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October 13, 2021

The Jackson River Bank, Virginia

Everyday I read news headlines and what is going on worldwide, it reminds me to focus on and live in the present moment. If I am to act on a particular issue, I will know it. Then I go onto social media and rant some. Then I know to get off of social media before I get too much into it. Then I post my blog and make other online social media posts, usually. I would like to then meditate, cook/eat, clean up and move on and into more Traveling Piano work for the day. I must deal with this website and email account renewal by the end of the month. They are going to rip me off with price increases or I need to find a new server and account holder. Doing that, a pain in the ass cannot be worse. The place Mo and I are staying in feels secure day by day and I feel a freedom to enjoy life with the journey somewhat like in the beginning. It has been a long time coming back around for that feeling! Onward...