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February 21, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

Whew, life is strange! I did get up today to live it today. Mo is limping. I wanted to take him to the desert tomorrow for a hike to honor his birthday on Tuesday. We are still going hike or not. If we just have to sit and "be" together and nothing more, that is going to happen. Even myself, I have been having serious physical issues with being able to function. Being careful not to transfer the pain into other people through frustration or whatever, I wanted to do that today but I am not allowed, lol. A lot of my time at my commitment on Main street was spent talking to a kid I know who's mind has been warped concerning trump and capitalism and making money as the priority of life. Ugh! Then Eric, Mary and Barbara came to drop off all the prepared food to hand out on the streets from their work yesterday. Loretta another friend left off bags of muffins and oranges. Bananas were added and just plain bagels, water, a few blankets... off to the streets we went. One of the guys living on the street asked me to create music, so that happened.

Then towards the end I came across a woman lying in the street passed out, really a mess which led to a conversation with a nearby neighbor until the police came. I was not going to just let her lay in the street, there is no question that she would have been run over once it got dark. All the food went today. I need to constantly be careful with Mo... he limps and as a result I think it is the end for him and then I tend to go into a very unsettling spiral downward without any ability to help myself. Need to keep thinking about gratitude and enjoying life and the work I do... which I do in fact, enjoy. With Mo, it is all about living in the moment with him and enjoying every moment, which I do. The street was more packed today then ever before. It is like there is no virus happening. Yet, America alone went over the half million people dead mark while I talked to some today without my masks on. When I feel like I just cannot wear a mask I must just not go out! I can't wait until I can start inviting people back onto the piano seat. Literally, I can't wait but I had better no matter what. It is torture.