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October 21, 2021

Covington, Virginia

Bill left for a week or more once again to go be with his wife Bev who is recovering from an operation and when he left I sort of collapsed with no energy. I decided to just rest maybe sleep for awhile. For some reason taking a nap during the day feels wrong which I realize is ridiculous but I really needed to just do nothing. Interacting with Bill the last two days was a little exhausting along with everything else. I seem to be losing the ability to relate to anything or anyone unless I am in full control of the situation.

Like with the Traveling Piano, relating to people is no problem. In a friendship situation where negotiation with the relating is a must, that is draining! So... I was taking it easy on the porch and two Mormon kids walked up doing their mission. I took control of the relating lol, and got them to follow me with the Traveling Piano around the corner away from my direct next door neighbors, and showed them some music from the truck for a minute. They had no time to get to their agenda with me as I took control of the relating. It was fun and gave me a little jolt for the day.

October 20, 2021

Covington, Virginia

I felt surprisingly good when I woke up and suggested to Bill we go for a ride together as he is due to leave again tomorrow. We drove for hours in Virginia and West Virginia and we took his car because the Traveling Piano is so fragile, the less use the better. During the drive I began to feel really tired and then my body began to ache from the yard work I did yesterday. It all began to catch up to me and the feeling was not good. I'm feeling nauseous more and more these days and need to wait until I get back to Vegas to see a doctor unless I want to use an emergency ward which I would prefer not to do. Not doing any Traveling Piano work for two days now feels just wrong, lol! Only two days and I'm off the rails?

October 19, 2021

Covington, Virginia

Bill, the owner of the house where we are staying came home to check on a few things. His wife Bev is away still recuperating from knee surgery. We got to doing some yard work around the house together. I planted 36 large pots of pansies. In this Virginia environment they will last throughout the winter and Bev loves them. He wants to make her happy when she returns home. From all the digging and bending over I will be curious to what that does to me physically. It was difficult not to do any Traveling Piano work in any way today. My work helps keep my sanity in tact but I wonder how healthy it is to feel the void of not doing it so strongly with just one day away from it.

October 18, 2021

Covington, Virginia

ABC television in partnership with Disney produces an online network show called Localish. Back in Philadelphia I gave footage for a segment and it was aired a few days ago. I would not have known if someone had not posted it on my Facebook page. I almost hoped the segment would not have happened because my music on the day was boring and slow as it was done all in hot direct sun and I was as slow as it gets in every way. I could not think, felt like a fat sausage in the clothes I was wearing, I was sweating and just not focused at all. I told the producer that she could use pictures from the website and whatever she wanted because I knew how little she had to work with. With the limited material she had to use, she did a fantastic job on so many levels and I cannot appreciate more when a reporter or anyone in the media understands and puts across my journey from the correct point of view. Only I and Amanda know the incredible amount of work put into making the segment. Hats off to Amanda Brady the producer.

October 17, 2021

Covington, West Virginia

So... how it works. I am always thinking about what to do, what I am going to do, what I want to do for the future while going with the flow in the present moment. There is someone I met while here on the east coast to explore the future with. And then I think about what do I want to do about my future in Las Vegas when I return and the possibilities there. A huge part of me always says "just keep doing what you are doing." I downloaded some messages from the Traveling Piano website and one was a business requesting an interest in the Traveling Piano for Christmastime when I will get back to Las Vegas. Recently, I met a guy who is waiting to open a fun center with a miniature golf course here in Covington, Va. We talked about it for a while. Then I called the person in Las Vegas and the business involves a fun center, a big one, one of the biggest. It originally began as a miniature golf course. Was it a coincidence or does it tie in with the universe along with other desires and needs I have. Getting wrapped up in that kind of thought can destroy all possibility.

Only when I look back after the facts that truly manifest... can I tie in any spiritual or other than synchronisity and spontenteity. There is mucho potential for the future with the little talking I had with the person I was speaking to in Las Vegas. I it felt like they we're reading my mind concerning my intent with many Traveling Piano aspects in life. I began searching my brain for how they could have known my thoughts, who I have told, who could have told them, how could they possibly be on the same page in so many way, so flexible, open to ideas and possibilities... know my exact words of thought and then I had to just stop. Once I hung up from the phone call I began to become consumed in potential and that is never good. Living in the moment is the only way to go. We will meet when I get back to Las Vegas. Until then, I can think about what I want for my life and how I want to fit in with business but any reality, the how, when and where's concerning the phone conversation... I need to put all that kind of thought on a shelf for now and live today and the present agenda's right in front of me.

October 16, 2021

Covington, Virginia

I took it easy today. Once again I'll say... sometimes I feel overwhelmed with a feeling of goodness these days. It has been a long time since. Having this place I am in to enjoy all by myself. Feeling secure knowing I still have my place back in Las Vegas to return to. The nature everywhere, Mo and I walk in a new place almost everyday. It was raining this morning but then the skies cleared and fall weather moved in. It has been warm and humid since we got here. I think autumn with the change of color is about to snap. I talked with someone back in Las Vegas today by phone, a business interested in using the Traveling Piano. It might be a huge opportunity and a way to move into yet a new direction once again and part of the reason I settled in Las Vegas back at the end of 2016. I need to stay chill about it but the potential... well, once again I just need to stay chill and take one step at a time.

October 15, 2021

Clifton Forge, Virginia

We did alot today and it felt good and, I had energy. We began in downtown Covington and then headed to Clifton Forge. Beverly who is my host has a quilt showing with honors for the 50th Annual Fall Festival Exhibit in the Allegheny Highlands Arts & Crafts Center. She is in a rehab right now recovering from having both knees replaced so I wanted to get a photo of her piece showing to send to her. A fall festival was happening in the town with vendors down one side of the street and right across from where the arts center was, three full parking spaces were open. I decided to pull the Traveling Piano into the spot and create some musical energy for the festival for about an hour. It was fun. I think most people had difficulty processing what they were hearing and seeing. I am sure the Traveling Piano was out of their realm of reality. Afterwards Mo and I ended up back in downtown Covington and created more music for neighbors to discover... and also hung out with a shop owner and his employee who we had met once before.

October 14, 2021

Jackson River Trail, Virginia

My life with Mo as he gets older becomes poignant and more tender. When we take walks it is more difficult for both of us even though we love exploring in nature as much as we love life. We will continue doing it until the very end. It gives me a lot of gratification to share quality of life with my pup. There is so much nature to enjoy. I am getting used to the idea that I do not think the fall colors I was looking forward to are going to manifest. There has not been enough rain in this area throughout the summer. So, I enjoy what is and there is a lot to enjoy. Being alone in this house... that is a joy! When it comes time to leave it will be the right time I tell myself. There are hundreds of places to visit and create music and interact with people around here. Covington is a very small city but there are also small towns everywhere in every direction that tie into major cities only an hour away for example, Roanoke, VA. Also, unlimited trails and parks are everywhere.

October 13, 2021

The Jackson River Bank, Virginia

Everyday I read news headlines and what is going on worldwide, it reminds me to focus on and live in the present moment. If I am to act on a particular issue, I will know it. Then I go onto social media and rant some. Then I know to get off of social media before I get too much into it. Then I post my blog and make other online social media posts, usually. I would like to then meditate, cook/eat, clean up and move on and into more Traveling Piano work for the day. I must deal with this website and email account renewal by the end of the month. They are going to rip me off with price increases or I need to find a new server and account holder. Doing that, a pain in the ass cannot be worse. The place Mo and I are staying in feels secure day by day and I feel a freedom to enjoy life with the journey somewhat like in the beginning. It has been a long time coming back around for that feeling! Onward...

October 12, 2021

Covington, Virginia

If I can get up by 9am, a day can be had. Waking 10am or later and the day is usually shot, I can't get enough done. I've been staying close to this house I am in and loving every minute of it. I feel happy here with all of its massive antique furniture and artifacts, the wood work and quilts and Bev's food made and frozen is awesome. The freezers are packed with food. Bill has the place packed with everything a house could need. At night is when it is really awesome with low light and candles. I kinda wish it was a little cooler for the full fall effect. The cold is coming very soon tho. I love having this space all to myself.

The porch is awesome when the neighbors are not screaming and the dogs everywhere are not barking their heads off. There are feral cats everywhere, hundreds of them. I went to the cities sports field today. It is huge and next to a river sourrounded by mountains and has a walking path. I was able to park next to the water and create music for myself and the universe. Of course people passed by with thumbs up but no one got onto the piano. I had a short talk with two local ladies who's families have lived here for generations. Word has been getting around that a Traveling Piano man is in town.

October 11, 2021

Humpback Bridge, Virginia

We went to a Humpback Covered Bridge today, that is the name of it and and it is only a couple miles away from where we are staying. The leaves have not changed color yet, and it is being said the colors will not be good because of the lack of rain here. Thats disappointing because that is my main desire, to see the fall colors. Up north I bet they are spectacular as they have had tons of rain. Anyway, anyone around was very interested in the Traveling Piano and easy to engage with. I played a little, they played a little and I got some photos of people and the area.

October 10, 2021

Allegheny County, Virginia

The sun came out for the first time in a week for a little bit of time today! I just hung around the house. Bill and Bev said I could rearrange some of the house and so I worked on making one room less cluttered and also organized some of the kitchen. The place is as full of "stuff" as can be. Figuring out how to operate in such a large space after so many years is not easy. Finding where the lights and plugs are, where to put my things so it does not get lost in their things, sometimes I just walk back and forth in and out of rooms and around lost in my head with it all. But, I have also done that in just one small motel room too. I'm getting used to the place and it is beginning to feel real good! Mo and I are sleeping in the cellar which is very dark but it has a king size bed, is quiet and the area is big. That verses a small bedroom upstairs or a single mattress type bed in one of the parlors. I miss waking up to the sun but this place is perfect for a classic fall weather stay in the country. Wow, October 10th already!

October 9, 2021

Clifton Forge, Virginia

Bev is a quilter. Quilting is big here in this area of Virginia. She is entering a piece in an arts show and asked if I would drop it off for her. The neighbor across the street Wayne, he went with me. It was another cloudy day with not many people around and I just pulled up to a curb, dropped off the quilt for the show and began to create some music. A few people interacted with us but the best part of it all was Wayne getting into the truck to play. He is in his seventies and has had a severe curvature of the spine since birth but... that did not stop him from climbing into the truck and onto the piano. Getting down from the truck can be even more troublesome for people. When those like Wayne "go for it" in spite of difficulties or what anyone else may think, or they get past their inhibitions to join me through partaking in my journey, that inspires me greatly. It empowers me to keep moving and "doing" myself no matter what.

October 8, 2021

Covington, Virginia

I went to the hardware store to find a waterproof reinforcement spray for the Traveling Piano's canvas tarp cover as water is now getting into the truck everytime it rains. While in the parking lot a guy engaged with me, a musician and then he began to rope me into bible talk with a question of where life is going to lead us in the end. He said through the bible only, will we make it out of this life and into God's hands. I tried to tell him that any concern, worry, drive or goal for the after life comes from people, human beings trying to instill fear for the sake of control and manipulation and the bible is their tool to do that under the guise of caring for the souls of others, for the sake of Jesus Christ. People who over indulge in the bible more often than not are missing life. They do not live in the present. The focus is on living this life for the sake of the afterlife and conversion of everyone to their ways. They are missing the "present" that life in fact is. So, after a long while, we both decided to continue the discussion on a later date with music. He is going to get in touch with me. I'm not holding my breath for that, lol.

Then, from inside the hardware store a few employees were excited the Traveling Piano was there so of course I wanted to share it with them. I am in a very poor city. It is not a slum and there is a big difference between slum and poor. It is a simple life here, not much stimulation but because of that there is also a marked difference in people saying hello to each other and I feel a caring sense of community with action or not, there is a caring for each other. Something else I have not felt in a long time, there is a noticeable lack of anger. People have their stances politically and socially but it is not in your face and people don't want it to be. There are the hardliners with the control and whatever wealth there is who are very complacent and then the have nots who just not care and simply want to be left alone. There is no territorial feel. This is helping me to embrace strangers better and not worry if they are political hacks who i am going to have to slap down before we engage. There is a lot of anger in the world right now. The Traveling Piano can help with that and I do not want to get in the way of it with my own anger.

October 7, 2021

Covington, Virginia

Mo and I drove the Traveling Piano to a food bank community group of volunteers from different churches who get together every week. The food bank was about to close so just the volunteers really got to experience us. There are churches everywhere, lots of them with all very small congregations. I am sure people do not realize how much better that is than having one big mega church. Bill and Beverly my hosts, as the timing has happened for my being here right now, Bev needs to go away for a knee operation that may take six weeks.

Bill needs to go with her. The Airb&b person who has been staying here left today and as well Bev's friend Fern who has been here for two weeks. So, I was asked if I would like to house sit, no obligation, expectation. Well now... this big house stocked with food and Bill's car to use if needed... I said sure! We are all alone, yes! Week by week, we shall see how it works out. These new friends are willing to go with the flow and could not be more accommodating! Thanks everyone helping us to support others! Join us! GoFundMe: Traveling Piano GoFundMe ...CashApp: $travelingpiano ... Venmo: 2156399378... and message me if you want to contribute in another way. Also, Contribute and Paypal Direct

October 6, 2021

Covington, Virginia

First impression can mean a lot. There is supposed to be rain everyday this week. The humidity feels like you are in the rain. Luckily, there a breeze with it and that can feel amazingly good. Mo and I drove to the Main Street of Covington, Virginia to create some music before rain set in. It was the first time playing in the city. It is a small city, the third smallest in Vorginia with not many people around. I was sharing the Traveling Piano with a young girl and as I was getting off the truck a woman walking by from across the street yells, did anyone lose any money?

She was pointing to money in the corner of a cement step. I asked, how much was there. She went to pick it up to show me and as she began walking across the street said about fifty bucks. Then she asked if I wanted it? I said sure! And then it hit me that this was a setup. A guy I was talking a little earlier knew and understood my work and that I do not accept tips. So he went across the street and into a building to find someone to set the money there when I was not looking in order to carry out the charade. Well! That was a first and completely thoughtful and it just felt strange but very generous, caring, creative and thoughtful.

October 5, 2021

Covington, Virginia

My friend Bill says it never rains here. It began last night and is supposed to continue for the next five days. I took the truck to a repair guy who said he thinks the cap is off something, somewhere... I could not follow what he was talking about. He said it should not affect anything other than to be noisy and would cost about three hundred to get into the carburetor to replace it. Ugh, I will just wait and see what happens. The engine now needs a quart of oil ever few hundred miles. The rain stopped so Bill took me for a drive to Falling Springs a really nice waterfall. Going up through the switchbacks I became very nauseous and dizzy. I don't know if it was because of the constant curves, the height, the humidity, my heart... maybe it was everything. We met a girl at the waterfall who has been traveling in her van and lives part of the year in Alaska.

I offered to show her the Traveling Piano but forgot it was not with me. Bill drove. Bill also invited her to follow us back to his place so I could show here the piano with some music. First, all three of us drove to the very top off the mountain we were on for a look see. I was dizzy and nauseous until I took the Traveling Piano cover off. Then I feel right into work mode, found energy, became animated and we all had some fun. After it got dark I sat on the outside front porch listening to not only the locusts and crickets but birds chirping in the dark. I realized that while in Horsham, PA there we're not many birds in the trees to hear. I wonder why. Anyway tonight was like getting the full monty of night sounds. It was awesome with a slight breeze and cool temperature. The leaves are about to change color!

October 4, 2021

Travel through Maryland, West Virginia and Virginia

We left David in Maryland to head for Virginia. I've been so lucky to meet giving people in life who share freely. I miss Dave's wife Bonnie who passed recently. Dave gave me her memoire book and one of her art photos and he also sent me off with $50 cash for gas, etc... When friends do that it means so much like the way I have always wanted from a brother. That is not the first time I've said this because a few other friends have done it in the past. I've now met and have several "brothers" in my life and I look up to them, they feel better than me as a person and are men for me to emulate. Mo and I stopped in Virginia to see my friend Barbara as she was only a few miles from the interstate. She is failing in health big time and I'm glad we got to see here. It has been many years. Mo recognized her immediately and would not leave her side. Even when I was getting into the car to leave he stayed back with her on her porch.

We arrived in Covington, Virginia to stay with a facebook friend Bill and his wife Bev. We met for the first time and we all ate on the front porch of a major old house with inside woodwork to die for! Bev's close friend, another guest staying in the house and a neighbor from across the street ate with us. Strangers becoming less afraid of each other, thats the name of the game here. It works both ways and better for me when it is on someone else's terms. They are sharing their home, hospitality and food with us and we adjust as best we can with full gratitude and appreciation. I've not done the journey in this manor since 2016. As an older man it is much more difficult for sure! Mo and I get to share the Traveling Piano with our hosts, their friends, neighbors and the community at large. Musical fun, friendship and respect with empowerment and inspiration.

October 3, 2021

Pasadena, Maryland

My "ticker" is pumping hard these days along with the issues that come with that. I know what to do about it but there does not seem to be any desire to do anything. A health kick mode or medication mode as to live via medication. A doctor would probably send me to the hospital and then an operation would happen. That would be worse than simply passing, in my mind. I'm just going to keep going as I can and if or when I make it back to Las Vegas I see a doctor. The truck has a serious problem. With that I am going to go for it and take off for Virginia tomorrow hoping I will make it from highway driving and then deal with it there. Today was a day for taking it easy again. We are near the water and so the breeze and harbor air is really, really nice to enjoy especially on this sunny and clear day of early autumn. I'm going to miss Dave when I leave. I'll be taking some of his wife's, my friend Bonnie's ashes with me to distribute in the desert and her memoire book and one of her art photographs. It is a good day. Today, I also processed a few flowers from last month for the Traveling Piano photo art galleries.

October 2, 2021

Pasadena, Maryland

While on a constant learning curve... before leaving Frederick yesterday, a couple took a photo for Joanne, Paul, Mo and I. As a result we began to talk and I invited them back to the Traveling Piano for an experience. It was as good as it can get and spirits were as high as could be. But then, when I told them to email me for their pictures, the woman asked if there was a way to share them online. I asked if she was on facebook, she said yes. Then I told her to friend me and I would post one for her. But then again, I asked if she was a trump supporter and they both jumped to attention with a great, smiling yes like they found a comrade. Lol, I said well then don't friend me on facebook, just email me and I will send the photos. So much for that fantastic high we we're all on. That high unfortunately fell through the roof. In the future I will not bring up facebook and just hope that people don't ask. Afterwards, I thought... shit, they were probably not vaccinated! There are three friends I have, two that I have stayed with so far on this present leg of the journey who have neighbors across the street from their house with homes and lawns ostentatiously decorated year round with large trump banners and lawn signs. My friend Gertrude used to say about disagreeable people, thank God you don't have to live with them.

And with trump supporters I say, thank God I don't have to live even near them! Trump really empowered the worst in human nature for everyone. There are walls I have put up in relating to people that although unfortunate, are necessary. I am very serious about and clear, we are all living in a vulnerable time with future life and death issues for many. Self-centeredly natured people cloak those issues with authoritarian politics. I would like to stay away from it all as much as possible while at the same time I must be responsible to use every opportunity to stand up for American Democracy over authoritarian nationalistic mentalities. They do not represent me as an American, they do not represent what America is and I do not want them as friends just as I would not want a nazi supporter as a friend. Dave is out setting up a photo gallery for his wife Bonnie's memorial. Unfortunately I will not be here when it happens. I truly miss Bonnie not being here with us. So, I am alone here in Dave's house today chilling with Mo and taking care of getting my mind oriented and organized concerning the staying with people. That room alone in Pennsylvania for almost three months, well thats over and time for a new experience.

October 1, 2021

Frederick, Maryland

My friends Joanne and Paul agreed to meet Mo and I half way from where we are staying now. The rendezvous point was in Fredrick, Maryland. They live in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia where I had a home base for many years. The drive was only an hour away for both of us. I was thinking Fredericksburg, Virginia never realizing that there was also a Frederick, Maryland. I thought it would be just a random place in the middle of no where and it turned out to be a small, vibrant, clean, well kept city full of local business and restaurants verses chain stores. It had an unusual and creative park layout, music, art and a diversity of people well dressed with individual styles from funky to costume, everyday apparel and upscale. The only problem I saw was some strong drug and alcohol addiction on the streets but no trash laying around.

The place was like a tourist destination lived in by mostly locals. I've never seen so many dogs in a community. It seemed like 30% of people had their dogs with them. This is my kind of place to live in. Washington DC is only an hour away as well as many other bigger cities. Yet, there was a feeling of a small isolated place in of itself far away from anything large. Of course the Traveling Piano became an immediate hit. We we're there for way too short of a time. The newspaper wanted some photos but I was having dinner with Joanne and Paul. My time with them was more important. There have not been many people I have connected in life where I can truly enjoy their company and talk on and on forever with. Joanne makes and sells soy candles and she brought a years supply for me! The truck has been making an unusual sound from underneath and it is loud. I've been trying to ignore it and just keep calm. Maybe it will go away. Problems come and go all the time some needing a tending to others not.