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November 19, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

I had a personal $100 check to cash for the cookies purchased for the homeless. I took it to this place which I have done before. They have always given good and respectful service. They said they needed to call the person the check came from to verify the check. I said that was not necessary in the past, I do business with them every month and what if the person was not home? I cannot be orchestrating three way transactions for a simple check. They asked me to call. I did not have my phone with me. So, they called and were not clear. The check writer hung up. I said to them that they probably came off as phone solicitation. I also said that verifying the check by phone was senseless. If I was trying to do something nefarious I could easily have set up the call beforehand. So they tried to call again as I suggested, "why, they already thinks the call is a scam from you and will not pick up the phone and you were told the first time not to call back by them. Of course they did not pick up the phone. They they asked me what the money was for? I just looked at them and said, "it is none of your business, you're business is to cash checks not to find out the purpose of of the money being transacted." They said they needed to know that is how they do business and then suggested I make something up. I said absolutely not, the question should not be asked to begin with. You need to find a better way to do business and I left. They were not going to cash the check. What a waste of time and aggravation!