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February 11, 2024

Las Vegas, Nevada

Ok, I am dealing with this Superbowl day like I do with Christmas, Thanksgiving and all the other big days of the year. I headed out to the streets with the Traveling Piano to be with everyone else who is a loser like myself. We are not really losers... I just say it that way tongue-in-cheek as none of us are the "pretty" people in life, those rich and in the limelight of the media world. That saying... fame is fleeting... is really true. Even when you have it the feeling wears off fast. Feeling part of, one of, adding to each others lives and life creates a feeling of being worthy, alive, not alone and full of self-respect. This, from the validation and reassurance we give each other on the streets. Human Beings are basically social animals wanting to be together. No matter the wealth, prestige, life accomplishment... at the core we all just want to be accepted together, valued, to love and be loved in return. Of course having a lot of money and people looking at you as though you are "special" has its perks tho...