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February 17, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

With all the snow happening back east and the freezing temperatures in the south, with the Traveling Piano I am reminded how we have been snowed in many times through this journey and how when I was younger I used to perform for events even when it was snowing. I once played in a blizzard on New Year's Eve in Rhode Island for the 1st Night Festivities there. It was all a fun challenge for me that I was getting paid good money for. And so many Christmas parades through the years, I would take note of how every year my hands would get colder and colder when trying to play. There we're little tricks I would use to be able to do it like gloves without finger tips, sitting on my hands, shaking them, etc... Now, if its in the low forties... forget even the idea although... if a lot of money was involved and it was not over a long period of days... maybe, lol. We have missed most of the cold here in Las Vegas and the sun has been out and I am so thankful for the days. We will get our turn with the suffering in a few months when summer arrives. It is absolutely brutal here with heat last year ongoing from April to October with up to a hundred and twenty degrees! I am hoping last years was an unusual year and not a sign of what is to come.