

The month begins with the truck in the repair shop. A new engine and much more was replaced and repaired a month ago and I've been very unsatisfied with the work and also with the repair guys response after taking it back... still no satisfaction. He told me he would always stand by his work and with the many thousands invested, I am excruciatingly enforcing his claim. It has been a week. Funding is needed for me to continue. Nothing new here... onward we go except that these few weeks are the last to work with the Traveling Piano here in Las Vegas with the springtime temperatures perfect. Mo and I, we are moving slow but more importantly... we are still moving.