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October 10, 2021

Allegheny County, Virginia

The sun came out for the first time in a week for a little bit of time today! I just hung around the house. Bill and Bev said I could rearrange some of the house and so I worked on making one room less cluttered and also organized some of the kitchen. The place is as full of "stuff" as can be. Figuring out how to operate in such a large space after so many years is not easy. Finding where the lights and plugs are, where to put my things so it does not get lost in their things, sometimes I just walk back and forth in and out of rooms and around lost in my head with it all. But, I have also done that in just one small motel room too. I'm getting used to the place and it is beginning to feel real good! Mo and I are sleeping in the cellar which is very dark but it has a king size bed, is quiet and the area is big. That verses a small bedroom upstairs or a single mattress type bed in one of the parlors. I miss waking up to the sun but this place is perfect for a classic fall weather stay in the country. Wow, October 10th already!