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November 16, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

Well, it is not like I did not know something was going to eventually happen once I got the Traveling Piano out of its last repair time period. This, because it was not truly repaired. Took it to another shop last week, they really did not repair it either. Now with it being necessary... it is in repair "ugh" again "ugh" with a minimum $1200. Finding a good repair place and one that will not rip me off has been a total pain in the ass! The good news... the fundraiser from two months ago... the $6000 raised for the piano, truck, computer, etc... I did not get the piano or computer from that fundraiser yet, so the money exists for the present repair... thanks to friends who care! And I have a friend who has been chauffeuring me to and from the repair shop, I have Mo, I've got plenty of food on hand, a roof over my head, sunny days, beautiful temperatures outside right now, a fall pumpkin in my room for decoration, a computer that works enough for me to post this, internet service, and the love of the universe!