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August 31, 2010

Looking Glass, Montana

I sat on the top of a hill waiting for a break in the showers and watched the sky like I would a television screen... storms passing continuously in the distance with multi colored cloud shapes and ever changing sun beams. I wanted to create some music but it was not meant to be. The temperature... in the 40's and it is snowing at higher elevations!

August 30, 2010

East Glacier, Montana

Moving onward... firm decisions are being made while it is cold and raining outside. The Traveling Piano is heading once again to Canada. One step at a time. Many things create hesitation... fear is always there if I choose to acknowledge it... where specifically to go, the money, cold, winter, will the truck make it to Alaska and then what, should I hunker down and start planning for a new chapter for the Traveling Piano, how long to stay, how quick or slow to move, traveling alone (without Bo) in a different country... someone responded favorably to hosting today. That was very empowering! In the meantime I have one more hike to do and must look at a map! I'll need to get a new phone as soon as I cross the boarder, if they let me cross! Still, it will be days away. I would like to stay in the present moment.

August 29, 2010

East Glacier, Montana

It has been raining all day. The mountians are covered with snow. What have I been doing? I just finished posting over a thousand pictures, the nature of Glacier Park in two links on the Boner The Dog website!

August 28, 2010

East Glacier, Montana

God, I could not wait for the people in the motel room next to me to leave. Noise late into the night and again starting at six in the morning! I needed the rest and the incessant pounding of their outside door, their walking around, just using the place... I could not relax it all made my body tense up. Physically, I am beat after yesterday... wonderfully beat. Once everything quieted down I slept until four in the afternoon. Constantly, I need to remind myself that I am ok with what I am doing... being in the present moment. Yesterdays experience was epic. I'm kinda lost with what can come next or what to do. Thats ok... I'll just allow myself to be numb. :)

August 27, 2010

Mount Siyeh, Montana

Wow! At the hostel across the street where I have been staying I hooked up with Brian and Shawn two twenty seven year olds on a road trip from Portland, Oregon. We decided to do a hike together... a hike I had almost given up on because I knew it would be difficult and I did not have the oomph to find someone to do it with. Over ten miles through the Siyeh pass of Glacier Park. Wow! I stretched my physical capabilities to the limit and it felt amazing most likely because the views were amazing. The nature I have been experiencing keeps getting better and better. I have been loving nature as I have loved Piano Dog Boner. This signals to me that I have been accepting the fact that he is no longer physically with me. I have been fulfilling my priorities in life and todays experience validates it.

The hike would take a year to express in words. Forests, alpine meadows, hills and mountains of all types, the greenest and most fragrant of evergreen trees, water falls, glacial lakes, views that looked like a topographic map... the temperature and wind continuously changed. While trudging straight up to the pass at one point I thought of all my Irish friends with the Irish Blessing that includes "may the wind always be at your back," because the wind was literally pushing me up the mountain and then... I turned the switchback into fifty five to sixty mile an hour winds and a freezing wind chill. I had to steady myself to not be blown away. It was wicked, terrifically wicked and exhilarating. Next... calmness, sun, light breeze, beautiful vistas beyond description.

While on the hike I sat by myself for a while and thought. In my very early years the idea was put into my head that I would do something very big with my life, I was going to do something with my life that was significant and I have always wondered what that would be, and when... especially since this journey began. Well... I think I have achieved it. The realization came today while sitting on Siyeh pass. My life's accomplishment is a personal one. The successful relationship with my dog was a major accomplishment. I have had an unexpected, life enriching personal relationship in my life with my adopted son Mike who is now out doing his own thing but... a relationship with myself has been paramount and the fact that I would be able to allow myself the experience of the glory of nature... as I have been doing here in Glacier Park... this is the accomplishment of my lifetime. To feel deserving of, to allow, to be able to give to myself, to be able to trust and share my true intent and desires, to be part of everything without guilt, fear, shame, obligation, expectation... to just "be" ... today I am most fulfilled with the intended joy of life.

The day started out with a major musical jolt. For the first few miles out of town, Brian and Shawn sat on the back of the truck and at full speed we traveled down the road as they played on the piano. Hahaha... was that fun! We stopped because the curves were going to put the ride out of control. A couple who had passed us on the road, turned around and came back to investigate what we were about. They were two terrific musicians, elementary school teachers who play piano from Long Island, New York. There was some great classical music, specifically Schubert played on the road, in the mountains of Montana today! As happens often... I cannot remember their names but they did stop at where I am staying later in the day so that Judy the motel owner could let them into my room to get a couple Raggin' Piano Boogie posters for their classrooms at home!

August 26, 2010

East Glacier, Montana

I have been pacing myself pretty good. That means... no rushing. For better or worse this is a decision I have made for my life and it takes constant willpower. I've consciously set my life up as it is, (with gratitude) and enjoyment is the base. It hit ninety degrees today so I took the opportunity to crash the local lodge pool... first time in a couple of years to be at a pool. I was a little fearful of getting thrown out. Ha! After jumping in the water I was like, "gotta get out of here, its way to cold." After about three minutes of forcing myself to adjust I settled in to have the experience. All the lounge chairs were being used and once again, "I'm leaving as soon as I get out of this water". Again, someone left before me, I grabbed the chair and hung out poolside for the first time in years. There was no way I was going to get a picture of what that looked like to post on this here website!!!

August 25, 2010

Browns Lookout, Montana

Well, I got the huckleberry obsession done with. It wasn't really an obsession I just wanted to find huckleberries. Finally, on a very steep trail deep in the woods at Browns Lookout. The climb was straight up for hours! with my tendency to always look for better and more... when I found the patch something other than myself said sternly, "you wanted to find huckleberries Danny here they are stop and pick them." Good thing I did. After about a half hour two trail guides came buy walking down the mountain. I asked what time it was and they said 5pm, that I'd better get out of there because in a short while the trail would become an express highway for bears coming in for the huckleberries. I took my almost four quarts and skedaddled down the mountain.

On the way down I met a young family from Tennessee and told them the news. We headed out together and they followed me to the Traveling Piano where we had some music together. It was fun for me because I had not yet created music right after a hike. I wanted a new experience and got it. The moment was definitely inspired. Before I met the couple on the trail I was talking to myself out loud. (to warn any bears, they attack when surprised) I was actually praying out loud. I've been having a problem with part of my mission statement... the part about creating musical inspiration and empowerment. I am not out to create musical inspiration and empowerment for others... this assumes that other people need this, want this or I have it and they don't. Ha... I do not feel better or more than anyone else, this is a fact. And then I found some understanding. I prayed for me, myself... to stay and become more inspired and empowered. By nature that is shared with the world and with other people. I don't want to create it for other people I want to share it with them. I enjoy others discovering their own inspiration and empowerment. One might say I facilitate that for people with the Traveling Piano and my spirit but the fact is I just set the intent first thing in the morning and then flow with spontaneity and synchronicity throughout the day.

August 24, 2010

East Glacier, Montana

I took it totally easy today. I was social, hung out with people and we all created short bursts of endless repartee. This felt really good

August 23, 2010

East Glacier, Montana

Full moon today... one month ago today I let go of piano dog Boner's ashes and... I'm still here! Whats up with that? Many mindful twists are presently in play... as to why I am still here. Bottom line... I'm not leaving until I'm done. Done what? Everything... I have been making outward moves... I move very slowly. It is what it is. I went looking for huckleberries today. I want to find huckleberries. They are like finding gold around here. At night I cooked some food. I have been using up what I have left from a major store purchase over a month ago. I ended up making a Surf and Turf, ha, it turned out really well and I have witnesses. A package of Italian pasta with three cans of Progresso New England clam chowder (surf) with potatoes, carrots, mushrooms, salt, pepper and a package of butter fried hotdogs cut up into little pieces. (turf) Yum!

I met a couple new really nice people, one guy was from Italy... he told me about the 50th anniversary of the biggest international boat show in the world which will be held this October in Italy. I've been looking for a super yacht to hitch a ride with to take the Traveling Piano around the world. Italy is a major builder of super yachts. Maybe I should go over to italy and find someone interested? As it was getting dark I ended up outside on the Traveling Piano. Interactions with about twenty different people really made my day!

August 22, 2010

East Glacier, Montana

For the second day I found a spot to sit and play just by myself. By a lake in the trees in the late afternoon, the water was rushing along the rocks loud and clear. Ahh... just by myself like in the old days. :) It feels like autumn weather. I am planning to go north soon into Canada and up to Alaska. One of the town dogs had eleven puppies today. It made my heart ache for a dog but that is not in the game plan right now. Can it, will it ever be again? I started to throw out feelers to visit people again on the road. It has been awhile and it is also an important part of this journey to interact and stay with new friends. I'm almost ready to get back to work in that regard. It is... work, but fun work and very worthwhile.

August 20, 2010

East Glacier, Montana

It has been a half year since piano dog Boner's passed. I had hoped it would get easier and easier as time passes. I woke up this morning depressed and crying. I am finishing the cataloging of Raggin' Piano Boogie vintage archives and I have been posting them to the website. Every day I have been looking at the joy from the dog of my dreams. Seeing visually how consistently he was my friend, how happy and playful he was always, how much he loved me and "trusted" me, how much he cared for me and showed it, how much more life was for me... together in partnership with him... I've never felt grief overwhelm me as much as it can these days in any given moment. There area about six hundred more pictures to get through. I'm not leaving Glacier Park until they are done. I have an inclination to objectify Bo, the facts, the memories, the feelings but do not want to do that. What am I to do, quit everything? I've said it many times, this musical journey was about the two of us sharing our partnership, it was about sharing our relationship with others first and foremost. Now I either do something else or share just myself. Ugh on both accounts. I know that the answer is to soak myself in gratitude. Not easy...

I went to a perfect spot to think about my life, what I am to do and to meditate today... figure things out, make a plan by myself etc... Every time I try to do this the nature is so beautiful all around, all I can do is be in the present moment. I was on the Blackfeet Indian reservation and way off the beaten track. Seeing as there was nothing around anywhere for miles I felt a little uncomfortable exploring by myself but I wanted to walk and check out a dark canyon I saw from a distance. I was on a plain of grass, miles and miles of flat rolling land, the Rocky mountains in the background. There were a few trees by the canyon, it did not look like it was a giant canyon. When I got to the edge it was a sharp edge, a cliff straight down into a great forest. At the bottom I thought it would be just rock. It was a huge flowing river, the Two Medicine river with rushing rapids and waterfalls, unbelievable. As I have seen mountain goats on the sides of steep mountains, today I saw cows! Very crazy... I got pictures to prove it. While creating music I forced myself to keep my eyes open and be inspired by the awesome beauty in front of me. It was like trying to climax while looking at my partner.

August 20, 2010

East Glacier, Montana

I've begun to have a difficult time probably because I am finishing the vintage archives pictures of piano dog Boners life with me. He is in most of the pictures. Moving forward on my own is not fun. I said I would only do this journey as long as Bo and I were together. What now? Tonight was the town's brisket club get together, a monthly community dinner. I was afraid to go because I wasn't invited. Everyone's invited but my state of mind... I wanted to close myself off. Thank God i have the ability to step out of myself and do what needs to get done. I went anyway. I enjoy the neighborhood pot luck dinner gatherings I have experienced throughout this journey more than anything else I can think of. Great home cooked food, neighbors checking up on each other and their individual needs... fun, friendship, respect. I enjoyed meeting a lot of the local people who have been experiencing the Traveling Piano from a distance. There were many stories like... "I live over there (pointing to the house across the street) ...and one night I came out of my house, heard the music and asked myself if I was in heaven." Another lady, "My son stopped and played on your truck up at Looking Glass. (a large vista overlooking the mountains) For days he tried to convince us of what he had discovered and then... I saw you driving down the street with someone playing the piano on the back of the truck!) Ha... I've been very fortunate to have this journey.

August 18, 2010

East Glacier, Montana

You would think it would be easy to quiet my mind with some meditation with all the nature I have been around. Not. My present mind is tending to create chaos with not knowing what to do, where to go, how to do "life". This journey is supposed to be all about fun, right? I want it all done for me. I know that is an illusion. I must make the moves into the flow of life and then it is always easy, and that is a fact. Damm, I'll never just get into that damm flow and stay there without constant work. My job... to create fun, friendship and respect with musical empowerment and inspiration... the work is to consistently to remember that, to stay interested and remember why. Anyway...

I drove down a random road in a new direction today. After about seven miles of traveling at two miles an hour because of the rocks... I found myself on what seemed once again the top of the world. The top was a huge plateau with high winds and warm sun. There was a boarder of trees in front of me. After that... nothing but grass and dark land crevices disappearing into the curvature of the earth. It was just me, the Traveling Piano and the earth. After soaking in the reality of my life, where I was in the awesome, amazing moment, what I was doing and why... all with total gratitude... I closed my eyes to listen to the music.

Usually when I close my eyes an awareness that someone may appear while my eyes are closed comes to mind, but not today. There was no chance that anyone would find me or so I thought, ha! Up the road comes a truck with a dad and son looking for a fishing lake somewhere in the area. They were visiting from Madrid, Spain. For all of us... what an experience! I almost began to cry with "their/our" experience of awe and wonder. I thought about this afterwards and my thoughts got down to basics. This journey is all about sharing my world. My life is about sharing my world.. with other people, key word... "people". Once again, I must make the moves to do it... and then it always happens. I must make the moves first and sometimes the thought of that just sucks but... wow. I was operating on five hours sleep from last night hoping I would fall asleep earlier tonight. Not... I was too full of living to fall asleep, still at two in the morning!

August 18, 2010

East Glacier, Montana

Wow, I am wiped out. As usual, it takes two days for a hike to catch up to me. The Iceberg hike a few days ago... has caught up with me. Physically, I am pooped. I went out for a little while with the Traveling Piano tonight and found an open area... and practiced, played for and by myself into the night. When I first began this journey I played by myself more than interact with other peple. Also, the piano man has been sucked into a vortex here in East Glacier but... I am aware and soon will... do something!

August 17, 2010

East Glacier, Montana

I had not played any music yesterday because the hike I did took the entire day and as usual had not planned on any playing of music for today because I was recuperating but... forty five scout explorers started to walk up the street from the train station. Half of them were from Germany. They were all camping across the street from where I was staying. Out came the Traveling piano. I paced the timing just right so I was not up till two in the morning creating havoc on in the area. Before the scouts... I drove tow little girls around the town while they tinkled with the ivories on the truck.


Surprisingly, more types of people other than scouts jumped on... a guy I had a conversation with earlier, a couple who just arrived from the Hudson river area of New York city, a bunch of buddies one was celebrating his twenty fifth birthday (I gave him a poster), a few kids and a bunch of random people. Afterwards I ended up eating salsa and chips while watching television and working on the website pictures until two in the morning. .

August 16, 2010

Iceberg Lake, Montana

When I first began this journey, I could not walk one time around my local football field. Today I hiked ten miles up and back to Iceberg Lake in Glacier Park. Maybe I can do these hikes because I am so distracted with awe and beauty. Today was a hot sunny, summer day and it was perfect. The trail had a lot of forest type area. The waterfalls were everywhere coming through foliage. The summer smells... rushing water in rich dirt, all the greenery baking in the sun brought back childhood memories. When I reached the lake everyone coming out of the area had a mystical look on their faces. The lake had the bluest green water and sat in a huge, I mean really huge crescent mountain. What was left of the winter snow and ice floated freely. The waters edge where I was... blended into a green alpine meadow full of wildflowers. I fell asleep on the rocks for a few moments looking into the lake and when I woke up the visual was astounding. Iceberg Lake is magical.

August 15, 2010

East Glacier, Montana

Most of the day was spent working with communication and web photos. Later in the day a cowgirl and indian squaw both from Lithuania jumped onto the Traveling Piano truck. They are working for the summer at the East Glacier hostel. I drove them in and out and around the town... into a few fields and... they created some great music, we took pictures and had fun.

August 14, 2010

Hidden Lake, Montana

On the way to a hiking area I got caught in a twenty minute road construction wait. Seeing that I was first in line it was a perfect moment to create some music for the construction workers and to give them a time on the Traveling Piano... a few travelers also enjoyed a time. I headed for Logan's Pass to hike down to Hidden Lake. I took my winter coat as it was late in the day and rain was forecast. Snow had been forecast for the area over the last few days. It turned out to be beautiful and summer like. The first half of the hike was an amazing walk through alpine meadows, through bear grass and little rivers of water running everywhere around my feet, water falling from cliffs everywhere, horned coats roaming, wildflowers, excited, loud little kids running around with families...

The second half of the hike took me down, down, down to the water. I had to get away from the noise of people so I took off my shoes and socks, waded across some water up to my knees, walked about a half mile, found myself on a huge flat rock jutting out into the water... for the first time I found a spot I did not want to leave. Lapping water, grassy fields flowing into the water, total serenity, peace and quiet, sun, breeze, completely surrounded with steep cliffs on three sides and behind me tall mountains. I was actually rolling around on the rock in my black pants, black hat and coat... I stood up to take a pee and then... I realized way up above I thought I could barley see the observation deck. Ha, I put on my telephoto camera lens to see excited people with binoculars and cameras focused on me. I am sure from a distance I looked like a black bear rolling around on that rock! It was a seven mile hike total and the climb up not easy at all but... I was the last one to leave the area as it was getting dark. I had the entire trail all to myself. I took my time and soaked in all the beauty of life and nature. I felt ok in being by myself.

August 13, 2010

East Glacier, Montana

Brrrr... it is cold and got colder as the day passed. Coat weather in August... Everytime I got the Traveling Piano started, it began to rain... like four times. Ahh, its a good excuse to get the pictures formated, posted and archived for the Boner The Dog website. There are two links specifically for pictures of nature here in Glacier Park. An elderly couple traveling around in a huge RV stopped on the side of the road and asked about the Traveling Piano. The woman did not let her arthritis stop the fun. She jumped onto the back of the truck to try out some music. A bunch of girls had a quick go, a young brother and sister from Austria occupied a few moments of their day with music.

The big news of the day is... I tamed a wild bear from Glacier Park and brought it into civilization. The bear had a bear of a time balancing itself on the piano seat and playing the piano at the same time. We drove and created music up and down the main street in East Glacier, Montana. This was so much fun I could bearly take it. Next time, I'm going to play and have it sit ontop of the piano. I didn't get its name or gender but I'll find that out. It is caged up day and night in the building next to where I have been staying.

August 12, 2010

East Glacier, Montana

Truck packing has begun. Little by little, step by step, day by day I have been getting ready for whatever is next. Before I began packing a bunch of curious youngsters stopped by and had a go with the Traveling Piano. And then it began to rain big time! Snow is in the forecast for tonight in the higher areas, in August?

August 11, 2010

East Glacier, Montana

I'm fairly certain I am somewhat caught in a vortex here in East Glacier. To use my friend Sara's words, "It's a magical place... its energy full of the perfume and stench of life! Hahaha... whatever. The day started out with going to pick Huckleberries once more with a guy named Jim... they turned out to be service berries again. They are just as nutritious. The truck got a good cleaning on the inside which always makes me feel good. All the supplies had to be emptied out, I had to take stock on what I have and reorganize. People, families would stop while I was cleaning and that would create an excuse for a work break to create some music and a Traveling Piano experience for everyone. Slowly, I'm preparing to move on to where... I have no idea. That is part of the fun this journey creates from living in the moment... I keep reminding myself. Another friend today reminded me to not worry about money... to have fun. Yep, I agree and also want to remember that. Been too afraid to hike because I have no rain gear and everyday has been having some cold and rain as well as warm sun.

August 10, 2010

East Glacier, Montana

Not sure how I'm feeling physically after yesterdays walk. I go between feeling great, dizzy and then tired :) I was having my coffee this morning sitting outside my cabin and a guy named David in his late 70's came up and began to talk to me about the Traveling Piano. He had heard about me in Washington State. Within five minutes I had the tarp off the truck, everything set up and he was on the seat playing. It was kind of funny because I wasn't even fully awake yet. David is a Nephologist... he is a "Cloud" expert.

I went to look for Huckleberries at dinner time so I had to look out also for bears. I was thinking, " lets see who gets and eats what' There was one black bear in the area and he ate all the good ones! I found only one huckleberry hahaha... true but i got a great picture of a bear! Also, I found a hand full of service berries, not so tasty... As I meet more and more interesting people living different life styles it is becoming clear for me that my personal life style develops from life experience in the moment... what ever I am around or doing... as well as not looking back to feel old experiences.

August 9, 2010

Highline Trail, Montana

I hooked up with my friend Jack today for a hike on the Highline Trail in Glacier Park... over twelve miles! This was a perfect day in full sun and as usual lots of variety of everything. Trying to describe and create a feeling of my experience with pictures and words only lessens the reality. This park is everything I had hoped for, worth the twenty five year wait. To grasp the experienced one must see, hear, smell, feel, taste it all in person. But anyway... I drank from the waterfalls, we walked through, in and around majestic mountains, the waterfalls were gentle and at every turn. I was so tired at the end, it took concentration... if I was to fall it had better be to the left as the paths were narrow and to the right... were straight down. The wildflowers, the varities... amazing.

I had a friendly stand off with two different goats on the path. They both gave in, one jumping three feet onto a ledge to let me by, the other on the down slope. Both waited about three feet to the side from me and then went back to eating after I passed. I saw a huge black bear on the way out of the park. Lots of ground squirrels having fun with my passing and marmots looking for a handout. A marmot chased me down the path! It is interesting that the dream to visit Glacier Park manifested after Boners passing. We would not have been able to be together in this park together because of rules and it would have been too dangerous for him. Still, he's with me and I am so happy to have found this as his permanent resting place.

August 8, 2010

Glacier Park, Montana

Today, I moved out of the hostel where I have been staying and back across the street to the Sears Motel. The plan was to spend my last two days in a bit more comfort and private space. I have no idea if I will be leaving in two days. My life is being carried on... wether I like it or not. I paid for twenty nights in the hostel. It is unbelievable that I have been here so long. As I said from the start I'm not leaving until I'm done. The over a month of paid hotel rooms is a mind boggling expense for this journey. A piano key broke. There is no repair capability for this piano. As I was running through my options, Judy the owner of the motel, super glued the key. As of this writing it is holding. The truck tarp snaps are continually wearing off. The muffler is about to go any day now. I said in the beginning that I would only do this journey as long as piano dog Boner was with me. Is this journey now ending? Should I go to Alaska anyway? How about Washington state? With what money there is remaining, should I stop investing in repairs and just go overseas... start a new life? What about the rest of the dreams?

I was missing Boner so much today, I went back to his final resting spot. It is a completely perfect area at Looking Glass. This place is as beautiful as it gets. I'm still crying, I get into bouts of neediness without Bo... my ego has been grabbing for attention, taking me out of the present moment, detaching my spirit from life, shutting me down, creating indecision, blah, blah, blah. A friend sent me an Albert Einstein quote today, “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.” I'd like to keep this journey going but... I never wanted to do it alone and that fact remains. I cannot see a new dog or anything... in my present equations. I'm supposed to be living in the present moment so I guess thats ok.

As I was emptying the Traveling Piano truck to clean it today people constantly walked by with smiles and wonder. Someone even stopped and asked, "are you going to entertain us?" I said, "no." Ha... I told her to come back after dinner and I would create some music for her. As I was inside my room looking out a voice said, "Get out there and get to work!" So I did and of course the day turned around. I even drove the streets with a Traveling Piano loaded up with adults and children, everyone having fun in the back of the truck.

August 7, 2010

Squashim Flats, Montana

I woke up early today, like 7am, wow! Cooked some food, made some phone calls... and then laid around and did nothing. I'm really glad I made some phone calls. it is interesting and consistent that everytime I make a move to connect with life... my life gets on track in the best of ways. Part of my being wants something or someone else in life to initiate, make the first move, show interest, care... the other part demands I make the first move and begin to "walk the walk" myself.

My friends Jack and Chris had a barbeque at there new digs today.Their front lawn is one of my most favorite places to create music. It is simply a vast field that goes on for miles with a running stream in it, horses and wildflowers. The backdrop is a panoramic view of the Glacier Parks mountains. Coincidentally one of Chris's friends is a woman named Anne who was one of the first people I called when I arrived here to connect with the town. I had not had the opportunity to meet her in person. Tonight it happened. Along with others, I met Peggy and Rolly a couple who have been together for many years. Peg is a puppeteer and had her Gunni Wolf hand puppet with her to create some music on the piano.

August 6, 2010

Two Medicine Falls, Montana

I posted this as my status to an online community today, might as well post it here: Went for a walk... pondered, meandered, worked on vintage photos, hemorrhoids, no cell, very limited internet, feeling high maintenance, wish I had a close friend to spend some time with, in person... At Two Medicine falls I took some pictures of kids jumping into the water and then I sort of did nothing all day and that felt good.

August 5, 2010

East Glacier, Montana

Today, I took a random, off trail hike up a mountain I have had my eye on. I very much enjoy getting off the beaten track. A new friend Jeramie, an Israeli here to work with summer campers in Missoula joined me.

At night I went to create music after dark with the Northern Lights. The Milky Way was bright and clear, a few shooting stars... but no Northern Lights. I got to the spot around 10:30pm and stayed until midnight. After about ten minutes Ted, Mara Beth and Max from back where I am staying found me. Ha, it was nice to have the company.

August 4, 2010

West Glacier, Montana

On the front window of my truck underneath the windshield this morning I found a five foot rolled up piece of paper with a note written by a guy I had met yesterday. He talked about his experience with the Traveling Piano and how he carried it through his day. Its stuff like this that keeps me going. Also yesterday, a guy named Paul drove over an hour to find me and ask if I would play for his bull riding rodeo tonight, ha. He wanted to make it a paid gig which I turned down because I knew he would not be willing to pay my worth. I told him I would stop by for fun. I wanted to explore and play with the event but should have known it had to be all about business. I ended up going with the flow. We had fun. I did get to play music in the ring with the bulls beforehand which was really... funny! Met some good people... I was roped into playing some of my old repertoire for the second night in a row.

From now on I must set stronger boundaries and limits concerning musical requests with the Traveling Piano. If I am going to go back into the arena of performance and entertainment as a reputable, really good or fantastic musician... I am going to demand a reputable, really good or fantastic fee! ...but I don't see that happening for real, unless it with my improvisational music. Most people want to hear what they know. (Ragtime, Boogie Woogie) To make money from my own improvisational music I would need to teach people how to know "me" (my improvisational music) ...just like I had to teach the idea of paying for performance from the back of a pickup truck for twenty years. I'm not into teaching people to pay me money at this point, in fact I'm not into teaching anything. I want people to give me money as I give to the world! Presently, my live is about surrounding the embodiment of fun, friendship, respect... musical inspiration and empowerment. Teach people to pay for that? If it is meant to be, someone else can do that. :)

August 3, 2010

Glacier Park, Montana

Jonathan, who I hiked with yesterday was leaving by train so I drove him to the station. That meant I had to get up at 8am, not easy but I wanted for him to have a nice send off. We drove around the train station parking lot while we were waiting, he played on the back and then the action began. Another young girl took a ride and several other people jumped on to play before the train arrived. Back where we started several people got onto the truck before they began their day of hiking. It was pretty crazy to have the Traveling Piano worn out before 10 in the morning!

Today was Judy's birthday. She is the owner... and runs by herself the Sears Motel, Giftshop, Dollar Rent-a-Car, Gas Station and Campground in East Glacier. She enjoys cheesecake so I decided to search for some in the area. I hit a bulls eye with my first attempt. I thought it would cost a lot of moola but when the manager of the restaurant realized it was Judy's birthday both pieces (one for me and one for her) became a "pay it forward." Judy had given a free room last week to a guy who lost his brother in a motorcycle accident here last week. Later on at night I treated for her to have a steak dinner. The restaurant owner from nearby and her workers as well as some area guests all came outside to help deliver it and sing Happy Birthday.It was served on a silver plate with a big fat candle in the center. (very funny) The cook, Dj really fixed it up nice. I supplied dinner music beforehand with my old repertoire of Ragtime and Boogie Woogie. I remembered surprisingly about eight songs. It was lots of fun!

August 2, 2010

Glacier Park, Montana

I got hailed on today. It was fun! This guy Jonathan and I began a hike and after almost two miles into the woods, the sky darkened big time... a moment of decision... RUN. HA, we turned around and made a dash back to the start. Ouch, ouch, ouch, cold, cold... ha, the adrenaline kept me going. I have not run in years. Every once in a while we'd stop under a tree, hide under a footpath... ended back at a lodge, "we'd like to sit get and a bite to eat, do you have a towel we could use?" Into the bathroom to ring out the clothes... I was so temped to stop and take some pictures along the way for fun, but could not get the where-with-all.

August 1, 2010

Glacier Park, Montana

Today was a day of waterfalls. A new friend Jonathan and I walked through a couple of miles worth of waterfalls. We took the opportunity to stop at every visual vantage point from St. Mary's waterfall to Virginia Falls in Glacier Park. Wow! Before we started out Some Traveling Piano time was spent while pumping gas at the Sears Motel and then I got roped into play the Bumblebee Boogie for a couple of visitors. Everyone also jumped onto the piano for some music of their own.

Upon returning there was an unfortunate incident. Some of my food was being stored in a special room to keep it from becoming spoiled. Permission was needed to enter the area. I asked one of the service girls to open it and she gave me trouble. I went to the management to resolve the matter. After asking for more respect from the girl in the future, the guy said it was my attitude that needed changing. I asked him what attitude he had experienced from me towards the girl. He said none but he... "knows I have it in me to give!" I resolved the issue myself. I took all my food out of the storage area and put it in my truck. The disrespect concerning my character made me want to leave which would create an inconvenience on many levels. More so, really... I accepted the situation as an exercise in not running away from discomfort, thats the main reason. My experiences here have mostly been good. It's a pain in the ass that I can never get away totally from all trouble. Trouble comes up every now and then along with all the good. It is what it is.