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April 03, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada

I am rarely current now in posting this blog daily as I have been for all these years. It is something I have taken pride in doing and disappointing for me. Oh well, at least I am still doing it... especially with so few people reading personal blogs these days. As time goes on I tend to jump off the "in" "current" "trendy" bandwagon of life. There is little choice. It is a matter of struggle or continue doing what is possible on the path developed. New neighbors are moving in and more are to follow. They are of a loud culture and looking like trouble. It was so great for the last year. I was in heaven and do not know if I can return to the chaos, frustration and fear. I need a peaceful and quiet home. With my door open, strangers are going back and forth, back and forth the same ones up to ten times an hour twelve feet away. Why? For no good reasons that is for sure. Been through all this many times through the last few years. Mo says Hi! ... with his funny smile...