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October 9, 2021

Clifton Forge, Virginia

Bev is a quilter. Quilting is big here in this area of Virginia. She is entering a piece in an arts show and asked if I would drop it off for her. The neighbor across the street Wayne, he went with me. It was another cloudy day with not many people around and I just pulled up to a curb, dropped off the quilt for the show and began to create some music. A few people interacted with us but the best part of it all was Wayne getting into the truck to play. He is in his seventies and has had a severe curvature of the spine since birth but... that did not stop him from climbing into the truck and onto the piano. Getting down from the truck can be even more troublesome for people. When those like Wayne "go for it" in spite of difficulties or what anyone else may think, or they get past their inhibitions to join me through partaking in my journey, that inspires me greatly. It empowers me to keep moving and "doing" myself no matter what.