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February 09, 2024

Las Vegas, Nevada

Its been awhile since I created a Superbowl visualization. This one posted for today is a little late to manifest, eh? As I see it... I did not realize Allegiant Stadium here in Las Vegas is domed and the original Traveling Piano Wildest Dream did not happen "inside" a stadium. I don't want to be riding the truck indoors! Lol. Anyway, I am looking for this event to be over so I can move on. Detaching myself from it is almost impossible as I am in the middle of it all. There was a time in life where I wanted to be in the middle of everything and often was. I enjoyed the hype and excitement of an event. Where has that desire gone? If the entire city and its visitors we're all coming together to celebrate and have a party I think I would be more interested. But this is about everyone coming together to have parties of their own in different places. There may be a quarter million people here but they are all in their own spaces. During the game itself will be the only time everyone is together but then again that is only around 60,000. I used to perform with the Traveling Piano in the middle of crowds up to 100,000!