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October 12, 2021

Covington, Virginia

If I can get up by 9am, a day can be had. Waking 10am or later and the day is usually shot, I can't get enough done. I've been staying close to this house I am in and loving every minute of it. I feel happy here with all of its massive antique furniture and artifacts, the wood work and quilts and Bev's food made and frozen is awesome. The freezers are packed with food. Bill has the place packed with everything a house could need. At night is when it is really awesome with low light and candles. I kinda wish it was a little cooler for the full fall effect. The cold is coming very soon tho. I love having this space all to myself.

The porch is awesome when the neighbors are not screaming and the dogs everywhere are not barking their heads off. There are feral cats everywhere, hundreds of them. I went to the cities sports field today. It is huge and next to a river sourrounded by mountains and has a walking path. I was able to park next to the water and create music for myself and the universe. Of course people passed by with thumbs up but no one got onto the piano. I had a short talk with two local ladies who's families have lived here for generations. Word has been getting around that a Traveling Piano man is in town.