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January 12, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

After all this time while out and about with the Traveling Piano, I am still amazed every time I see people on the streets cleaning up after themselves and for each other in order to keep their areas clean and organized. I am amazed because of an original indoctrination pounded into all of us that so many homeless people are nothing but dirty scum. The messaging is pushed by ingrates who live life without empathy or compassion for anything that does not personally serve themselves. You will never, ever hear about situations such as how much they clean the streets, or how the homeless contribute to society, watch out for business in the neighborhoods or call out troublemakers in neighborhoods homeless or not. You will never hear or see in media photos showing any of that from those who do nothing but complain and whine. The incessant propaganda machine for the war on homeless people, the clouding of the truth, pointing only to the negatives, the constant messaging of prejudice and demonization by corrupt government, neighborhood instigators and parrots for it all... must stop. I have have been living with the homeless and working as an individual with the homeless for the last five years full time along with the Traveling Piano's music. Today, I took a picture of some cleaning up by a group that stays with each other on one of the streets. I rarely take pictures out of respect because it feels personally exploitive. Where do they put the trash? Downtown where I live, they put it in one of the "eight" trash cans on every corner that are hardly ever used. Yes... eight! And there is no trash because community service slaves are used weekly to pick up any that there is.

In the disgusting areas where the city constantly tries to corral the homeless into... there are "zero" trash cans with a lot of spinning crap as to why. There are also no slaves that work in the area and limited trash pickup. But the bottom line, with all the trash on the streets in those areas, arguments for the propaganda machine can seem justified for the parrots, cows and sheep. The also try to justify the inhumane argument that people should not help the homeless with food because of the trash it creates. Everything they say is bullshit. I encourage everyone to go out and help a few people every week as an individual, especially those lost, those too tired to walk to a resource or those mentally ill who cannot access resources. Lastly, those hollow statements you often hear "of course we want them to get help" when they mean is "help" as long as it does not include them are fake people. "There are government agencies, institutions and non-profit corporations to handle it all." Obviously... they cannot handle it all and are in fact not handling it all. Every single individual can play a part no matter how small. Our communities and society at large needs all the help possible, in every way possible. Institutions are not the "only" answer. Go share a sandwich with a stranger on the street and help to create some validity and reassurance that they have worth as a human being. And for all the parrots, cows and chickens crowing, mooing and crackling all the time... ignore them. I'm beinging to post some photos here on the blog from the pre-pandemic era. Until now I have not repeated one photo on this blog! Today along with the homless street cleaning guy, are Traveling Piano photos from 2009.