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January 16, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

Sometimes I am living in two states of mind at the same time. One being of clarity and organization, the other, total chaos. In the 275 square feet of space that I live in... (Do you know what that size looks like?) ... today shows the manifestation of both states at one time. To the left my bed area. And yes, that is a convection oven on one side and a refrigerator on the other and a real pumpkin alive and kicking still, since halloween... and to the right my kitchen, everything is a shambles right now including the toaster on tilt. Say a prayer I get the oomph to clean and straighten the kitchen area please. It has never been this disheveled... Ahhh..... I'm feeling better today, at night of course I go down hill a bit but I think I am on the mend. I really needed to stop. My body to me to do it or else. I'm allowed to do no work for a week, right?

January 15, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

When I was sick at the hospital the other day I had no issue except for the blood. When I got home thats when everything got worse. So, after yesterday and how I was feeling mid-noon today, my symptoms seemed very Covid. I went back to the emergency room as they told me to do if I was experiencing what I was experiencing. I had no fever. Figures... I guess my fear chased it away, lol. I did not think to ask them to take another urine sample but they did take blood and run some tests. And also, they did a COVID test. If I am positive they will call me tomorrow or one day in the future I suppose. It is a pain in the ass that we all have to be our own advocates now-a-days. How is a patient to know what to ask? Like, for the repeat urine test. Anyway, this is all so weird as I have not been to a hospital in 30 years and maybe four times in my entire life. I took Mo for a short walk. There are no chills, no fever, I still have a constant headache and I feel that people care which is huge. Of course Mo was with me the entire time. I do not think there was one nurse that passed by either day where I did not have to ask for them to ignore Mo. He was a champ. He has served me so well in life. I just need to remember that when he goes, it is ok, I will be ok. Then I need to remember, I may go first, we both may go together... it serves no purpose now not to live in the present moment and enjoy it.

January 14, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

I was very sick today and bedridden the entire day. Last night just got worse and worse, serious flue like symptoms. It could have been my mysterious groin issue. As far as the virus I do not know what to think as I was at the hospital for the blood issue, they did not test me for any virus. What came on last night did not exist when I was at the hospital. The chills, severe shaking and headache was constant even with six layers of blanket on. At four in the morning I looked up on the internet to see what meds I can take with the antibiotics and Ibuprofen was ok, so that helped a little. Onward...

January 13, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

This morning I woke up and Mo felt unusually comfortable by my side and I asked him, "why are you laying with me as you do when I'm sick, it feels good Mo." Then I went to take a pee and instead of urine it was a white cloud that smelled unusually strong and different. Then again ten minutes later, it was an orangish pink, then red, then clots of blood, then just a steady stream of dark red blood. I thought, "what if you have stage 13 cancer and you are going to die in four days?" Then I thought, "cool, I'm ok with that." My friend encouraged me to go to the hospital and I thought ugh, the last time I went for medical care about four years ago it was so abusive I became permanently scared. The doctor who delivered me as a baby in 1955 has been the only doctor in my life and still saw him in the basement office of his row home back east until he died in 2016. So... all these modern ways I am clueless to... and on purpose. I've never been to an emergency ward for myself. It all went smooth, just a few hours of waiting.

I found a spot to park close outside, there were only a few people waiting (luck) the intake people had a wonderful temperament, I had a lot personally in common with one of the girls. She gave me the name and address of her primary physician since I need one and most are scammy here in Vegas. I have people in my life to take care of everything should I become incapacitated. Mo was with me being a good boy the entire time. He laid in my lap in a recliner while I waited in a hallway. All that... was very reassuring that everything was ok no matter what. I closed my eyes to meditate while waiting and could feel myself, simply spirt/energy flowing freely through my body. Turns out I have a somewhat serious bladder infection. They gave me some serious antibiotics to get rid of it and said usually (with stress on that word) it does not get worse. Well, I suppose I will say I am glad I got all the health insurance needed to pay for everything. That happened in just the past year. For the last twenty years I had none and am glad I got away with that. Now I'm glad at this stage of life to have it. Everything happens in its right time. This I believe.

January 12, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

After all this time while out and about with the Traveling Piano, I am still amazed every time I see people on the streets cleaning up after themselves and for each other in order to keep their areas clean and organized. I am amazed because of an original indoctrination pounded into all of us that so many homeless people are nothing but dirty scum. The messaging is pushed by ingrates who live life without empathy or compassion for anything that does not personally serve themselves. You will never, ever hear about situations such as how much they clean the streets, or how the homeless contribute to society, watch out for business in the neighborhoods or call out troublemakers in neighborhoods homeless or not. You will never hear or see in media photos showing any of that from those who do nothing but complain and whine. The incessant propaganda machine for the war on homeless people, the clouding of the truth, pointing only to the negatives, the constant messaging of prejudice and demonization by corrupt government, neighborhood instigators and parrots for it all... must stop. I have have been living with the homeless and working as an individual with the homeless for the last five years full time along with the Traveling Piano's music. Today, I took a picture of some cleaning up by a group that stays with each other on one of the streets. I rarely take pictures out of respect because it feels personally exploitive. Where do they put the trash? Downtown where I live, they put it in one of the "eight" trash cans on every corner that are hardly ever used. Yes... eight! And there is no trash because community service slaves are used weekly to pick up any that there is.

In the disgusting areas where the city constantly tries to corral the homeless into... there are "zero" trash cans with a lot of spinning crap as to why. There are also no slaves that work in the area and limited trash pickup. But the bottom line, with all the trash on the streets in those areas, arguments for the propaganda machine can seem justified for the parrots, cows and sheep. The also try to justify the inhumane argument that people should not help the homeless with food because of the trash it creates. Everything they say is bullshit. I encourage everyone to go out and help a few people every week as an individual, especially those lost, those too tired to walk to a resource or those mentally ill who cannot access resources. Lastly, those hollow statements you often hear "of course we want them to get help" when they mean is "help" as long as it does not include them are fake people. "There are government agencies, institutions and non-profit corporations to handle it all." Obviously... they cannot handle it all and are in fact not handling it all. Every single individual can play a part no matter how small. Our communities and society at large needs all the help possible, in every way possible. Institutions are not the "only" answer. Go share a sandwich with a stranger on the street and help to create some validity and reassurance that they have worth as a human being. And for all the parrots, cows and chickens crowing, mooing and crackling all the time... ignore them. I'm beinging to post some photos here on the blog from the pre-pandemic era. Until now I have not repeated one photo on this blog! Today along with the homless street cleaning guy, are Traveling Piano photos from 2009.

January 11, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

We woke up 12:30 pm today after waking up around six times during the night. I felt rested and will be eternally grateful for being able to sleep as much as I need. Everything I am able to accomplish is possible solely because of this. It is why I have lived this long. Mo and I got going outside with our "loot" at about 2:30pm. When I have as much as I have to share on the streets, thinking "easy and steady" with it all, concerning passing everything out so the energy does not get chaotic is very important. I did not think I would have enough room in the back of the truck to play the piano but a lot of it went fast so there ended up being room. The cans of cookies purchased before Christmas... this is the perfect time to give them out, about two hundred cans maybe more. I've written recently about how beautiful it is for me to be able to trust that Mo loves me more than what I have to give him. He loves me in spirit totally. Today, I felt that from people on the streets. They love seeing me more than what I have to give them. This is a fact. One guy said, every time I see you I get excited. As I played music a lady just stood still, transfixed for a good twenty minutes with the most amazing full teeth grin the entire time.

Other people homeless, just stood and sat and listened to the music intently. I will never... never... take for granted any of that for a moment. It is as amazing experience on par with the relationship I have with both my dogs Mo and Bo now passed. Relationship, trust, joy, caring, peace, interest... thank you, thank you, thank you. A law enforcement guy came up to me asking for my business card. I told him that I am not in business and gave him my flyer. He could have genuinely been interested or sniffing around for trouble especially now with the looming trumpsucker violence in our mists for the next few weeks and also, the cities incessant negative propaganda about helping people who are on the streets homeless. Do I have to project what his motive was? Will it help anything? No. I just need to say alert and aware thats all. Meanwhile, every day I work with the Art Photos. The one's on this post for example. You can have them framed in plastic with backing, signed, etc... 25$ free S/H. I need to begin creating a resource to pay the rent and I want to spread these flowers throughout the world.

January 10, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

It was another super beautiful day today. In getting started this morning, the only reason I was able to was that I have a self made commitment to be at my usual Sunday spot for two or three hours to pickup any supplies people have for me to share with those living on the streets. And of course I wanted to create some music also. I don't know if I subconsciously set my life up, or God sets it up or maybe its a little of both but, I remember when Boner died my first dog and before Mo... I was on the road and staying with people I did not know and who did not know me. I had to keep going as I had no choice. I remember going to my first host house after he died with people who had no idea what he meant for me and our connection, what he meant for the Traveling Piano. I just had to keep going with what was. This morning it felt the same. br>

I had to keep going and do what I do because these commitments were set up and I could not let people down who might bring supplies. It is like I live in spite of myself sometimes. As it worked out people did bring supplies. I never know if it will happen and do not depend on it. I just show up. Todd brought water, Loretta brought cup cakes, gloves knitted hats and scarfs, Tom dropped off baseball socks, a lot of them. Then we went to my friends Mary, Barbara and Eric to pick up the rest of the tin cans of cookies purchased before Christmas. I was treated to pizza and they gave me fresh baked goodies to take home. I'm getting fat. It is a huge problem. We all just do the best that we can, eh? Mo loves these friends and the two little pups they have. It feels like family. They care for me and about me. I should say... the family I always wanted to have. So, by the time we got home I felt good about the day. Thank God.

January 09, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

Last night I Mo was using my pillow for his head to sleep while I used another pillow. He has found his way to the top of the bed and thats not good. When I turn over to the pillow I suck in Mo dander which I am allergic to. It can put me out of commission for a full day with a headache, feeling lethargic, etc... So that is what I will attribute today to. I got little done, it was difficult to function. That along with what is happening in the world is stressing me out. I've not meditated for the last two days. Why do I not just do what is good for me and stay consistent with it to save myself from the craziness of myself, others and the world? Oh well, its just one day at a time. I've been backing up my computer data, that takes forever as I need to be very careful not to delete anything. I was given a 5tb hardrive for Christmas and that is how much data I have in writing, videos, pictures, promo, etc... from fifteen years of journey. It is a lot for sure and now all the data is in one place verses my getting confused with what is where on what hardrive! I have a lot of hardrives.

January 08, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

First of all, it was a beautiful day out today. Acknowledging beautiful days is absolutely necessary. I'm still thinking about my friend Pavel who game me another free pizza from his shop yesterday. He's going to give me a free pizza once a month to take out for people living on the streets. My friend Eric dropped off a truck load of second hand stuff people from his church wanted to dump. There were two circular saws in it all, lol. Everything has worth... someone can take that to a pawnshop and get a few bucks for it. There were about twenty coats and thick pullovers, lots of women's clothes, some kids toys, shoes and sneaks... it all went in a matter of two hours. I took it to an homeless encampment and gave out stuff there. Some women I know were serving food there and they took the rest to another encampment. I saved some coats to store inside the piano for random people I come across through the week that are alone and who have lost their possessions because the city took them when they were not looking to dump in a trash can.

When the city dumps homeless people's clothes into a dumpster they make sure garbage goes in with it all. This renders the blankets and other resources useless or to make people suffer in having to use the disgusting and soiled supplies. Well now, another good thing about today... a client from twenty-five years ago back when I performed called me to re-book another gig! LOL, what a compliment. It happens several times a year as people keep my contact information and promo material to use at just the right time. Is that awesome or what. Being remembered throughout a life time with no ongoing contact or reminder that I still exist... it is just beautiful. It is her fathers 80th Birthday and with covid the Traveling Piano would have been perfect on the street in front of their house where everyone could gather outside with social distancing to sing Happy Birthday. I told her I moved away from the area fifteen years ago and have not been back east since 2015, now residing in Las Vegas, Nevada.

January 07, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

This has been a rant day. I have been letting people know online how angry and disappointed I am. History will rightly remember the sitting president donald trumps incitement of insurrection in American society. He has been a corrupt liar every step of the way supporting great dishonor and shame-full acts. Did you vote for a republican and/or trump? YOU... are to blame for what has happened today, the breach of the U.S. Capitol in a stunning assault on American democracy. You are a disgraceful human being and a traitor to you're nation through you're vote. Same goes for those lackeys who did not vote. It makes me laugh when I post a strong political comment and someone tries to identify and label my anger by attaching the word hate to it. This is a republican, trumpsucker tactic that has developed over the past few years, People have been talk to parrot it by watching FOX news who taught it to them. Now as usual, they just can't stop. And then, those who try to use my work with the Traveling Piano in association with my political views... as though I must personally be all polite and nice and nothing more because that is my work and especially seeing that I work solely from contribution. These kind of people want me to be one dimensional, lol. They are people who live life themselves trapped in a world where they watch everything they say and do to try and manipulate others for self-serving means with thoughts and actions. And by the way... 98% of those who have attempted to attack me through my work over the years have never contributed a dime to it. That... is a big "tell," One of the most mature acts in life for me has been to dump all the takers and minds, gaslit. This is the strongest statement I can make, the most helpful act all around is to detach. In the end, it has afforded me more time and energy for gratitude, appreciation and the manifestation of love for the world beyond my wildest of dreams!

I hope people realize that what happened yesterday in our Capitol was much worse than 9/11. Not only is there a genocide happening of the American people through trumps' virus denial and 100% republican support of it... what happened at the capitol... warped trumpsucking mind cannot realize that all those morons would have been slaughtered by machine gun if they had done a stunt like that in any authoritarian dictator, fascist regime such as in the Philippines, North Korea... they would have been machine gunned down in Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Iran, Africa... and for the next week their dead bodies would be hung by the scalp out in public as an example for others to see in many of those countries. Is there anyone who doubts that fact, anyone? Although many of us have thoughts myself included, of wanting to see that happen to every single one of those morons yesterday, we cannot allow it. That is not who we are as a social democracy, we are better human beings than that. This is because our society is not dictated to by one person as trump would have it. Had trump been reelected, there would not have been anymore... We the People. Those that voted for trump and his republican cohorts, or did not vote at all are selfish liars to their own truth of spirit. The fucking president let this happen yesterday and gave them kudos!!! Shame on trump voting traitors to our social experiment of democracy and those simple minded assholes who have allowed themselves to become gaslit, who care so little about humanity and care only about those they can use in self-serving ways. Anyone who calls themselves a republican, anarchist, conspiracy theorist or anti-democrat had better get their fucking act together.

January 06, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

This is first and foremost a personal blog. If you notice there are no commercial tie-ins. Most commercial entities that link to blogs and websites would not want to link to this one. It is too straight forward and is not out to appease anyone. That has been my tradeoff through the years with my life style. No once can tell me what to do or how, and I don't have to care about what anyone thinks. When people talk about my being a "free spirit"... that... is the free part. It is not the pickup and go at any time random traveling without ties, obligations or expectations... none of that has been free spirited. All of that has been a tradeoff. I have many ties that bind with obligation and expectations. They are created for my by myself. I created music today out on Las Vegas Blvd on a block with about three hundred homeless tents on it and also handed out some stuff.

January 05, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

There is this blog, restructuring the website for the new year, the Traveling Piano Photo Art, creating music out on the street daily, giving out resources to people living on the street daily, a good walk with Mo everyday, meditating, online work, cleaning and keeping my place in shape, eating... I'm tapped out with having time but now am also making food to give out on the streets? Someone gave me a large jar of peanut butter and a large jar of jelly so I went out to purchase some bread and made twenty sandwiches over a period of two days to take out. It really takes a minimal amount of effort but effort is... effort. I also purchased some baggies and tinfoil to wrap everything in. It takes a very short time to prepare everything, I don't know why it feels like a big deal. I had peanuts, dried plums, trail mix, pretzels... threw them together and mixed it all up.

I cut up the plums into quarter sections, threw in some salt and sugar, filled up the baggies and it all took only 15 minutes. Someone else could have done it in ten. It was a large full bowls worth of trail mix but it did not turn into many bags. I could have just put a little into each bag to extend it all for more people but that is not the way I roll. Feeding one crumb to a pigeon satisfies nothing. If someone is hungry on the street, give them enough to satiate the hunger. If it is something good to eat, give them enough to enjoy a fill of it. One spoonful for someone hungry is simply torture. I'd rather satisfy ten people then string along 20 to want more. Do what you can do and leave it at that. I do this to stay alive. It is called purpose, work, a need to be part of, connect in relationship with life. Sometimes it is fun, sometimes it is a pain in the ass, always extending myself to others is necessary.

January 04, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

There has not been one day with Mo in eleven years where he has not made me laugh. I caught a photo with his old dog teeth and gum full grin, lol! We spend time connecting about six times a day for five or ten minutes at a time. It might be for some head scratching or belly rubbing or a little wrestle, sometimes we just lay with our sides of the head on the bed and stare at each other. He grounds me into the reality of the present moment. The love and respect between us grows daily. We make each other happy!

January 03, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

I'm wanting to be angry. There really is no reason to be angry except for my desire to focus on the idea. And then, when I do that I can find a hundred reasons. Mo and I went to Main Street today for my Sunday commitment to create music and in case anyone comes to drop off food for me to take out to friends living on the street. Someone did bring food. A woman named Loretta has really been thoughtful and consistent about it but I thought damm, now I have to go and give it all out while its fresh. Lol, but thats the idea, right Danny? I was just not feeling it but I did it anyway. People living on the streets we're really happy to see me... me much more than the idea of my having food for them. They yell hello to me as I drive past. They yell to each other, "the piano mans here." I used it today to create pressure for myself. "Don't be needing me or expecting me. I don't want to be creating obligation for myself."

While creating music earlier downtown, there we're too many people out and about. Lots of influence and money, people walking the street, eating in the restaurants, drinking at the breweries. At least ten new businesses have opened up during the pandemic and they are doing great. People just don't care. I want to get angry about it but I'm out there myself. I can rationalize that it is for the homeless but the bottom line... I'm in the mix that I want to complain about. They are all trying to figure me out because they see I do not take tips. Why am I there? Ha, I want to "work" them for support but just cannot do it with the covid virus going. When I was done I went to get a shelf at Walmart. The place... packed. What the hell? But then again... I'm there myself, I cannot get angry. Well, yes I can... at myself.

January 02, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

My weight is really slowing me down. My clothes are getting tight. I need to get this website restructured for 2021. God, I wonder how much longer it will take than it did last year. When will I find the time? The Traveling Piano Photo Art Gallery needs to get going again NOW to sell photos. People are getting their $600 checks for Covid relief and are going to throw money around for the next month. I want them to throw some at me and purchase some photos to help keep the journey going. Mo and I took an hour and a half walk. It has been a long time since I took a break from the Traveling Piano's work. There has not been time to even clean my room. A break is needed. Creating music on the streets is needed, care for the homeless is needed. the online work is needed. Creating a future for myself if I am to continue living is needed. I created music out on the street yesterday to help bring in the New Year. It felt a little stupid on a random street corner by myself with passing traffic. After all these years, I still can feel stupid doing what I do? Thats just crazy. It really was good for people. Someone even emailed me about it to thank me.

January 01, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada