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July 14, 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada

Today was to be my nature day but I just could not get going. I could use the heat at a hundred fifteen degrees as an excuse or the fact that I could not tear myself off of Facebook rantIng. In knowing I am very good with words at times and cutting through the bull... it really is nothing but a distraction from living life in the present moment. I got outside just in time for sunset at Redrock and the temperature although warm, is always very nice at the end of the day. Also, it being the end of the day and so hot everywhere else, there were not many people around which is always good for me. I really needed to have some musical interaction with people more than hike so that is what I went for. Although, it is getting more difficult as the days move forward.

It seems to be a race in time which is going to go totally first, this computer or the piano. The computer now has three keys that do not work. I'm copying and pasting the e-i-8's and capitalization's and that is time consuming, not fun. The piano beat that out today with six crucial keys not working. Let me tell you, it takes a lot of concentration and work around, to try and create beautiful music when your missing the main notes to create it with. I do not have the money to get myself back into working order and the thought of once again looking for funding is excruciating. But something will need to happen because losing my place to live will be next. Oh, the drama! You would think none of this would affect me anymore. It is not like any of it is remotely new. Worse maybe, but not new, lol.

July 13, 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada

I took the truck over to Faddy one of the owners of a new high end car dealership around the corner from me. He offered to detail that Traveling Piano for me because he appreciates my work in the community. The truck is very cruddy, the fabric and floor. He worked on it four hours and gave up for the day. Next week he will do some more work with it. People like this are very empowering for me. Later in the day I had dinner with a guy named Vince to talk about ideas. It took two years to finally sit down together! He has a non-profit food service truck and wanted to talk with me about what, where and how I play on the streets. Also, I wanted to see how I might hookup with his work. There was no Traveling Piano work that I could do today. Once the temperature goes over a hundred five, there is no way I can operate.

July 12, 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada

It is really difficult to stay focused in this heat that is over a hundred degrees every day. It is times like this I am glad I am at the mission center on Fridays although I do work up a sweat there playing. Always, I'm trying to move away from politics and the bad news online, it is my main form of distraction. I scored four large cases of water today so that should help. I refrigerate bottles of water then take them out when I go walking with Mo to give to people laying on the sidewalks. It is a wonderful way to vent anger verses ripping new butts on line where there are none to begin with as in doing that really does not make a difference, I think. I must create some money and want to move away from fundraising as I have done and move more into the dreams of the journey. To remember to remember... thats the trick. Doing both the work and then the fundraising for the work which is work... this gets more difficult as I get older.

July 11, 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada

While playing at the mission center today I could see my music emotionally affecting people in different ways. It is important, when I can to allow eye contact of appreciation. After all this time I am still afraid of it while creating music. I understand it all in an intellectual way but emotionally there is still a disconnect as in, how can this be? Trust is the issue. Last night I was watching an interview with a rapper who gets out of control and uses bipolar issues to rationalize it. They enjoy the disorder in themselves because it is who they are and want to express themselves throughout the world with it. They think they are great because of it. The problem with people like this is that, as a result of their disease, they are narcissist on dangerous and deep levels and... they do not realize there is a deeper aspect that must be recognized. They could not care less how they affect people and the world, that they are part of the human race, an individual part of the whole... not the whole themselves. I say, step down. If you cannot be responsible concerning how your narcissism affects the world in dangerous and irresponsible ways then you are not to be empowered with it just as other mental disorders in people who are a narcissistic danger to society as a whole.

July 10, 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada

Mo and I spent the day giving the Traveling Piano, the truck bed, tires, etc... a paint job in air-conditioning! The new high end used auto dealer around the corner let me drive the truck inside thier place to do the work. That is a lot of points scored for them. They are going to detail the cab for me in a few days no charge just because they are good people! Who does that? As this blog shows, people are revealing themselves... last year the dentist, this year the auto repair and now this. I'm trying to organize my head into a way of making money and going forward. I should be easy on myself as it has only been three years trying to move forward, right? The "i" on my computer stopped working a few days ago and then began working today and just stopped again in that last sentence! Lol, I must copy and paste all my "i",s until I can afford to repair the computer. At night I jumped into the complex pool for the first time this year and my body was in shock when sleeping because of the physical activity of swimming for just a short time.

July 09, 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada

So... today is my Birthday (64) and it was going to be a nothing day but now, I've decided to enjoy it thanks friends on Facebook. The option to post on my timeline is off so people have been private messaging me from all around the world! Validation is so wonderful when it is unexpected. It is powerful! Hundreds of people! But here's the thing... I derive a great deal of satisfaction in knowing that people from all walks of life worldwide appreciate me... see and know my work. It has been a life long dream to accept and be accepted by all kinds of people from everywhere. So I felt very grateful all day. At our usual Tuesday commitment with the Traveling Piano a bunch of friends from the street jumped onto the truck and my friends who serve the dinner jumped in front of the piano for a birthday picture for me. It was hot and hectic, a fight broke out and it was amazing to see how one guy took control and everyone became somewhat sane and friendly again.

Last night, a guy who lives on the streets, I told him it is my Birthday and he handed me $20. An extra large pepperoni, mushroom pizza with extra cheese is going to happen with that! Then today another friend Patrick handed me a twenty. I went to the movies with it afterwards. I sent a request to my apartment management to fIx the door to get into the place. The back door to the complex is broke now more than not and everyone who leaves must go around the block to enter. No one wants to say anything because the guy is a bully. I also asked to please clean the scummy pool so we can use it as it is already the second month of summer. Management retaliated by sending me a notice that they want to see my receipt for rental insurance which s required. That is the kind of place I've been living in. But screw them... right after that email came through, another email from my friend Mani in Singapore came through sending me a hundred bucks for my birthday and that covered the cost of the rental insurance! Happy Day.

July 08, 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada

Finally, I found the umbrella position that completely shields Mo on the piano from the sun. It is at least a hundred degrees everyday! We go to a place called "The Field" on Monday's where people pickup resources and community gathers for a fresh cooked dinner that random people serve for whomever wants to partake. Mo and I go early so people can play some piano for themselves before the action starts. Then I create music while everything is happening. My friend Mica sometimes is chomping at the bits to get on to the piano seat before we are even setup. He just bangs on random musical notes to express himself and I love that!

July 07, 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada

In my waking sleep I was very depressed this morning about my situation, the not having the energy or inspiration to work for money to continue onward. I feel alone which I know is not true. The need to possibly let go of life as I know it with my computer work my daily diary blogs, the processing of pictures and sharing them online, documenting this journey... all of that has always been fifty percent of my work but the computer's life is fading fast and the costs to keep going with it are too much for me to deal with. The work gives me focus, it grounds me in purpose with understanding and clarity. Going out to ask for contribution and for personal help seems insurmountable. Working with the Traveling Piano in this heat with my age and being so out of shape, that all limits my work to only a couple hours a day. Well, I decided I would allow myself to feel depressed just for today and do nothing. Then, pick myself up by my bootstraps and continue on tomorrow.

But see... here I am writing this blog on a backup computer with its own problems that prevent work but, it does type its "i" and "e" and numbers, etc... lol. I can still do some work it just takes four times the amount of time and a lot more thinking to know where everything is... while switching back and forth between computers. What keeps me alive is this grace that I have been given. The grace is to have gratitude in and for life. I learned how to accept that grace from others, God's speaking and working through others. It was always there innately since I was born but I did not know how to manifest it. Gratitude begins with feeling and thought. Then manifestation follows. Feeling comes from love, faith and a deep knowing in my soul that beyond the physical, all is perfect. So... see me who can get up at two in the afternoon today because I choose to do so. How many have that luxury? I have companionship with my pup Mo, a roof over my head for the month, plenty of food, a birthday in two days that I will find a way to feel good about.

Next week the celebration of a true miracle, that of being clean and sober for thirty seven years! There are many, many friends that I have who appreciate, love and support me. A few actually send me some financial support monthly. The fact that most giving to me will never be enough or so I have been taught in life and not in the ways I need it... that is just a dysfunctional part of my mind... I know it when I am able to be honest with myself. How many people have been able to create and have a life in the ways I have, in the ways that I need... in order to be of service to the world. I may not have fulfilled all my dreams physically but I have in fact fulfilled my spirit and soul overwhelmingly in this life. Plus, I have n fact fulfilled many, many dream both big and small. Spirit and soul is all I really care about. The greatest gift I have been able to give to myself through the grace of God in this life has been the ability to ask for help. I have learned to ask for help in spite of those who will attack me for doing so.

I have learned to ask for help without expectation and no matter how exhausting and time consuming it is to do. Asking for help is a way of life for me. When given help, a responsibility exists of my own making to manifest that giving and return it at least double. How much I am given has no relevancy, it is in the giving, period. Through the responsibility, this is where I find my joy in and for life. I'm going to stop now before my thoughts begin to have agenda! But... I did go online and ask for suggestions with this computer. Someone offered to pay for an external keyboard as a work around so that gave me the incentive to go get a cheap one. It helped because I could not even get into my computer as the password as letters that are not working on the keyboard. It was a reminder of how gratitude also I am in the ability to take suggestions... sometimes when they are presented correctly and the timing s right.

July 06, 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada

My God it was not easy getting going today but I did. So much, I did not want to play out in the hundred five degree heat but I did, later in the day. I've made a commitment to play out on Main street every Saturday and the two business I want to develop a relationship with, they were wondering where I was last week so I could not miss this week. I had to go visit the gallery where I have a few photos hanging. Got some medicine for my butt. Went to another doctor this week, another really bad abusive one who actually hurt me with no qualms about it. Then I went to pick up some flyers that the mission center said they would make copies for me to solicit contribution from volunteers. The people on the street today were mostly homeless. One guy said our interaction cleansed his spirt. Everyone usually says something significant like that. The Traveling Piano and spirt working through Mo and myself is very healing and comforting for people. That is why I do what I do in the way I do it. Ok now, this really hurts to say... my computer s gong fast. If I disappear from posting here it is because I know longer have a way to communicate.

No email... no computer... no way to seek help and contribution from online. I can use my phone only for calls, not for the internet. 215 639 9378. (you would need to leave a message). I have no money to take the computer into a shop for repair. It has been going for a long while. The sound, ports, display, battery and now the keyboard. Every time I go for an "i" or "e" I must press them several times and it is getting worse every time. It is taking me an hour to write this blog because need to copy and past I's and e's every time. How ridiculous s that? That partcular stroke on the computer is needed for processing pictures and for signing in and out of accounts. Anyone in Las Vegas willing to help pay forward servce so the Traveling Piano... can continue sharing online for the world? The website is huge... it would be a shame to end this blog and the sharing of it with the world... daily for twelve years now! I must garner monthly contributions but now I do not have a way to do that. Ahh... for the days when had my own back as in paid my own way (twelve years) and then when a generous contributor had my back (two years).

July 05, 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada

At the mission center today a guy from the church group volunteering as in the past, wanted to play on the piano and people just cannot understand that my time, energy, effort, commitment and volunteerism I take seriously. It is not dispensable on the whim of anyone, any group or organization to switch me out when convent for them especially when am there and have begun to work. It is disrespectful and I will not have it. After some terse words with the volunteer coordinator, I did not turn over the piano to the guy but did spend the entire time talking while I created music. He played and sang when I was done and we continued talking for another hour as he played. He s a music director for a fundamentalist Christian church in town. Sad part about these connections, they are never for the sake of relationship building.

Having made a deep spiritual investment n talking with the guy as well as the time I would hope to continue and grow together n that spirituality but it has never happened. Even to the point of offering hm a platform for his ministry on the Traveling Piano truck to sing and play. Its never happened yet. I've come to learn that usually there is a lack in true sincerity of intent. One of these days would like to be surprised with a followup. The music I am posting today was from a few years ago I uploaded t to Youtube. A piano stream of consciousness musical Improvisation while on a sandy beach with water turquoise blue, palm trees waving in the wind, the sun shinning bright in peace, all a moment in time... in the Florida Keys, USA 2014

July 04, 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada

I created music in what felt like an altered state of mind today. People loved it while I just wondered about it with interest listening and creating the same old with a different clarity. This morning there was a huge earthquake in the dessert. I could feel a swaying and it made me dizzy as I stood thinking about what to do and then... it was over. It being the 4th of July, I'm happy to say, I Love America... I believe in my heart this country is the last best hope for all mankind and what makes us great is what we believe in... that all men are created equal. We believe in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Here is the problem with high ideals... you actually have to live up to them. So in this present time of acute trouble we must do everything in our power to eradicate the power and voice of greed and hate... to overcome those that would hijack our ideals for their self-serving agendas. Those who would enslave and allow lives to live in squalor at the boarder of America, they are not true Americans. Our Statue of Liberty has on it... “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.” That is who we are and what we are about, no exceptions. Happy 4th of July! Tonight Mo and I went to a high spot in the neighborhood to watch the fireworks. They are amazing at 360 degrees and go on for hours here in Las Vegas.

July 03, 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada

My neighbor who owns Quality AutoWorks around the corner from me fixed the air conditioning in my truck today and I now have cold air for the first time in thirty years, no kidding! It is amazing that no one has been able to identify the problem before through all these years. I was not charged any money for the repair. I went to a colon expert today and just found another scummy doctor. He was abusive in his treatment of me, I was actually screaming in pain while he examined me without care. I know what was going on, old man, Medicaid, no money, masochistic with a lot of money... I don't make this stuff up. And then to top the day off someone asked if I am homeless. Ugh, ha and all the rest. Makes me think, am I hanging around homeless people too much? I do need better clothes and some homeless people have more money than me... what happened with the repair shop... that made my day. If your reading this please set up a monthly subscription on the contribution page .to help keep us going.

July 02, 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada

The people who usually serve dinner on the street where I go on Tuesdays do not do it on the first Tuesday of the month so I did not go today. It is really too hot, never under a hundred degrees. This computer I am typing on is wearing out fast. First it was the sound, than the ports, then the viewing screen, the battery needs to be replaced and now the keyboard is going. The "i" and "e" do not work I must keep hitting them several times to make them work. There is zero money to refurbish or buy a new one. If these posts stop you will know why. How I will do email is not going to be easy. I do not use my phone for email and rarely to look on line with my phone. That just will never work for me and of course I cannot process pictures on a phone. All my filing must be done on a computer. I have my system and that s not going to change. My contact with the world, it may stop but its not gong to change.

July 01, 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada

Yowza, it was hot today! People say, "I don't know how you do it." I tell them the people I am with are in this heat twenty four hours a day and I am in it for only a few. It was a hundred and five degrees out! I just stayed very aware of my energy but really did not have to. When my energy began to sink, I knew it. Even though it was difficult for Mo, firecrackers in the distance was all he could think about. It is truly amazing that he knew the fourth of July was coming two days ago and a firecracker was not needed to know. He just became cautious and aware and paranoid and am totally curious to how he can know this exact time of year. I know he knows, no question about it. Traveling Piano dog Bo... he used to know also. I created a flyer asking for people to contribute with a monthly subscription on this website. It is specifically geared to the volunteers we work with every week at the field where we were tonight. Some people will get upset that I am asking for their help or at least uncomfortable. How they receive it is not my job. My job is to just ask. I have zero expectation concerning it but again, it is not my job to expect anything also. I told one homeless guy that I was doing it and he just kept encouraging me while saying please don't end up out in this hell on the streets. He was saying how the worst aspect is his constantly being chased away from... everywhere. This is why homeless people try their best to dress as well as possible and stay as clean as possible, so that they can blend in because there is nothing worse than to be constantly rejected by others and told to go away, get out, etc... One of the homeless outreach centers printed forty copies of th flyer for me and I really appreciated that as every penny counts these days.