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April 30, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

My friend Eric picked me up to drop off the Traveling Piano to try and get what needs to be fixed from the last fix... one more time. It is what it is and that is... traumatic for me, like everything else in life. That sounds so dramatic but it is not. As I get older it simply becomes all a more numbing and numbing more experience. My mechanic has begun the "is this good enough" game and I said, "you know what to do and what is good just do it and I will accept no questions asked." It will either get done or not, at this point I am ready to just let go of it all. On another note... when push comes to shove I always get going which is what is beginning to happen now with the heat coming on. I need to do something to get out of here, also with my weight... I choose to die or get to work once again on my health. That is something beyond my wildest of dreams so I will truly need the grace of god to accomplish it if... that is what I choose to do. And then there is the moving on with the Traveling Piano and its journey. Shit or get off the pot as in move into something bigger and better specifically to create enough financial security to keep going. A part of me says just end it all but I know that is not in the cards for me.

April 29, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

Mo and I have been laying low. Today we both we're feeling some energy but it was too hot to go out to create music. I could have done it at night but there was no impetus to do so. To fundraise in order to continue... there has been a minus impetus with that... as dangerous as it may be. I must do something? I've been motivating myself for out of choice for my entire life concerning everything including work. There is no chance of putting myself into force mode at this point. There never was a chance to begin with. So... what is to come at this age and lacking motivation? The truck is going back into the shop tomorrow. My mechanic did not do the job right and I am calling him on it... which is very difficult because we had a very, very uncomfortable situation when I picked it up from him last time. But... I paid a lot of money, I mean a lot... to have the truck come back better in some ways and worse in others? He said he is not responsible for what happened as a result of the repairs. I said just, no. Fix the new problems you created. They did not happen from my use of the truck. It happened from a sloppy job. Soo... uncomfortable. And the constant dealing with the truck... oh, lord how long, oh lord.

April 28, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

Adjustment to age is one big mother fucker! There have been several close people in my life who have passed and now serve as role models concerning it all. My friend Michael, as he slide down hill physically he made sure his appearance to other people looked best as possible at all times. My mom was like that also when she knew it was going to be time to go, made sure there we're memories of her for everyone to keep. Miraculously, I still have a needlepoint pillow she made for me. My dad, he found ways to keep himself going after my mom died through set routines. Gertrude who was an angel in my life... I watched her when she fell and hit her head on cement in her eighties, she literally healed herself with spiritual magic. I have a friend Orinda who did the same. She had amazing hip issues and would go into her room and stay there for days until she was healed. My friend Larry just would not quit living with a battery by his side to pump his heart and with testicular cancer he would still be climbing to his rooftop putting up lights for his granddaughter at Christmas. My friend John through all his trials and tribulations with seventeen stints for his heart and constantly in the emergency ward for years... stayed close to his understanding of a power greater than himself and his truth of spirit which sustained him in relationship with all that is while still here with us all.

April 27, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

The heat has arrived. We just do the best we can. Take the Traveling Piano out when possible and do as much as possible. When I begin to feel faint, can't think enough to say my usual spiel, when I see Mo has had enough, when my heart begins to palpitate... we stop. In the meantime, everyone we meet still has the usual awesome Traveling Piano experience without knowing any of my personal difficulties which is the way it needs to be and should be. Over 90 degrees, forget it... even in the high eighties with full sun, forget it. If we are here once it hits over the hundreds, we will be hiding out, inside. One piano key is down, the beginning of what is to come. Every new generation of pianos without exception over the last twenty years has become less quality with less of a life span.

April 26, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

The photo for today's post... the Traveling Piano Man's first promo shot from back in the 70's as a society pianist, age 24. Hired to perform for the dedication of the Eugene Ormandy Ballroom across the street from the Philadelphia Academy of Music with the worlds top classical music elite in attendance, I sat with a grand piano elevated on a platform to provide music for the banquet in the middle of a huge ballroom. During my break in the back hallway, I overheard a conversation between the event organizer and the women who hired me. Statement: "He's not very good" Reply: "But he looks great, doesn't he!" No one was there to hear music, my presence was to simply provide the perfect centerpiece. God forbid I draw attention away from any guest! Those we're the days my friend...

April 25, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

Of course today was a down day after yesterday. I knew it would be as a result of being out with the Traveling Piano. Adjusting to my age physically, my mental stability and the fact that there seems to be no one to help with anything except for me to help myself is interesting to say the least. The medical system is a just forget it else spend my life in it getting no where and medication is dispensed by nothing more than charts and tests verses individual need. Friends are having their own issues to deal with, the world is so crazy. I need to actually opt out of as much as possible in a general social sense. There is too much going on to care enough for action it seems. I still tale water out for the homeless. And Mo, he is losing his hearing, can no longer jump into the truck and in fact I need to place him in it carefully else his legs splay in trying to stand up. His cough is ongoing and I know there is nothing to be done about that, his eye sight and mind... it is all good and natural and the way of life... right?

April 24, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

It does not look like I will be able to get up early in the mornings ever at this point in life. It is what it is. This fact limits what I can accomplish for the future, that is for sure. Mo and I drove to the Redrock overlook and took two short walks. Mo's days of hiking are now over because of age. I need to figure out my own physical exercise needs as a result. We created some music and met people from back east where I owned my house in another life time, some locals and a guy from San Diego. People have always said that I am a blessing, such a good guy, so special, etc... Normally, I just let all that wash over or through me. Taking on self credit can be dangerous concerning ego. These days it feels too much like... I do not want to be perceived as such a nice guy all the time even though it may be true. Maybe it is because I do not want to be perceived as better than others. Maybe the answer is to just turn it around and see the blessing, goodness and specialness in other people as they see it in me.

April 23, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

Another day, no energy and a constant adjustment to what is in life for me. I've had a new camera for many years that I have not learned to use. I put a filter onto lens and learned one adjustment which by luck (every photo I take is intuitive, by luck) and it makes for fantastic flower photos. Still, for photographing people it has been no good. The natural light needs to be perfect. It makes me want to go and do retakes on the thousands of flower photos I already have. These flowers posted today are all from my neighborhood right now. Well, my rent is not being raised and now I know the reason why. The street outside my complex has been closed for a year, they are tearing it up and there will be no parking on it, so... that means a year long fight for parking inside my complex that only has a few spaces. If not inside, everyone will need to park in a public lot down the street. The Traveling Piano cannot be parked there, it is not safe enough.

April 22, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

The past last three days have caught up with me. Somehow I knew it would happen. The thought, it has been a long time keeping my stamina going this long passed through my mind and I wanted to see how long I could keep it going. It was for that long. Funny thing, throughout my life it would normally take two days for the effects of high energy taking me down. Now its like, no choice but to stop... right now. What have I been enjoying these days when not working with the Traveling Piano? Collecting tv shows, movies and music and filing it all. Taking photographs of nature and processing them. The processing gives my mind time to enjoy fully what I had experienced when taking the photos.

April 21, 2023

Redrock Canyon, Nevada

We headed out to Redrock Canyon before the crowds and heat. I absolutely must continue as much as possible not only for my sanity but for the love of life and also, wanting to make use of every moment while Mo is still with me and I am physically capable. We stopped at the overlook and it was crowded with people. There was no way I was going to start creating music for a crowd. Eventually they all dispersed and it became really nice. The temperature was perfect. This is such a perfect place to meet people from everywhere. There was a girl from Australia who was hitchhiking out of the Death Valley and picked up by a couple from France.

A young woman hitchhiking? Yes, it still happens. They are now permanently bonded through the Traveling Piano as friends. My music made the French girl cry and of course I love to mention that because it is so validating for me. After about an hour and a half, my heart began to have palpitations and I felt dizzy, the sun though not strong began to get me so I stopped. Mo and I found a little tree in the shade, I had my lounge chair with me and I just laid there to rest. Mo wanted to explore some but I just did not have the energy. There is an urgency to make use of every moment possible with the Traveling Piano and Mo, anything else in life, not.

April 20, 2023

Willow Beach, Arizona

As soon as I could get it together we drove to Willow Beach which is part of the Lake Mead Recreational area in Arizona about an hour south of Las Vegas. It is an amazing area with jutting, gigantic rock peaks that usually I see while speeding up north to get back from a long trip at sunset. 2010 when passing through Nevada was the last time I was at this beach. It has now been completely domesticated. This, as is with most natural places now to make money off them through the park industries. Buildings, cement walkways, metal railings, boat docks, tourist areas for kayaking, paved roads, there was nothing here but nature before. Then again, there is nothing natural about this lake in the desert, it is man made itself. Still, it felt good being around water. Mo and I tried to take a walk which did not last very long. He needed to get lifted into the truck and onto the piano too weak to jump from the short walk we took.

Age is upon us both big time. I had my lounge chair with me and shortly after setting up, a guy walking by made an inquiry about the piano in the truck and so I asked if he wanted to see it. That started the Traveling Piano time with several different people over the next few hours. Of course I created some music for myself also. On the way out I stopped at an overlook about four miles above the lake off the highway for the sunset. We interacted with people there also but most were on their way somewhere. The look out would be perfect if the highway traffic was not so loud. With the area being nothing but rock, even though the highway was a distance below it was loud. It is very difficult to get good camera photos of this area as there is usually a mist in the mountains and the color is sparse but I got a few.

April 19, 2023

Nevada, California

In the past I've always had at least one friend willing to help accept me when in the worst state of mind, to validate that it will pass, etc... but now I feel on my own. Everyone has troubles of their own or just cannot absorb mine. There are those seeing me work with the Traveling Piano and posting as usual, etc... and they think, "oh, he's not that bad if he is still working and posting." That, to escape my reality, lol. Thank God I have tools, habits and experience to help keep me functioning on my own. Mo and I drove out to a favorite overlook where the road goes down into the Valley of Fire. We we're able to walk just a little, take a nap, meditate some, create music, enjoy the nature and interact with a few people. The most difficult part was getting into the truck to get going. I came home and took a shower, cleaned myself up a bit and had dinner. Do I feel better? Not really. I continue through the Grace of God and Mo and knowing I am loved. I would add "and cared for" but no one (here on earth) really can fill that void for me right now. The truth of spirit that I am cared for in my knowing faith that there is more to this world than just myself helps.

April 18, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

Today was all about being depressed. For the first time in almost 40 years... depressed. That is crazy. I think it is about the fact that there are things I can be doing to help myself but I just do not have the (insert your word here) to do any one thing. Yes, there is one thing... awareness. Thank God for my being "woke" enough to be aware. Otherwise, I would simply spiral out of control. And also, there is a little acceptance with it all. That as in "it is what it is," my go to phrase when response-ably needed. There are people who care but do not really want to deal with my troubles as they have their own to deal with. That is pretty much the way of the world right now, eh? Sometimes in life I can be taking care of myself and it is just not enough and there is nothing I can do about it. Onward...

April 17, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

Mo and I spent nine hours in the ER today! I've just been feeling weaker and weaker with no inertia to take breaths of air. My mind has been cloudy and I feel both dizzy and lightheaded. My entire body aches and it hurts to walk. I have been talking about it over and over on this blog for the last year. Something is definitely wrong and I am beginning to fixate on the problems which I know will only make them worse. It all has begun to feel life threatening. The doctors found nothing life threatening in the emergency room troubleshooting ways so now it is going to be up to a primary care doctor to send me to specialists. Mo... was so fantastic following with me from room to room through all the people and chaos and he sat with me under whatever chair I was sitting on with complete silence and no complaining. He brought an energy of love to everyone there. They could feel it I could see all the patients, doctors, nurses and workers feel it. Of course I could not let him interact with anyone as he was a working service dog today. The gratitude I have for his temperament, patience and willingness to please could never be stated in words. He is a major comfort in and for the world.

April 16, 2023

Nevada, California

We set out to find some wildflowers today and heading in the direction of Death Valley as I saw some amazing flowers back in 2017 in that area. The idea was to basically get lost. We ended up driving for five hours with little hanging out anywhere. There is a desert basin area at the Nevada/California border where usually there is no plant life, only cracked dry dirt. But right now it is a meadow of blue, yellow and green. Where did all these seeds come from? How long were they underground, years? The rains earlier in the year has created a bounty of wildflowers! So we found that and more. There was little traffic. Being out and away in nature just takes me out of this world. Mo loves it also. With little strength to walk we basically had a drive through experience. Mo was attentive to the environment for the full five hours!

April 15, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

Today was basically another lost day. I had fun filing and backing up television shows and movies that I have downloaded. My energy level is not strong enough to work with the Traveling Piano or play music or do anything physical. Most people do not realize that creating music, playing the piano is physical in of itself. It takes lots of energy at least for me it does. The same for interacting with people, it can be physically exhausting even though I love it all completely. On another thought, money needs to get raised. People give to me when it is going to others like for supplies and travel much more easily than for me to be able to sustain myself in order to keep giving to others. For the few that give on a monthly basis (another dropped off today) and for others who see me doing less, I wish they realized that I need more support in order to do more. I am afraid that no one will want to support the journey and myself when I need it most.

April 14, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

Of course I wanted to get out today and find more wild flowers with the super bloom happening. I missed it the last few years. Last year there was practically no bloom because there was no rain. Complete opposite story for this year. Anyway, there was no way to go anywhere. My body is totally stiff from running around yesterday taking photos and climbing on rocks and also because of the Traveling Piano music and interactions. Mo is just as worn out as I am. I sent a text to my truck mechanic because I paid a lot of money to have the truck put back into shape and it still does not feel safe to drive. We had quite an argument the last time we talked. He agreed to look into it again. Along with what makes it run, the body of this 36 year old truck that has had some hard travel use is now falling apart and there is no fixing that!

April 13, 2023

Valley of Fire, Nevada

We got up and out to the Valley of Fire today like... in the afternoon. When it is only 80 degrees now in full sun with no wind, that is way hot for us! Mo and I scrambled on rocks and found some shade under one. One of our top favorite things to do is find a cave like rock and hang out in it. We just "be" together. Mo dug a little bowl to sleep in for himself and I just laid down in the dirt, took a little nap and mediated. You should see me trying to get up off the ground these days. It is ridiculous. Experiencing my body getting old is just amazing. The desert floor is covered in white stem evening primrose like I've seen never before, to walk through it all was like a dream.. They we're huge flowers and spread out, the entire area smelled like an Easter lily. Many of the other flowers are just getting ready to bloom. I knew this year was going to be a super bloom but this find was more than I thought could be.

The traffic in the park for midweek well, there we're way too many campers! I am happy to not be a trail person because we just meander into the desert away from all people. Mo drank a lot of water and so did I. We are aging at the same speed. He keeps me from pushing myself too much because of his own limits. We drove to a lookout area where usually, there is only one or two vehicles. It was packed with truck campers, ugh! I wanted to create music but negate any crowd from happening around us. Playing with my sunglasses on and ignoring everyone helped. We did meet a few people and that was great. One women was crying over the experience of finding us and it just reminded me of how significant our work is with the Traveling Piano. It is not a rare happening to have people break down emotionally on many levels and it has been happening since day one.

April 12, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

What did I do today? I am sure I did something but my mind will not tell me. It was one of those blank days. It happens. What does that mean? I do not know.

April 11, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

I've been trying to pack to leave and it is so difficult. Subconsciously it may be serving as a mind exercise and nothing else. Having clarity these days is a super challenge. Having focus... good luck. Having nothing on my brain... oh, what a wonderful feeling. I do not have anywhere to go planned let alone the money to travel. I just want to be ready because I know how long it will take to pack. My rent is being raised again next month. I'll be paying a hundred more than my next door neighbor and that with being the longest staying resident in this pit and having never made a payment late. Mo and I are sort of stuck here as I cannot prove two ore three times the monthly rent in income and, there is no safer place to park the Traveling Piano in Las Vegas. That unless I roomed with someone and now being older and more eccentric... chances of finding someone compatible and for long term, not a good chance.

April 10, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

I cooked today and what I made taste so good! But... I sort of can't totally enjoy it in knowing the amount of bacon fat cooked in olive oil that I ingested! New England Clam Chowder... with clam juice, water, flour, bacon, chopped clams, the fat, diced potatoes, onion, garlic, salt and pepper, all all added to the soup. And once again, I can never cook small. After starting out with a regular size pot, I had to move up to larger pots two times! While on the road, I enjoyed being in one spot for a few months to be able to cook my food. It was one of my favorite things to do.

April 09, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

Happy Easter! I called my friend Todd who I have not spoken with for about eight months. He wraps bible passages around bottles of water to give out to people living on the streets. It is a personal endeavor like mine is and his intent is one hundred percent pure. He came and dropped off four cases for me to give out from the Traveling Piano truck when working. The temperature is going to hit ninety five degrees by Tuesday so I want to have some around. I was supposed to connect with another person to do a few errands and then hang out for a cookout at their house but they never got back to me. Mo and I headed out to a favorite place called Redstone in Lake Mead. The drive was magnificent with soil and rock colors and the flowers are just beginning to bloom. There was a significant amount of people at the spot, ugh. Usually no one is around. With kids screaming, dogs yapping insecently becauae the owners we're too drunk to care... Mo and I found a quiet place in the rocks.

I had my lounge chair with me and I meditated while Mo moseyed around. While laying in this just amazing spot with wind blown, circled holes in red rock and smooth intricate drooping rock formations and tunnels, I thought how these rocks are millions of years old and it took ten to twenty million years for it all to look the way it does. As the day was getting late, I got onto the truck to create some music. Most of the people had gone. It was some of the most amazing music I have ever heard coming through me. I think it was from the meditation and pure gratitude for the beauty surrounding us just before. An eighty six year old guy came over said how it just fit into the environment perfectly. He was on a several month road trip with his daughter and son-in-law being snow birds, as they live up in northern Washington State. Need to slow down for tomorrow, I can feel my breathing is stressed.

April 08, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

It was best to lay low today after yesterday's energy output but the weather, sun and temperature was so perfect I could not help myself. There was no option but to go out and play. Mo and I started out on Charleston Avenue, I had driven down an alley with about eight homeless people hanging out so I pulled closer to the street to not be intrusive but they could here the music. A guy who I see about once a year found us, he lives at an apartment complex called Veterans Village where I used to go for about four years because they had a food bank and I could often get a truck load of food to take to the streets. When finished the people in the alley we're yelling thank you and one guy came up to stay, "you're music took me out of this place for awhile." Then we drove to park under a bridge because I wanted to hear the sound bounce off concrete of course I interacted with a few homeless there also and then it was onto Main street to that homeless area. I can't be doing this without having water or food to give out... it is just needed and feels right even though I say I'm done with that part of the journey.

April 07, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

The heat is coming! It was warm and sunny today, I washed the truck a little. As I sprayed water onto it paint blew off. Yep, it did what little is left of the top coat. At my friend Eric's place I zoned out under his back porch, Mo in my lap. Once I got back in town, Eric lives in northwest Las Vegas, the monthly First Friday Downtown event was happening. I could not resist and pulled the Traveling Piano cover off and spent about two hours on Main Street exhausted but as usual people brought me to life. The twenty to thirty Las Vegas age group seems to have found a niche for themselves. They have found style. People are dressing up to come to first Friday and I have not seen that in the last seven years.

There is an area of vendors but now more and more traffic is walking down Main Street and I think those are the youngins'' with style, looking for more than hotdogs and gothic art posters. There we're also healthy looking young families. An older couple, the guy was seventy five and looked around fifty, he was a musician who played for Bobby Darin an old crooner. He also mentioned Glenn Yarbrough who was quite big musically in the late 50's and 60's. And... I happened to have stayed with Glen's daughter Holly while in Nashville, TN some years back with the Traveling Piano. That connection was a blast! The world felt alive tonight. It is probably the spring weather and Easter holiday coming on. It felt good to see all the businesses, busy.

April 06, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

I spent the day packing, repacking, organizing, re-filing what is needed for travel to be ready should the opportunity present itself and also, for a quick get-a-way if needed. If needed to leave right away of course I could do it with no preparation but also without the security of knowing I have what I need to function. Also, I have a tendency to beat myself up in forgetting this or that with no resources while on the road. There is constant adjustment. When I first packed seventeen years ago there were many places where little food, water, basic necessities or internet and the weather would change drastically. I needed to pack a lot more than now and for all seasons. Through time, convenience stores and national chain stores filled in the gaps all throughout the northern hemisphere and I need to remind myself, I can pick that up from the store around the corner if needed. But then again, not having to think about that or spend the money is also a plus.

April 05, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

The heat is coming, the heat is coming! What to do, what to do. I can feel something in the universe stirring around but really am clueless to what it is. Not bad or good... whatever... it is what it is. I've not been creating enough music or getting out into nature as needed before it becomes impossible with the heat. It is going up into the mid-nighties for the weekend and for the start of next week! Both Mo and I equally need to be very careful about that. Focusing on what I want to do, can do, am willing to do is a challenge. Of course as I have said many times, choices and decisions are difficult for me. There are many. I do not tell myself that all the time, it just is and has always been.

April 04, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

My friend Mary went back into the hospital today. She has been having serious health problems. I have a Mary problem. I love these two people, they are the only friends I've been able to make on a meaningful level since arriving in Las Vegas in 2016. All day I had to keep telling myself, this is not about you Danny. Waiting for Eric to give me an update well, when one did not come through I began to think the worst and feeling helpless with the need to respect the family, there was nothing I could do but wait. Even Mo could feel my angst. He just clung to me as he does when I am not feeling right. We took a long walk up the strip. First we took the bus down, it only cost a buck because I am a senior and then walked 2.5 miles back. I stopped and treated myself to dinner. Then because the dessert was too expensive I stopped at a convenience store to by junk dessert which cost just as much and kind of ruined the dinner. Treating myself to something like a dinner (spending the money) treating myself to anything is totally difficult. I have no money to throw around. The tall needle Stratosphere Hotel Casino in the background of the middle photo... that is where I live, right under it.

April 03, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

Too much wind here in Las Vegas can stop all activity as much as rain does. It was a very windy day and also cold. I'm not complaining, I want to enjoy the cold as much as possible as I know whats coming... constant over a hundred degree dry heat. I've so much to do that is not Traveling Piano related that working on keeping my life organized and filed and functioning so that I can work... with the Traveling Piano can easily fill a day. While traveling I really missed having a place to cook. Something like cooking for a few days worth of meals can take a half day. A walk with Mo everyday, I've written over and over on this blog how my days are filled up. I gave out the very last of my resources to those living on the streets today while walking. No more candy, hats, scarves, blankets, water, etc... I am noticing that people in the world are looking different. That is a sign of age for me. As the generations pass, cultures and races integrate more and more, new looks and personas emerge. Just as people in the eighteen hundreds look different not just with clothes and hair, humans evolve in of themselves. Crazy? I'm seeing it.

April 02, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

The Traveling Piano went to the shop today to correct recent work that was not up to par. Like the guy gave me a sideview mirror (very important) that was defect with ripples in it. How did he think that would pass as ok? There are other issues not resolved. When he worked on one thing, that caused problems with something else... fix both and don't be charging me double as a result. The second break was his responsibility not mine. More care, insight and thought was needed. He would not accept that responsibility. We are sort of friends and I think I he took advantage of that fact. His screaming and yelling (I was able to totally keep my cool and not feed it) was emotionally abusive and childlike. He could not do the job and was in denial, embarrassed. Worse, he charged a lot of money because he is in need and I feel taken advantage of. After all the money spent, I wanted to feel safer when driving the truck, even in starting it. I wanted the truck to be in better shape then before. None of that happened for many reasons. I don't care about the reasons acceptable or not. The money shelled out and the hassle of knowing not much more can be done to save this Traveling Piano truck, and that trusting relationship having gone bad... that is what matters. Finding a good mechanic, especially for an old truck... just, ugh.

April 01, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

The temperature today in the 70's, sunny and not too strong, the clear sky... it was a perfect day, an exemplary day to want to live in Las Vegas. I took the truck out and stopped at a dog store where I met the owners last week. They were not there, but the employee enjoyed the stop buy. It was a dog bakery, an exact copy of a human bakery with the typical slices of cake, pastries, breads, cupcakes and just as expensive. How weird that people will go and spend so much money on dog food disguised as human desert food like a dog cares about the visual nature of what it is eating? Lol. I also stopped at a new thrift shop where I was requested by someone who used to give me resources to hand out to the homeless on the streets. She also was not there but Mo and I had several fun encounters. With the changing times, its actually helpful that more and more people know of me from online viral videos and television. It makes for the idea of strangers becoming less afraid of each other much easier because I appear as a stranger they can trust.