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January 11, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

We woke up 12:30 pm today after waking up around six times during the night. I felt rested and will be eternally grateful for being able to sleep as much as I need. Everything I am able to accomplish is possible solely because of this. It is why I have lived this long. Mo and I got going outside with our "loot" at about 2:30pm. When I have as much as I have to share on the streets, thinking "easy and steady" with it all, concerning passing everything out so the energy does not get chaotic is very important. I did not think I would have enough room in the back of the truck to play the piano but a lot of it went fast so there ended up being room. The cans of cookies purchased before Christmas... this is the perfect time to give them out, about two hundred cans maybe more. I've written recently about how beautiful it is for me to be able to trust that Mo loves me more than what I have to give him. He loves me in spirit totally. Today, I felt that from people on the streets. They love seeing me more than what I have to give them. This is a fact. One guy said, every time I see you I get excited. As I played music a lady just stood still, transfixed for a good twenty minutes with the most amazing full teeth grin the entire time.

Other people homeless, just stood and sat and listened to the music intently. I will never... never... take for granted any of that for a moment. It is as amazing experience on par with the relationship I have with both my dogs Mo and Bo now passed. Relationship, trust, joy, caring, peace, interest... thank you, thank you, thank you. A law enforcement guy came up to me asking for my business card. I told him that I am not in business and gave him my flyer. He could have genuinely been interested or sniffing around for trouble especially now with the looming trumpsucker violence in our mists for the next few weeks and also, the cities incessant negative propaganda about helping people who are on the streets homeless. Do I have to project what his motive was? Will it help anything? No. I just need to say alert and aware thats all. Meanwhile, every day I work with the Art Photos. The one's on this post for example. You can have them framed in plastic with backing, signed, etc... 25$ free S/H. I need to begin creating a resource to pay the rent and I want to spread these flowers throughout the world.