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January 09, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

Last night I Mo was using my pillow for his head to sleep while I used another pillow. He has found his way to the top of the bed and thats not good. When I turn over to the pillow I suck in Mo dander which I am allergic to. It can put me out of commission for a full day with a headache, feeling lethargic, etc... So that is what I will attribute today to. I got little done, it was difficult to function. That along with what is happening in the world is stressing me out. I've not meditated for the last two days. Why do I not just do what is good for me and stay consistent with it to save myself from the craziness of myself, others and the world? Oh well, its just one day at a time. I've been backing up my computer data, that takes forever as I need to be very careful not to delete anything. I was given a 5tb hardrive for Christmas and that is how much data I have in writing, videos, pictures, promo, etc... from fifteen years of journey. It is a lot for sure and now all the data is in one place verses my getting confused with what is where on what hardrive! I have a lot of hardrives.