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January 13, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

This morning I woke up and Mo felt unusually comfortable by my side and I asked him, "why are you laying with me as you do when I'm sick, it feels good Mo." Then I went to take a pee and instead of urine it was a white cloud that smelled unusually strong and different. Then again ten minutes later, it was an orangish pink, then red, then clots of blood, then just a steady stream of dark red blood. I thought, "what if you have stage 13 cancer and you are going to die in four days?" Then I thought, "cool, I'm ok with that." My friend encouraged me to go to the hospital and I thought ugh, the last time I went for medical care about four years ago it was so abusive I became permanently scared. The doctor who delivered me as a baby in 1955 has been the only doctor in my life and still saw him in the basement office of his row home back east until he died in 2016. So... all these modern ways I am clueless to... and on purpose. I've never been to an emergency ward for myself. It all went smooth, just a few hours of waiting.

I found a spot to park close outside, there were only a few people waiting (luck) the intake people had a wonderful temperament, I had a lot personally in common with one of the girls. She gave me the name and address of her primary physician since I need one and most are scammy here in Vegas. I have people in my life to take care of everything should I become incapacitated. Mo was with me being a good boy the entire time. He laid in my lap in a recliner while I waited in a hallway. All that... was very reassuring that everything was ok no matter what. I closed my eyes to meditate while waiting and could feel myself, simply spirt/energy flowing freely through my body. Turns out I have a somewhat serious bladder infection. They gave me some serious antibiotics to get rid of it and said usually (with stress on that word) it does not get worse. Well, I suppose I will say I am glad I got all the health insurance needed to pay for everything. That happened in just the past year. For the last twenty years I had none and am glad I got away with that. Now I'm glad at this stage of life to have it. Everything happens in its right time. This I believe.