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November 21, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

I have been angry. It is about the Traveling Piano truck repairs, it is about the virus, it is about people and the virus, it is about my having to establish boundaries and limits for myself concerning others and the virus, how I must stop putting myself in situations where I am tempted to act like all the assholes out and about, the "i'm ok, the hell with everyone else" people or those in denial or who just cannot stay home out of choice for the sake of others. The streets, stores, bars, restaurants are packed during the day out and about in Las Vegas. You would never know Covid-19 is a problem. Everyday I am so tempted to go out into it. I miss people, I miss interacting with people, I need people on many different levels. The homeless people I run into all the time do not fulfill my needs for socialization. Mo and I did go out to interact with my friends living on the streets today and to create some music for them. They are very appreciative and that creates purpose for me. We had hygiene items to share, Gatorades, water, banana bread, homemade cookies, hand knitted caps, apples and books. About ten people took books to read. Some people were really hungry for food but I had none. Everything I had was distributed. I am surprised with how many people living on the streets want books to read but it makes sense.