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October 13, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

My eldest sibling died today. I come from a family of eight. My baby sister Pamela died a crib death and then there is a sister who is the oldest and four brothers (now three) before me. It would have been nice to have had a relationship with any of them but that was not meant to be for my life. This brother, his name is Bill, we have not talked in twenty years and I do not think we have had five personal conversations throughout our entire lives. There were two major things we had in common other than the same parents. He was a full fledged, roaring alcoholic for his entire life and oh, what havoc the disease wreaked for his life and everyone in his life. But for the Grace of God, I found recovery, he did not. Also, a love for nature existed for both of us. He was also a Vietnam Vet who the government used in the worst of ways after he was discharged from the military. They hired him on as a Narc because he was willing to do anything they wanted him to do... when he was drunk. When his illness became so great that he was no longer any use for them... they threw him away the same as with all who serve.

Onward... Mo and I took a ride to Redrock Canyon to listen to the silence. It was a half hour ride each way for only about fifteen minutes because we got to talking with some people in the parking lot. So be it. The hiking is minimal these days not only because of physical strength but I can not get up early enough to get out before dark! So, we walk a little into the desert and I just find a spot to lay down in and we just "be." Mo usually finds a spot to burrow into. He really enjoys making holes in the ground to lay in. Tonight tho, he opted to lay on my stomach while I laid in the sand between rocks. For us both, it is total heaven, laying comfortably on the raw ground in nature without a sound. You cannot see it in the picture but he is grinning bigtime with complete love! Maybe every once in a while we would hear a bird chirp.