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February 22, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

Mo is limping big time. Sometimes I think it is neurological. We were going to go into the desert today but I thought it better not to. So... it became an all day cooking day. I love to impress myself with accomplishment. If I had the where-with-all, I could make a great television show on cooking big in a small kitchen area! I made spaghetti with a white meat sauce to take out onto the streets for people, seven gallons! Pre cooked meat, spaghetti noodles, flour, butter, milk, salt, pepper, nutmeg. This photo shows the size of my entire kitchen! With every step along the way while cooking, I need to keep the area spotlessly clean. A few years ago, when doing the rounds of giving out water I came across a group intently eating out of quart containers. I asked where it came from and they pointed to a couple giving out this amazing soup. I got some of the soup to find out for myself and never forgot watching those people appreciating and enjoying the soup in knowing it was special. Tonight, as I was leaving I saw about 15 people like that, lost in the enjoyment of the food eating out of the containers. It brought back the memory. Words cannot convey how gratifying that was for me!