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October 17, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

After waking up as soon as I could, that is in the afternoon these days... I drove to where there was supposed to be a non-profit, homeless outdoor BBQ but no one was there. So, I went back to my place and packed a case of Gatorade and water to distribute on the streets. Then I called a new friend Dave Hull who connected with me on Facebook and also made a contribution for the Traveling Piano fundraiser. He set up a new working music, video studio for himself and invited me over to see it. We have a lot in common in different ways. He thinks of himself as a busker (musician on the streets) but he is also a pro and has been a strong cruise ship performer. I had mentioned "That's A Plenty" an old Ragtime Piece I used to perform and what a treat... he got onto the Traveling Piano and played it! I would call him a creative as he is not only a New Orleans Ragtime, Stride Piano Man, he creates video and other kinds of music also. I am hoping that he will want to play on the piano more often. The world needs more of what he has to offer. Tonight I was going to go and show some support for a homeless friend who just got a two night a week gig at a Casino doing card tricks. He used to play Hollywood parties for the big wigs. But... there are so many assholes out packing the streets without masks that there is no way I am going to put myself into those crowds of irresponsible, self-entitled, "I'm ok, the hell with everyone else" people.