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April 04, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada

I was not expecting a high energy Easter day. While having my morning coffee my friend Curtis called, "I have a 130 spaghetti sausage dinners do you want them? I called my neighbor Miles, "I need your help, are you available?" Also, my friend Todd had dropped off 8 cases of water yesterday. I had the forks. Met another guy along the way who gave us about 20 tea shirts. Off we went to the streets. This week the city made it even more difficult for those on the streets to get resources. The appreciation and smiles we're awesome. We we were done, about 30 more Easter Bags of goodies, candy, eggs, etc... we're picked up.

Loretta, from my Sunday committment has been consisent everyweek in dropping off items. So I had to go back out with all that. As a result I did not get to create music on Main Street as I have been doing every Sunday. Along with Mo's presence and my love for everyone and my neighbor Miles went out with us... you would not believe the smiles! It was GREAT! Thank God for friends and neighbors who care... just people in general. Happy Easter! It was over 90 degrees so Mo mostly hung out in the truck. A solution will be needed for Mo and the heat that has now arrived for the next half year!