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June 20, 2022

On the Road Texas

I left Uvalde just in time because the politics of everything is about to explode and there is no way I could any longer play neutral. I did a good job for almost two weeks but the boil was about to burst in me. Mo and I began to drive north. My GPS told me to turn and then the internet connection went out. So, I drove on this road hoping it was right, I think it was route 277, there we're posts every couple miles saying 277 and none of them said north or south! They were totally useless and there was no turn offs. After about an hour and a half I found myself at the Mexican boarder!!! So I had to turn around and just drive north all day in a temperature over a hundred degrees and thank God the trucks air-conditioning worked! We reached Monahans and signed a the Fairfield motel, the same one as on the way down and as exhausted as I was, it felt so good to be in the comfort of this perfect motel room, so good, so good!