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November 17, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

Part of me does not want to have the truck right now. I'd just like to do nothing. Alas, that is not meant to be. I took to the streets on foot with Mo to hand out cookies and candy, lol! Seriously, two friends gave me candy and made chocolate chip cookies, big ones. They were a huge hit! There is just something special about a fresh homemade cookie shared. I would find people rolled up in a ball in an ally, flies all over them... "hey, do you want a fresh homemade, chocolate chip cookie" of course, everyone wanted it. Only one person out of about fifty turned me down. Then there are the cans of cookies I got on sale. Friends contributed $550 bucks and I purchased 550 tins of cookies to give out in a week or two. Tis' the season for cookies from tins and also homemade. After that, I worked on framing photos to sell. I'm not looking forward to trying to sell them and need to change that frame of mind. Where is the music here? I'll get back to that once I feel the truck is repaired and in working order. Onward...