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January 08, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

First of all, it was a beautiful day out today. Acknowledging beautiful days is absolutely necessary. I'm still thinking about my friend Pavel who game me another free pizza from his shop yesterday. He's going to give me a free pizza once a month to take out for people living on the streets. My friend Eric dropped off a truck load of second hand stuff people from his church wanted to dump. There were two circular saws in it all, lol. Everything has worth... someone can take that to a pawnshop and get a few bucks for it. There were about twenty coats and thick pullovers, lots of women's clothes, some kids toys, shoes and sneaks... it all went in a matter of two hours. I took it to an homeless encampment and gave out stuff there. Some women I know were serving food there and they took the rest to another encampment. I saved some coats to store inside the piano for random people I come across through the week that are alone and who have lost their possessions because the city took them when they were not looking to dump in a trash can.

When the city dumps homeless people's clothes into a dumpster they make sure garbage goes in with it all. This renders the blankets and other resources useless or to make people suffer in having to use the disgusting and soiled supplies. Well now, another good thing about today... a client from twenty-five years ago back when I performed called me to re-book another gig! LOL, what a compliment. It happens several times a year as people keep my contact information and promo material to use at just the right time. Is that awesome or what. Being remembered throughout a life time with no ongoing contact or reminder that I still exist... it is just beautiful. It is her fathers 80th Birthday and with covid the Traveling Piano would have been perfect on the street in front of their house where everyone could gather outside with social distancing to sing Happy Birthday. I told her I moved away from the area fifteen years ago and have not been back east since 2015, now residing in Las Vegas, Nevada.