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February 12, 2024

Las Vegas, Nevada

I am so glad yesterday is over. In never reading the past blog entries, I think I was talking about how events and happenings no longer stimulate me, at least I've been thinking about that. It is like there is nothing new to see or experience just the same old in different ways in life. And then, today I hooked into the Rio Carnival in Brazil happening live on Youtube. Of course I've known about this parade for all my life and how big it is but never saw it. I've actually played with the Traveling Piano in the Philadelphia Mummer's parades and even in New Orleans for the Argo Mardi Gras parade. But, those parades are not even a compare with RIo. That parade... wow, I'd love to be there in person to experience that energy. I was watching the Samba groups and with the customs, dancing, singing and music... it was like a hundred thousand people all in a meditation of celebration together and ongoing for hours.