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November 18, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

All the truck work Denise my ex-somewhat of a friend did, was a waste so was the two thousand bucks I had paid her to fix my truck before she closed her shop, a waste! There is nothing to be done about it. Thank God for the support of other people, there is nothing I could have done, it is what is is, she is not the first whacko in my life to have screwed me out of money... there are three that come to mind in this journey alone right now. None of it happened out of stupidity, it was not a mistake or wrong choice... just one of those things so I cannot be angry, resentful or regretful, although yea, the one time... I did get screwed in trusting a friend, I was trying to empower him, then the next I tried to empower, I was smart enough not to have expectations and the third... he just turned into whack job what can you do? Actually, I've had several friends in life turned whack jobs... it is very disappointing when that happiness, I am sure it is why I do not tangle myself in friendships too deeply anymore. Although, if I had money as I once did I suppose I would still give large amounts to friends in need. Happiness is a Dog Name Mo!