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October 16, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

Eric, Mary and Eric's sister-in-law Barbara had Mo and I over today for a dip in their heated pool. They also cooked another grilled rib-eye steak dinner with an added treat of fresh apple pie. Wow, it was just so wonderful. And, they care so much for Mo. I need and want friendship. I trust them, they trust me. They contribute to support my life and it has been ongoing now for a year. I gave them the keys to my truck, apartment complex and room in case of an emergency. They will take care of Mo if needed. Now I have two different people to handle any needs for Mo. Also, I dumped a box of extra stones on them that I could just not throw away. They are stones I've collected throughout the northern hemisphere through the journey. I still have favorites in my room to enjoy. Also... my mothers night blooming cereus plant that I have been growing since I moved here to Las Vegas. My friend Barbara sent me leaves from the plant I gave here in Virginia and it has grown too big for the size of my room. I am so happy for them to take it. I told them as Mo is my child... the plant is my mother. They understand, totally. They also gave me a huge care package of home cooked food and left overs to take home. Barbara is a fantastic cook!!!

I really hope these friends stay in my life as I have been disappointed many times in the past. I gave my keys to two others and took them back since I moved here. Speaking of disappointment, the post I made yesterday to my brother's legacy page. It was taken down. Ahh... for the love of censorship and ways to get around that, lol. I am glad I posted it here on this website yesterday. My family really has a problem with the truth of spirit and keeping life on life's terms "real." It hurts. But the hurt will not last long. I feel more inspired to write a book from it. People have been suggesting that since the journey began. And, God puts people in my life for reassurance and to validate who I am, my character and what i am about with respect and the trust of truth for my worth... like the friends I spent time with today. The greatest gift of this journey... to be able to trust my intent in-spite of what anyone else in the world may think and... to have people trust my intent with respect and my ability to accept that trust from others. This, I never had before this journey, especially from immediate family. I understand. They do not trust themselves. They trust authoritarianism in what they are told to trust. I trust individualism through the truth of spirit.