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February 18, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

When I was a young boy I was criticized for any opportunist impulses. Now as a grown man I am thankful for those qualities in myself and realize that the criticizing when I was young, came from the fear of asking or receiving desires and a taught lack of self-respect and trust in motives. Never was my intent to take advantage of a situation for self-serving agendas only. The priorities have always been to share, nurture and give first and foremost but there must be some personal gratification attached. And if that is the catalyst, so be it as long as the self-motive part is not dominant. It takes work to be and stay honest about that. So, as I was sitting today trying to find inspiration to get outside with the Traveling Piano, I saw online that there was a food give away at the Las Vegas stagehands union. I had been there for that one or two months ago. The post said it was for anyone not just members and with the idea that I might be able to get some goodies for myself and for those living on the streets more so, I went to create music for the volunteers, administrative people and those coming in with their vehicles to pick up food. It felt really good to do. They told me to come back tomorrow and maybe they will give me what is left over for those living on the streets. I am going to do that and hopefully they will come through. They are a strict bunch, by the rules and I suppose that is the nature of the animal with unions, they have to be.