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June 19, 2022

Uvalde, Texas

Today was our last day here in Uvalde. Two people had contacted us for today to take up the offer of a personal Traveling Piano visit to their home. That has happened several times. I posted the offer on the communities Facebook page. It feels special for me when people take me up on an offer. Few do. There are many reasons, none of them work for me. One women could not reach me and after trying several times, knocked on my door earlier in the day. I was so pleased. And then, she demanded I take a "blessing" from her. That is what people call donations here in Uvalde. I like the term very much. With the second family, I took home dinner. They had been directly involved with the slaughter. The relating became difficult as the granddad wanted to bait me into political talk. He was feeling me out. He said something about Biden and I replied easily with humor about trump and that shut them all up. But then the topic of Catholic came up. They are all diocesan catholics whom I have been losing respect for big time.

He then came out with "those fucking faggots, I hate them" it was so visceral he stuttered. I shut him down immediately saying, nope, don't go there, its wrong as I was thinking this is now what the diocesan catholics are being taught probably because of how gay people brought the pedophile priests out of the closet and the church lost so much money from it. The diocesan branch of Catholicism has always been politically authoritarian which is why they also preach to support trump. It is disgusting for me. I was raised in that shit and throughout half my life also on the inside... deep in many ways. I've been around the block in my life so to speak. So anyway, this guy was also the last county sheriff having retired after twenty years. Yikes on so many levels! The visit ended soon after but we all had fun along with the serious scrape that could have gone very serious fast. Thank God for my self-respect. It is strong. I'm nice, professional, loving, compassionate, have empathy, a desire to please, patience and tolerance but don't fuck with me concerning what I have an immense personal experience with, lol!