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June 18, 2022

Uvalde, Texas

Tonight was the last visit with the Traveling Piano to the school here in Uvalde. The flowers and other objects of respect are piled three feet high over the entire area. In seeing how significant the Traveling Piano is and how needed, I almost do not want to leave but it is just unrealistic to stay much longer. A neighbor brought dinner to take home. It was rice, brisket and creamed corn like I've never had before. Beef brisket seems to be a favorite here. For dessert, home made poppy seed cake with white icing, it was awesome! Never have I been in a place with so many cousins. Everybody is a cousin, it is almost funny. Everyone has tons of cousins. Makes me wonder how they can all find people to marry who is not a cousin! It is kind of funny. Anyway, it was a fruitful time and I am so thankful this has all worked out for the good.