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November 20, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

My level of accepting "crazy" with patience and moving past it to continue forward in life just continues to grow and grow. The Traveling Piano truck... originally in the shop... back and forth five weeks for a two day job, was never quite fixed. $2500 later I cut my loses and took it out. It has been in four different shops since... and I took it out of them because they were all inept or non-follow through's... this last shop checked it, tweaked it and said it was done. Took it home, it leaked. How can they not know it was leaking? Took it back... $1200 later they checked it. I took it out and it leaked worse. This time in front of us both! Took it back, they fixed it and... more crap. I'll take it back for them on Monday to put in a friggin' air filter they forgot. Thank God again, I say... for all my friends! The contributions made over the last few months keep the Traveling Piano alive. Now to just get it going again for a length of time. You know... for the Musical Fun, Friendship and Respect and to deliver some warm hand knit caps, holiday candy cane decorations, and cookies for those living on the streets.