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June 21, 2022

Monahans, Texas

Today was mostly perfect. I did not have to do anything. Just laid in bed until the afternoon. We are in a perfect place, in total comfort, lots of space, I used for the first time my motel stove and new pot to warm up some food I have. Last time we we're here, my back was hurting so bad I could not stand up. Today, I was able to take Mo for a nice long walk and even took a picture of a flower, lol. The where-with-all to take nature photos during this present mission has been, nada. And then tonight I see in the news that the police chief in Uvalde is being protected by the city council and mayor. I happened to be somewhat on the inside of all this but have been trying to stay away from it because of the Traveling Piano's mission. I'm failing... the end of an almost perfect day. Uvalde has a political inside family who values job and reputation more than serving the community, those suffering, the children and mothers slaughtered. The police chief should have resigned immediately if for no other reason respect. He has no humility.

Elected officials and the police have chosen a war with the community at the most vulnerable of times to shield him. The mayor accused Texas Department of Public Safety of lying while withholding information? Really? In the name of Jesus Christ I call them all mortal sinners. I want all those affected by this slaughter of innocence by a teenage kid who has been supported in purchasing a weapon of mass destruction while not old enough to even purchase a beer, and those now being dis-respected by city officials that serve only their special interests, I want the community at large to know my prayers and faith and support is with them. Nothing will ever destroy the spirit of truth, ever! This kind of injustice hits at my very core and can tear at my psyche. It brings out the hate in me big time, wants to grab me and not let go... take over my mind, body and soul with desire to destroy those who put their careers and reputations above life, care, compassion and empathy. Pray for me, send me some positive energy. I need help to detach.