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October 14, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

It feels strange but special that this week my friends Eric and Mary purchased cases of Poweraid to hand out, I served hot food for the first time ever, my neighbor Melvin went out with me to the streets and today Todd who has been giving me water to pass out brought eight cases over and another neighbor Billy went out with me to the streets. Like Melvin, Billy and I were interacting for the first time and what a turn around from the past! I have many neighbor horror stories I've written about in this blog from the last four years where I live. I went for a year practically not looking at anyone or talking to anyone because my neighbors were so crazy. Today was really amazing, I hope my energy was not too much for these guys and I hope that the help continues... in a manageable way for me. Concerning the passing of my brother yesterday, I've been doing ok with not letting past family dynamics take over my brain to destroy me but it has brought up how my family history before I was born has never been talked about and the family history since I was borne is not being talked about. It makes me want to write it all down and publish it because I know it will be helpful to someone who is interested. There is a lot of information to be set straight and knowing it all and my perspective may be helpful for someone.