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September 14, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada

Yesterday was Amanda's Birthday. She founded Vegas Masketeers and with friends sew masks for people with the idea in mind that everyone should have access to a mask for safety and without cost if needed. She has hand sewn so far, about a hundred masks for the Traveling Piano to share with people living on the streets of Las Vegas. Also, she sets up on the streets herself to collect people's personal masks, and then cleans them to give back. So of course there had to be a Traveling Piano Happy Birthday Amanda! After dark... because the heat is back. And the pictures and having people on the truck... it is SO difficult... I am finding out it will have to be all or nothing concerning this virus and how the Traveling Piano will continue operating. I am still figuring it out. People are amazing. Someone emailed me for a booking without realizing that I ended my performance career fifteen years ago before this journey. People have kept my information for up to 20 years waiting for an opportunity to book me. What a compliment, eh? The Traveling Piano has been Bringing the Beat to the Street for 35 years full time in various different ways!