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May 31, 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada

Wow, time is moving fast. Again and again... thank God Mo is with me. We went to the Las Vegas Rescue Mission for our usual Friday commitment. They were shooting a promo video for fundraising. A golf outing is happening in the next week for $10,000 donors. Anyone who did not want to be filmed put a small white sticker on the front of themselves so they can be edited out which is a joke because... what if your filmed on the side where the sticker is not visible? I knew Mo and I would be a target. As I began to create music, the piano pedal did not work right and the piano sounded like crap, very out of tune. I just wrote about that a few days ago and at the same time I realized how my music would enhance the entire promotional soundtrack and help them to make money without a thank you and with assumption that it would be ok to use without permission... because that is what happens when you are perceived as not having worth. I played for about 30 seconds and left. The fact that they do not think about these things is not an excuse. While leaving, a woman came up to ask if she could play. I told here it is not my call. Seeing as that never happened before I think it was a setup as in if they could use me they would, if not they had a fill-in waiting. I sound so non-trusting and ungrateful as a volunteer in needed appreciation from the management of this place, eh? Again "this place" that filters through over six million bucks a year in contributions. I need no acknowledgment or appreciation from those I am serving. From the Mission who benefits from my service in a variety of ways, a place that pays employees and does business to make money for itself, yes... I need acknowledgment. I can feel this situation ending.

May 30, 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada

This blog has been getting away from me. My focus is turning to a more conventional life. I don't like it at all. I did that, done that already conventional life. I could not take it anymore. Mo and I went and played our usual Thursday committment and since I am writting this four days later I forget what happened back so long ago other than that, ha! Anyway, yea... thats it.

May 29, 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada

I renewed my lease today. This is a new situation. A comittment to pay for rent without anyone having my back and the need to find the money to pay for it not having a clue to how it will happen. I have not been in this situation before or have I? Everything is a blur. Mo and I went to Redrock as it is our only day of the week now to get into some nature and listening to the silence for just a minute was helpful. I could not hike much at all, no energy. The desert is totally green. The yucca fruit is amazing. Spring flowers are still blooming. The weather has been great but we all know as soon as it hits June what will happen! Concerning Mo, I've been thinking how I never wanted fortune or fame. Influence, as nice as it is to have, I have never had an interest in working to attain it.

I've never wanted to be good at anything or to accomplish anything. A family of my own with children or a partner was never in the cards for me and I knew that from the start. I do have love's in my life... love for relationship with myself, others, nature, and for experiences not of this world. I'll tell you what I knew I wanted for my life from the start, since age five... a puppy. Not only have I had one... I have been blessed with two puppy's in my life. This to me represents the most amazing wealth, fortune, accomplishment imaginable. My first puppy was named Boner. I waited forty years for Bo to manifest. The now with Mo, he will have his tenth birthday next year. Mo was born of the gratitude I had for Bo. Both dogs are one and the same for me. Thank God for Mo! He makes me happy.

May 28, 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada

My needing to renew my lease in a few days is scaring me. The rent is being raised almost a hundred more from the first year. The place is a pit and tiny but still the best deal around. My contribution income does not equal a third of my rent. There is no other income. Spending a dollar is excruciating. I put an order in for print photos today to begin selling. To do that simple task which should have been fun was extremely difficult. My brain would just not work to do it but with all my effort and I truly mean all... it is done. Fear of not following through with selling the photos or being able to sell them is always lurking. I was supposed to have a meeting with an art gallery curator and she blew me off. That... even with the possibility of her making 40% of my sales. Sorry, the idea of someone taking 40% does not sit well with me to begin with. The need to chase her down to take the 40%... ain't gonna happen.

I have one pair of worn pants and my one pair of footwear, my sneaks are going to need replacing soon. It must be done before tariffs the moron president has created sets in, and the price of everything doubles. Mo and I went to our usual Tuesday commitment across from the Salvation Army downtown where friends of mine serve food from the sidewalk. I changed the spot where I usually park and now more people are interacting with the truck and piano when we are there. This is good but I must be extra careful because the energy is more crazy in the spot I have chosen than anywhere else. The truck windows need to be kept closed. I need eyes in the back of my head and be ready to take control when people get out of hand.

May 27, 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada

The days are slipping away from me. Mo and I went to the field as usual on Monday nights and the appreciation for our being there always amazes me. Here is a thought from the past. It is about deserving. At the start I had been taught to deserve nothing. This resulted in a young man trying to grasp onto what he might deserve. It was almost impossible. Since then, deciding to deserve anything is just confusing. As a result of being taught that I was not a deserving person unless I followed the rules of others I became needy with a desire to manipulate and control. Trying to manipulate and control has never worked very well for me. This present journey and my music happened as a result of telling myself what I deserve... and taking that for myself. As a result of that little bit of deserving, I have been able to give to the world big time.

May 26, 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada

You would think that after five hours of working yesterday and a walk for an hour and a half afterwards I would have been able to sleep... not. My head was spinning all night. I woke up tired. Mo and I drove over to Veterans Village for our monthly commitment to create music and spend time with neighbors and get some food. I was dreading the situation a little because I have no shade umbrella. It blew off and broke. After putting some sun screen on my head the sky turned grey, the temperature cooled and it stayed that way until we left. It felt like a miracle. And... two piano players showed up so there was not much energy spent through playing music. Then, once I got home I physically collapsed on my bed as the sun came back out and I laid all afternoon with sunlight coming through my window with the door open... my entire place is only two hundred, seventy five feet square so it is like I'm outside and in the air since I'm on the second floor! Anyway, I really enjoyed just doing nothing. There was no energy to do anything anyway. I did sleep for about three hours. It has been a long time since I just did nothing... no, hiking, walking, working, computer, reading, cooking... nothing!

May 25, 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada

Saturdays on Main Street in Las Vegas, Nevada with the Traveling Piano, ha! Mo and I parked ourselves on the corner of Utah and Main for five hours! A few neighbors came by, some people who wanted to meet us from online, a few guys who live on the streets and some out of town visitors. I am exhausted. I was thinking how right from the start with this on the street Saturday commitment how I must monetize the situation from the start but in keeping with the Traveling Piano's mission statement, how? Well, first I need to get some of the journey's photos into a few galleries to sell. I'll be meeting with two printers and a gallery curator on Tuesday. Where the money is going to come from to print the photos, I don't know because I've got to make the rent for next month yet. I talked to the pizza guy behind where I live and suggested on a whim that I put some photos in his shop to sell. He said, why not? That got me thinking how I could get photos in lots of different business places and that would give me an excuse to be able to promote them. I want to people come out and onto the streets downtown with a sense of community. But, I must stay focused on step one... get the product made. Sell it to pay the bills and to make more product. On the street I heard some amazing stories today. A woman was sweeping the street while telling me how humiliating it was for her to be doing community service for a DUI because, she has to wear a huge yellow vest with big black letters printed on the back... DUI.

As part of her DUI class the city made her sit next to dead bodies in the coroner's office for ten minutes. What morons with so little understanding of what makes an alcoholic tick. Humiliation, shame, guilt and prison labor will work with practically no alcoholic. I've thirty six years of strong and ongoing experience with that! Plus they make her pay $75 every two weeks for a patch to track her use of any alcohol or drugs. This only tortures an alcoholic mentally, physically, emotionally and financially. Another guy came buy wearing a tracking device around his waste. He'd have to pay for an ankle bracelet and does not have the money. The waist device is free but it must be constantly charged and only lasts twelve hours and so he must carry batteries and a charger with him all the time. Another guy showed me, lol all this stuff I'm telling you here... this guy shows me how he tried to kill himself and it did not work. He shot himself from under the chin and then open up to show the hole on the roof of his mouth where the bullet went into his head. Seriously, I could never make this stuff up. Then a young kid I had met last week came by, both eyes still very black and blue, has not taken a bath in a couple weeks, lives around the corner from me on the street. He had a scholarship to Juilliard that he turned down. Today he sang while he played piano. I've never heard a musical artist so versatile and equally magnificent with completely different genres.

Mo was such a good dog all afternoon I had to take him for a good long walk. We walked up to Fremont Street, which is crazy town here in las Vegas. For the first time in two years, I walked into an out cove of the street that does not get much foot traffic as I have often thought it would be a great spot for the Traveling Piano if I was to venture back into making money. I just wanted to get another feel for the spot. There was live piano music happening, very good piano music. Right in front of me was Don't Tell Mama, a famous Piano Bar and Cabaret that started out in New York City back in the 80's. It had moved to Fremont Street in Vegas some years ago but I saw it closed down a few months ago. That is because it moved to right where I was standing. And the owner was standing a few feet away so I met him. I said I'd like to speak to him about using the Traveling Piano to help promote the place. There is minus zero interest in performing or entertaining but I would have an interest in helping to market and promote. He took my card and said he would call me. So, there are always many possibilities floating around in my world. I just need to stay calm, breath, put one foot in front of the other and keep going to find my destiny as in... death. And, have fun doing it.

May 24, 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada

When I get enough sleep I accomplish a lot! More than rest for my body, sleep helps to heal mental "goings on" that I need to work through. I talked with an art gallery owner today who is willing to put my photos in her shop for sale. The place is in the center of the Arts District, a prime spot, I mean smack in the center. The only issue is that she wants 40% of each sale! I do the work, the creativity is mine, I pay for the materials and she would get 40% for simply showing it for sale? Rather than doing the representation thing I have always represented my self throughout life. In all my performance time, I've worked with agents no more than 5% of my entire career. If I sell two framed photos for $250 each that would be $500. $200 of that would go to the gallery owner. It could go towards the rent for my own gallery. I might try just a few photos and see how it works out in the spirit of trying something different. After our meeting Mo and I rushed to the mission center for our usual Friday commitment.

At the mission i had two interesting comments. One guy said to me that my music reminds him of the R&B legendary music group Earth Wind and Fire. That may sound very strange to most people but I get it completely. Earth, Wind and Fire has always been one of my favorite groups because the spirit of their music is pure and true and the energy has always been to uplift spirit. My music in a spiritual way with its truth and intent... the same. Some people listen to music for the notes or for what they know to hear. Others listen solely for the spirit and energy. Both ways evoke feeling. Then, another guy came up to me and told me that listening to my music was like listening to a conversation in a spiritual sense and as he told me tears filled his eyes. I told him that "I get it" because there is no ego attached to my music. All I feel and think about when people talk to me this way is... gratitude.

May 23, 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada

It was another Thursday at the Mission Center for the dinner. My playing there does not seem as though it will last much longer. It has been a year and a half and the administration could not care less that I am there. That... not so much a problem. The fact that a donor gave the place a $45,000 piano and they will not spend $75 on it to tune... as a result the instrument is falling apart... it is becoming more difficult to play and sounding like crap. So... there will be a breaking point for my being able to handle their crappiness. That is when I will exit. It is sad. I do not know when the time will come but I sense it coming. I would love to get ahold of the donor and tell them how much the Las Vegas Mission Center respects their $45,000 contribution. I found a place to print some of my photographs and I got 5"x7" back boards for them and... they look awesome! I just did two, but it feels like some tread is happening. My goal is to keep striving for better quality with every move and not be looking to cut as many corners as possible to keep the expenses down. Two years ago I tried that with dollar store frames and I ended up giving them all away because the frames were too cheap to sell. I want my work to represent quality and to keep the bar as high as possible verses racing to the bottom for the sake of profit and nothing else.

April 22, 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada

As usual we got a late start. Maybe by now after all these years I should stop thinking this way. We get started as soon as I can get started which would be considered late for most people. Wednesdays are the only day of the week Mo and I can get out into nature now and I almost did not do it because I got caught up in how to get going financially. But... it was cloudy and cool, perfect for hiking before the heat sets in. We could go into a desert area that normally would no longer be possible with the heat and sun so... off it was into the Lake Mead National Recreation Area and onward to the Valley of Fire. Both Mo and I have limited physical energy these days so there was a lot of walk a little, sit a little which was just fantastic.

It is not easy for me to just stop and take in a view. I'm always doing it while on the move. Today we actually took two brief naps out on the rocks. The picture taking is not so much fun as it used to be. I can feel the end of it coming with my camera that is messed up, my trying to take pictures with heavy floaters in my eyes and processing them on a laptop computer screen that is very scratched. It is like I am doing it all blind. But still... the pictures posted here are amazing, eh? Think about what it looks like in real life. I often wonder how much time people who care about and fight for the environment spend time actually enjoying it.

May 21, 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada

The weather is just crazy. It is cloudy and cool and I'm milking it for all its worth. I know the heat is on its way and with almost every day being usually sunny, it is nice to have all the clouds that have been around over the last few months. We went across the street from the Salvation Army where some people set up to share food with whomever wants it. They have been giving me food every week and now I'm taking it to give to a neighbor who lives in the auto repair garage that has helped me with my truck. I almost was not going to play music because there was some drizzle but I waited it out and it stopped. Never do I underestimate the therapeutic value of my creating music. It is a release for fear, negative thoughts about myself and ideas like having no control over my life which can get to me at times.

April 20, 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada

We went to our usually Monday spot, the weather is great right now. A guy named Pineapple who has known us for two years came up to jump onto the piano seat for the first time and that always feels great whn someone does that no matter how long it takes! What motivates people to connect for the first time personally... I'll never be able to figure out. But there are certain aspects I do notice. When they are clean from drugs or alcohol, in a mental state of clarity by luck... when something good has happened to them specifically giving them a sense of self-worth... the desire to share something good with someone... the desire to treat themselves, these are catalysts for people to have the confidence to interact. Then there are those who reach out just to keep the good connection. A few sometimes reach out in need. Often when someone connects, the next time they see me it is like I am not there and that can happen for a month until they begin to connect again. Everyone is individual with their thoughts and behaviors but there are certain generalizations to also be observed. In any case, we all had fun today. There was some crazy screaming, flailing and arguing going on also, a little more each week it seems. People's brains are becoming very confused everywhere in the world. The self-centeredness of humanity is creating a great illness but... I have 100% faith that humanity will remain as will the earth and everything will rebound eventually... better than ever.

April 19, 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada

When I went to go out today for a hike, I found my front truck tire flat. It was late in the afternoon and I was fairly sure the auto place around the corner was closed but found a few guys using the place to work in. One of them had been on the Traveling Piano a few weeks before and he jumped right into the situation to help me. Problem solved. The situation brought to mind thoughts that happen often for me. Thoughts of fulfilling my life and how that might happen. It is interesting, as a child thoughts were often implanted in me that have created my destiny for better or worse. Many of the them were the self-serving thoughts of others. Most of the time, in not being taught to think for myself, (my parents did the best they could) ...the thoughts of others became for me, who I acted out as, or who I thought I was. In truth spiritually, the negative thoughts, I have fought throughout life, knowing that I have not made my "own" choices. The negatives I tend to cling onto and some I fight. They ebb and flow throughout life. That is not going to change. They are my tools to work with for better or worse... that of being fat, stupid, different, incapable, not included, needy, etc... and throughout life they dominate words like "I love you, I'd run through a wall of fire for you, if you would only do what you are told, etc..." And, God forbid as an adult, addiction enters the equation. Then, only the grace of God can help with any good thoughts.

Where am I going with all this? The guy who helped me just got out of jail yesterday with an ankle bracelet on. He's been out of San Quentin now for two years after a four year stint that involved a high police chase. His friends who live on the streets were stopping by and they all know me. Many have been on the Traveling Piano. The guy was on meth almost to the point of losing control. I thought wow Danny, this is crazy. Then, later in the day the thought of my name "Daniel" came to mind and how I often think of Daniel's legacy from the bible. I have always been drawn to it and have thought about how I would like to become part of that legacy, but how? Well today, I realized I have been living in it. Daniel was thrown into the lion's den to be eaten but, his faith in goodness and security through a power greater than himself tamed the lions. Here, I have been living in the lion's den while taming lions for a long time now. It has ben happening through the Traveling Piano and being cared for by people who have contributed to my journey so I can do my work. Through this process, I have realized that I am also a lion. I'm a big lion! This is why I love people living on the streets with all their ways of being. I identify with their goodness and caring ways. They are ways that deep down, they all want to have and be just like me. I identify with their struggles to be who they are as individuals. As I learn more and more to love the lion I am, I can love everyone else as much.

April 18, 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada

Finally, I have made a commitment for every Saturday to play around the corner from where I live in front of Quality AutoWorks on main street in the Arts District. This auto shop has offered to help me with truck repairs when needed. It feels perfect, lets see how long it lasts. Also, I need to get a few pictures to hang on the wall in the waiting room to try and sell. I need to get this together before they give up on waiting and get their own pictures to hang. What a dilemma because all the pictures I have that you see on this website are processed into a resolution that will not work for printed material larger than 4"x6". I do not have the resources or expertise to take my raw images and duplicate them for any larger picture format. God help me! Then again, this is all going to be so much work... I need clear direction for myself. It exists for doing what I do with the Traveling Piano but nothing more. Funds must be created immediately to secure my rent, gas expenses, clothes, etc... While creating music today the shade umbrella got swept away from the wind and broke. Ahh... another challenge to deal with especially with the stronger sun and heat coming soon.

April 17, 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada

I've come across a huge problem concerning my photos. I've processed them all for the internet and the sizes are too small for printing in frames. 4"x6" is the largest. I work on a laptop with a screen so worn I can barely process pictures as it is. And for me to be able to work with them for large size printing I am pretty sure is impossible. Plus the fact of having to do the ones that I need over again, it takes time. When I take a photo it is always with luck. The composition of the picture I have control of. The quality is usually really bad and that is where processing on the computer comes in. I ordered prints from Walmart hoping they would be barely acceptable. Zero, they are crap, I mean really as crappy as Walmart's reputation can be. Today was another day at the rescue mission. I used my disappointment, anxiety and frustration for the energy of my music. Most of the time I was looking at the people in the room not at the keyboard or playing with my eyes closed. I was amazed at how many people were looking over to me to say hello, at least thirty in less than an hour. I thought, "are they usually looking to say hi and I'm not paying enough attention?" Anyway, I'm thankful people appreciate me and want to connect.

April 16, 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada

While at the mission today creating music I was thinking about people I know from the streets who are very low functioning. People who are naturally mentally ill that have no one, and who have been simply let go from hospitals, or no hospital will take them. Often they sit on sidewalks comatose or wonder around aimlessly with all types of quirks. They do not have the capacity to interact with others. They are alone. But... how do these people know to get their food, clothes, clean themselves, stay out of harms way? I often think about this. When they do the necessary actions for survival it is not because their brain begins working from their working it. Without question spirit drives the vehicle so to speak. Something is moving them through life call it God, whatever. But help does come for them in ways we cannot understand. A "few" of them only. The rest die. They dissapear like brids do. I think this is the purpose for faith, where the idea that we, each and every one of us, are being taken care of and this is where the idea of being cared for comes into play. Most people do not see it, forget the fact, have never even thought about it or refuse to address it as they don't want to see it in themselves.

April 15, 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada

Wednesdays is Mo and my day to get out into nature but I had business on my mind with getting a picture gallery going. Small prints are in the mail and I went to buy frames at a thrift shop down the street. I've seen them in the window there now for a couple weeks every time I walk by. They are big frames and they sold them to me like in the old days, a buck, fifty cents each, etc... and I purchased a whole bunch for eight bucks. Brought a can of black paint for them. Went on line to purchase some picture mattes, backings and sleeves for the prints coming in the mail. A friend is sending me a few bucks to pay for them. Last night I picked up a free standing sign that had been discarded two weeks ago from the monthly 1st Friday. I pass it laying on the sidewalk every night and so tonight I confiscated it.

I'll be able to use it when I am setup on the street to tell people to go inside and see the photos for sale. I need to print information about everything. Also I need to redo my photos so I can print them in a large format. That... will be a lot of work. Right before it got dark Mo and I went to a park. It was cloudy so we took advantage of being able to walk in the raw desert without the sun beating down on us. Then we walked around a bunch of lakes smelling of fresh cut grass and spring flowers as about ten different types of birds yelled at the top of their lungs. A bird lady was there to fed them. It is a lady I met at the park last year who comes every night with a van of bird seed, fruits and vegetables for the fowl. She brings literally a full van full of food. We got out just before the marshalls locked the gate from the outside. That would have been a problem being locked in the park all night with the truck.

April 14, 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada

I know its a little strange after all this time, but to just pull up somewhere to create music is still awkward and uncomfortable. I use tricks to do it for example, recording music for this website. There is a unique piece of musical improvisation for everyday since 2006 on this website. So in my head, to turn off negative thoughts I say, "your just going to record some music here." Then then I get going but, that part of the piano is now broken with no money to fix it so there will be no more recording after this month. Thats sad for me and I'll need to find another way not to feel stupid when I pull up to a random spot and just start creating music, lol. Mo and I were on the street as we are every Tuesday while people I've come to know serve food to the poor and homeless. At night when I took Mo out for a walk I did my usual of handing out water to people we pass laying on the sidewalks. Today... more were on the streets than I've ever seen before. I'm so grateful for the little micro apartment room I have!

April 13, 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada

I worked hard in the noon day sun yesterday for five hours because it was fun. I don't think about anything when I am having fun and I'm 100% focused on what I am doing so of course I forgot about drinking water. The days are just now getting hot again. I did try and drink water when I got back home but it was too late and along with the exhaustion that finally hit me... I did not get up until almost three in the afternoon today. Thank God I can do that. Life is very different now then when I started out thirty three years ago and was in better shape physically. Anyway... I was rested for the field and that is where we spent the time after getting out of bed and until nine at night. When I am rested I can get a lot of work done! Fact is, I can't do any work if I am not rested or if I push it I get sick. At the field I stepped into a physical fight to break it up between a couple next to a van with two volunteer women standing not knowing what to do.

Ha, I am amazed how I have no fear in situations like that. Then another serious fight broke out on the street with a taser and big heavy stick. I thought I might have to go into my truck to get my metal bar for that one but it dispersed quick enough and I just went back to creating peaceful music. A girl came up and handed me some cup cakes that she knows I enjoy, another friend came up with two pairs of good used shorts... which I need. Then there are those who bring food and treats for Mo every week. People ask if I need anything. I'd like to say yes... for them to create a monthly subscription on my website. But I know that won't work so I don't bother saying anything. A Cuban guy from the streets who plays piano pretty good actually played most of the time, for the first time tonight. I may try to get him in to play at the rescue mission a few days a week.

May 12, 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada

There is a place, an organization that I decided to play for once a month on the second Sunday where they share food, resources and a place for people without a home to hang out. They are Mexican people that run the place and are always polite and seem welcoming. But... there is a cultural difference in relating that sometimes I cannot read. And also, I'm sure they cannot read me well. I cannot tell how much they want me there or care if I am there. If they came over to me and said, "great to see you, thank you for coming, love your music" or anything... They do offer food but, I say no not now as I am here to work but can I take a container home? I say please just give me the meat and veggies, no rice or bread and that feels uncomfortable to say. It should not. I want them to say, "take as much as you want or need" but they actually hold back with the amount. This is a "tell" for me but then again I am not sure if its a cultural thing, something they just lack the insight to do, or just don't care. Sometimes people want to put me in a separate category of, "this is for those that need it." That... drives me crazy and is humiliating as though I am asking for something I do not deserve when I am present and giving unconditionally.

Maybe they are as unsure of me as I am with them. The people from the streets there, of course love me but I can interact with them in other places. It just takes only one person to stand out from the organizers to show some special care that I made the effort to be there at there place... verses down the street somewhere else. I mean... I am adding to the organizations experience. Of course they all acknowledge me and wave hello when I arrive. But they are just pleasantries. For the street people my work is unconditional but from the organization I need some special respect. It is not like they are doing me a favor in allowing me to be there. I'm very sensitive concerning who I give to. There are no apologies needed from me for thinking this way because I get to choose who I get nothing in return from, lol. I know all the workers fill their pockets with whatever food they want to take home with them and that for example... they should be offering me again, and again until I accept to fill my pockets until they are overflowing. This is basic and is a touchy subject for sure!

May 11, 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada

Today, I was with a hundred and fifty other people at a meeting with Pete Buttigieg who is running for president. He addressed the Asian American Pacific Islander Democratic Caucus in Las Vegas. This was the third major political event I have been to up front and close. The last two were with Michelle Obama and then, there was Cory Booker. Afterwards Mo and I went to an arts festival in Downtown Henderson where I might have shared the Traveling Piano but the event closed a 4PM. Who closes an event on a beautiful sunny Saturday on Mother's Dat Weekend in mid-afternoon? Anyway it was an excuse to just keep going to Boulder City about twenty minutes away where a block party was going on. There was a band and the event was being sponsored by a bar. Did all that, done all that... Mo and I found a grassy park and laid in the shade under a huge tree for a little bit then headed home.

May 10, 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada

Between dinners at the mission today I connected with some of the volunteers and showed them the Traveling Piano. It amazes me how people who give and share are always so alive and happy when they are doing what they do. I met one mother tonight who comes with her daughter. The woman has eight children she raised on her own yet still spends time serving the poor. That amazes me. I watch people all the time while I am creating music. Today it reminded me of walking in the desert and seeing different flowers, each unique and with different styles. Just like all the people I was observing. With people who live on the streets there is no conforming to a look or style. Everyone is truly themselves. They stand out singularly.

May 09, 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada

We went to the mission for our usual commitment. I was thinking how when the piano gets enough out of tune, I'll stop going there and the management will not even know I'm gone after a year and a half. They could not care less that they have a decent musical instrument worth thirty grand if... it needs upkeep. I'll bet the person who donated it would care. The people off the streets will notice when I am no longer there, the people using the rescue mission will notice. I am very appreciated by all of them. As the heat comes on I need to brush away the dead roaches by the piano every time I sit to play. Lol, nice grand piano on a floor of dead roaches where hundreds of people eat everyday. Once I got back to my place it began to rain heavy and did that all night with thunder and lightening. How awesome to hear thunder bouncing around off the Las Vegas strip! Except for the mission I pretty much wasted the day doing nothing more than processing pictures. I've posted two hundred more to the galleries. It is almost unbelievable how long it is taking me to process pictures. I get half done in the same amount of time as ten years ago. maybe because I can't see through my scratched computer screen so it takes longer to do the tasks? Or maybe my mind is not working as quick as in the past. Whatever, I just do the best I can.

May 08, 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada

Even though it was a late start once again, we got out and into nature with plenty of time to enjoy. There is less and less time these days and it is not to be missed. I wonder how often the people who care about our natural environments spend actual time in them enjoying what is. Now, I've been enjoying just sitting more than climbing. And Mo, for the first time in one spot said, "I just can't do that" so he waited while I went up over a section of rocks to see what was on the other side and then made a quick scramble back to him. My laying in a smooth cove of curved rock with Mo one hundred percent happy and content laying pressed against me on a breezy, sunny day with a perfect temperature...

...inside huge mountains of red rock and shades of desert green all around with absolutely no human made sound, just birds and the howls of desert animals in the distance and no thoughts in my head... I am so grateful and blessed to have the experiences I've always desired... that of just being. Now with Mo getting old fast, is the time once again to detach from feelings of loss and being alone after he is gone when we are out enjoying life together. My job as with Traveling Piano Dog Boner was to enjoy life with him in of itself and not project everything that is sadness into our joy together in the present moment. This time around will be twice the challenge as Mo is an extension of Bo. It is what it is. Gratitude is my savior... as well as seizing the moment.

May 07, 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada

I went to a printer to explore possibilities for printing out photos to sell. My skill in approaching people is going to need practice. He did offer to make me a few 5x7's to get started and a large print but this is a high end place and he's not just going to throw out money. Also, I need to redo the processing of my photos for larger prints. Seeing as I am working on a laptop with a screen that I can barely see through for detail... this is a little of a problem. I can go the cheap route like I tried a few years ago but I'm not a cheap kind of person. All that exhausted me for the day. It is not the doing things in a different way than from the last twelve years, its the doing of anything different. Like moving from freely sharing my work and looking for contribution to continue... with the selling of product, myself and my work in order to survive. As I have always said, if I found a partner who has the means and know how, for the nitty gritty and enjoys all that... I would have more inspiration. But thats an illusion, I know. Its like saying if I had a life partner, if I had... if I had... etc... I just need to keep plugging away by myself using the tools I've learned in life that work.

May 06, 2019

Mc Williams Street Las Vegas, Nevada

It is rare for me to have the back pain I had last night. I felt it from the back straight through to the front of my hip. Luckily I still have some ibuprofen and muscle relaxer from the last time I saw my doctor in 2015! Ha, with a double dose I slept twelve hours and woke up better, enough to hit my usual Monday night commitment... with a little effort. Once I got going as usual life became more or less effortless. That happens from focusing on my work and what I am doing. Deep down I love it, I love people and am full of gratitude to be able to have something to offer the world. It is always interesting how people who have seen me over time eventually coming up to me with the willingness to try out some music for themselves usually for the first time ever with the piano. They approach me on their terms, in their time, in their way, when their frame of mind is in the right place. That works for me perfectly. It is also in line with the journey's synchronistic and spontaneous nature.

May 05, 2019

Red Rock Canyon, Nevada

All I was thinking today is that I need to get out into nature. It was the first opportunity in two weeks. Still I couldn't get up early but that was ok because it was hot out and Mo cannot take the heat, me neither. Once we got out of the truck in Red Rock Canyon I was like, "what are you crazy"? My back has been really bad, my sciatic nerve and I'm going to hike? We did, in small spurts, mostly I sat exhausted. But the beauty of nature right now... I'm so full of gratitude to be able to appreciate it on any level. I can feel everything dissipating, my camera, computer screen to process everything, my eyesight, my dog, my body, the world, etc... but just look at these three pictures of flowers from today.

I have at least twenty different flower photographs from today. The ground is so green. I just thank God for this life experience and I want these pictures shared with the world. I know there are better photos out there in the world and also not as good but so what. These are my joy and I want to share them with the world. The older I get the more I appreciate flowers, the details, the colors, shapes, intricate designs, textures no matter how small, they are amazing to see and feel and smell and just everything! I was way too tired and aching to create music. I can barely stand up. None of he difficulties come close to the enjoyment of being in nature like today, for me.

May 04, 2019

E Sahara Ave., Las Vegas, Nevada

My back is giving me problems and that is why I think I'm tired. A guy named Clark who works the Red Rock Canyon toll booth is a piano player in a band named the Rockin Blues Squad and I've known him for two years now from the canyon but he's never been on the Traveling Piano. Today was the day! His band was playing a community health and resource fair and so Mo and I stopped there for awhile at the end. It was super warm. We met several fun people there. Afterwards I took Mo to the dog park and he could not have been happier but wow, was he tired. We are going to live everyday as full as possible. Piano dog Boner helped me to live in the moment and now with Mo... I'm going to practice that even more and be very careful concerning the heat.

May 03, 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada

The last weeks work has caught up with me as well as getting up early in the mornings. I've been working hard for the last six days, I should be tired along with the emotional drain of not knowing whether Mo is dying or not. He's better right now and had his last dose of antibiotic last night. So I am hoping of course for the best. We created music for the mission center tonight as we do for the dinner every Friday and I did not have the energy to stay for the second meal. It just was not in me to do. So I just got back, am writing this blog and then Mo and I will take a walk up the street to check out the First Friday event that happens here every month. I want to ask some of the photographers where they make their prints and get their materials to sell and then... to bed.

May 02, 2019

Main Street Las Vegas, Nevada

Mo and I went to the mission center today, exhausted. This is the 4th day I've pushed myself to get up... for me what is early in the morning. Tomorrow I will sleep. I've not had a full eight hours and I need usually ten these days. The interesting thing is that no matter how tired I am, if I am laying in bed doing something like processing pictures at night... I lay awake. There is no falling to sleep with the lights out, soft music, etc... Today I picked out pictures for frames. Again I am trying the route of selling some my my photography. Just put on foot in front of the other Danny. Think big while putting one foot in front of the other. Don't try to go big from the start. Tricks of the trade so to speak are needed, to keep the interest when my mind takes me down the rabbit hole. Like... "this is not what I want to be doing." My problem is that wanting someone else to do it for me yells louder than my wanting to do it for myself. A lot of of the time I just stop thinking which is easy when I'm this tired. Coffee got me through the music making time at the rescue mission today. Functioning with mind clarity when I'm tired is difficult but with music I just need to keep the energy going and... not think just... feel.

May 01, 2019

Main Street Las Vegas, Nevada

What a beautiful day it was with the temperature and feeling of the air. There was just a little too much sun at mid-afternoon for about a half hour. Other than that... perfect. We camped out with the Traveling Piano curb side around the corner from where Mo and I live on Main Street outside Quality Autoworks for their Grand Opening Day here in the Arts District. Denise the owner has offered to take care of repairs for the truck and I wanted to show my appreciation. We began at ten in the morning and ended at six in the evening. I am amazed I had the energy to last that long. When I love what I am doing my spirit has unbounded energy, even with my back bothering me. There could have been some great music recorded but that part of the piano has broken.

And the volume switch just stayed on loud the entire time which was just fine. It had to be, as it is now loud or nothing. I'm sure the music sound traveled for blocks and blocks. It felt really good playing on the street with purpose. I need purpose now to play in areas of business. Mo and I met neighbors and business owners and with people gathering (never more than five at a time) I felt as sense of community mingling which is what I am out to achieve through the Traveling Piano. It is time to move in a new direction, that of support, money, business, etc... it is a process that has been happening for over two years now, lol. It just needs to happen while keeping the agenda pure with no tips, fees, or commercial affiliation in the conventional way of "selling" whatever. Selling community involvement... that I can do.