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June 22, 2022

Monahans, Texas

What? Mo and I found some sand here about three miles away from where we are staying! There was very little exploring in it all as my strength just keeps slipping away. But we did climb to the top of a sand dune. A mom and her kids found us and we had a few moments of fun. There was another family with dark skin I wanted to interact with and they wanted to interact with me but I think they we're not sure if I would be friendly towards them. If there had been more time and they had stuck around it would have happened. For the first time I have experienced people wanting to give a donation for the Traveling Piano and call it a blessing. They want to bless me with money through God.

I've never encountered that before and like it. "Here is a Blessing for you." ($50) But then... I have been thinking that a blessing is a spiritual happening. We need a term for spiritual bestowing in of itself. To re-identify a spiritual blessing through physical gifts lessens the reality of spirituality, and creates confusion over what a true blessing is. This... very convenient for churches looking for money and justification for contribution. Some would say, can a blessing not be both spiritual and physical seeing that all comes through God? The answer, no. However if you want to bless me with some contribution so be it. Who am I to decide for you. Bless me, bless me, please bless me! lol